The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 5 likes a person's feeling (1)

The joy of those daily, in his heart, facing his palm of his time, was unwillingly ignored by him, because I didn't dare to face all the answers.

The two rooms upstairs are the rooms to focus on the renovated room, Wu Ju Blue must catch the room before the decoration. Although my room does not need to be renovated, I have been wondering, my legs are hurt, it is not convenient to go up and down the building, and I don't want to hear the strap of the stasifying the decoration. It is better to move to the first floor together with Wu Juan.

After I did a decision after I was in Wu Juelai. Wu Ju Lan grouped, sleep on the sofa of the living room for a while. I moved to the bookstore of the first floor, I used to use it to make a bedroom, the bed and the wardrobe have, just there is no independent bathroom, need to share the bathroom of Wuju Blue.

Let's have a moving mouth, a handshake, and hurriedly moved home.

At 9 o'clock, Wang Turlin appeared on time with decoration workers.

After a brief introduction, Wang Tianlin took the matter of the need to pay attention to my face, and it officially began to renovate.

Decoration is a very trivial, very annoying, although Wang Tianlin has used his most trusted decoration worker, but for workers, this is just a general business that makes money; for me, it is the only home , The same thing to be worried.

My right hand can't be used completely, and the road can't walk a few steps. No matter what, I can only rely on Wu Ju Blu. Fortunately, Wu Ju Lan listened to me, I saw a lot of technical posts with a high amount of gold on the Internet, and the door of the renovated door knows, let him stare, I am basically relieved.

However, although Wu Ju Blue is poor, he can be said to be a cautious sleek, and it is full of arrogance. He won't give people, don't know how to say that there is no harmful ingredient to lubricate interpersonal relationships, and never grieve themselves. I am worried that he and the worker will have friction, repeatedly remind him, if you see where the workers don't do it, you have to express it, don't talk too much. The other party does not change, but also don't reprimand, you can call Wang Tianlin to find him to coordinate.

Unexpectedly, Wuji Blue's temper was even better than I thought.

His sewers are cold, and everything is in a hairdress, and it is used to sending order. The words are straight and white, and they don't understand the virtual and bureaucrats. Almost sentences are like provocation, and they still use the idiot's eyes to see others. Several workers have turned over the first day. If you don't look at my boss Wang Tianlin's friend, a girl is sad, strange, it is estimated that you have not done it.

I remembered that she was the madness of the mood when I cooked when I cook, I cooked. I can understand the mood of the workers. However, understanding is understood, I am guilty in Wuju, I didn't think Wu Ju Blue did something wrong. Those workers do not do well, don't do it, can't you tell? Although Wu Ji Blue is sharp, it has never been the fact that he dislikes me to do, and I am doing not enough to eat!

However, no matter how many stations in Wu Ji, I am in Wu Jun, I don't dare to tell the decoration workers' technical difference. Only Wu lived on the blue face, I played a red face, he hit a stick, I gave it a date.

I lost my smile, please workers to include Wu Ju, who is "not understanding", in order to alleviate everyone's anger, take the initiative to make lunch during the decoration.

I didn't explain my own mind to Wu Ju Lan, I only handed him to him, telling him that at noon, pay more, buy more, buy more.

Wuju is a lot of time is not like working, the shelf is better than me, but as long as he is working, he is very serious. I commanded it. He didn't doubt it.

As I expected, Wu Ji Blue didn't have the meal to workers, just sneak the work, like I have to eat it, do it, do it seriously. After the workers finished Wu Ju Blue, the enemy of Wu Ji blue was immediately faded.

I secretly laughed, no wonder a good tradition of the ancestors just like to talk at the dinner table. The meals made in one table are eaten in their mouths. From ingredients to taste, it is easy to feel the thoughts. Regardless of the surface on the surface, how cold is cold, he is always awkward. This is a worker who is a businesswise to do business, and there are many kinds of eyebrows, and there is a method of making them discover.

Although the workers are no longer abhorred, Wu Zaju, I can't talk about Wu's blue. However, look at the rich meals of noon, no matter what Wu's blue is saying, they all listen to. Soon they found that Wuju Blue is not intentionally challenging, all of why, and even some improvements he mentioned, more professional than they.

They complained that they were difficult, Wu Ju Blue immediately demonstrated someone, completely shocking them. The workers gave birth to the heart, and the work was meticulous, and the decoration progressed was very smooth, I was completely relieved.

