The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 3 Qingmei Bamboo Malay (1)

Regardless of the process, it is not important. It is important that we are all growing well. This is the best thing!

No dreams overnight, when you wake up, you are fascinated by your phone, it is almost nine.

I closed my eyes, I still want to squint, I suddenly emerged from Wuji Blue's face, a spirit, slammed, and the probe looks at the door - that the buckled beer bottle is straight, like a loyal position. The guards reported to the owner that there was absolutely no bad people attempt to break into the night last night.

I really didn't see the wrong people! The joy is like the air bubble, from the bottom of the heart, I can't help but laugh. On the side, I went back to bed again.

I slept for ten hours, and I came to the tiredness and empty, and I had a lot of mood.

I stretched a big lazy waist, wanted, Wu Hua is blue? I don't know how he rests last night ... I thought, I heard that there was a voice from the yard. I got from the bed, ran to the window, the probe went down -

The sky is blue, the sun is brilliant, the yard is green, the fresh flower is blooming, the colorful sheets are covered with the bamboo pole, and the sea breeze flutters a volley. Wu Ju blue white trousers, standing in the undulating sheets, and hangs the clean clothes.

Maybe the sky is too clear, the sun is too bright, maybe the tree is too green, the flowers are too red, so simple and normal home scene, let my heart becomes very soft and warm. I have a smile, I have always look at it.

The sheets that are fluttering and the shroud are like the undulating waves, and they raise it, and the figure of Wuji Blue is also obvious. After he hanged the last shirt, he looked up and looked at me. The sun shining in his body was shining, letting his figure seem clearly and blurred, I looked down and said: "Good morning! "

Wu Ju Blue smiled slightly, said to me: "Good morning."

"Have you had breakfast?"


I am a hair, while saying: "Wait a minute, just right."

I rushed into the bathroom, wash it quickly, and rushed into the kitchen and started to make breakfast. This point is not too much, I plan to cook two bowls of dragon, stir-fry a disc tomato egg, eat tomato chicken egg noodles!

When I cook, Wuji is standing at the door of the kitchen. I think that people have already washed a morning clothes, they will not call him again.

Wu Ji Blue asked: "Is it using this stove now?"

I looked at the face in the pot, prevent overflowing, stir frying tomatoes, said: "We use the liquefied gas tank, the city on the mainland usually use natural gas."

Waiting for a good job, two people have a bowl of face, sitting under the kitchen, start having breakfast.

I secretly see Wu's Blue, he didn't have any expression, slowly eaten, but didn't pick it up again, whether it is tomato, or eggs eat.

I talled half a half, I didn't hold back, ask: "How is it?"

Wuju is blue, and I didn't say anything.

I understand, but I have been accustomed to him, and I have a hurry to make breakfast, and I didn't expect him satisfaction. I scored himself to ignite himself: "Although my kitchen can not be more than the big kitchen of the hotel, I can do my family live, my home is still good, and I always pick my mistake. The rice is doing well, you are estimated to eat the taste of our side. "

Wu Juan is low, concentrates on eating face, and it is not awkward.

I am very depressed, I found a "virtue" of Wuju Blue, he didn't lie, even if everyone thought that there was no harm, it was used to lubricate the little lie of interpersonal relationship, he was never willing to say. For such a "just right", I am embarrassed, I can only count.

The two have finished eating, Wu Ju Lan accusefully cleaned up the tableware to wash the dishes, and it has been dry. It is not like a reminder from time to time, I put it down.

Look at Wu Ju, who cares hard, then look at the yard, I bought it for Wu Ju Blue's clothes yesterday. She changed her bed last night, the bed sheet in the room of Dad and the stepmother was covered, washed and washed. On the bamboo pole, squeezed the yard.

Now in this society, I'm going to recruit, I am afraid that you can't find such a diligent person. The first time I felt that I had a good news, I made a very implied decision, and the more I got awkward, and how can the skin be so good, how can a diligent person fall to the clothes of the clothes, fainted at my door?

