The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 2 brows picturesque, color turns

The sunset is in the sky, people shadow in the ground, he white shirt black pants, standing straight there, like alone, Xuan Xuan as a chartering, the eyebrows are pictures, color is almost unlock people.

In the middle of the day, the sun is burning, this side is smashing in the house and the corner of the hospital, but the flowers are fragrant, it is no wonder that he will sit here for a morning.

I stood in front of him, asked without expression, "I am enough? I am satisfied with the big drama we sing?"

He didn't have a voice.

I angered: "Are you doing it?"

He said calmly: "It's not a peek, but the owner is not allowed, it is not convenient to walk." I listened to him this morning, I was still very laborious. I will listen, although I am a little quirky accent, but I don't cost.

I am rid of: "Don't I let you leave? Why don't you leave?"

"There is no right opportunity."

I was stunned by him, and a big play in the morning seems to be left without a right opportunity. I am not willing to ask: "Do you do it ... Use a group of flowers?"

"Do you also throw me with a flower?"

Ah! Enough enough tooth! I am angry with him. He looked at me in a unresolved look, and the calm eyes took a little unexpectedly, like the Wang Yang's sea, it is not intended to take the river in front of himself.

I am getting angry, I am going to attack.

Suddenly, a wind passed, falling down, just like a snow. I can't help but wave, left nile, on the side of the right side, but he sat quietly, focusing on the landing flowers and ranging, floating through his eyebrows, falling in his placket.

In the flower shadow, the sun is light and warm, his eyes are very quiet, and if there is no peek, overlook the gods of all being, but the far-reaching eyes are clear and brushing the old dream.

I don't know if I don't have to stop the action, watching him at night -

It seems that there is a sudden change between the things, the flowers of the sky are slow, and only he is lazy and sitting on the whole world, and watching the flowers are like snow, and they dance.

But a moment, he found out that I was watching him, and the light is angry, staring at me.

I hit his line of sight, I went back to God, hurriedly opened my eyes, I don't want my heart, my face is hot, I don't know where to go.

Stay, stop, stop! What is your hurt?

I am in peace: "You can leave now, the timing is absolutely appropriate!"

He stood up, bypass from me, go out.

I bending up the body to pack the tableware he has eaten, but I saw almost unhappy porridge bowls and dishes. I stunned, turned, saw that he went out step away, so funny dress, but also barefoot, but maybe because he is tall and tall, let life do not look tight.

"Hey - stand!"

He stopped his footsteps, returning to me, there is no doubt, and there is no expectation, there is no expression, and it is not happy.

I asked: "The food is not integrated? Is it hard to eat?"

He didn't see the outside world.

I am simple, just ... I have to die by him! He like this ... He is a ghost, but dare to dislike me to do the rice, starve to death!

I am disappearing to say: "You go, let's go!"

He turned, still walking step by step, not slow, but it is absolutely unhappy, I can't help but stare at his feet, I remembered the stone road outside the pit in the outside ...

"Hey - stand!"

He returned to me, still surfaceless, wavely like.

I went to the courtyard and took the doubles that had taken the dried slippers and put it before he feet. "Old slippers, you want to give up, take it!"

He stared at the slippers and saw a moment. It was rare to take the initiative to make a request: "I want to wash your feet, can you?"

"Can ... Yes, come with me!"

I went to the corner of the kitchen and deliver the plastic hose to him. After taking the water faucet, I am embarrassed to stare at him, turn around and look else.

After a while, heard him said: "Okay."

I took the water pipe, closed the faucet, the aftertaste of the eye angle gave him a clean feet, there was no bloody, and a red scar was particularly glaring.

He put on the slippers and walked two steps, it looks very suitable.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank you, a pair of old slippers."

He didn't say more, go out.

I stared at his back, and suddenly called: "Hey - stand!"

He returned, looked at me, but he didn't have a pair of expression, and the waves were not happy.

I hesitated, he asked himself before you regret it: "Where did you come? Why do you turn this? What is your plan? Do you want to contact your loved ones, do you want to help? I have a phone, you can borrow For you! If you need money, I ... I can borrow you! "

He didn't talk, I actually said more nervous than him, and said that the rivers and lakes emerged, they did not rescue poor, I borrow your money will not be too much, up to you will go home. Time. "

He said faintly: "I am one."

