The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 1 fainted in the yard (1)

He immediately looked up and see me, my eyes are fierce, expressing the cold, like a murder, the beast that is ready to go.

In the morning, the first sunshine passes through the treetops of the antlers, and shot from the window of the bedroom, I am awakened from my dreams.

In order to be greedy, there is no closed window at night, and the cool sea breeze blows a roller. The familiar sea smell drilled my nose as soon as the morning wind, let me closing my eyes, put the head into the pillow, trying more to sleep for a while, think about it, "Raihui bed again I can eat the seafood porridge of Grandpa. " Thunder, there is another picture in the brain, I and Dad, the younger brother, three people wearing black, wearing white silk, standing on the bow, putting grandfather's ashes into the sea, white spray tightly After chasing after the ship, a wave of waves, turning, and it is very like a wreath of the wreath in the hall.

After the moment, I am awake, what is the dream, which is a reality, although I really want to be immersed in Grandpa still don't wake up, but the so-called reality is forcing you to open your eyes. .

I think that the stepmother is not familiar with the kitchen, and I will never feel the old pots, old bowls of Grandpa, I immediately opened my eyes and sat up. I looked at the alarm clock on the eye, less than six o'clock, the house was quiet, obvious that other people were still sleeping.

These days have been lost in the grandfather. Everyone is tired. Dad and the stepmother are typical urban people. The habits are late to sleep late, it is estimated that today does not sleep until nine points.

I washed, and I opened the floor in my light. I went to the kitchen to first put the porridge. I didn't have a spirit of my head. I just put a little Yaozhu in the pot. It is also a seafood porridge!

Going out of the kitchen, I stand in the courtyard, I don't help but look for the grandfather's figure, after getting up in the morning, the first thing is to look at his flowers.

The wall is surrounded by four seasons of flowers, and the blush small fragile flowers are gathered together. Mingyan is like a hydrangea in the hands of the bride; climbing the triangle plum in the green stone wall, the pink flower can Chaoyang, a cluster is pressed on the mottled old stone wall, add a little color to the cool morning; the sagf coral under the living room window, the piano coral is in full swing; the dragon spit outside the book window and Jiuliang are tired White flowers, pile of clouds, is a good look; the kitchen corner is at least one hundred years old Gongsun orange, and the small orange is hiding in the branches.

All flowers and trees are common plants on the island. It is not worthy of valuarity. Almost every household will be a bit. The flowers that can be taken care of will always grow better than others.

I have been busy these days, no one is taking care of them, falling flowers, the leaves have been piled up on the ground, which is a little defeated. I wiped a little sour eyes and lifted the broom to clean the garden.

After sweeping the yard, I intend to sweep the door and kick off the hospital door. The electric light stone fire, only feeling that a black thing is in a dark, I was scared, and I will definitely retreat, I don't know what to stub, fall on the ground.

"Who put something ..." I fixed my eyes, my mouth is half, the sound is gone, and it is a person in my family.

A man wearing a weird, unconscious, a mess half covered on his face, can't see his face, only feeling bleak the skin, malnutrition. The upper body is a seafarer's black uniform, which is not surprising, but he is not wearing anything, like a double-breasted uniform wearing autumn and winter like wearing a shirt, the lower body is a tourist often wearing, printing a coconut tree Flower shorts, look down on his legs, bare feet! ?

I stood him halfway, finally returned to God, carefully poked him, "Hey!"

There is no reaction, but the tentacle is soft, because when I just sent my grandfather, I remember the body of life, I immediately judged that this person was still alive. But his body temperature is low, it is very abnormal. I don't know if he is sick, or I judge the mistake, in fact, he is dead.

I slammed a breath, reached into his nose, I felt a breath of breath, and relieve tones.

Because things are too surprised, my reaction is not normal, I determined that my first door is not "throwing the scene", my first reaction is not thinking about thinking, but it is ... I've got to the door of the hospital, Let's make sure, definitely no shoes remain outside the door.

He actually is really bare feet!