However, from a small experience, I understand that everyone will have some insufficient experience for the outer man. If he doesn't say, I will not sprout, I don't want to do it.

I greeted Wu Juan, greeted and going to the study.

When I passed from the bathroom next to the stairs, I suddenly stopped the footsteps, clean it in the bathroom, unlike it like it. The power indicator of the washing machine is black, and the cover is opened again. It is dry, and there is no drop in water.

I am not calm, and I ran out the living room, "Wu Ju Blue, how do you wash your clothes in the morning?"

Wu Ji Blue is isolated from the window of the kitchen, watching me, didn't understand what I would like to ask.

I asked: "Do you have a washing machine?"

Wu Juan blue shakes the head.

Although I have already guessed, I can confirm that it still feels difficult to believe. I pointed to the yard, and I asked: "So many clothes, are you washed?"

"Is it wrong?" Wuji Blue.

"Not right. However, do you not hurt? The next time you wash your big parts with a washing machine, you are so strolling!"

Wu Ju Blue said that there is no expression: "I don't hurt my hand. This is nothing to do."

I was awkward, I didn't know what to say, and I said: "Anyway, the next time the washing machine is used by the washing machine, my washing machine can't bought it!"

Wu Ji Blue was silent and said: "Okay."

I turned into the book, sitting in the computer desk, waiting for the computer to boot, while watching the bed linen and shrouded the yard in the yard, I think Wu Ju Lishu is so incredible.

There are still many people who are cleaned in the clothes, and those who can be cleaned by the hood are rare.

However, no, like the neighbors of this street, in order to save water fees and electricity bills, until now, there is no washing machine, of course, Li's family is one of the poorest people on this street.

Wu Julai should be very poor, poor to no washing machine, so habitually used to wash the sheets and covered with a cover.

The computer started, I picked up my mind and started working hard.

After passing over the mind, I got one of the things that I had to do. The first thing, of course, I want to apply for a business license and other related documents that operate privately. I have been in listening before, although this matter is a bit cumbersome, it is not difficult. Now the island government vigorously develops and travels, and it is very supportive local residents to do some distinctive small business, develop cultural tourism, green tourism. Like this "indigenous" to handle these, just time problems, let me worry that decoration and future operations.

Although the old house is old, she is still very comfortable, she can live and let the guests live in two concepts, at least every room is refurbished, install TV and wireless network, curtains, sheets, cover, bath towel what is To prepare new.

I have worked for three and a half years in Beijing, and I have a total of 120,000. After returning home, the land continued to spend more than 10,000, and now there is still more than 100,000 banks. This is what I now in addition to the old house, all assets, I have to consider that the inn may not make money at the beginning, give yourself some living expenses and inn initial operating costs, can spend the money on the decoration is limited, must be fine.

I have access to other people's decoration experience, know more, can be curved, save more money, and supervise the construction to prevent being cheated.

I am watching the video, I don't think it, I suddenly saw a white slender hand, poked the portrait of the computer screen, poked a few fat enough, but also a few times, it seems very curious why the screen will be There is a living person.

What is this condition?

I stayed for a while, I turned my head, I didn't know when I didn't know when I stood behind me.

Wu Juan Blue is free of expression and me, calm calm, and even has a high high. If it is not the same, I will definitely feel that the second goods that have just poked and smash the computer screen is definitely not in front of you.

I can't help but ask: "Are you used to use a computer? Do you have to send home?" Although the computer is already popular in modern society, but in many poor places, don't talk about computers, color TV Can't afford it. With my judgment of Wu Ji Blue Family, he did not have a computer very normal. Just, even if you can't afford your computer, you can also have a "Internet cafe". Many work that can't afford the computer will play games, talk about QQ, unless he is with me, you need to save money, all consumption activities are all cut off.

I have a lot of brain a lot, even "Wu Ju Blue's parents are diamonds, Wu Ji Blue must post the money of the money to return home".

