The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 4 is drilled into ants (1)

Obviously, his hand is not warm, but in this moment, I feel that it is the warmest of the world.

In the morning, after I got up, I was surprised that under the roof, on the small table of the four or four squares, put a bowl of porridge, a bowl of yellow water steamed egg, a dish, green salad seaweed.

I can't help but swallow the water, whispered: "Wu Ju Blue, what you made?"

"Not me, is it you?" Wu's blue cold voice came from the study, and a sentence should be easily ridiculed. How to listen to my IQ in a ridicule. However, according to my understanding of him, he should be purely think that I am excess.

I am looking forward to it, I have tasted a white porridge, and I was immediately amazed.

White porridge seems to do, there may be no more chefs in the porridge. A porridge is in the mouth, not hard, not hard, just good, the rice flavor is rich, such a fragrant porridge, I only drink in a old-fashioned shop in Guangzhou.

Cold seaweed and water steamed eggs are also all kind, a refreshing, a fresh, with white porridge, extra appearance. I didn't lift my head, I took a dish, two bowls were all empty.

In the past, I read what I wrote in the novel. The more simple vegetables, the more test cooking, I always don't believe it today, I have a good meal today, I have eaten the mouthfuls, I finally believe, I finally understood the kitchen of Wuju Blue to my kitchen. Artistic dislike.

After washing the dishes, I walked into the book, I saw Wu Zha, Blue is playing computer.

I was dragging a stool to sit in front of Wuji Blue, and the elbow was on the computer desk. When I was angry, I didn't talk, but my eyes were staring at Wuju Blue.

After half of it, Wu Ji Blue's eyes moved from the computer screen to my face, said with calm to the eyes of indifference: What nerve did you send?

Wu Ji blue is abnormal, the five senses are tough, the nose is straight, the eyes are deep, the eyebrows are dark, and the eyebrows are black and long. When he faces no expression, look at each other, there is a bit of food chain top Biological oil overlooking the food chain bottom The cold is proud, I have to say it is very deterrent.

Unfortunately, I have seen him to wear funny, weak and coma, and see his hardworking and lifting laundry, cleaning, cooking, and augmented.

I didn't feel scared, I feel that he likes the child like a bluff, always likes to scare people. The ghost made the gods, I actually reached out, pinch the cheeks of Wuju blue.

Delicate skin, cold tentacles.

I got a moment when I got a moment. After learning, I realized what I did, I was stunned. Wu Ju Blue was also stunned.

Two people glared at each other, couldn't believe my hand is pinching his face!

Wuju Blue TV line slightly sagged, looking at the hands of his cheeks, the eyes were very strange, let me think that he really likes to bite my hand in an instant.

I am very knowledgeful, retract quickly, hide the back, and laugh: "Oh, huh ..."

Wu Ju Blue looked at me, I immediately felt that the scorpion didn't worry, and I can't laugh.

I decisively, Wei Zhao, "I have finished eating breakfast, it's so delicious, no wonder you will not see my cooking, I can't see my cooking."

Wu Jincai was completely impressed by my Ah, said flat: "I have a good thing, I will cook in the future."

I certainly won't be opposed, I nod immediately, but my focus is not this, but: "Wu Ju Blue, your cooking is so good, go to five-star hotel to do chefs, there is no problem, how can it be ... Small place? "

Yesterday, I thought I didn't intend to develop him into boyfriend, no interest in exploring his past, but today I can't help but curious. No way, who told him from the head to the feet, the mystery, even I saw the novels and TV series, then people who would make their brains can't think of his experience.

Wu Ju Lan stared at me, slightly smashed, and it seems to be cautious about how he fell.

I don't know why, I suddenly made a cold battle, and the whole body sweat is standing, just like suddenly found that the poisonous snake is staring at himself, the ability is scared. My body is stiff, I can't move. Fortunately, Wu Ju Lan quickly opened his eyes and looked at the computer.

I grew up, almost on the computer desk, and then watch Wuju Blue, but there is no different. I am very annoyed, this is already the second time being almost scared by him. I can't help to cover my computer, and I said: "I asked you! Answer me!"

