The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 6 Do you want to be my boyfriend (1)

In front of the reality of Chai Mi oil salt sauce vinegar, I didn't even have the courage to start! But I am careful for the future, what is wrong?

Online, I have picked up a word: I will meet a slag male in the growth of each girl. I have a nose of this, I feel that I should change it: I will meet a slag man in the growth of each stupid girl. Like my kind of love, there is no fantasy, reason to be completely insistent, can never fall in love with a man who should not love.

Didn't think of it, after years of growth, one day, I will also face such a dilemma. Although Wuji Blue is not a slag male, I like him, the last result is only much better than I like the slag.

I know very well, I can't feel the feelings of his feelings, not correct, hate like a wild grass, burning waste paper, unplug the feelings of your heart, burn. However, the feelings that have occurred are not the wild grass in the pot, saying that it can be unplugged; nor is the paper on the waste trash, saying that it can be burned. The only thing I can do is to go with reason to go to restrain, go dilute until it disappears with the lapse of time.

I have always thought that this world has no eternal. If it is necessary to say eternal, the only eternal in the universe is - all everything will disappear with time.

Whether it is a love, it is a vow; whether it is a mountain, still a sea; or even our earth, shining our sun, accommodating all the universe, as long as there is a long enough time, it will eventually die.

Since even the sun, the universe seems to be eternal, and what is my negligible feelings with time?

I have confidence, just give me time, it will disappear.

Although I want to destroy my feelings in my heart, I didn't plan to drive Wuju Blue, not only because I promised to help him spend this unlucky day, but also because Wu Ju Lan did not commit a little wrong. I like him, my own fault, I can't punish him because of my own mistake.

I decided to use a gentle way to alienate Wuju blue, and fade my feelings.

First of all, I started to pay for him. Because Wu Ju Lan is multi-vocational, it must be higher than that of service students, and it will be packaged in a month, and then he will send him two hundred and five hundred dollars. From the money, I clarified myself and Wu's blue is an employment relationship. Anything will be silver goods.

Again, I am not so casually with him. Everything is "please" "Please" "Thank you", politely politely politely polite. I am very clear that this way is how murdered, because the fedee has been in this. After many years of studying in the UK for many years, he moved all the Etiquettes of the British aristocrat to me. Forever politeness, always polite, seemingly gentleman courtesy, but one fell, a line of words reminded me - he is the master, I am a home, I will always have a distance, never in the same class. .

Finally, I try my best to avoid it to the same space alone. If you have something to tell him, I will stand at the door. After the polite tone, I will leave immediately. Keeping the distance is always the best way to solve the embarrassment.

My change, I believe that Wu Zha is blue immediately, but he didn't care, it would like from the beginning, I am so doing him, it is still the unfashionable, cold and indifferent.

I clearly made a decision to kill your own feelings, should not care about him, and even happy him. I can't see him with my own eyes. It doesn't matter, I feel very uncomfortable, and even have a disappearance.

Does every woman are so contradictory in love?

Work hard to neglect each other, I want to draw a definition, I can find that I have been neglected by the other party, it will be very sad, very unwilling.

In the contradictory entanglement, I am more embarrassed to Wu Ji Blue's attitude. Not only Wuju Blue, but I didn't say it and Jiang Yusheng, but I didn't say it coldly. I didn't ask, Jiang Yisheng did not hold back.

One night, four people have dinner together. When I said "trouble you" again, Jiang Yi is frowned and said: "Do you have any quarrel? If you have any unpleasant, you will not be in your heart. Don't twist this, even me I feel uncomfortable. "

I immediately sneaked, "No! What contradictions we can? Isn't I talking about polite?"

Jiang Yi is staring at me, the expression is obviously not believed.

"I really have no contradiction, if there is a contradiction, Wu Ju is going to go. I am not a good place here. I am not happy. Is it! Wu Ju Blue?" I checked Wu's Blue.

Wu Julai looked at me, his eyes were like usually, calm and deep, wave. I am a cold, knowing that I am forcing myself, maybe, it is also forced Wu's blue.