Wu Jinc did not answer my question, just looked at me in disdain, "said more, don't buy, but not." After finishing, he turned around, with a straight back Indicates: Uncle is not rare!

I looked at his back, and the heart was 10,000 grass mud, and it was a funny, it was uncomfortable. This proud man, even if you are hurt, you don't want to ly, say that you have used your computer, just simply use disdain and cold to cover yourself, I remember yourself. That year, I was six years old, my parents were arguing and playing, no one cares about me, even my trousers are short. Mothers playing together, paying together my embarrassment, I bought two pants for me, I can be sensitive to me for the first time, but I am embarrassed to the pain, I will not be willing to collect the two pants. I also stressed over and over again, my mother bought a lot of new pants to give me, but I don't like to wear new clothes, I like to wear old clothes.

I jumped up, I ran in a few steps, stop Wu Ju Blue, "The bowl was washed?"

"finished Wash."

I pushed Wuju to go to the computer desk. "There is something to make you, come over!"

Wu Ju Lan, I didn't move. I am like pushing a big mountain, no matter how much strength, all the silk is not moving.

I am annoyed, I am, "I am a boss, isn't it what I commanded?"

Wu Julai follows me to the computer desk.

After I sat down, I took a stool, and I showed Wu Ji Blue and also sitting. A good act. "I am studying how to decorate the inn, you have to learn, this is the thing that is in life after you want to eat. It must be careless. "

I open the web browser, demonstrate how to use search functions, just learn to use a search, everything else will slowly learn. I deliberately slowed down, Wu Ju, sat next to it, and looked at it.

I suddenly remembered, he did not use the computer, it is very likely to enter the keyboard, "Do you pinin, or write it?"

Wu Zhalu thought about a moment, only to say: "Letter."

I immediately downloaded a five-stroke tutorial. After the simplicity, I said to Wu Ju, "" This thing is just a ripe root, exercises can be played for a while. "

Previous grandfather's self-study computer book is still, I took it out of the bookshelf, in front of Wu Ju, let him learn.

Wu Ju Lan took the book quietly, I stood next to him, I was unhappy from the yard in the eyes, I saw the sheets that fluttered with the wind, and there was a thought in my mind: Wu Ju Blue doesn't have toile it up., Will not be Because he doesn't use it in the roots?

I was shocked by this idea, but I feel very likely. Where did he come from? A deep mountain old village in a remote area? Is the electrical appliance not spread yet? No wonder the accent is so strange when he speaks for the first time ...

Although it is a bit curious, I didn't intend to develop Wu Junlai into a boyfriend, and I will not be responsible for his second half. It is not interested in exploring his first half, and it is important to solve the problem in front of you.

The appliances in the home include air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, rice cooker, TV, DVD player ... I don't know what he has used, I haven't used anything.

I thought about it, I took it out of the box, put it out of the instructions of all electrical appliances in the cabinet, put it in the desk corner, "This is the instruction manual of all electrical appliances at home, you have time to look at it." I am afraid to hurt his self-esteem. I rushed again, "Different brands of electrical appliances, products produced in different years, how do you look, save you according to our previous experience, and make my things bad."

Fortunately, Wu Julai did not have a sensitive metamorphosis when I was young. I heard my command, just simply replied: "Well."

I have a good ID card, the household registration book, etc. I feel that the documents that may be used, and go out to apply for a document license for private inn.

I didn't think about it. I can't spend more time. I didn't expect the procedure to run. For a while, I will have a recent examination certificate for a while. Fortunately, I am the "indigenous" of the island. No matter where it goes, I can always encounter my classmates, or classmates, and save a lot of work. In this way, I ran to go, tossing a whole day, it is all all set.

At 6 o'clock, I mentioned a watermelon bought, returned to my home tired. I am so angry that "I will go home", I will fall on the wicked chair.

Wu Juelan looked at me and did not mention watermelon into the kitchen.