Wu Ji Lan looked at me and said: "Everyone will encounter an unlucky, I have not lucky enough."

He did not explain, but his sentence seems to explain a lot. My fire suddenly disappeared, I feel a little sad. I don't know how to comfort him. After a while, I will say: "You have to go to me, let's stay here to help me work! Wait for you want to go, I Will give your toll. "

Wu Juan's blue side has no expression, staring at me, nothing to say, stand up, and go.

I stared at his back, muffy: "There is no feelings of a little! I am helping you!" I didn't even have a smile! "

A little more than a little, I am coming, Wang Tianlin, is the husband of my junior high school classmate. We have seen it before, and I know the acquaintance of the roots.

I took him from the upstairs to go downstairs, and I looked at all the houses. Wang Tianlin knew that my money was more nervous, "said this, it is a bottomless, the same house, some people spend a hundred Most of the renovation, some people spend more than ten thousand decoration, my idea is that we can save the province, but some places must not save. One is for safe and healthy, the second is that the cheap thing is broken in one or two years, and in the future Take a more expensive. "

It is very reasonable, I nodded in "um um".

Wang Tianlin took out this child and pen, and wrote painted to analyze which places must be new, which places can be renovated. The house decorated in eight years ago, many places have been aging, I all refer to it, and the repair of the repair, the change. The two discussed the decoration plan.

I believe that Wang Tianlin, also knows that there is purchasing channel there, and the price of the materials that will definitely buy cheap than me, and the sure is entrusting Wang Tianlin to help me buy all the needs of all needs. Wang Tianlin roughly, telling me that the material is handled at least 800,000 yuan.

More than the price I expected, but the renovation has a 20,000 in the entrance and exit, I agree. Because of the purchase of materials, plus deposits, we agree to pay 50,000, the rest of the money is paid according to the project progress and the purchase material.

Wang Tianlin knew that I was in a hurry, and after calculating it, I started working. Because it is not the decoration of the Nako, Wang Tianlin promises to work with the fastest speed in the premise of ensuring quality, estimated, and it is more than half a month.

I am grateful to ask: "The advance payment is transfer or cash?"

"It is best to cash."

Just a little more trouble, I am willing to cooperate, "Then I will send you it tomorrow."

Wang Tianlin said quickly: "I have to take a boat over the sea tomorrow morning to buy materials. We can come back at night. We are acquaintances, no one who is lie, when starting, you will do it."

"it is good!"

Wang Tianlin looked at all things, and chatted with a few words, he would say. I am grateful to Wang Tianlin.

The next day, I went to the bank to pay money.

In addition to paying 50,000 pieces of Wang Tianlin, I have taken 10,000 pieces, used to buy TV, what is the table and chair. Island traffic is not convenient, big things often have to wait for ten days to half a month to deliver, and I would rather buy it later. I bought it early, I didn't find a place to be piled forward; I bought it late, it is very likely that the inn has not arrived.

Although I know the island's folk customs, the security is good, can be installed in the bag, I am still very careful, deliberately put the bag to the chest, tightly sand.

I walked through the bustling vegetable market, I looked up and walked toward the mountains, and I was going to be home. I thought about it, my alert is a bit.

The old street of the island is due to various reasons, the demolition, change, etc. The streets of the old street are narrow, do not pass the car, the streets are the local house, except for a small shop selling tobacco snacks, there is no business business, very quiet.

It is at work, and a pedestrian on the street is not, I walk along the road of the pit, walk in the middle of the road. A motorcycle came from above, and two men were sitting on the car, wearing a hooded motorcycle helmet.

I let the side of the road, the motorcycle is rushing to me, when you should shoulder it, the man behind him seizes my bag. In the engine roar, the motorcycle suddenly accelerated, galloped forward, I consciously smashed the bandit, but my strength was difficult to fight against the power of the motorcycle, immediately dragged down, the whole person was taken Pretty.