Wu Ji Blue said to Jiang Yisheng faintly: "There is no contradiction." After that, he lowered his head and silently eaten.

My heart took a pain, but I didn't look at Wu's blue, deliberately and Zhou I also said and laughed. When I chatted, I will talk about it, and I will say that it is fun, it is very happy.

I have seen a sentence in a book. "Women are born to play", I can't understand it before, I finally understood. Every time I deliberately hurt Wu Ju Blue, I am actually more uncomfortable than him, but I can always make it all carefully.

After having dinner, Jiang Yusheng wants to go home, I am ignorant, whispered: "Help me busy."

Jiang Yi flourished with me, walked into my bedroom, found that the window of the window is loose. It is not a technical difficulty, but two people must have two people to hold the pole, maintain the level, to install it.

After installing the curtain rod, Jiang Yisheng jumped down the table, and pushed the table back to the original position, "" Do you have anything a labird? This is not to find him, do you come to me? "

I lean in front of the window, there is no .

Jiang Yi said, "Your loved one is not much, I see Wu Ti brother is good for you, people want to be blessed, don't make too much!"

I said that he said: "He is not my brother at all, I have no blood relationship with him."

Jiang Yi stunned, said: "No wonder I always feel a little strange, but I have not thought about your brothers and sisters, you haven't thought about it. You, you ..." He exposed the expression that suddenly realized, shocking: "You Is it ... Is it? "

I know what he wants to ask, look at the night outside the window, confess, "I like him."

Jiang Yi sighed and said: "Wu Tuo is very good, but I always hope that you can like the big head."

I said painfully: "I also hope that I can like it!"

Jiang Yi Sheng is acknowledged: "What happened to you? Wu Tuo is not a flood beast, like it, I like it, what is going to be troubled?"

I have hesitated saying: "He is not only the identity of the cousin, but he has his career. He didn't read the university at all. I just started to type it on the computer. Where did you know what program?"

"He is actually a liar!" Jiang Yi was angry, and the sleeves went to the people.

I am busy, "Wu Ji Blue did not lie to me! I saw him for the first time, he is a watched tramp. I asked him the degree, work, he all said, there is no diploma, no work "

Jiang Yisheng seems to listen to the heavens and nights, shocked me, "What do you mean, you have a tramoven?"

I nodded.

Jiang Yi is touching my forehead, muttering: "Small snails, your home is not mentally ill! How can I do this madman?"

"I am not crazy, I am very clear what I am doing! You have not tasted the taste of homelessness, never understand us ..." I knocked out his hand, said that I didn't want to be entangled, "even if I come again Once, I will still do this! "

Jiang Yi, "Do you have seen his ID card? I know where he is, I can find a way to check him."

I have some sorrow, and I said to spit and said: "He said ... There is no ID card. I don't know if he is lost, or ... black households, there is no ID card."

Jiang Yusheng knocked down on my head, said nothing: "Maybe it is a wanted criminal! After killing, you will come here."

I took my mouth and looked at Jiang Yusheng. I didn't cry.

Jiang Yusheng immediately became soft, so quickly comforted me: "I scared you! Wu Ju Blue is not like a bad person, if a bad person, I have done the bad things early. But ... small snails, you know about his situation, how to still Will you like him? Is this kind of person suitable for marriage? "

I turned my head and whispered: "I just know that I shouldn't like him, I am painful!"

Jiang Yi shouted my shoulder, sighed, I really don't know what to say.

I bowed my head, I said that I said: "I like this one, I am more tragic than I like a slag man!"

Jiang Yi Sheng said: "Okay, okay! Don't you like it! You see my girlfriend, just started to flutter, chasing me said love, love, as a result, come to my house, see My father and my grandmother are gave up, prove that women will give up a relationship, it will not be difficult. Since you know that you are not suitable, give up! "

I am crying, I will give Jiang Yi Sheng, "Are you comforting me, still ?"

Jiang Yi said and said: "No matter what, as long as you are happy."

I said: "I am fine, you hurry home!"

The two are familiar with it, I only sent Jiang Yusheng to the stairway, "I remember to help me lock the hospital door."