After a while, he turned the skin with a fruit plate, cut into square watermelons, and put a fruit fork on the plate.

I am a little accident. His performance this morning is not like a person who knows how to use fruit plates and fruit fork, but the food is currently, too lazy. I judged a piece of watermelon with a fork, "Thank you!"

Slowly after eating watermelon, I felt to recover, I said to Wu Ju, "I and the renovation master, he went to the house tomorrow afternoon, estimated the price. You must clean the house tomorrow morning, can save the house Little money is a little money. "

Wu Jura, "Well", it means.

It's already dinner, I wondered casually, and the door of "" suddenly sounded.

I got up and asked: "Who?"

"it's me!"

Jiang Yusheng's voice, my old neighbor, two people are growing up, and there are two little men. Because the IQ is very high, I don't listen to the first grade of the class. The second kills the mortal, the outer number of hours is "God Doctor", and now the Surgery doctor doctor in the island People's Hospital. "Yi Sheng" and "doctors" homophonic, even if it is called "Jiang Yusheng" listening to "Jiang Yusheng", everyone is screaming.

Food, I am going to open the door early, this will stop the footsteps, saying "coming" in my mouth, I will see Wu Ji Blue.

Wu Ju Lan is very sensitive, and immediately observed my doubts, and turned to avoid it in the house. I stopped him. I have decided in an instant. I am brightly big, I hired people, there is nothing to hide.

I said to Wu Zhali, "My good friend, people are very good, I will introduce you to know." After that, I ran to open the door.

"Small screw, don't cook, go outside this evening." Jiang Yusheng speaking, walking into the door.

He also followed two people behind him, a young woman wearing a dress, long hair shawl, body, beautiful face, a beautiful man with glasses, temperament S.

I stunned, I was polite and said with Zhou. "Zhou Lao, Hello."

Jiang Yi Sheng haha ​​laughed, holding the shoulders of Zhou: "It's so pitiful, it's really opposite! Small snails, you look carefully, really don't know him?"

Zhou watched me smile, and the occupational smile of the kind of passenger, the kind of professional smile yesterday, his smile with the true joy, even a bit of nervous expectations. I am full of confusion, I can't wait to make a feet, I am used to the equipment, and I am politely and said: "Zhou Lao, we have just met yesterday, how can I not know?"

Jiang Yi was strange and sighed, just asked for a sound, Zhou didn't smell the arm of Yusheng, and stopped his words. Zhou didn't serve me, smiled and said: "Small screw is me, big head."

I immediately disappeared immediately, and I watched the week.

Li Dadou, the original name Li Jing, my best friend in my teenage. He, thin body, big head, long legs, with a few fierce expressions, no one dare to provoke him. This man in front of me, the body is long, politely courteous, seeing a few points in the eyebrows, there is a look, and then I can't find my memory.

I am ten years old, because my father is married, the stepmother is pregnant, and the home is bureau, and I haven't followed my hometown by Grandpa. I won't say Minnan dialect, and I will not say Li Yi 's words, a word is a square round, and it is very attacked in school. Just starting classmates, I have been curious and envious to me. It can be quickly don't want me. The news that my mother running off the man will open it in the school. The classmates have become a pity. At that time, I used a hedgehog to protect myself with a sharp counterattack. I didn't have long before the eyes of the students. I was throwing into the toilet. I was spit into the toilet, and I was spit on the road, and even male students Catching a snake to my school bag ... After growing up, I've turned over, but it is a child's prank, but those piped works let me like heaven, until Li Dadou moved.

Like me, he will speak the words of the square, no dad, no mother, and your grandmother living together. However, he didn't have a parent, not because of his parents, but because Dad was dead. For a certain period, I thought I thought, I would rather think of him, when I think of at least, my father has to leave me, not to take the initiative to abandon me.