The workers look at Wu Ju Blu's eyes completely changed, and from time to time, they praised Wu Zhalu, and I have a "reason you should". But actually, my surprise is not less than they. The truth can also be said to be Wu Ju, from the Internet, can be done so easy, how to explain?

The only explanation is that he did before.

Will be laundry, will make a meal, understand medical skills, will build ... Washing, cooking more than five-star chef, diagnosis and first aid for trauma is poor, muddy woodworking More exquisite than a few decades, I can't help but think, what will he do?

Although the entire house only has the second floor in the decoration, you can not be peaceful on the first floor, I will burn rumble. After a while, I will be a separate large house, I hide in the spacious kitchen.

One window of the kitchen is moving toward the courtyard, and the window is moving toward the wall. It is moving a charming a moving triangle plum, moving a comfortable chair, sitting on the window, waiting for a long time, not feeling uncomfortable .

I wore a headset, listened to MP3, and saw the "Tang poetry appreciation of the Shanghai Dictionary Press". This is a book of Grandpa. When I came to my grandfather, it was already in the bookcase of Grandpa, which is a household for me.

For a while, after dinner every day, Grandpa will ask me to recite a poem, recite a week. Just beginning, I am just as a task, I don't want to do it. It can be passed through the year, gradually, I went out of it, and I really understood that Grandpa said, "a book that can't read it in a lifetime". Each poem is equipped with the author's life experience. The social background of the poem is written, as well as the source of the word alline, and read it, it is a story of a monk, or lingering story.

When I am fine, I often open a page, and a poem is a poetry slowly read. It is not success or failure, the joys and sorrows, the death is different, the ancient and modern, more reading, the natural heart is cool, and it is not a promise.

I finished reading a page, when I want to turn the page, I helped me overlook the page. I turned the head, I saw Wu Juazi, I was sitting quietly next to me.

I took the next headset: "There is no relationship, I can."

Wu Julai looked at the book, said unconstably: "Nothing, I am also watching."

I responded to a moment, I understood the meaning in his words. "You said, do you want to read it with me?"


If this is a martial arts novel or a fantasy novel, I can understand that this is Tang Poetry, and even many college graduates will not take a recreational reading. I can't help but skeerately kneel the blue, he focused on the book, hidden in the eyes, sighing in the lips, it should be a sense of mind, really seeing.

I secretly, "the dog's eyes look low", Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan Primary School has not graduated! I pushed the book in Wuji Blue, and I still look low, it is Wang Wei's "Xinqin County Pine Song":

Youth Mountains,

There is no meeting in the number.

Don't see you,

Heart remembers,

This heart identies to Junjun.

Tallful for the color of the monarch,

Slim is floating.

After a poem, Wu Ji is too late, but I quietly saw him, he didn't notice, staring at the book page.

I feel curious, I can't help but read it again, my heart is emotional, sigh: "This poem seems to be a loose, actually should be written, and Qu Yuan wrote a gentleman. Just, history is called Wang Wei ' Wonderful year, white, beautiful, beautiful '' sex, moisture, Miao, "The characters of this version" actually praise another person 'for the color of the color, the slim is floating, "I really don't know the pine What kind of character is you? "

Wu Ju Lan smiled slightly, saying: "The word of the proliferation of Mo, you are still right to investigate?"

I always feel that he is a little strange, but I can't say it. Wu Ji is also a bit blamed. Without him, he is very cold and sharp, his finger slipped from the page, including a smile, gently sighing, and some "Thousands of people, don't speak in not words" feel.

He sighed, and sighed, I also went out of my inexplicable sorrow, I couldn't help but hurriedly wanted to erase the eyes of his eyebrows, please ask: "Do you want to listen to music?"

"Music?" Wu Ju Blue stunned, regardless to look at MP3 in my hand.

I just started the calmness of this side, but now I have ... I have already ... I gave him a glance, immediately understood, this time I didn't dare to look at the guy, I definitely not use MP3.

I handed a headset to Wu Ju Blue, indicating that he put it.

Wu Julan took a while in his hand, slowly put it in his ear. For the first time, he revealed the expression of surprised joy.

I asked Xiao: "Is it good?"

Wu Ju Lan smiled nodded, I said: "The name is" the summer night star sea ", I like a song."

The two are sitting in front of the kitchen, one person, one headset, listening to music, looking at the book together. The outer decoration is noisy, but the small sky in it is the sun and the sun, the flowers are angry, and the years are quiet.

In the evening, after the workers took the work, the house was restored quiet.

I and Wuju Blue, an intention of action, a life is not familiar, have a meal, take a bath, sit on the couch, watch TV together.