His words are very short, but I have completely understand, only one left, when I encounter difficulties, there is no relatives can contact help; I have been wronged, and there is no hawade can return to rest. My eyes are somewhat, and I want to cry. I took a deep breath and smiled and said, "You have a hands with feet, long, you will not plan to do it? I always have to find a job!"

He thought: "You should find a job."

I carefully ask: "Your education level, university, secondary school, job high, or have you learned?"


"No? Nothing? Do you have to learn something so much! Even if you don't have a good study, you don't go to school, and you should learn your skills ..."

He has no expression, and the waves are unsatisfactory, but it is like a silent contempt: I have said no, what do you still have nonsense?

I caught my crazy. "What life is you relying on these years? Is it difficult to do?"

He is a bit unpleasant, "I have dinked by my own strength."

Ok! As long as it is not delicious, the skein of the sake of sake, and the dryness is also a legitimate occupation. I hesitated, I didn't talk anymore, he didn't worry again, so quietly in the big sun, by my reason and impulse fight.

I went for a while, I got her teeth, I greened for ten minutes later, I was tested to ask: "Are you willing to work here? Can you eat, wage ... Look at your performance again." Just struggled I feel that I am living Lei Feng, and I finally found that I am inquiry is definitely Huang Shiren.

He is silent, I am nervous, but I don't know how to be nervous. This island is limited. He is now in this now. Isn't he smiled and hugged my thigh?

Finally, he nodded, "Good!"

I am relieved, saying happily: "Just say this, as long as you work hard, I will not treat you. My name is Shen Jun, the screw is not the radish radish, is the conch screw, what is your name ? "

He was silent, and he said: "Wu Ju Blue."

After a short self-introduction, I have met Wu Julang, but what should we do next? It seems to sign a labor contract, but I don't give people a salary, even do it, I am going to hurry, this labor contract ... An anyway, I will never mention it first, he wants to marry the vendor. !

The two are silent in face to face, very rare, he took the initiative to ask: "What should I do?"

"What?" I was immersed in my own little nineteen, did not react.

He said: "You let me work for you, what do I need to do?"

"Oh! That is not anxious, I will put you down today." I played him, decided to help him buy a few pieces of clothes.

"I have to go out now, you and me ..." The words haven't finished, I have closed my mouth.

In theory, he is still a stranger, I should not leave him at home, but he looks like it, if I take him on the street, I dare to guarantee that it is not for half a day, and the whole island will spread all over the island. If you have a good thing in the evening, people will call my father, I will do that!

I have a few turns, a bit bite, and I said: "You stay at home!"

I pointed to the place you have been in front of him, "You can move the rattan chair and find a place to sit."

I got on the building, while changing clothes, I was still entangled my decision, left a stranger who had just known the name, is really appropriate? I won't wait for me to come back, the whole house is empty?

In tangled, I turn the box to the cabinet, put cash, bank card, ID card, account book, and even a platinum diamond necklace that I never worn, all put into the bag. In this way, the remaining old clothes is not the old furniture. Even if he wants to move, it will not be too easy!

When I was close to the bed, I thought about it, I went to the bathroom to take my comb, carefully take the hair clipped in the hair, clipped in the door. It also painted the gourd, putting the three bedrooms upstairs, and the door of the study downstairs is clutched.

In this way, as long as he opened the door, the hair will fall quietly. The means of such a TV series is my ten-year-old, in order to verify that the stepmother is peeking with my diary, I deliberately put the hair hair in the diary. The last fact proves that she is really looked, I am a big noisy with her. The frame, the result was also accused of "small age is very heavy".

I put a particularly sink handbag, walked out of the house, saw Wu Ju Blue moved the rattan chair to the roof of the main house, looking at the wicked chair and looked at the vigorous triangular plum on the wall. My heart moves slightly, and the beautiful pink flowers and the ancient vicissitudes of the green black stone wall contrast, forming a unique beauty, I often stare.

I said: "The kitchen has water and eating, you go to take it, although you are very disappointing my cooking, but there is no need to starve to death."