He is the same as me, but maybe because he is a boys, maybe because he doesn't have the experience of his father, the stepmother's life, his counterattack is bright, not like me, always turning the corner. He will fight, a person can do three senior boys who bullied his, no matter what you have, anyway, he will play you, he uses pure power to let everyone dare not provoke him.

Li Dadou is higher than me, although the two live in Mazu Street, when I get out of school, I can often see each other, but there is no intersection. Until once, I was blocked in the small woods in the school, I was forced to ask me "Your mother is not running with the wild man." Li Dadou suddenly appeared, rudely rushed to everyone, warned that they didn't make anything, Otherwise he saw it once.

Since then, I followed Li Dadou. Gradually, we learned Minnan dialect, and we will talk about a little bit of L., integrate into the island life. Later, it was also a good friend with the real indigenous Jiang Yi in the same street.

Three people have played more than three years, so they have no peers, almost wear a trousers until I received the love letter of Li Daditi in that year, I suddenly realized that I am a girl, he is a boys. In the face of Li Dadou's twisted "I like you" a few words, I am completely stupid, I don't know how to reply.

When I was tangled, how to reply to the first love letter in my life, Li Dadou's grandmother has suddenly died. His mother came back to take him, leaving very rush, even did not come to we bid farewell, the blind book naturally No need to reply again.

Listening to the neighbors said, his mother is lucky, and another married rich people, it is an overseas Chinese on the side of Nanyang, which is very good for her, but there is no child. This time Li Dadou passed, as long as he got the father's favorite, he will definitely enjoy.

As time, Li Dadou gradually went far in my memory, but because he accompanied me three years in life, there was a love letter that I have not replied. He is getting blurred. Memory is always firmly occupied by a corner.

Jiang Yi will push me, "What are you doing? Do you remember?"

I have come back, I have a lot of money in my heart, and even some say that I can't tell the embarrassment, I barely smile, "I have been playing more than three years, how can I not remember? Come in!"

I am busy moving the vine table, the rattle chair, and greeted them to sit. Jiang Yi Sheng let me not be busy. I am taking the ear, run into the kitchen to cut the remaining half of the watermelon, wait for a piece of watermelon to stack in the fruit plate, my mood is really calm down.

I took a fruit plate and took a fruit fork to go out of the kitchen. I saw Wu Ju Blue and Jiang Yusheng, and Zhou did not smell it, and they were cold. Wu Ju-blue smiled and said: "My name is Wu Zhalu, is a small jack, just came to the island yesterday afternoon."

I am a feet, almost put the fruit plate to the blue head of Wuji. Wu Ju Blue seems to have an expectation, helping me in a steady man, put the fruit plate, put on the table, laughing at me, said: "The small snail has always been independent, and everything does not like trouble, but The better she, the more I can't rest assured, anyway, my work is free, and the sorry runs with her for a while. "

Zhou did not smell: "What is Mr. Wu?"

"Programmer, commonly known as the code worker, where is our job to do, as long as the customer is required to pay on time,"

Do you have a programmer? Who is the computer stamped again this morning? I stared in Wuju Blue.

Wu Ju Lan smiled and looked at me. He dragged me on the rattan chair next to him. He was very polite and kindly said: "Tell me Wuju blue, otherwise I have to call you Mr. Zhou. "

Jiang Yi is half a half-half holiday complained: "Small snails, you never told me that you still have such excellent cousins."

I laughed and said: "Everyone eats watermelon." I also never know that I have a brother, but he explains his appearance and lives in the room, and I have not added a hassle. I decided to recover the evaluation of him "just don't lie," he won't lie, but too shielded, so the lie of no harm is at all.

Jiang Yusheng and Zhou did not smell, I don't seem to be too willing to talk about cousin, and I know that my relationship with my mother is very embarrassing, so I will not mention more interest.

Zhou did not smell the beautiful girl with himself said: "Small snails, I will introduce you. Zhou did not say, my tangle."

I laughed: "Hello, I am Shenji, I used to be a neighbor, good friends."