I saw the stone road outside the courtyard, and the pit drops, and then looked at his feet, black sparks and dark red blood marks together, can't see where there was injury, but they can certainly have this road. He must It's hard to walk.

I am looking around him, when I take a mobile phone, I am going to call him, just shake him, here is not big cities, I can't expect a rescue that follows, let alone this old street, even ambulance can be at this point. I can't open it, I can't open it, I still have to find someone to help.

The phone passed, "Jiang Dr. ..." I just greeted and felt that the hand was tight.

"Don't do a doctor!" After the man in my house was weak, he slowly opened his eyes.

I am surprised to look at him, a blind, just blown open, the chaos that he covered in the eyes, my line of sight is correct to his eyes.

What is a pair of thrilling eyes? The darkness is in the dark, deep, calm, vast, like wind calm, starry summer night sea, the whole starry sky is swallowed, the secret of the entire universe is hidden in it, and people can't help but , Explore.

I looked at him in a stunt, and he sat up and said clearly: "Don't do a doctor."

At this moment, he looks again, although his eyes are still good, but there is no heart to the heart, it should be just because of the right way, the sun is in a moment of magic.

I hesquely didn't have a sound, he said: "I am just lack of water, drink some water."

He is definitely not local, the accent is very strange, I have a very laborious, but his tone is not humble, and it is convincing, and more important is that I still have a bunch of things to deal with, the mercy of strangers is limited, it is natural Less things.

"Dr. Jiang, I have n'thing, I accidentally press and wrong, I still have a busy now, look back again!"

I hang up the phone and helped him. When he stood up, I felt his tall, I had one meter seven third, my own character is more wild, I have been looking at a fake kid, but he actually let me find the "Birds". "

I helped him to go to the corner of the yard, sat on the rattan chair who often sat in the grandfather, "I will wait for me."

I walked into the kitchen and gave him a cup of warm water, I thought about it, I took two spoons of honey.

I gave him the honey water, he was gently gently, probably tasted the odor, alerted.

I said: "You fainted in my door, if not getting sick, probably a low blood sugar, I added some honey." At the same time, he has been drinking water, obviously before I explain, he I have identified what I put.

"Do you still want?"

He didn't speak, just slightly.

I ran into the kitchen and poured him.

Come back and return, he drank six cups of water, when it was seventh cup, it was slow.

He lowered his eyes, holding a slender glass, except for the beginning of the sentence, "Don't do a doctor", has not said that "Thank you", you don't know what it is thinking.

A stagnation of the rattles of the vine-like gaps, just take the glass, reflecting his finger whispered, tensioned, like the most elegant pianist's hand, and his scar, smashed the plaque foot, formed a strange Strong contrast.

I know that I should not let a stranger stay at home, but because I am inexplicably touching and soft, I can't help but go.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the pot and saw that Yao Pilla porridge had been almost.

I am in a bowl of porridge, with a disc sack of tape buds and two half salted duck eggs, put it on the tray.

I said, "You eat something, wait for strength to restore it again!"

He didn't speak, staring at the tableware in front of him for a while, only got a chopstick, probably because she woke up from the coma, the hand was unstable, and the chopsticks took a few times.

"I have to do housework, you will eat slowly, there is something to call me." I am afraid that I am standing on the side, letting him get uneasiness, find a reason to leave.

I walked into the living room and turned over and found a pair of men's old slippers. Unlike other shoes, you must have the appropriate number of codes to wear, slippers are a little big, and you can do it.

I took the slippers to the faucet in the yard, and I was brushing over and looked at it again, put it in the sun.

Estimated that he had to finish it for a while, I picked up the rag, and wiped the dust in the corner of the courtyard, check him at all times.

Before the grandfather is still, the rattle, the rattle chair is usually placed under the main house or the courtyard, and it is very comfortable to take a cool tea, and enjoy the scene. After the blind is in bed, no one has this leisure, the rattle table and the rattle chair were taken to the corner of the wall, there were two dragon spots and a few nine-miles, they have grown for more than ten years. After the fragrance of Jiuli, there is a high person, and the dragon spurious and shaped rough leaves, just cover his figure.