He is slight, saying it.

"That - I am coming back!" I closed the first moment of the hospital door. I was right with him. I was a teapotion, I was tangled, but he was calm, and even a little smile. Let me have a feeling in an instant. He looked through my worried, and even gave it to my little family!

I am standing in front of the hospital that has been closed, it is impossible! It is definitely an illusion, and it is definitely the reason for the light angle!

In these years, the tourism development on the island is very fast, the clothing stores in the lantern street are good, with the sale of flowers, and the flowers shorts are not suitable for everyday wear. I don't dare to go often go to several clothing stores. The owner knows me, I am afraid that they ask me to buy, I can only find a strange shop.

After a few, I finally bought the clothes of Wu Zhali. I bought him two round neck short-sleeved white T-shirts, two plaid long sleeves, two shorts, two trousers, a pair of flops. Finally, I was also red, biting him bought him two packs of triangle underwear, a pack of three pieces, total six.

It's really awkward! I haven't bought my underwear for my grandfather. I chose the men's underwear for the first time. I didn't give my boyfriend, but gave a strange man!

On the way home, I bought a piece. I walked two big bags, along with the stone road along the old street pit, and gave my own ideological construction: I am going back home, I found that the words that he ran in the things, and it was also normal, I will be broken. disaster! The sooner, the better, the better! So I have a little rush, I can also be a careful test!

When I went to the door of the yard, when I was kept, my movements he hesitated, and I took two steps and carefully looked at the courtyard. The door is closely closed, there is only falling flowers and dust on the ground, can't see if I leave, I will leave anything from here.

I bite the lips and insert the key into the door lock. When I unlock it, I will think of the feeling of waiting for the college entrance examination.

Just opened the door, I saw him sitting under the roof. I couldn't help but rushed to him. I walked quickly to him. I put a pack of clothes in his feet, "are yours, I Estimated, you have a look. "I didn't wait for him to answer, I turned into the kitchen, put the food to the refrigerator." I bought a live fish, steaming fish at night. "In the words of Grandpa, steam Although the fish is very testing the fire of the chef, but the most test is ingredients, as long as the fish is good enough, it is fresh enough, the fire is a little bit a little, and it can be very delicious.

After washing your hand, walked out of the kitchen, saw him licking clothes, reading clothes pants, he lifted a pack of underwear. My face is somewhat hot, busy moving the line of sight, hurried into the living room, saying loudly: "You go to a bath, then change your new clothes, if you don't go, I will change it tomorrow. Use the first floor Bathroom, changed clothes, you have to wash itself, don't, throw it into the trash can. "

I stood at the door of the bathroom, said to him: "This is the bathroom, shampoo, shower gel, I will give you two clean towels, you can take a good clothes, you can take a shower. "

I am looking for a towel in the cabinet. He walked behind me and asked: "What is this?"

When I got angry, I saw that he took a pack opened underwear, and looked at me seriously. My blood rushed to my face, almost squatting: "What are you talking about? Even if you don't read a good book, you don't know, you also printed the pattern!"

"How to wear?"

I roar: "How to wear? How do you say? Open this boring joke, I am not finished with you! "I plentifully smashed the bath towel to him, and I stepped out of the living room.

I stood in the yard, swear the teeth, and I will never buy underwear for non-boyfriend! Otherwise, I am still getting a joke!

After blowing a baby, I feel that the hot is hot, I will see the time, I have to do dinner, but ... I have to see if he is eligible for dinner.

I walked into the living room, watching the door of the bathroom, I have listened to the door, listening to the sound of the drain, it seems to take a shower. I quickly ran to the study, bent down and carefully viewed, I found that my hair still clipped in the original place.

I got up, I immediately went to the second floor. The door of the four bedrooms passed carefully. Each hair was still in the original place, don't say falling, even breaking. Obviously, after I left, he didn't try to enter any room, always stayed in the yard.

I bite the lips and slowly walked down the floor, staring at the closed bathroom door, the lips gradually floated, and the anger that was teased was disappeared. As long as it is not a bad person, occasionally a bit annoying behavior is not forgiven.

