With the rotation of time and space, those who have been erased with Wang Ye have been erased with the tide of the tide.

Ten years ago, Wang Ye led the people in the hundred people and went to the Nanshan secret to open the round of time and space to make Huaxia mainland aura recovery.

It is all in the minds of everyone.

But no one pays attention to the side of Wang Ye, and the face of innocence is pale, and a clear memory is also emerging in her mind.

At that time, she was still in the , in the fire sea, in the mother's arms.

But at that time, the scene, feeling, it is so obvious.

In memory, she saw Wang Ye from the fire sea, rescued her mother, the mother held the dagger to pierce Wang Ye's heart, but finally, then she was saved by Wang Ye.

"Enemy? Silly brother, what is going on? What is going on?" He asked without a sin. "

Her screams will break everything.

Here, everyone's heart is a five-flavor, and there is an emotion that cannot be met.

The white crane is in the past, the original Tianye Zongzong is turned out to be the heavy grandchildren of the white family.

Liu Ru smog and Cai Yuxin ... These people have also been in, which still has so many memories.

Those who are struggling to fight, they also have done. Wang Ye, who was ten years ago, is the leader of this Huaxia mainland, which is the aura recovery.

Even the Suzaku standing by Wang Ye's shoulder, it seems to be.

Welcome the eyes of the sinful question, watching her constantly shaking his head, the tears hanging on the corner, Wang Ye did not denial, and there was no argument.

"Not guilty, what you see is true! It is really happening ten years ago." Wang Ye said calm.

He didn't expect that when this is coming, he will be so calm.

"No, no, silly brother, you tell me that all this is not true, not true." Suscitation can't accept this fact.

Be distant, Luo Demo Hagidaid: "Suspension! You are the future generation of me Luo Shang, should shoulder the blood debt of Luo Family! In front of you, it is the enemy of Luo Shang, not to share the enemy! Kill He killed him! "

"Your parents have hated Jiuquan. In the past few years, you have given you a thief, and he will kill him.


Listening to the words of the Robust Hall, I will pick up a dagger in my waist, and I will approach Wang Ye step by step.

"Don't be sinless!" Yuan, Zhong Xiaomo shouted: "This is not a weird Wang Ye, you have to blame the rosers, you are innocent, Wang Yen is also innocent."

"Not guilty, think about these years, Wang Ye is to wait for you." Zhong Yi shouted.

But these words, not guilty seems to be at all, her eyes are full of bloodthirsty, and their body has a layer of faint black mist.


Angry, pain, is awakening the magic of her heart.

Wang Ye looked at her quietly and looked at her handheld a step by step.

"This scene, I have gone! You, very similar to your mother, very similar." Wang Ye's consciousness.

"I'm going to kill you!"

㼈 㼈 㼈 ....


A knife stabted, the dagger stabbed into the chest of Wang Ye, and the blood of Yinhong was pouring.

㼈 㼈 㼈 ... ..................................

"You, why don't you hide?" Two steps after guilty, surprised, looking at Wang Ye.

"Why do you hide?" Wang Ye asked.

"This will die!" 㼈 㼈 㼈 .

Wang Ye smiled, he pulled out the dagger of the chest, and the blood rolled out, he cracked the dagger to 㼈.

"If you think, you can revenge, you can ignore your hate in your heart, then I am not a good thing! I have said, you are very similar to your mother, I am clear, I am clear from the fire. When she rescued her, she also took a dagger in her hand, I want to pierce my heart. "

㼈 㼈 㼈

She looked at the dagger who took the blood in Wang Ye, and the hand stretched out was shaking, and after grabbing the dagger, it seems to have lost strength.


The dagger dropped to the ground, and he was not guilty.

She is crying silently, "silly brother, don't blame you, then everything is not blame you, the strange rolls, the heart, the strange, I am not blaming, I am not guilty, born in such a family!"

She knows that the revenge of Wang Ye is used by Luo Family, and Luo Magic Sheng did not hesitate to sacrifice the life of Luo Family, to warm and wake up the magic spirit.

Everything sins should be borne by the Robet.

"Waste! It's a waste! You don't match my Luo family!" Luo Magic is roaring.


With the gods of the white crane, the Robet is like a light and shadow, and one hand goes with the throat of Wang Ye.

This is the strong in the fusion period!

Everyone saw the sudden change of the gods, and the white crane came back to God, but it was too late.


Luo Magic Hall hit Wang Ye's throat, his look, "Wang Ye, ten years, ten years! Eventually you still lose."

Wang Ye is indifferent to him, and the eyes are full of mercy.

"Let's let go of silly brother, let him go!" He was unnowlved and climbed, and he hugged the arm.

"Your waste! It's not worthy of me! At that time, you shouldn't live, it is better to become a magical kay!"

When the Romiom said that this is a decision, he is dead.

Although the blood is connected, she only knows that she is only ten years old. She and the Luo Magie will never be a family. In his eyes, I am just a tool.

I can do anything, only swallowed and pleaded, and pleaded the Robust Ghid through Wang Ye.

"Let him? Hey, I see you is crazy! Suspere, let me send you to the way!"

The Romiom is murderous in the eyes, and the palm is turned to the sinful Tianling cover.

In the face of death, it is not guilty, no fear, she is just dead, holding the Robust, holding the arm of Wang Wenxi.


Just in the Luo Magic Hallow, the hand of the , is about to fall in the top of the sin, but the wrist is caught.

Wang Ye!

It is Wang Ye!

Luo Magic is stunned, looking up at Wang Ye, "You can stop me during Yuan Ying period in your district?"

Wang Ye smiled, "This world, it is originally made by me! Repair it? It is nothing to do with me."

He pinch the wrist of the Romiom, just like an adult, like a child's wrist, open him easily.

This strange scene, can see people creepy.


At this moment, it seems that there is no effect, and the strong Rob is like there is no one's strength. It is only a wrist by Wang Ye, can only be single knee.

He is indifferent, "all sinful roots are because of you, of course, because of me! Luo Magic Hall, this is over! You should not, in this world!"

When Wang Ning said, a flame was swallowed in an instant.

The strange thing is that the flame that is emerging in the king in the heart is not a nine-way ice, but a flame that is intertwined with a thunder, never seen.