The thin dress does not raise any protection, and the body rolls on the stone of the pits. I have a pain on the body, but I remember the 60,000 yuan, and I don't want to catch the bag, I don't put it. The person sitting behind the motorcycle muttered a sentence, holding a knife to cut the band, a motorcycle, sharp blade from my hands. Under the pain, my hand finally released, the whole person fell on the ground. I don't know if it is dust, or blood, it's all, I can't see it. I only hear the roar of the motorcycle quickly, disappeared.

From seeing motorcycles to the package, it was seated in two or three minutes, Mazu Street is still quiet and warm, and it seems that there is no matter what happened. But I have left a circle from the ghost gate.

I strongly supported it, the shoes of a feet were gone, the two legs were ground to the skin, all the blood, the blood on the back of the hand slammed. I think the line of sight is blurred. I can't see the road. I rubbed my eyes with my hand, but I wiped the blood and soil, and I couldn't see it.

I think it should be alarm, but the mobile phone is in the bag, I was also taken away. It is fraiful to distinguish the direction of the home, I am trembled, and I call: "Is anyone? Someone ..."

I am pain in it, very hard, very hard, I hope there is a person to help me, I don't know if my voice can't swear, or the people nearby No one is at home, no one comes. At that moment, I walked down under the sun, but it seems to be in a dark desperate world.

No one will help me, I only have myself.

Since no one hears, I have not called, desperate to the end, but I will calm down. I am afraid that it is useless, crying will not be useful, like a child, the only way out, just biting his teeth forward. At that time, I firmly believe that I will always grow up, now I firmly believe that I will always go home.

Because I can't see the road, I can only be like a blind man, two hands stretched forward, exploiting a step, step forward, every step is as if it is on the blade.

Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed my hand, I was like a stunned little animal, and I immediately heard the voice of Wuju Blue: "It's me!"

With his voice, he held my hand tightly, did not let me break free, clear his hand is not warm, but in this moment, I feel that it is the warmest in this world. .

I tightly grabbed his hand, I heard that he disappeared, he seems to understand my fear and say: "I am here, I will not leave."

I gradually calm down, I feel very embarrassed, and said with a hoarse voice: "I was grabbed, and I was alarm. I was hurt, and I went to the hospital."

Wu Ju-blue said: "Your injury I have seen it, don't worry, only the cuts on the back of the right hand are serious. Although other hurts look terrible, they are all skin injuries."

I said: "I don't know what it is, I can't see it."

"There is no relationship, just get dirty, wash it with water, you can restore your eyesight." Wu Ju Si said: "You have a hurt in your hand, your hands are relaxed, don't force."

I am relieved, Wu Ju Blue immediately took his two hands away, I am nervous: "Wu Ji Blue!"

"I am here."

Only listening to "stab" sound, Wu Ju Blue tightly tightly in my arm with a band, explained: "Help hemostasis."

"thank you!"

In my scream, Wu Ju Blue hits me, step forward, "Let's go to the hospital."

Just now, I have a good breath, this will have rely on it, completely put down my heart, I feel that I am afraid, the limbs have soft, and the body can't help but fight. My sorcerer is on the shoulders of Wuju Blue, and the whole person is shrinking in his arms.

Although I still can't see anything, I still have a pain on the body, but I can clearly feel that the sun is on the body, and now it is warm and bright during the day.

After a small shop opened in the street, several people sitting in front of the small shop. I saw my scary look, smashing the pot, I am very enthusiastic, it is called a taxi, and I am playing. Telephone alarm.

After the taxi, Wu Ju Lan lifted the hand of my injured, "Let the blood are slow."

I laughed, "I guess it, I saw it on TV." I touched the cloth on my arm. "Where is the cloth? I won't be tear from your clothes? This bridge It can be a bit old soil. "

"Guess it. You like watch TV movies very much?" Wu Jura probably worried that I can't see it. In order to make my heart, it is a rare.