I did a good job, Wu Julai still didn't take a shower. I ran to the door of the bathroom and heard the water is still ringing. Which is not fainted in the bathroom? I knocked on the door hard, "Wu Ju Blue, Wu Ju Blue!"

The water is disappeared, "" I will come out. "

"Nothing, let's come slowly." As long as it is not fainting, washing a long time, washing clean points, I absolutely support.

I moved the rattan table and the rattan chair to the courtyard, and the food is also on the table, and it is covered with a yarn to prevent fly. When Wu is blue, you can do a meal.

This will not be black, but it is not hot, and the breeze is very comfortable. I used to eat when I didn't get rid of the rain, I will eat in the yard. I am sitting on the rattan chair, swaying the pu fan, looking slightly, watching the corner of the ripple on the eave, a few white clouds, there is no car horses, no noisy, only wind blowing wood sound and pest sound , Familiar scenery, familiar, so that I feel a long time in the sadness.

I feel that the shadow occlusion is in front of the eye, I am surprised that Wu Ju Blue has already standed before the dinner table. I didn't look at him in my heart, but it was shocked, and the Pu fan in my hand fell on the ground.

The sunset is in the sky, people shadow in the ground, he white shirt black pants, standing straight there, like alone, Xuan Xuan as a chartering, the eyebrows are pictures, color is almost unlock people.

I don't know if he is a kind of amazing eyes, or I have not paying attention to it. When I was sitting in Thai, "the clothes were very fit, thank you."

"Oh, oh ... you are welcome, eat, eat it!" I went back to God, borrowed by a fan, hiding embarrassment, my heart has been running, this is a man who fainted in my door? ? He washed and clean it?

Wu Juchi took a chopsticks and put a piece of fish meat. I have dinner, while sneaking him - the slightly long hair is neatly hanging on the ear, the face is no longer a half-hidden, all reveal, the shape of the five senses did not change, but after washing, the skin is no longer It is dry and dark, the nutrition is like, becomes white, and suddenly there is a god of the whole five senses. It seems that the dusty treasure is wiped clean, and finally reveals the original brilliance.

The table put a plate of dishes and two vegetarian dishes. I found Wu Jura only tasted a piece of chopstick, and there was no clip of the second chopstick. I found a fact after I learned that he would rather only eat white rice, nor did you eat the dishes I made! My anger, I came up. Even if the two vegetarian dishes, in order to steam the fish, I have been staring at the table, guarding it next to the stove, but I don't dare to distinguish.

"You don't eat vegetables, but I don't think I am hard to eat."

He didn't lift his head, and "Well" in all directions.

I hated him, I stayed at him hated.

He finally lifted his head and looked at me. I thought: "I know that you have tried your best, there is no relationship."

what? What is he saying? I need him tall, is it widely forgive me? What do I do if I do something wrong? I was angry and I didn't want to talk to him. I buried my head, and a chopstick went down. I put half the fish into my bowl, you don't eat, I eat!

I have been to support my own ideas, eat, Wu Jua, I have already put chopsticks early, I still eat, I have been eating, I have to vomit. Wu Ju Lan looked at me in silence, I am angry: "What is seen? I have never seen a big amount of people!"

His mouth is slightly pulled, it seems to have a little smile.

I stared at him: "I have dinner, you go to wash the dishes!" After I finished, I really want to stand up, Yang Chang, leaving him a back. However, I lifted my ass, I found that I had a very strong, and I have reached the highest segment of the buffet Raiders, and it is necessary to support the wall. I swayed two times, I could only sit back and walked.

I picked up the Pufan, and the dress is fanned. "It is very cool outside, I will sit again."

He said: "It is necessary to take a while."

I haven't waited for me to return, he has packed the tableware, walk into the kitchen, leaving me with my back.

I took a while, I finally didn't worry, sway, I walked into the kitchen and went to see him wash the dishes.

He did not add cleanse, in order to wash away greasy, it can only use hot water that is hot, it is really not too hot!

I opened the faucet and put some cold water, and picked up the detergent, poured a few drops in the water, "I asked me if I couldn't find something."

He looked at the bottle of the washing fine and looked at the instructions and said that he said: "Okay."