I can't see him, but I can sure that he has been sitting there in a torque, there is no unafe actions.

I am relieved, although the island is unsatisfactory, don't say rape, even the chickens have rarely happen. Grandpa has been proudly said that his hometown is a peach blossom. Ning can live in the old house, nor will it be moved to the city and Dad, but I have lived in big cities for a long time, and the mercy occasion will have a little bit, but the alert is always only Many a lot.

I thought about it, and the speech of the stepmother was vague, I immediately put down the rag.

Shen Yang Huixing ran out the house, said the little call: "Shen Jun, how do you so early?"

Shen Yang Hui is my brother of my father, typical only child character, no bad eyes, but the 14-year-old teenager is the "middle school disease" is the most powerful, never recruit people.

I haven't answered him yet, my father's voice floated from the second floor, "Shen Yang Hui, how many times?" Is a sister! "

Shen Yang Hui made a ghost face, not careless: "Shen Zhu is not called my mother 'mother', I don't want to call her sister? Is it, Shen Jun?"

The stepmother came out and greeted me, "Small snails, good morning!"

I also smile, "Yang Wei, good morning!" The continuous mother surnamed Yang, when she married my father, I have been ten years old, the children of divorce family are prematurely, I don't understand, I don't understand. From the beginning, I knew that she didn't plan to be a mother, I would rather be blamed by my father, and I am also determined to call her mother, just call her Yang Wei, she is pleased to accept.

Yang Wei took a picture in Shen Yanghui, urged: "Go to brush your teeth." Also improved the sound: "Haisheng, stare at your son to brush your teeth, or he is confident."

I can't help but shake your head. So many years have passed, I have been twenty-five years old, no longer the ten-year-old little girl, but the stepmother is still old, always remind me from time to time, between her and Dad, I am not a family, but an outsider However, I forgot, here is the home of the Shanghai, her and Dad, only two bedrooms, here is Grandpa's home, it is where I grew up, she is outsider.

The country is not so paying attention to, the spacious kitchen is the dining room. Waiting for Dad, they have finished washing, I have already made breakfast.

Yang Wei said that: "It's really troublesome."

I said faintly: "I don't have to be polite, I have already eaten, you casually."

Dad wants to say something, Shen Yang Hui has been on the bowl, and he has a big mouth, he has only said: "Eat it!"

I am having breakfast, knocking on the door.

I just wanted to open the door, Shen Yanghui is already like a rabbit, opened the hospital door. Dad didn't worry, put down the tableware, followed it out, "Yang Hui, how many times you said, I must ask for a clear question before opening the door, people who know can open the door ..."

Outside the door, there is a dress, a man wearing glasses, a light blue striped shirt, a brush, and a brief, Sitz hidden, obviously not island local people, Dad reprimand Shen Yanghui's words temporarily interrupted.

He looked at the people, "Who are you looking for?"

The other party has a professional smile, takes out a business card, self-introduction: "I am from the lawyers, entrusted by Mr. Shen Lao, to implement his will, are you Shen? We have passed the phone a few days ago Today. "

Dad is busy and enthusiastically welcoming the other side to enter the house, "Yes, right! I didn't expect you to be so early, I thought you were going to get at noon." From the mainland to the island of the island, two classes every day, one shift at 7:30 in the morning, 11:00 On the island, the other class is 12 o'clock in noon and four in the afternoon.

Zhou Lawyers smiled and said: "Sustain, I came over at noon yesterday."

The stepmother didn't care about eating, and hurriedly came out, and hurriedly stabilized, and he said to me: "Small snail, listen together, and you also have a relationship."

Dad was politely asked Zhou lawyers to sit in the living room, and the stepmother was attentively poured hot tea. I didn't know what to do at once, and I could only stand on the door.