"I don't know if I like it or habits. From my memory, my father and mother are quarreling. They don't have time to care. I can only watch TV quietly; later, and succeeded, the stepmother, I am afraid of province. Every time they go out, I will watch TV at home; then, then I found that watching TV is not only a self-entertainment, but I don't need to spend money. It is the best choice for the person of this kind of money. "From Hong Kong TVB drama, to domestic drama, Korean drama, then to the later American drama, Thai drama, although many people despise this kind of unreasonable pastime, but for me, TV series is almost accompany me to grow up. Among the plots of those dogs, some people are sinister, there is a betrayal conspiracy, but there is a warm family, romantic love, and blood friendship.

I said, "When I was young, my classmates were envious, because there was no adult, I can see TV that the so-called general can watch, I am the first to see men and women kiss, rollerned people……"

Hey, it seems a bit proud to have forgotten ... I am busy remedy: "It's not a yellow film, it is the kind of male and female protagonist. It is pretending to do anything. In fact, the camera will soon switch, but it is implied that they will do it ..."

I think it is more and more wrong, and I have closed it.

Fortunately, the hospital is not far away, the driver is scared by my look, open the wind, soon.

Jiang Yiheng has received a call, pushing a sliding bed, waiting for the door at the hospital.

Wu Zhalua opened the door, I just got to get off myself, he had already hugged me.

Jiang Yusheng saw me, scared a big jump, waiting for Wu Zha Blue to put me in the bed, immediately pushed me to the emergency room.

Jiang Yiheng walks, while I ask me where I hurt. I heard me saying that my eyes were hurt, I couldn't see something, he was busy thawled down, determining that there was no injury, just entered the dirty, was blocked in the eyes. He comforted me: "The nurse will let the nurse use the medicine to flush your eyes, and it will be fine for a while."

In the emergency room, the nurse looked at the people brought by Dr. Jiang, but did not hurry, but asked: "Dr. Jiang, are you with this gentleman?"

Jiang Yi said two times, said to me: "The two are too familiar, cooked, I don't have a way to see you take off your clothes. I am afraid I will leave a psychological shadow, or go outside!"

The doctors and nurses laughed, I can't help but pull the mouth, laugh: "Roll!"

Jiang Yi was lanted in Wuju, "roll" to the door of the emergency room, did not turn off the door, just pulling the curtains, so although it can't see it, he can hear the inside.

When the doctor helped me check the body, the nurse helped me to rinse my eyes, because there was Jiang Yi Sheng's relationship, regardless of the doctor, or nurses, they are very fulfilled.

When my eyes can re-see something, the doctor's inspection is over, he said: "The injury in the hand is more serious, other are skin injuries. At least the injury in the hand is at least twelve three-needle, rehabilitation Do not affect the functionality of the hand, the top of the scar. "

And Wu Ji Blue, Jiang Yiheng's judgment is almost, I said: "Trouble doctor."

The doctor unlocked the cloth strip on my arm, asked: "Who will help you do the first aid? Very good!"

"... I have a brother."

It must be heard my answer, from the outside of Jiang Yi Sheng, "Wu Ti brother knows how many first aid knowledge, before I learned?"

Wu Jura said: "Learn a little."

Jiang Yusheng said: "You must give you a bit! Even if you have heard a few lessons, I will forget to have a donation when I have encountered things. I see that although you just moved quickly, it is not nervous, it is obviously a small Snails will not have something. "

Wu Ju Blue is silent, there is no admission, nor deny.

Jiang Yusheng is just a chat, no more, but it is me, surprised that Wu Ju Lan not only understands first aid, but also understands the medical skills. It is true that Wu Jusheng said, although Wu Ji has been acting quickly, but it is not tense, it is obvious that I have no big events, this is a professional who can do it.

Waiting for the doctor to deal with the mouth, I wore a nursery suit, a pair of nurse shoes, and walked out of the emergency room.

Jiang Yisheng smiled, "Wow! Uniform Temptation!"

