The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 3 Qingmei Bamboo Malay (2)

No reading, just took it in your hand. After a long time, the letter paper has been a bit blunt, the word on the paper looks more naive, but the time between the words is uncomfortable is the beautiful time of the two Warehouse.

I looked at it, I couldn't help but smile, I really reunited the joy of reunion.

In those years, when I was with the grandfather, I worried about him when I lived in a quiet and warm day. I am afraid that he is arrested by stepfather, afraid that he has no way to continue reading, afraid that he is not careful to learn badly.

Time allows us to separate, and time let us get together again.

I know, his stepfather is very good to him. He not only has finished reading the book, but reading is a famous university abroad. He now has a warm home, a good career, and a girl who got along with a harmonious.

I am smiling, no matter how the process is, it is not important. It is important that we are all growing well. This is the best thing!

For many years, it has been hanging in my heart. I am laughing, stacked the letter paper, put it back in the old iron biscuit box.