The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 4 is drilling into ants (2)

Zhou Zhou did not hear two people and sit on the sofa, the atmosphere was a bit embarrassed. I am busy looking for a topic. "When did you leave?"

Zhou said: "Originally planning tomorrow, but you are hurt now, or I will stay waiting for you to hurt?"

I said, "Thank you very much, but I just hurt one hand, I don't need people to take care of it. Although it is a bit inconvenient, I can be nearby, and there is ... I have a brother, you still plan to go back! "

I can't say it: "Then I will see you again for a while."

"Well! Work first, have time, welcome to see me and Jiang Yusheng."

Zhou said: "Is there so much money, have you been affected by the plan?"

"No, everything is old. Don't worry, if there is a difficult, I will open."

The depths of the week, and finally, I finally got a few more, "I remember this sentence."

I laughed and opened the TV. With the sound of TV, even if you don't talk, it will not be weird. While two people looked at TV, there was a lot of chat while nothing.

After half an hour, Jiang Yusheng was coming, "eating!"

Jiang Yusheng did not consult my opinion, put the table and chair in the garden. After the week is not smell, go to the kitchen to help the side.

I am sitting on a rattan chair, waiting for the dishes leisurely.

Four dishes and one soup, cold sea belt wire, fried tiazi, dried small yellow fish, braised ribs, purple eggs soup.

Although I look at the color than the average person, I can't think more about every dish. I don't think much, I will eat a small yellow fish, but I will change it immediately, I can't help but marvel: "I have eaten so. Tasty and smooth small yellow fish. "

He also ate a piece of ribs and admired: "Sweet sweet and sweet, it is almost swallowed."

I am so beautiful: "How? Isn't it better than going to the hotel?"

Zhou didn't say that Wu Ju-blue and said: "Wu Ti brother, the truth is not compliment, I have eaten a lot of vegetables made of chefs, your dish is not poor than them."

Jiang Yusheng is estimated to have ever eaten in the kitchen. There is no accident and surprise, just buried on the side, saying: "Small snails, I will have a long time after I apply."

I heard them praised Wu's Blue, I was honored, smiled and said: "I like to eat more."

Zhou did not smiled and said: "You don't look at us, you also eat!"

I took the chopsticks in my left hand to pick up the pickles, a small talent for a long time, so it's hard to provoke, and the result is just sent to the mouth, I fell to the clothes. I am busy putting down the chopsticks, putting the vegetables in the table, saying: "It is no wonder that foreigners feel that our chopsticks are difficult to learn!"

Zhou did not smell stand up, I want to help, Wu Ju Blue has taken the paper towel, first help me cleaner, then handed a clean paper towel, let me go to the clothes.

Wu Zhalu gave me a vacant bowl and a spoon, picking the ribs of the shape of the shape of the shape in the bowl, "with a spoon to eat."

I took a ribly put in my mouth, I found that although I was a bit like a child to eat, I didn't have any problems. I laughed and said: "Everyone can eat it, don't stare at me, or I will be very nervous."

I can't move around and Jiang Yi, I will continue to eat.

Wu Ji Blue sat in my left hand, he took the chopsticks with his left hand, holding the gathering on the right hand, and put a chopsticks on my spoon. She took a chopsticks, she was placed on my spoon. There is no stabbed fish, and it is also torn down to my spoon.

The left and right hands were used, Wu Julai did not panic at all, eat very calm, even very elegant, was taken care of by him, I didn't panic, easily.

Zhou did not say that Jiang Yusheng did not speak courtesy, directly at your eyes. I am also stupid, while watching Wuju Blue, let a spoonful of dishes in imports. Only Wuju blue seems to have nothing to think of how magical yourself, and have been calm.

Jiang Yi can't help but ask: "Wu Ti brother, you can use chopsticks left and right?"

Wu Ji blue eyes did not lift, very flat: "My left hand is exactly the same."

The parties are completely unwanted, we are not very surprised, I have exchanged my eyes with Jiang Yusheng, hypnotize yourself "This is not very dense, very ordinary", continue to eat.

After dinner, I don't hear and Jiang Yusheng helped Wu Zazhen to pack the tableware, four people sit in the yard, while taking the cold, chatting with gossip.

Last night, I got some years of first meeting, tension and excitement, I wanted to speak. Everyone is relaxing tonight, holding a can beer, there is a speech, no one, the body is not ever. Jiang Yusheng even directly on the back of the feet on the back of another chair.

The moonlight is clear, the evening is cool, the insects, the falling flowers.

Zhou didn't serve the familiar courtyard, then look at Jiang Yi Sheng and me, expressive, "I feel like I have been returned to a child, everything has not changed."

Jiang Yisheng smiled and shook the beer can. "At least one thing changed." When we were young, we didn't want to drink so clearly, he was hiding in the reef of the sea secretly drink! "

I can't help but laugh, I said: "I really didn't expect that we can still eat together, chat together, it seems that everyone will go to the maze together, I thought I have been dissipated, I didn't expect to export only one Everyone actually gathered at the exit. "

Jiang Yisheng, I'm laughing: "Wu Ti brother, do you know that your family is so beautiful?"