The week is sweet and smiled sweetly, saying: "Hello, Shen Sister, I often listen to my brother, but I have always want to see you!"

I think there is something in her words, but I can't tell what it means, but I can only laugh and laugh.

Zhou did not smell me to pay for it: "Yesterday's things, I am sorry. I know that it is you, I don't understand it at all."

I said: "I understand, you are good for me." The temper of stepmother, if she let her know the lawyer I have dealt with the legacy, will be suspected of being assumeed.

Jiang Yusheng said: "Don't talk about it, let me talk about what I want to eat at night!"

I didn't have to eat and Jiang Yusheng business, I ran a day outside today, very exhausted, not so high, just "um hu," attached to.

Zhou did not smile and said, "Run it to run very tossing, we will focus on old friends, what is not important, don't be taken outside."

I still want to be polite, Jiang Yi is glanced, say: "Just I am too lazy, I will call it!" He is a little reputation doctor in the island, and the three education is willing to give him a face, don't say to send The takeaway store is not a shop that does not send takeaway. He called the phone and also sent things.

Jiang Yi asked the food that everyone taboo and called a takeaway.

After half an hour, a boy riding a battery car took the takeaway, and Jiang Yusheng called the barbecue. Two large plastic boxes, one of the various barbecues in one, use double-layer aluminum foil paper, clean, heat, aluminum foil paper, still rushing hot air; put ice cubes in one inside, Ice Town Wine and drink.

I looked at the grilled fish on the table, grilled shrimp, roast oysters, roasted mushrooms, roasted corn ... more than 20 barbecues, dazzling. This barbecue is very famous for the island, it is famous in the island. Don't say to take the takeaway. Don't say to take the takeaway. If you don't accept it, Jiang Yi is actually a phone call, you can send people, I have to send it. Admire to Jiang Yusheng arch arch.

Jiang Yusheng is mainly, smiling, "I will eat it, I don't have enough, we call it again. The time sent to the store is almost the time."

Several people took a beer and touched a cup and celebrated her old friend. A glass of beer, a hot, and the atmosphere is a bit.

Zhou didn't hear a bunch of baked squid, "You like to eat this, don't know if you still like it now?"

I took it over, "I still like it." At noon, I took a bowl of rice noodles outside. This will be hungry, and I like something I like, I immediately bite a big mouth.

When I was eaten, I saw Wu's Blue. I was still worried that he didn't get used to it. After he had eaten a roast fish, I actually smiled slightly, I ate the second mouth, indicating that he also like this shop. food.

While I put down my heart, I was depressed and sighed. It seems that my own craftsmanship.

Wu Jura and Zhou have clearly clear that he is just a spend tonight, and it has been quietly eating.

I am not a person who can say good deeds. I haven't much speaking, I have been listening to Jiang Yi Sheng and Zhou. From the chat, I roughly knew the situation of the week - he went to Malaysia with Mom and Dad, after graduating from Mother and Dad, went to the United States to read the university, now settle in Fuzhou, in a well-known law firm Work, parents are healthy, no girlfriend.

From his description, he can feel that his stepfather is very good to him, so he is called "Dad". If you don't know the old friend, you will definitely think that it is a biological father.

Jiang Yusheng and I are a smart person, regardless of whether I can't understand, I deliberately avoided the past, and I didn't ask when he changed the name. When I was a child, I saved "Li"'s surname, only called him. " Big head ", as if he has always called Zhou.

Waiting for Jiang Yusheng and Zhoucheng to talk about his own things, I am worried about me, I will find that after I know that they are now social elites, all things are not missing, only one girlfriend. In contrast, I am a bleak one. I am in Beijing, I am qualitative, and I have a very ordinary job. Now I have no such job, it is in unemployment.

Zhou Qian asked: "What is your plan? Is it going back to Beijing?"

I said: "I live not to Beijing in Beijing, I don't want to go back to Beijing again."