I suddenly made a big red face, I was a little one-meter seven third, and the nurse cloth lended was a bit short. The two long legs were obedient. I originally wanted to change, but the doctor said: "Just, do not hurt the injury. "

I quickly smashed the eyes of Wuju, said to Jiang Yi Sheng: "My dress is completely unfair, the nurse is looking at your face, go finds the clothes, I still tempting, I am a ghost looks like a wool!"

Jiang Yi is very annoyed, I don't dare to be funny, smile and put it ready for a wheelchair, "Let's go! I will send you back."

"You don't go to work?"

Jiang Yi Sheng learned my tone: "You are all ghosts, I am also on the big wool!"

I can't laugh, I watched Jiang Yusheng and sat in a wheelchair.

Jiang Yi blocked the car to send me and Wu Zhada to the vegetable market outside Mazu Street. The road to the road is not going in, you must walk. I have no problem in my legs, I have no problem, I want to go home, definitely not realistic.

Jiang Yi has opened the car, helping me open the door, but I haven't spoken it later, and I have to send me home, it is estimated that I can only go up.

I also found out the problem in front of you, looking at the winding Mazu Street, frowning thinking.

Wu Ju Blue walked to the door, bending up, and pulled my back, put it under the curled knee, and easily took me out of the car, Tyran said: "Go!"

Jiang Yisheng has a big eyes.

I rose red face, and I said: "Let me down!"

Wu Ji Blue asked: "What happened? Where did I hold uncomfortable?"


"No, let's go!"

I whispered: "This ... is not very suitable, many people look at it."

Wuji Blue walked over the meteor, saying calmly: "I just took this next, and many people look at it."

I don't know what is called "an incidentally," people who don't know what is called "emergency," I feel very weak. I can only shut up.

For the first time, when he hugged me, my eyes couldn't see, and I was painful and I didn't think much. But this will be ambiguous. I realized that this is the first time in peace, and a man is so intimate, my heart is jumping, and I have doubt that Wu Ju Blue is fully hear.

I haven't arrived yet, I saw two police officers standing at the door, and there were a few warm neighbors.

I immediately struggled and said, "Let me down."

Wu Ju Lan did not take care of me, and I have been holding me into the yard.

In the burning garage of the police and neighbors, I didn't even lift it. Fortunately, there was Jiang Yusheng. He immediately introduced the "cousin" identity of Wuji Blue, and emphasized the injury on my leg.

I was hurt in my leg, I was very scary, my neighbors understood the head, I was calm down.

I invited the police to sit in the living room, and the onlookers are standing in the yard, and they speak whispered.

I said politely: "I go up to change clothes, I will come down."

A neighbor from a child, aunt, holding me, slowly on the floor, helping me take off your nurse, change a loose home dress, I think it is full.

I was sitting opposite the police, and I told the police in detail. Unfortunately, I didn't see the long-term phase of the robbery, and the motorcycle did not have a license plate. The help of the investigated case is very small, the only impression is grab The person in my bag seems to have a black scorpion.

The police said that they will try their best, but the words are also revealed, this case is generally rogue, it is very likely that they have left the island, they have a difficulty.

I have to go to this result, and I have no over-excited response.

The police can see if they can ask, and they got up and greeted. After Jiang Yi sent a policeman, the neighbors also sent the neighbors.

Jiang Yusheng walked into the living room, sit down on my opposite: "How much is you still?"

"More than 40,000."

Jiang Yisheng said: "Available thief, if I caught him, I don't have a broken hand."

Jiang Yusheng read the medical school in Beijing, very clearly, for me, Beijing is not easy, clothing and food will have to spend money. I have just work, but I have a salary tax before the taxation, but I can save more than 100,000 three and a half years. I must have a saving, there is no pleasure, but now I have a 60,000 yuan. .

I laughed, but I persuaded him, "I lost it, I lost it!" When Qian was grabbed, I once wanted to take back, and I saw the doctor giving himself a needle, I think of the previous I have heard that the speed of the car robbery, suddenly thinking, even regret. The money is important, there is no life, if you encounter this kind of robbery, you must immediately save money.

Jiang Yusheng looked at me not laugh, but truly saw it, said: "You are big!"