Wuju smiled and smiled, did not speak, probably he is very clear that the emotions of people in the hospital and did not have a relationship.

The knockout of "" suddenly sounded.

Wu Ji Blue opened the door, Zhou did not say two boxes of gifts, "Shen Sister, listening to the hall said that you were hurt, I will buy some tonic."

I look at the bird's nest, I feel too expensive, but I refuse to hurt the face and hurt the feelings, I can only go in my heart, "Thank you."

Zhou didn't say a little, and Zhou didn't say: "Time is not early, we have to catch a boat tomorrow morning, go back to the guests to rest."

Anyway, there are many opportunities to meet, I have no guests.

Waiting for them, I have locked the hospital door, I am looking at Wuju Blue to clean up the yard, knocking on the door again.

I strangely opened the door, I saw that I was standing outside the door, I was busy asking: "What's wrong? Do you fall?"

I said that I said: "I told the mobile phone to get down, in fact, I didn't fall anything, just want to say a few words alone."

I looked at the week, waiting for the following.

Zhou said: "I heard that you were robbed to more than 6 million yuan, your savings should be very limited, I want to open the inn, I'm seeing the good friend of the Chun Ge, I said the big truth, I Not optimistic about your inn. Tourists pick the inn, or like the scenery unique, or if you like traffic, you haven't ... "

I interrupt her, "What do you want to say?"

I wanted to laugh confidently. "I want to say, I really like this old house, please sell it to me, I don't care if there is a real estate license, the price will open. If you are really unwilling, I only rented me, I only rent two years, renting 20,000 per year, paying for one time. Two years later, the house is intact and also for you. "

Is this what I want to use money? I have been a while, saying: "You are very generous, I am really a heart, if it is a general house, I will definitely agree immediately. However, this is my grandfather to give me the family, not just a house, I really can't sell it, there is no way to rent you. "

Zhou did not say an emergency say: "But you are so much less ..."

"There is more money to have more money, and there is less money to have less money. Even if you don't have a penny, this inn can be opened. Miss Zhou, my words have been very clear." I still have a courtesy on my face. " Laugh, the sound is a bit cold.

Zhou didn't think of me, and said that the lingering meat said: "I hope that Shen sister will not regret it. When the sister regrets, I will not talk so much now. 400,000 don't count, what is the sister Not a small number ... "

"You, too much nonsense!" Wuji Blue's voice came from me, and it interrupted the week without saying.

I looked at him on the side. All depressed turns into a smile, and Zhou did not rush down, stared at Wu Ju, said: "You, you ... what?"

Wu Ji Lan is like a root that she didn't see her. The half-hand of the half took the two steps, "", gently put the door.

I was surprised to look at him, and he didn't happen like something. "You first go upstairs, I put the garbage, I will go."

I listened to the exclusive cry of the breath of the air outside, and I looked at Wuji Blue, who concentratedly worked, deeply understood: I am the greatest humiliation for alone.

Going back to the bedroom, I have a look at time has been 9 o'clock, I decided to follow the doctor's advice, take a break early, and strive to raise the hurt.

I am clumsy to use one hand to brush your face. When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Wu Juelai standing at the door of my room.

"Is there a problem?"

He took the medicine bottle and cotton ball, put on a disposable medical glove, I reacted, he intended to give me medicine. The doctor deliberately, the injury on the legs, the medicine, for five consecutive days.

I am busy: "I don't have to bother you, I can walk."

He looked at me and said, "Bend the waist."

I hesitate to move, your own injury is the clearer, either sit, either lying, or stand, as long as you move, it is okay. Once you move, don't say sitting down, stand up, bending these big movements, it is slightly twisting, you will involve the wound, drill your heart. Give the leg in the leg, it is a hand, will definitely hurt.

I bite my teeth, I am preparing to bend my body, Wu Ji Blue has come to bed, saying: "Lying down."

I looked at the face he didn't have an expression, I decided not to challenge his IQ and lie on the bed.

Wu Ji Blue first used the cotton ball that leapled brown disinfectant, and then applied the doctor's ointment on the wound.

Although he wears disposable medical gloves, but the transparent thin layer of plastic can isolate the pathogenesis, but it is never tactile and body temperature. His fingers looked at white and slender, but it was not soft, very hard, full of strength. I started to believe that he is really a living by selling strength, but when he gently applied herbal, I didn't feel painful, even because of his cold fingers, there will be some cool comfort.

I don't know if it is silent, it is embarrassing because of embarrassing, it is silent. The two people have not spoken. My heart is like a countless ants, I can't say anything, suddenly, and suddenly, I broke the silence. " Your hand is cool, definitely is insufficient blood, you should pay more attention to your body, don't work too hard. "

Wu Julai looked at me, there was no sound, and continued to drug.

I have no courage to talk, I can only continue in silence, silence in embarrassment.

It's hard to wait to deal with the end, I immediately said: "Thank you! You have a break!" Take a decision: Please leave it quickly.

Wu Jincan took the medicine and the ointment, and said quietly: "Good night."

After WUI Zaju Blue walked out of my room, I was like a bit of bones, and I fell soft in bed, and the uncemorated panic and chaos were still in my heart.