Zhou said: "You can consider Fuzhou, you have to find a job, I can help."

I didn't smile: "My brother will fool people, but talk to Shen sister is so conservative. Shen sister, don't listen to my good fortune, he will definitely help you get a good job, at least, Dabo in Fuzhou There is company, there is definitely to need finance. "

I haven't spoken yet, Jiang Yiheng has seriously considering it, "Fuzhou is very good, not far, diet, climate is similar. Just, the small snail you are gone, how long is this old home? It's ridiculous. "

Words said: "Shen Sister, I just want to discuss it with you."

I don't understand: "What?"

Zhou did not bite his lips and said, "I wandered on the island in the two days. I found that this old house is very interesting. I also like the old house built in these stones. I originally want to buy a set. After chatting with the owner of the inn, I know that the old house here is not commercial housing, the government is not allowed to sell, the foreigners can only rent long-term rent. Our guest boss is long-term, 20 years of lease. I just walked If you come in, I really like this house. Since my sister wants to work in the field, the house is empty, it is better to rent me, I am willing to pay 100,000 rent every year. "

I heard 100,000 rent, a little surprised. As far as I know, it is a great place to see the old house in the sea. Regardless of the week, there is no money, or it is very sincere, it is very sincere. I smiled and said, "Thank you for your own house, but I have no rental plan."

I watched the week, I didn't smell it. I asked him to say: "Shen sister is afraid that I will break the house? Shen Sister, you can rest assured, I am not intended to rent to do business, just I have a few years. Month, the top is re-arranged, never change the pattern. "

Zhou did not smell the cavity: "Do not speak from primary school painting, now do jewelry design, she likes old houses, old furniture, old jewelry, very cherished for these things, renting to her, you can really rest assured. "

Jiang Yusheng is clear, and also persuaded: "Small snails, old houses need popularity, empty down is faster. Anyway, you have to go out, empty, it is better to rent it! Anyway, everyone is a friend, everything can be discussed. "

Zhou did not say frequently, "Yes, yeah!"

I said this, I have no way, I can only frank: "If I plan to leave the island, go out, I am willing to rent it, but I want to stay, I have to live."

Several people are very surprised. In addition to tourism and fish on the island, there is no economic industry, in addition to the nature of Jiang Yiheng, the young people on the island can go outside, after all, there are many opportunities, and more money.

Jiang Yusheng asked: "What do you stay?"

I am embarrassed to say: "I am going to open the treasure."

Jiang Yisheng took a string of barbecue, while eating, while slowly said: "Although I think it is a bit unreliable, but you have to do it, I support."

"Thank you!" I raised a cup and respects Jiang Yisheng a cup.

Zhou is not happy, and the face is very ugly.

We didn't smell the wine glass, smiled and said: "Small screw opens the inn, you can stay at any time! This is not better?"

Zhou did not respond, busy picking up the cup, smiling and said: "Then I will wait for Shen Sister's inn to open."

Several people touched the cup and blessed my inn to open as soon as possible, and the financial resources are wide.

Eating and drinking, talking about smiling, has been around ten o'clock in the evening, and the week is not known to Jiang Yusheng.

Standing at the door of the yard, Zhou did not smell me, I would stop.

Jiang Yusheng is a personal fine, immediately smells the sum of Ya, and dragging the arms and walked, giving the week, creating a chance to talk to me. Unfortunately, Wu Ju Blue has been standing behind me, and Zhou can't smell the words of the fullness, and left.

I will follow the stepfather life, follow the stepmother life, the days under the fence, let me learn the colored look, I don't feel what I don't think about it, but today, his appearance is already sudden, I have not done it yet. Prepare and talk to him, the suretability is not feeling.

I closed the door, I went to the floor.

I took a while in bed, suddenly wrapped in the box, and turned out of the thing from the storage cabinet under the bed. An old iron biscuit box, which is filled with some zero seven-eight broken little things, and the first love letter received in my life.

I am