Dad and Zhou lawyer have a few words, Zhou Lawyers put down the tea cup, Dad and the stepmother understand Zhou Lao to enter the topic, it is a bit nervous. The stepmon pulled Shen Yang Hui to the side, tightly, it seems to be more than some.

Zhou Limer said: "Mr. Shen Lao's property is very simple, so our inheritance will be very simple. Shen Lao's property has two parts, part of the fixed property, this is the house, the house area is a total ... "

With the words of the law, the stepmon looked up at the old house. Although the house is an old house, it is reasonable, the courtyard is spacious, the grass is prosperous, even her picky people like it, but this house is not in Shanghai, but is on an inconvenient island. Although these years, because of the arrival of tourists, the house here is appreciated, but after all, it is not Sanya, Qingdao's true tourist attractions, tourists will only come to see, never want to grow, or how much money is not worth it.

Zhou lawyers meticulously introduced the status quo of the old house, and added: "Although the house belongs to all, this house is not a commercial housing, the state does not buy a selection of sale, so this house is not self-living, can only rent, Can not be open to buyers. "

The stepmon can't help but say: "Those old houses that are rented by the sea can renovate into the inn, this house is on the mountain, not relying on the sea, the transportation is not convenient, if you can't sell, rent it?"

Zhou lawyers laughed and laughed, did not answer the problem of steps, but continue to say: "In addition to this house, Mr. Shen Lao is all cash, because Mr. Shen does not understand financial management, all cash is regular Deposit, there is one hundred and ten thousand, there is CCB and Agricultural Bank, respectively. "

Dad and the stepmother were so good, I couldn't help but laughed. I immediately controlled it. Shen Yang Hui couldn't hide my mind. I am so happy, "Mom, Mom, you are right, Grandpa is really hiding! Don't forget, you promise me, still make a loan, the rest of the money to buy a car, you can send me to school! "

The stepmother gave me a glance, and I said: "Don't make trouble, these money is not to give you! Although you are the only grandson of Shen Jia, can you ask you to ask God! However, grandson It is grandson, if you are allocated, your father will not agree. "

The stepmother hit Dad with the elbow, and Dad said to be awe-inspiring: "Continue to hear the lawyer to say, Dad will be a bowl of water."

I stared at the ground, no sound. It's not my tolerance, nor I am in a fault, but this moment, I think that this is the arrangement of grandfather, I seem to see that Grandpa is sitting on bamboo chair, one sentence, one sentence, let the lawyer . In my memory, Grandpa has never been annoying, and arranges everything to have a well, and even behind her. I am afraid that I am afraid that I will open my tears, I can only bite the lips tightly, listen quietly.

Zhou Lao said that no one commented again, continue: "According to Mr. Shen Lao's will, the property is divided into two copies, one is a regular deposit of one hundred and 100, one is the 92s of Mazu Street. And all of the houses in the house. These two property, a copy of the granddaughter, a grandson Shen Yanghui ... "

I heard here, I have been moving and quiet, "", I took a table, and I got angry: "The old man is too unfair! Give all the money to others, only give Yang Huiyan's unfair money old house Even if you want to sell privately, you will sell a twenty million. Shen Haisheng, I tell you, this thing you have to go, even if you come to the court, you must re-divide property! Where to say, no Grandders have much truth than grandson! "

Zhou lawyer stared at the document, did not smell, wait for the sound of the mother, he didn't have to say: "Which property is given to the grandson, which gives the granddaughter, Mr. Shen Lao has no specific distribution, but Give the selection right to Shen Jun and Shen Yanghui, which is selected by the two. "

The stepmother stunned, nervously asked: "Who first chooses?"

Zhou Lie Master said: "Mr. Shen Lao has no provisions. You negotiate it yourself!" Zhou Lie Merchants finished, closed the folder, ending a tea cup, concentrating on drinking tea, seems to have no longer existence.

The stepmother is sharply staring sharply, pushing his father with hand, indicating him to open.

Dad finally didn't forget that I am also his child, swallow vomiting: "Small snails, you see ... Who should choose?"