I smiled and said: "What we are like this, the biggest advantage is the heart!" If the unfortunate thing is already unfortunate, if you can't think of it, it is purely yourself. Whether it is me, or Jiang Yosheng is not such a person.

Jiang Yi smiled and laughed. "How much do you want to decorate? I borrow you, but I can only take 50,000."

I thought about it, "I don't know when I can still, you give me 20,000, and I have too much pressure."

"Well." Jiang Yusheng knew his situation, and also known my character, not much persuasion. He suddenly remembered what, tentatively said: "The big head is now rich."

I smiled, I didn't pick him up, Jiang Yusheng understood. He is sitting on the side, has not said that the Wu Ju, said: "Wu Ti brother, the little snail should be troublesome. Is there anything, you are always calling me." He took out the mobile phone, "We exchange the mobile phone number," Convenient. "

Wu Jura said: "I don't."

Jiang Yi lived.

I am busy saying: "The brother's mobile phone is lost on the road. I was going to buy it, but I still didn't care. Now my phone is also lost, you buy a mobile phone back, my ID card is in the wallet, I also lost it . You help me think about it, put your mobile phone number first. "

"Row! Wu Ti brother, give me your ID card, I will help you put your mobile phone."

Wu Ju Lan looked at me in a silence. I suddenly found out that I had a complete experienced boss, I have never asked him to have an ID card. For a time, I am a mess, I don't think more, I will first pay Jiang Yusheng. "No, I don't have to do it."

"Cheng! You have a rest, I will come again later." Jiang Yi Sheng hurriedly left, busy to do things.

In the room, only I have two people and Wu Zhali, I hesitated how to open. In terms of employment relationships, I asked to see his ID card is normal, but between friends, it is quite weird. I don't know when, I have seen him as a status-to-peer friend.

Wu Juan has broken the silence, saying: "If you want to ask me to have an ID card, I don't." His expression is calm and seems to be a very ordinary thing.

Surprisingly, I seem to have psychological preparation, not a little surprised, just a lot, although I don't know what I am here, if anything is. Here, I think a lot of electricity, I think a lot -

Family planning is super-life, there is no black household in the account after birth; the traveler, the past island has been here to Vietnam, the Philippines' sneaked passengers, and the residents of the island have traveled to the United States, Europe, although I haven't seen it, but I have heard it. .

I asked: "Are you lost, or I don't have an ID card?" I didn't wait Wu Zhali to answer, I urgently said: "Don't tell me, I don't want to know, you don't want to work well."

Wuju Blue did not cover his uncomfortable, the clouds were light, slightly smiled, said: "You have nothing, I will burn some water."

I nod, I nod, he walked to the kitchen.

In order to help me stop bleeding, his T-shirt is torn off, and the whole T-shirt is short, it looks a bit weird. I stared at it for a while, I have been a bit of shameful mood.

Now, I have more urgent trouble to face and solve - tomorrow, I will start decoration, but the decoration is taken away.

I silently thought for a while, using the landline in the home to call Wang Tianlin.

Two people have two sentences, I asked him that he did not buy it, Wang Tianlin said to bought it. He has already come back, let me rest assured, all workers have contact it, although it is a bit rush, people find people I have to be too hurried, but rely on his face, please have a good master.

Walking in the rivers and lakes in a letter, I can't let Wang Tianlin lose their own people, I have gave the "cancelive decoration" in my heart.

I told Wang Tianlin that I was robbed. I said that the money is a bit nervous, ask if he is likely to adjust the renovation plan, let a part, the rest, the remaining will be done again.

The two have discussed for a while, cut off some projects and adjusted the decoration budget to 40,000 yuan.

I said it is "I am sorry, thank you", I hang up the phone.

When I looked up, I saw Wu Ju Blue's glass of water. I stood at the door. I should think that my leg is inconvenient. I am afraid that I am thirsty, give me water.

I sighed and said, "Wait until the decoration, I haven't had a penny in my hand."

Wuju is blue and said: "The money has not earned again, life is gone, and everything is going."