I said: "Waiting for the bowl, wipe the case, there is a stove, there is a cabinet, and there is also a window, there is also ..."

I put out the posture of the boss, and I made a picky request. Wu Juan's blue face was simply "good".

We both, a command, a hand, and the work results are completely exceeded. He not only wiped the case of the stove cabinet, but also wiped a bright. I have given him this level to him, and he is full.

I have a bit curious about him a few net kitchen. Although this person is picky toxic tongue, but doing things seriously, the hands and feet are very fast, not good people, how can they fall to even the double shoes?

After cleaning the kitchen, Wu Ji is very consciously taken and take the initiative to clean his use toilet.

I sat in an empty living room, while listening to the water from time to time, I thought about my heart.

Grandpa is because of the death of gastric cancer, it is already a medium and late stage. He has always been in our condition, until the end is really can't hold it, it is known to we know. At that time, I was doing financial work in Beijing, I learned about the post-employment procedure, and returned to the island.

Grandpa did not oppose my determination, I didn't oppose my grandfather, I didn't want to be hospitalized, and I was lying in the hospital, I was in the east, and the whole body was inserted, it would be like a normal person, enjoy the last time.

We deliberately forget the pain, life, raise the grass, play chess tea, the weather is good, we will even settle in the pier, fishing, time and no difference before, as if it is I have never existed in seven years. I have been staying in the island, but I used to take my hand to the road, now I support his hand.

From resignation to now, I haven't worried for more than half a year, and Dad is worried about my work. He must feel me in the future. But he didn't know, because he did not take the responsibility of his father, I have been considering the future, and I have been working hard for the future.

Before the grandfather was sick, I even said that I came to college, I thought about returning to the island. It's just that the food and clothing need money. I have already spent a lot of pension money, I can't dragging him again. In order to "return home", I work hard to overtime, try to make money, plan enough money, return to the island Rent a set of old houses in the sea, transform into a cafe, you can take care of your grandfather, you can face the sea, enjoy my life. However, the child wants to raise, and the time is not waiting for me.

If I know that Grandpa will go so early, if I tell my grandfather early, I don't love the big city, maybe ... but there is no morning.

It is self-resentment, suddenly heard Wu Ju, said: "The bathroom has been cleaned, do you still have to do it?"

I looked up and saw that he came over from the direction of the bathroom. He stepped, Xiao Xiao Su Su, a cheap white shirt, but he was wearing a famous martial artist "floating as a cloud, correction of the dragon" The gas field. I couldn't help but stared at him. I said: "There is nothing to live, I will take you to the place you want to live!"

I stood up, exaggerated, I opened my hands, and I painted it. "As you can see, this is the old house, it is the old house of Shen Jia ..."

According to Grandpa, the old house is his grandfather, and the sea is taken to the sea, and the beads sell the money back cover. Because the island is too poor, three aunt is far from marriage, grandfather leaves home, the old house is no longer living, gradually ridiculous, the roof is full of moss. After Grandpa left the salvage, did not choose to stay in the city, but returned to his hometown, finishing the old house, setting the soil.

Unlike the traditional civil structure on the mainland, the old house is a brick structure, island residents take the spot, with a bright black chaos wall, green gray tile, cover into the Dun real house, neither the typhoon, also Can prevent moisture.

The main house of the old house is "7" glyphs, but it is horizontal and is vertically short. Two floors, downstairs is two large suite, one is a living room, one is a study, the living room in the "7" word horizontal, the study of the "7" word is very spacious. Because Grandpa has wind and wet legs, it is not convenient to go up and down, and the study is later done.

The stairs of the upper and downstairs are in the corner of "7", along the stairs, "7" has two rooms, "7" has two rooms, all of the bedrooms with separate bathrooms. The two bedrooms close to the stairs are relatively small, and there is no extra space after a double bed and a few simple furniture. These two bedrooms are roomlinating, in order to facilitate Dad who lives back. To put it, the old house can decorate such "modernity", but also thanked Yang Hui. After six years old, Shen Yang Hui did not range after it was back, and he cried. Grandpa in order not to bother her grandchildren, I have used it for half a year, please have made a big renovation, giving the old house shower and pumped toilet. In fact, Dad will come back very little, and it can come back for two or three days in two or three years.