The stepmother was whispering in Shen Yanghui, Shen Yanghui's "middle school" episodes, did not pay attention to the "family strategy" of my mother, said that it is not polite: "Shen Ji, I want to choose first!"

I have already decided in my heart, asked quietly: "Yang Wei wants to make who choose?"

The stepmon only had to pick up: "Small snails, you see ... Your brother is still small, reading, looking for a job, marriage, wife, spending money, you have graduated, these years, your living expenses, The educational fee is the grandfather. Your brother can don't have a penny ... By care, you should make your brother pick up. "

I am smile, my living expenses, education costs are grandfather, what I think? When I won to my father, my father was avoided, I was too lazy to entangle, said to the second mother: "Okay, let Yang Hui first chooses!"

Zhou lawyers who have not presented don't exist immediately put down the teacup, raise the head, ask Shen Yang Hui, "Which property do you choose?"

Shen Yanghui has not said that the stepmother has said: "Cash, we want the bank's cash."

Shen Yanghui repeatedly repeatedly in the same way as mothers: "Cash, we want the bank's cash."

Zhou Lawyer looked at me, I said, "I want a house."

Zhou Liema took out a file from the package, "these documents are troublesome, if there is no problem, please sign. Next related procedures, my assistant will continue to follow up."

After we finish reading the file, sign the name, Zhou Lawyer's entire clothes, stood up, he and we shake his hand: "Please give sorrow!"

After the arrival of Zhou lawyers left, Dad closed the hospital door.

On one side of the stepmother holding a document, he said loudly: "I went to pack your luggage, we will leave the boat at 12:30 in noon. You must buy the ticket tomorrow morning, you can get home in the afternoon."

Shen Yanghui "" cheers, sprinkle the ridiculous rise: "Go back to Shanghai!"

Dad saw his wife, his son is "a moment I don't want to stay", knowing that there is room for any objection, I can only say that I am Aii, "The company holiday is ten days ... I, I ... I have to go back to work. "

I have already died in these years. I don't have any excessive luxury, my father is not a bad person, but sometimes I am weak, there is no principle, the good people will be more cold than bad people. I said calmly: "Well, I know. Thank you Dad." Although the last six months, I have always been with Grandpa, but my father has come back before Grandpa closed, and I ran before running, Deliberately exercise the funeral of Grandpa.

Dad said: "Your child, didn't discuss with me, just to take care of your grandfather, give your work, you can't find it, you have to hurry ..."

"Dad, mom let you help me clean up the baggage." Shen Yanghui stood on the stairs.

Dad had to say: "I will go up, anyway, you remember, hurry to find a job, have a long time, no company is willing to ask you."

I got on the floor behind my father, walked into my own room, lock the document given to the drawer. In the faint approval, I feel that I have been ignorant. When the sound of the successor, I will sound sharply from time to time. I am always calming.

I sure to go to the window to enjoy the scenery, no matter what, I will wait for them to leave again!

The green vines of several dragon spots are swayed in the windows, and a blossoms are blooming in the branches. Some just bloom, still a snow white; some are angered, white flowers contain red corollas, like white dragon Spur.

I smiled and hooked vines, and I made a hand, I haven't been repaired by the fire this year. The vines of the dragon spuriously have been climbed to my window. Suddenly, what I think of a thing that has been hidden, I have been, what is the thing that I have forgotten - the man fainted in my yard!

I was annoyed to knock my brain. I have forgotten that there is still a strange man at home!

I took the window frame, explored the body from the window, look down, layered green leaves, under the white flowers, the black figure is very conspicuous, sitting, so like being asleep.

I just want to call him, and I remembered that the stepmother was walked in the house and walked up, there is no need to have a branch. I will take a dip and throw it with him.

I heard the movement, he immediately looked up and see me, my eyes are fierce, expressing the cold, like a murder, the beast that is ready to go, put me a jump. Although I used a lot of strength, I can be a flower, it is impossible to become a murder. In the breeze, the downs of the white red crown will flutter, flying towards him, quite a few poetic paintings. The front of his eyes disappeared, slightly, looked at the flowers quietly, until you fell to your face, he looked lively and took it.

