Title: That strand, the sea

Author: Tong Hua

Publisher: Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

ISBN: 9787540471422

Edition: 1

Product code: 11684342

Published: 2015-05-01

brief introduction:

"That Star Sky, That Sea", super popular Chinese writer, film and television producer Tonghua 2015 latest dream love novel.

That person is the starry sky in my eyes; that person is the no-sea of ​​my heart.

Love is exactly the same as life, always flowers and thorns. If my love is flowers, I am willing to embrace its beautiful fragrance;

If my love is a thorns, I will not hesitate to embrace its sharp pain.

Because, when I embrace flowers, Wu Ji Blue is beautiful and smiling for me.

When I embraced thorns, his whole chest has long been full of thorns that use their own blood.

If our embroost can only be accene, then I am willing to force him even more hard!

Even though thorns pierced my skin, piercing my heart, as long as he is nearly a little, it is more close!

About the Author

Tonghua, writer, film and television producer. Published: "Step by Step" "Desert" "The Yunzhong Song" "Amo" "Long Acacia" "The most beautiful time" "Those who haven't going long" "Half Well" "That Sky , The sea. " Film Works: "Golden Jade Beilong" "Men who grabbed the rainbow" "I like you".

Wonderful book review

I like Tonghua for a long time. Her books are aura, even if we pass through the dusty years, you can still find a heart-moving feeling during everything. Many people write love, writing a lot of touching, a lot of compassion, a lot of writing, and it is thrilling, only one person.

- "Modern Women's Life" Executive Editor - Yuan Yuan

Taking a book in the network, it is famous in the world, and trusts the world with a feeling, in a style defines life, such a woman is always as mysterious and beautiful as Yang Huizhen's glazed. Read her text, step by step; read her text, step by step.

- "Good Home Women" emotional editorial director, writer Chu Jiang


Under the moonlight, the dead god waves the sickle and prepares to harvest the man's lives.

The man asked: "How can I die?"

Death said: "Find a girl, as long as she is willing to give up life, dedicate the soul to you, you can live."

The man asked: "How can I let a girl give up life, dedicate the soul to me?"

Death said: "As long as you get her heart, let her fall in love with you."

The man asked: "How can I get her heart?"

Death is slight, saying: "It is very simple, with your heart to exchange her heart."