He gave me the water, I am thirsty, drink a bite, I tasted the honey, I immediately finished drinking, I remembered that I saw Wu's Blue, I couldn't help but laugh.

I whispered: "You said that it is because you will fall here, I will try to help you spend this unlucky day within my capacity. As for others, if you don't say, I will not ask."

Wu Zhali quietly stared at me in a moment, one words, turned and left.

Wu Ji Blue boring dinner in the kitchen, I am bored, squatted in the computer desk, practicing with the left hand to play computer.

"" The door sound, I am in my heart, stand hard, shouted: "Wu Ju Blue, open the door!"

Wu Jincan opened the hospital door, and it was, and Zhou did not hear and Jiang Yisheng came in.

"Small snail?" Zhou said, I have seen me, and I ran to the window. I asked urgently: "Jiang Yusheng said that you hurt your hands, serious?"

I left the right hand to see him. "Nothing, the robbers should not be invited to stab me. When he cut the shoulder strap of the handbag, the knife won it from my hands. Doctors said that they will take a good rest, there will be no Any sequelae. "

Zhou didn't have me, said: "Fortunately, it's okay, or let me ..." he took it back, "I went back later." Be careful later. "

I nod, "Well."

Jiang Yi said: "Hey - I said that you are still chatting with the window? Head, you first enter the house, I put the things we bought in the kitchen."

I went to the living room in one side, asked: "What to buy?"

"Trogo, what to eat!" Jiang Yusheng's voice came from the kitchen.

I can't help but turn over the eyes. This is really a high-level IQ child who jumped three levels.

After I slowly sat down on the sofa, I won't serve me, "I bought it with Jiang Yi, or the number you used before."

"how much is it?"

"Don't make money with me, it is a gift."

A domestic brand of mobile phones should be within a thousand dollars, I think I want, "Thank you!"

Jiang Yusheng ran out of the kitchen, and said to Wu Ju, said: "Come, you will cook! What is stewed in the pot? Sick incense!"

Wu Jukai said: "Pork ribs."

I said: "Just bought a big breaker, you stay with big head to have dinner!" Yesterday evening, the money, the money, the money is, and I have been going to ask him to eat this evening.

Zhou said: "You still have hurt, too much trouble!"

"It's not that I cook, it is not me. Yes, how come?" I called the sound "cousin", and I laughed and looked at Wuju Blue. Unfortunately, Wu Zhal is not to watch TV series. I don't know if I have a cousin, there will be a drama conflict, and usually have a cousin.

Wu Zhalu did not meet me, and I didn't know Jiang Yi Sheng and Zhou: "There are two people's meals and don't have a difference in food." Have dinner together. "He made a decision to go to the kitchen.

Five people? I stunned, I remembered that I didn't say it, I was busy. I didn't say it: "I almost forgot your tangle is also on the island. You have a phone call, call her!"

Zhou Zhi: "No, it."

I am surprised: "Why don't you use it? She always eats at night. Is we only call you to eat, don't call her, how do you let her think about our friends?"

Jiang Yiheng asked: "Head, do you have a good relationship with you?"

Zhou didn't here to say: "No, I feel too much trouble."

I said: "People who cook in personally open, people are not too trouble, why should you be polite?"

Jiang Yusheng also said: "It's too polite, you can see it!"

Zhou did not smelted, "I am welcome!" He immediately gave Week to call the phone, said a few words, hang up the phone, "I have already eaten, she said she said she just have dinner. Thank you, she came to see you later. "

I haven't said that I can't say anything that I can't say, even if she is a big loved one, I don't have a way, she is almost, I don't care.

I turned to Jiang Yusheng: "You go to say to Wu Juelai, do four people's meals."

Jiang Yusheng said: "I originally think about letting my mom will give you a meal every day. Wu Tuo will cook, don't worry. Small snail, you have a big head, I went to the kitchen to help Wu Tuo. "After that, he rushed me blinked, a pair" you see me more knowledge ".

Jiang Yi is walking, the living room is quiet, just me and