At this moment, the fragrance is like a snow, he fleszes, he is lazy on the rattan chair, and the vines of the silk, half-head, watching me, just a gentlest man, no horrific momentum. I was scared in the chest, I finally dared to spit out, I only felt that my legs were soft, and they had to hold the window sill.

What is this? For a long time, I still have a wild cat, but I am scared by the eyes of the wild cat.

I have a face, squatting at him, I want to show who is boss, my father's voice came from the outside, "the small snail, we are gone!"

I can't take care of the wild cat who doesn't have a home teacher, hurried, pull the door, and ran out the room.

Grandpa crossed by rheumatism, the stairs climbed and had a knee pain. After a few years, I have lived in the big suite downstairs, which is both a study, and his bedroom. When I passed, I didn't want to sweep my eyes, I immediately missed it, and then took a closer look, the mirror on the bok stand was gone.

"Yang Hui, hurry! It is grinded, and you can't buy the ticket!" The stepmon has already walked into the yard.

I have rushed over and stopped in front of the hospital, and I will not let them leave.

The stepmother immediately understood what I want to do, sharply screamed: "Shen Jun, what do you want to do?"

Dad is unconcerned, "small screw?"

I said: "Before leaving, leave the grandfather's mirror."

Shen Yanghui said very rush: "Mirror? What mirror? We do to bring a broken mirror back to Shanghai? In addition to reef and sand, what is Shanghai?"

I was smneped and said: "It is indeed a broken mirror, but even if the broken mirror is also the broken mirror, what is Yang Wei to see it?" That is the mortality of grandfather's grandmother to grandmother, it is said to be grandfather. The family produced by Grandpa, in addition to a bronze mirror, there is a pair of silver bracelets, a silver razor, but unfortunately in the torrent of time, the most cost-effective money does not know where, only one bronze mirror will stay.

Dad looked at the stepmother holding the box. I understood, he was very embarrassed, see me, look at my wife, as usual, I don't know what to do at all.

The stepmother found that it couldn't hide, nor hidden, said in the old mirror: "I have taken the old mirror, but what? That is the things of Shen Jia! The whole home is given you, I am Yang Hui. Leave a commemoration, shouldn't it be? "

"Don't forget, the lawyer said clearly, I inherited all the things in the old house and the old house." I finally understand why Grandpa will emphasize this sentence in the will, but also ask Dad and stepmother to sign confirmation .

Yang Wei didn't tell me, push me hard, "Yes, I gave the grandson of Shen Jia to take a look, you will tell me!"

I took her box, she pinched with her hand, and the two pushed it. She is wearing high heels, I am wearing flat shoes, after all, it is more powerful than her young, her box has taken it, her focuses, falling on the ground.

The stepmother immediately scared, "Shen Haisheng, you see your daughter, actually dare to play!"

Dad was swept away by my heart, I didn't dare to say, I can only lose attention, go to the mother, "The mirror is a girl who used the girl, Yang Hui is a boy, but I can't use it, I will give a small snail. ! "

The step mother is angry and smashed again: "Fay! One room is tattered, there is something worth it, you say it! I tell you, no door!"

I am too lazy to make them, put the box in the ground, squat down, open the box, and start the copper mirror.

"", A slap is heavy, and it is on my face. I was beaten a bit, looked up and looked at Shen Yanghui. Shen Yanghui's strength is not smaller than adults, and the slap is again, my left ear is awkward, and I can't stand up at a time station.

I haven't waited for me to react, he pushed me again, grabbed the box, quickly pulled the zipper, firmly mentioned in his hand.

I have been in the future, but I have forgotten that there is another Shen Yanghui, they are a "three". Shen Yanghui, the 14-year-old, has been one yield. When the hippie smiles, I can also see a few children's childishness. When you are cold, it is already a man who is not buckled, it is in ancient times, he can kill the enemy. .