I handed the remote control to Wu Ju Blue and let him choose. I found that Wu Ju Lan is only interested in the animal and natural programs. After he turned over, he began to see "Animal World".

I usually look at the animal programs, and I think of this kind of animal program is definitely bored, but I really look, I know not only not boring, but it is very interesting. The struggle of biology and nature, predator and predator's struggle, bloody, cruel, but also thrindful, warm and touching.

This issue of "Animal World" is shot in the African grassland lion group and the restriction battle. According to the neonated explanation, the lion group actually attacks the group, because the elephant is not a weak zebra or antelope, attacking them needs a huge price, and it is almost difficult to swallow the meat, almost difficult to swallow the meat. So the lion groups and groups can say that well water does not commit rivers.

But this time, because of the lack of food, the hungry lion group on the verge of death, the target is the hunting group, the goal is like a group of elephants in the group. In order to protect your honeys, the group is walking outside, with his own body to resist the sharp dimding of lions. Although the lion is enough, it can be elephant is not a weak, the first two hunting, the lion group failed, and even the lion was seriously injured. However, in the face of death, the lion group had to initiate an attack once. Based on their physical strength, this will be their last attack. If it is not successful, in the African grassland, this is completely in an environment where the power survives, they can't start another hunt, only quietly waiting for death.

The chasing of thousands of miles, the rush of a few days, without any party, because the exit is death. I can see very heartless, I don't know who the hope is victory. If you don't die, the lion will die, both sides are a strong strong, all fight for survival.

The last attack, after the death of the cruel, the lion group succeeded a small image, but also put a year of years, like a group of sorrow.

Still life, the lions have finished flesh, calmly squat on the ground, and look at the rising sun. Their ears are vigilant, their body is lazy, there is neither a pain in the eyes, and there is no joy of victory, but it is naturally another day.

I am shocked, because their eyes and gestures are like Wu Ji Blu - fearless, no breathing is indifferent; vigilance and lazy, ferocious and idle, weave it.

Wu Jura did not respond, even the subtitle came out, he pressed the shutdown and was ready to sleep.

I have a good emphasis on the ground: "What is the idea of ​​reading the film?"

Wu Jufa screamed me and said, "I didn't feel."

Suddenly, I truly understood a bit of a bit of Wuju Blue's paradise.

He never hurts the interpersonal relationship, and a little lie that is no harmful and elegant can make people happy, but he does not say. I originally thought that he didn't understand, it won't, but I didn't understand that he didn't understand it, nor, like those lions, don't know how to hunt hunting elephants, but when it is sufficient, is there? There is no need to naturally don't do it, it will naturally do it if necessary. This is the most calmly analyzed, and the most cool act. Wu Ji Blue will not say that I am happy, and I will not be euphemistials to make workers feel comfortable, because our reaction is not critical, and it is not bother him. But he will tell Jiang Yi Sheng him is my brother, because a lie can save countless trouble.

My eyes are complicated to Wu Zaju blue. What do he have experienced, will it make him become like this? A African grassland in the human world?

Wu Ju Blue said that there was no expression: "Time is not early, you should rest."

I am very clear, he didn't see my different eyes, but he didn't care at all. I can't tell what I feel in my heart, I stood up, cold my face, throwing a "my business, I can't get your point,", I returned to the study.

I am lying in bed, turning out, can't sleep, I always feel very angry, very unwilling. I thought that although we didn't know the time, our relationship ... can be in Wuji blue eyes, I don't have anything, nothing.

I am angry, I slowly calm down.

Is Wuji Blue an obligation to put my mood in the eyes?

No obligation to! Even my parents, my mother, I can't take my mood, why do you ask Wuju blue?

Wu Julan is the same for anyone, and there is no harder to me. I am a boss, he comes to work, what does he have?

No! Laundry, cooking, cleaning, doing it beyond expected! I don't even have anything in his division, supervise the decoration, I don't have any errors.

Then there is any dissatisfaction?


As a boss, I should only pay attention to Wu Ji Blue, and should not care about his character.

I rationally analyze it, it is no longer angry, I regret that I have just been inexplicably given to Wu Julai, as for the bottom of my heart, I chose to ignore.

I gently opened the door of the study, isolated on a long walkway, looked at the sofa. Black paint, there is no sound, I can't see Wu Zhali, is there.

Zheng, Wuji Blue's voice came from the darkness, "Why don't you sleep?"

I walked a few steps forward, I took our distance, but I took care of him is sleeping, not too close, "I have something to say to you."