The two large bedrooms are in the "7" word horizontal, vertical, there are inside and outside, put the bed, bookshelf, desk, vines, and wicked chairs are still very spacious. It was a grandfather's bedroom in the horizontal, which was my bedroom.

The kitchen is an independent stone housing, on the left side of the main house, and the "7" word of the main house consists of a "door" shape. The place in "Door" is a flower garden, and Gongshu, who is at least one hundred years old, is in the flowerbed. Listening to Grandfather, he didn't know how many years old. Anyway, he listened to his And Dad said that he would pick up the oranges from the tree in an hour, used to eat the horse.

On the left side of the "door", it is a rectangular flower garden. It is close to the hospital wall with a dragon boat and a triangle. There is a faucet on the wall of the kitchen. It has a faucet with bluestone and cement, which is convenient Washing something. On the right side of the "door", it is an air area, which is a dragon toast and Jiuliang, just outside the study and my bedroom window. The "door" word is a rectangular courtyard, the green black stone is spread, and the direction of the "door" word is the main entrance of the yard.

After the Food of Wuju Blue is finished, I stand on the window of the second floor, overlook the entire yard, and said to Wu Ju, said: "I plan to open a balm, one person must not, this is why I left you. the reason."

The small secret of hiding in the heart, shared with others, I have some strange excitement, I didn't endure the ground: "From the day, I have not planned to leave. No matter how big, the Beijing is bustling, all I have no relationship, I will always be a guest under the fence. I have already tasted enough to send a taste under the fence. Even if I have a poor, I have to stay in my own home. "

After the exit, I felt that I have a depth of saying, I have too much, I am a bit, I am busy transferring the topic, putting a serious look: "The location of the old house is not good, it is a bit far away from the sea, it will not be The preferred choice of tourists, so I have to win in a characteristic. After having a reputation, I will naturally come. After that, I am the boss of the inn, you are the waiter of the inn, I am dinner by my mind, you are eating , All dirty lives, all are doing by you ... "I suddenly worried that the inn has not yet opened this free buddy, and said," Of course, a inn, not a construction site, Nothing is dirty, very tired, as long as it is fine. "

Wu Ji blue "Well" said that "Where is I live?"

I said, "Just this." This is the decision I think, since I have to open the Inn, theoretical, should let him live in the study downstairs, the room is rented as a room. However, I have not prepared it yet, I can't let others live in the place where I have lived, I can only let him live upstairs. In the two rooms, this and my bedroom is together, it is convenient for me to "monitor" him, after all, he is still a stranger.

"This house, my brother just stayed, there is clean sheets in the bedding, covered with a pillow, you have to change it yourself. To make you want to clean, you will be cleaned, the rag is hanging in front of the shoulder station, disinfectant Wash the cabinet under the stop. "

"Good." Wu Ju said quickly.

"I am tired today, I want to sleep early, you will sleep early! Wait a lot, we still have a lot to do."

I replade Wu Zhali, I entered my bedroom.

I didn't have a good rest for a few days. I got up early this morning. My head is a bit faint, I can't wait to climb the bed, but there is a personal partner next door.

Although he passed the test this afternoon, there is a kind of person in this world, watching the clothes in the day, people model, it will transform it at night. People are suffering from belly, who knows Wu Ji Blue is such a person?

I lock the door, I moved a backend behind the door, put a beer bottle on the square stool, as long as someone pushed the door in the middle of the night, the beer bottle fell to the floor, I can wake up immediately.

The pillow is put on a small flashlight; the pillow is placed next to the mobile phone, the alarm phone is set to an emergency call, and can call the fastest speed anytime, anywhere; put a watermelon knife under the bed.

I thought about it, it seems that there is no omission, I deliberately wear a pair of thick cotton socks, lying on the bed. Although it is very uncomfortable, the movie will always play a woman's critical moment, have to escape barefoot, in case, I think it is still safe to wear socks.

Just started, I have been relieved, and if you listen to it, you can gradually move, you can gradually, I was trapped, I was completely sleepy.