Shen Yang Hui glared at me and said, "You first played my mother, I am playing you."

The stepmother immediately stood up, and he said, "The people who played people were gone!" She took the son's arm to the door, "Let's go!"

I am not willing to use the box and want to stop them from leaving. After the mother is not polite, I kicked my arm, the pain of drilling my heart, I suddenly released his hand, I could only watch them out of the hospital door.

Dad benting me, "Small snails, don't go to my heart, Yang Hui is still a child who doesn't understand. The mirror gives Yang Hui. He is Shen Jia's son. You are a girl after all, it is a girl. marry."

I endured pain, and I didn't say it.

Dad is very clear that I am a hard , I am never bullied. He pulls my shoulders, says seriously: "Small snails, I know what you are worried, not only your surname, you can rest assured, then I must let Yang Hui will keep Yang Hui, never sell! "

I and the pair of my eyes took a few seconds and slowed down.

Dad, if I have a negative, I still want to say a few words, the snoring of the stepmother is coming out of the outside, "Shen Haisheng, you have to leave, you will stay here forever!"

Dad hurriedly put a group of things into my hand. "I am gone, you have something to call me." After that, he hurriedly chased his wife and son.

In a short while, the yard that just flying dog jumped completely quiet, only I stand alone in the yard.

Waiting for the ears, I look at it carefully, I am a purple red, and then look at the things in my hand. It is even a few dollar bills that are rolled into a group. I laughed helplessly. If this is the father's father, his father is too cheap!

I have been twenty-five years old, no longer the weak ten-year-old little girl, I have a university diploma, and a big grandfather left to my house, no father, I can live very well! However, regardless of my reason to persuade yourself, the heart is still empty, and there is no sorrow, even more than that year.

Maybe because I know, I didn't have a parents, I still have grandfather, but now I lost my grandfather, lost my only loved on this world. From now on, I really only have myself! When tired, there is no longer relying on it; when it is injured, no way!

Looking at the old house in front of you, I smiled and threw the money in my hand. The pink banknote fluttered, my smile was still on my face, but my tears were already.

In the age of seven, when my parents were divorced, I knew that my tears were not used, never wasting time crying, but at this moment, like the faucet valve was opened, the depressed sadness made a tear of tears. Not stopped.

It turns out that you can do it, you think you can understand, you can accept, can be strong, but never can't be too sad, at a moment, a touch, you will be sad.

Grandpa, grandfather ...

I cried silently, I used to wipe my tears several times, I want to smile. Since there will be no more people wipe it with tears, I will not have someone distressed my pain, so I can only smile. However, every effort smile is quickly crushed.

I cried and stood unstable. Sitting on the ground, I bite my teeth tightly, holding myself, I want to give myself a little strength and comfort, but look at the empty house in front of you, think of the room The owner is not there, the tears are like a rain, and they have raised, and they will fall.

I have been crying, I have been crying, it seems to be crying to the old days.

Suddenly, a group of dragons floated to my eyes, like a kind of urchin who worked hard, turned a few contexts in the air, pounced into my arms.

I suddenly stopped crying, looked at it, turned out to be a flower ball with dragon spots, green vine, flowers, flowers, just a palm, very delicate and beautiful.

I have forgotten sadness, I can't help but take it, I am going to watch, but I think of a question: Where is this flower ball come from?

I am like a robot that has not been oil, Into the head turning the head, looks at the direction of the flower ball. That man ... he saw anything ... I was deeply hidden by me, my finest, most painful, and there is no image side ...

He looked at me quietly, silent. I am angry, my brain is blank, and I can't say a word.

In vain, it is like a snow, and the two people are "speechless", I stand up, I stand up, raise my hand, I want to smash the flower ball to him, I will not Strive, turn around, and rushed into the room.

I looked at my wolf, I was angry, and I wanted to smash the ball. I was just lifted. I looked at it. It's delicate and beautiful, put it down, relieve yourself, don't use someone else to punish your own flower !

I quickly