The blinds did not completely wrap, a moonlight dropped from the window gap, cut the darkness into one another. I happened to stand in a dark, a moonlight, and I feel that the whole world seems to become more than shadow, and it is confusing.

I heard my voice gently sounded in the dark, clear, vague, it was interlaced, a stagger, very like I was complex at this time.

"Just ... I'm sorry. I ... I am a bit inexplicable. Please forgive. I can't ... bother you to sleep, you have been teaching me, never live in the night, hurt, and sad." I said, side Work hard to look at the sofa. In the dark, I am in the dark, he is in dark, I can only blurry to see he has not moved. If he just said, I doubt that he is actually sleeping.

My voice is behind, Wu Jura has not answered.

Silent is filled in the dark, I feel more and more embarrassing, Wu Ju Blue's voice finally came, "I forgive you."

Very cold, just like he usually has no expression, but it seems to be a little more. I said, "Thank you!"

I have waited, I will wait, I will see Wu Zhali, I want to say, I will tell my spirit, smile and say: "Good night! Be a good dream!"

Two weeks later, the decoration was completed as scheduled, plus a TV, table and chair, and a place to change some aging, a total of more than 40,000 pieces.

I spent a lot of pain, but the furnished house made me very satisfied. Surprote socket, the aging shower is replaced, the cabinet in the kitchen is also repaired, and the whole house stays more comfortable than before.

After two weeks of recuperation, my hurt is almost the same, you can walk like a normal person. The wound on the hand also heals, the doctor said that it is still not working, but it doesn't matter if you don't touch the water. As long as you wear a waterproof glove, take a little attention, there is no problem.

I finally got away from the "disabled people" who can't be self-careless, excited, commanded Wuju Blue Clippers and arranged two rooms, and strive to be warm and comfortable.

After the room is arranged, I am coming to Jiang Yusheng, let him pick up the room from all angles, comfortable bed, a new clean bathroom, grandfather collect the conch, coral, flowers in the yard ... I have edited the photo, equipped with The right text is released on various tourist forums.

I also printed a lot of small advertisements, pulled Wuju Blue and Jiang Yisheng together to post the terminal ... When a piece of trivial things were completed, my hand didn't worry about it, dinner, washing my face is everything is normal. .

A sunny morning, Wang Tianlin and Jiang Yusheng, Wu Ji Blue, put the renovation of the innocent inn to make a good start. Dark brown plaque, white word, when seeing the "Shunce Small Stack", I was hanging under the door of the hospital door, I lit firecrackers.

In the sound of firecrackers, Wang Tianlin, Jiang Yusheng and watching the lively neighbors congratulate: "Open a big!" "The guest is clouded, the financial resources are wide!"

Although there are many twists and turns, my inn is now open. I smiled and said, "Thank you", look at the people who will find that helped me have passed the way.

Wu Julai placed outside the field, standing outside, with polite smile, quietly looking quietly, and the surrounding thermal lanes were not in. I step a few steps to him, and I felt my feet, deliberately posted his ears, saying loudly: "Thank you!"

Wu Ju Lan stared at me too brightly smile.

I am a little deliberate provocation - I am a teasing you, how can you take me?

Wu Julai did not take care of my "small man to be a sign". He reached out and took a piece of red firecrackers dotted on my hair. The two stood very close. With his one fell, his finger, the body's breath, all from my nose and skin into my heart. My heartbeat can't help but accelerate, smile, there is no more proud of it.

Wu Julai looked at my silly, and smiled: "What to do? Isn't there?"

His smile and just now have a distant smile, seeing me, talented to answer: "I, I ... is thinking about things, yes, it is ... and the inn now." I am very Seriously, I have repeatedly added tone. After finishing, turned it immediately, walked towards the neighbors, almost telling the rupture.

I am annoyed, I know that he is a head lion, why must you deliberately provoked? As a result, it is not reversed.

Although it is mentally prepared, there will be no guests so fast, but people will always have unrealistic expectations. I have been going to the phone, I hope that which kind of guest will be the bead, picking my "Shunce Stack".

Jiang Yi Sheng laughs me: "Don't wear money. You will open for two days, where is it so fast ..."

The ringtone suddenly sounded, I can't believe it, hurriedly took the phone, "Hello, the conch stack!"

After a few minutes, I excitedly hanged the phone and took a record of Jiang Yusheng demonstration. "The store is about to usher in the first guest, book a month."

