The second generation of the opening spirit

Chapter 1. The second generation of the opening soul-soul show

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On top of a mountain.

A four-year-old child sits cross-legged on the top of the mountain, with his eyes closed tightly, a seal is formed in his hand, and there is a terrible grudge between his breaths and breaths.

After a few hours.



The child stopped the seal in his hand and exhaled a long breath, and the closed eyes slowly opened.

This is a pair of particularly smart eyes, from which you can see that this child seems to be particularly precocious compared to other children.

The child's face is quite beautiful, and it is conceivable that after many years, he will be a handsome guy.

A "scum man" who has harmed countless girls.

The child sensed his own strength and couldn't help but muttered slightly with joy: "I actually broke through to the fourth stage of the fighting spirit."

This place is the mainland of fighting spirit.

There is no fancy magic, and some are just the vindictiveness that multiplies to the peak!Fighting Qi, Douzhe, Doushi, Dadoushi, Douling, Douwang, Douhuang, Douzong, Douzun, Dousheng, Doudi.

And this four-year-old is not from this world either.

His name is Hunxiu. It has been four years since he came to this Douqi Continent, when he learned that he had come to the Douqi Continent.

He was still born in the soul clan, when he was still one of the sons of the soul heaven emperor.

Hunxiu felt that he should work hard to cultivate. If he didn't work hard, he might be a handful of loess after many years.

Therefore, after remembering the matter, Soul Xiu would come to this mountain top to practice every day.Now he is already a year of cultivation.

Among the soul race, every child as old as he still hasn't been weaned, and every one is just playing, eating and drinking.

After all, being in the soul race, they have such a heaven-defying existence like Emperor Dou's bloodline, so they don't need to cultivate too early.

After he was seven years old, he activated the bloodline of Emperor Dou, and he was able to cultivate everything.

But the soul show who passed through can not care about it, knowing the future of the soul clan, he knows that every minute and every second is time.

Don't look at the beautiful scenery of the soul race now, after offending the protagonist.

The soul clan will gradually go downhill, until the clan is destroyed.

Thinking of the future of the Soul Clan, Soul Xiu couldn't help taking a breath, and couldn't help shaking.

He couldn't understand why God would make such a joke with him?

He was born again, it can also be said that he passed through.

When others pass through, there will be systems, plug-ins and so on.

But the soul show didn't, he didn't have anything as a traverser.

The system, plug-ins, etc. have nothing to do with him.

Have to say what he has?

Then he has a good father-Soul Heaven Emperor.

There is also a Doudi bloodline that has not yet been activated.

Other than that, he has nothing.

It was a good start to the game, and in the end it was all on himself.

Although it is possible to fight father, but the soul show will not forget to fight father also needs to have the capital.

The vindictive continent is weak and strong, and the same is true among the soul race.

If you don't have enough talent for cultivation, your good dad who started the game won't kill him at all.

You must know that for a hero like Soul Tiandi, breaking through Doudi is the key.652 Literature Network

The remaining?

Only what can be used and what cannot be used are left.

Looking at the original work, in order to become an emperor, the soul of the emperor, even the people of the soul clan, did not let go. This shows that the emperor of the soul is cruel.

I thought that when he became an emperor, he was invincible in the world and could unify the entire continent.

But Xiao Yan came out, and finally the dream was completely broken.

It was also sealed by Xiao Yan, and the huge soul race was destroyed in the long river of history.

It became a big stepping stone on the path of Emperor Xiao Yanyan's growth.

Now that the soul show has come to this fighting spirit continent, he will rewrite the future of the soul race.

Not only is the future of the Soul Race rewritten by him, but also the confidante who belongs to Xiao Yan, let him comfort him!

Of course, in order to realize these two wishes, strength is an indispensable thing.

In the mainland of fighting spirit, fighting spirit is supreme, and the strong are respected.This is the supreme law of the mainland, an unchanging principle.


Feeling the improvement of his cultivation level, Hunxiu couldn't help being quite delighted. According to his cultivation speed, he might be able to gather Douxuan and become a fighter before he was seven years old.

Fighter is the first step to become a strong mainlander. Only when you become a fighter can you practice exercises and fighting skills, so that you can have the foundation to stand on this mainland of fighting spirit.

Thinking of this, can the soul show be unhappy?

"Come tomorrow!" Hunxiu got up from the ground and left the mountain with small steps.

But in my heart, I was thinking secretly about what excuse I should make tomorrow to leave those little kids and come here to practice alone?

When the soul show left, the two men appeared on the mountain where the soul show had just sat cross-legged.

A man dressed in a black robe, the breath of his whole body converged, he was quite handsome, his eyes were extremely dark.If you watch it carefully, you can see that there is flames beating in the man's black eyes.

The other man was dressed in white, and his appearance was quite handsome, and he was somewhat similar to the soul show.

They are Void Swallowing Flame and Soul Heaven Emperor.

The Emperor Hun Tian looked at the direction where Hun Xiu was leaving and muttered: "This kid Xiu'er has been different from other children since he was a child."

Void Swallowing Yan also echoed: "Yeah, when other children were like him, they only knew how to play. He actually started to cultivate. Without activating the Emperor Dou bloodline, within a year I have cultivated to the fourth stage of the fighting spirit, and to be honest, such a talent is really terrifying."

The black flame in the eyes of Void Swallowing Flame was beating, and he didn't understand what he was thinking.

The Soul Tiandi nodded slightly and said, "Indeed, such a talent for cultivation is indeed good."

"But isn't this kind of talent for cultivation everywhere in the soul race? As long as the Emperor Dou bloodline is activated, anyone who works hard to cultivate strength will have it."

"What I value is his diligence and hard work."

Void Swallowing Yan said with a smile: "Heaven, if diligence and hard work are useful? Why do you need talent?"

"Do not……"

The Soul Heaven Emperor did not agree with Void Swallowing Yan's words, shook his head and said: "Innate talent is very important, hard work and diligence are also very important."

"I hope Xiu'er won't let me down in the future." Soul Tiandi murmured such a sentence in his heart.

To be honest, the Emperor Soul Tian saw his childhood shadow on the body of Soul Xiu.At that time, I was just like a soul show.

Others are playing, but he is cultivating, and he started cultivating when he was three years old.

At that time, his own was not liked by his father, and then he swore: "He will be quietly top-notch, and finally surprise everyone."

Later, he finally did it.

He became one of the five peak powers on the mainland, and he led the soul race to its current prosperity.

After so many years, he finally saw the shadow of his childhood in an heir.

He believes that the soul show will one day surprise everyone, surprise him, surprise the mainland, just as he used to be.

Quietly to the top, stunning everyone.