Jiang Yusheng grabbed the records, "Miss Hu book, one month." He picks up the brow, "What is this dog?"

I am: "Roll! People are not sightseeing games, but hope to live in the island, seeing our inn is very home, laying warm, quiet environment."

Jiang Yi said: "No matter what, congratulations, you will open it."

I and Wu Zhali gave all the rooms to all the rooms, waiting for the first guest of the Caffie Stack.

I told Miss Hu, to the last paragraph of the inn, a hundred years old street, very local style, but not a car, some inconvenient. However, we can pick up the guests, luggage, we will carry, and guests don't need to worry. But Miss Hu refused, saying that she can get it.

In the evening, "Hey" has knocked on the door after the sound of the door, and the hidden hospital door was gently opened. I am in the spirit, with polite smile, go out quickly, just want to say "welcome", I will see the week, I'm going to carry the baggage, I walked into the yard.

I am surprised: "You, how come?"

Zhou did not smiled and said: "I will live in the inn already book."

"Miss Hu is a room for your subscription?"

Zhou did not smiled: "She is my assistant."

I feel weird in my heart, but I can't keep Zhou I have been standing in the yard. "Come in!"

Zhou didn't say that my face said: "Are you not happy? Is it feeling that I deceive you?"

"No, I just thought that there was a guest picked my inn, I didn't expect you to be a little happy, but I don't want to welcome you."

"Don't I don't be a guest? It's like you to attract guests like you. I have to live comfortably, send you a WeChat circle, maybe there will be the next friend."

I laughed, "Well, I will let you live comfortably. However, don't you work? How did you book a month?"

"Some are tired, I want to give yourself a fake, there is also a tired of travel. In you, I can don't want to take a break in a while."

I looked at him carefully and found that his face was really tired. It didn't even have a touch of green shadow. It was obvious that he didn't have a rest for a long time. "Which room wants to serve?"

Zhou didn't serve two rooms, sighed: "Change is big, I remember that there is no bathroom on the second floor. Do you still live in the past room?"

"Well, or that room."

Zhou did not smell the house of the corridor, "What? I remember the grandfather to live there?"

"Yes, but Grandpa moved to the first floor, plus the bed in the middle of the study, just as the bedroom and as a study."

Zhou didn't sink and asked: "Is it living in the book below?"

"The study has not been renovated, I live very comfortable, but the old things will be clean, I will have dirty, I will live inappropriate to the guests, I will let Wu Ju blue live."

Zhou did not smell awaiting: "I thought you won't be willing to live the room!"

"I really don't give birth to the house, but the home is so big, the study gives the guests must be unsuitable, can only let Wu Zhali to live, put the three rooms to the floor to be a room. Wuji blue ... ... "I meal, said," It's my brother, not outstanding. "

Zhou said: "I never listened to you before I mentioned your brother, I thought you were not pro, I didn't think about my mother, I didn't expect you to be quite a pro."

I am not awkward, I didn't think it all myself. After the decoration, Wu Jincheng asked me that when he should live, I didn't have a slightest, let him live in the study.

Zhou didn't even have seen two rooms, hesitated: "These two rooms have been laying very well, but I am a little small, can I live in the big suite before the grandfather?"

I smiled and said: "Of course, the room just renovated the bathroom, the floor and the wall did not move, watching it is not as good as these two rooms."

I opened the door, led the week, I didn't hear a circle, and I didn't say it: "I like it very much, I don't have new, but my feelings."

"You like it. Then you first sort out your luggage, take a break, wait for you to rest, you can have dinner."

I helped the week without smelling the door, slowly walked downstairs.

After the entrance of the study, I will stop the footsteps under my consciousness, and if I don't think about it, I didn't expect you to be quite a pro.

When I did decided, I didn't have hesitation, I only felt that I was a reason for the inn business. If you don't smell this week, I will remind me that my behavior is never explained in "For the Inn Business". It is estimated that in understanding my human eyes, I will never live this room, even if I have to live, I will move in my own house, let my own room. But I am so easily, I don't have hesitated to let Wu Junlang live in, it is no wonder that Jiang Yi Shenggang knows that when Wu Ju Blue, it will look at me with the surprised exploration.

I am a little confused. When I start, I think Wu Juan is not "outroad"? I can use "he is my brother" to cheat the week, but it is impossible to lie to yourself.

"What are you thinking?"

Jiang Yusheng's voice suddenly sounded quietly behind me, scared me a big jump. I was angry, I got his shoulder, "scare people!"

Jiang Yusheng said: "There is a ghost in his heart, and I scrambled me!"

I asked in a faker: "How come you?"

"I am curious about your first guest, so come over and see. Is it come? What kind of person?"

I didn't care about it: "Week is not smelling."

"Head?" Jiang Yi smiled over, "The room made a month, you said ... Is it a big head?"

I have a face, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't be installed! I gave you the love letter that year, I have seen it, but you have never mentioned it, I will always don't know."

"Neuropathy! That is a few years old, you are still urine in a child! Is it still underwater?"

"The more denying the more you are guilty." Jiang Yisheng smiled and went upstairs.

I looked at him, "Wait a minute, I have something to ask you."


I have hesitated, whispered: "You talk about several girlfriends, you should have rich experience in men and women, what is the difference between the opposite sex, good friends and men and women friends?"

Jiang Yucheng is interested, with both hands to stare at me in front of the chest, "Girl, what can you ask, can you say clear?"

"I just want to ask you, what do you feel?"

Jiang Yi said: "I feel that she is very interesting, I like it with her, I will not feel boring all day."

"I think you are very interesting, I like to be with you, I have been working together for more than ten years, I didn't feel boring." I looked at Jiang Yusheng, said that there was no expression.

Jiang Yusheng stared in my moment, continued: "I care about her, she will feel uncomfortable when she is happy; she will be happy when she is happy; she will try to help her; if someone is bullying She will be very angry and want to help her returns back. "

"I am very embarrassed, I am uncomfortable; when you are happy, I will be happy for you; when you encounter difficulties, I will definitely try to help you; if someone is bullying you, I am sure You hit it, this has been verified! "I stared in Jiang Yusheng." You want to hint, do I like you? "

Jiang Yusheng expression is crying, "You like me, I also like you. But our liked the kind of like you asked."

"How different?"

Jiang Yi frowned, pulling me to the front, two people almost bordered, "When he pulled your hand, you will be accelerated; he hugs you, you will feel that breathing is not smooth; he stroked you , You will tremble, I want to avoid it, one side is very desired; when he kisses you, you will think that is the sweetest taste in the world. "Jiang Yusheng is in my ear whistle, one hand, I will take my waist. One hand gently stroked my arm.

He stared at me, I stared at him, from his eyes, I can see my calm eyes.

Jiang Yi smiled, "I have clearly written the answer in your eyes."

I gradually understood the words of Jiang Yusheng, but I was scared by the fact that I understood it, staying with a wooden chicken.

Jiang Yusheng saw that I didn't have to my head. I just asked, from the direction of the stairs, I was surprised. "Small snail?"

Jiang Yi's low call: "In the disaster!" I hurriedly let me, "the small snail, explain it quickly."

"Explanation? What is explained?" I looked around and found that I didn't smell standing at the stairway. Wu Ju Blue Station in the living room, quietly looked at me and Jiang Yusheng, but a complicated, eyes deep, one side No expression, eyes are indifferent.

For a time, I was ambiguous, and I didn't say anything, but I didn't prove that Jiang Yi is clear, but it makes the atmosphere more embarrassing.

Jiang Yusheng has to find a step by himself, saying: "Wu Tuo, you, you ... when coming in?"

Wu Juelan said softly: "If you want to ask, I have seen some pictures that should not see, the answer is 'I saw'. Sorry!"

Jiang Yi Sheng said: "No, I don't have to sorry, I can explain. We are playing, small snails ..." He squatted me, I want me to prove what he said.

I turned to go outside, "I went out to buy something." Head did not rush back the yard, throwing three men to stay in the house.

I am sitting on the reef, looking at the sea in the distance.

Under the sky, the waves took a wave of waves, and they didn't take it, but I couldn't overcome my mood.

How can I like Wu's Blue? No, no, it is impossible!

From the beginning, Wu Ju Blue did not hide, I am very clear that his true face - poor, quirky, experience mystery, even ID cards.

I didn't ask, I have accepted all the facts, thinking that I only believe that he is only a passer in life, sooner or later, there is no need to ask, now I discover, I don't dare to ask.

In fact, many details have already told me answers.

However, the joy of those daily, in his heart, facing his palpitation, was unwillingly ignored by him, because I didn't dare to face all the answers.

Until the last moment, I struggled to try to use "good friends" to deceive myself.

I am smile, I will be twenty-six years old, not a teenage little girl, how can I like this? He is like a dandelion in the sky, no matter how beautiful it looks beautiful, you can't cover the cruel fact: there is no root, there is no home, nothing.

Young girl