Jiang Yusheng said: "It is not difficult, there is a personal waiting for you!" After finishing, he pointed to the other room of the corridor.

I raised my feet, I want to be Yusheng, "Roll!"

Jiang Yusheng quickly dragged the characters on my feet, throwing it with force, and smashed around the door. I broke out while I broke, and I jumped with her shoes on my side.

Zhou didn't smell the door, smiled: "What happened?"

Jiang Yi Sheng haha ​​laughed and rushed down, "I am gone, you talked!"

I and Zhou didn't smell at the door and chatted for a while, I went back to my own room. I took a shower, after I finished the mask, after watching the TV, I lay in bed and ready to sleep.

Jiang Yusheng said that it is not difficult to give up a relationship, I have been so confident, but now I am not sure. Because I found out that I am more depressed by Wu Zha Blue, the more flourished.

All the truths, I understand; all of the consequences, I am clear, but I have no way to control.

Indeed, the only period of the entire universe is everything will disappear. The earth is so, the sun is so, the whole universe is the case, but it takes a long enough time. Wannian, star disappeared; millennium, the sea is dry; for a hundred years, the species are extinct; who can tell me how much time?

If it is not a few months, it is not a few years, but a few decades ...

Of course, the final result is sure to follow the law that will disappear, because our flesh will annihilate, and the emotional emotions attached to the body will naturally disappear.

The more I want to be, the more heart, and the sure is climbed.

Pull open the curtain and sit to the window and look at the moon in the sky. It is in the evening of the 15o, there is no stars in the sky, and only a round of fencing is wearing it in the cloud.

I licked a dragon to the rattan ridge from the window, and I went around to go around.

The night is quiet, all the silence, I actually remembered a lot about Jiang Yusheng.

From small, Jiang Yusheng is a high-quality, versatile god child, I was a classmate with me, but he later jumped three levels, ran and took the same class class, and still took the first grade in the first time. After the college entrance examination, there is no intention to enter the famous brand medical school, and the seven-year book is completed in four years.

People say that genius and mad are always separated by a line, in a sense, Jiang Yusheng is the reality of this sentence. Jiang Yi's family has a history of genetic mental illness. It is not everyone who will hang, his grandfather and grandfather are normal. But his father has been in his 11th year old, that is, the time, our opportunity is coincidentally approaching, a good friend. When he was sixteen years old, his grandmother was born in the stroke and hemiplegia in bed. The family of four, but there are two patients. Jiang Yusheng cannot leave everything in the past. Based on its excellent results, he can stay in the big city, but in order to take care of his loved ones, he returned to the island.

Jiang Yi has a long leg, the natural peach blossom, a good skin, people are smart and cheerful, talented, very taking girls. From the beginning of his college, the girl chasing his girl has not been less, but every feeling as long as Jiang Yi is in the home, there is no death.

I have clearly remembered that when I graduated from our university, I was drunk, and I took my hand, murmured: "I fully understand them, they all cry, say, 'sorry, but I don't need 'Sorry', I just want to, I want a person ... "Jiang Yi used my hand to hold his wet eyes, even if he was drunk, he still did not dare to say a luxury.

Because it is too clear that Jiang Yi is full of harm, I am very abominant, but I don't dare to love. Once I encounter reality, I immediately retreat immediately.

But tonight, I suddenly discovered that I have no difference between the girl I have evil, in front of the reality of Chai Mi oil salt sauce vinegar, I didn't even have the courage to start! But I am careful for the future, what is wrong?

I am weak, I feel that my heart is unpurnable, and I will be myself.

I think about it, I struggled for a while, stood up.

Gently pull the door, walk down the floor, clearly know that Wu Hurat is definitely sleeping, I haven't really appreciate my own ideas. However, I am hard to curb myself, I want to be close to him, even if I just stand at his door.

When I walked outside the book, I found that the door of the study was not related.

I have hesitated a moment and go in.

The blinds of the study room did not let go, and the moonlight outside the window is like a water silver diarrhea, sprinkle into the room, and it is not black. In the case of the bok stand, I still see that the bed is sloppy, it seems that there is no sleep.

"Wu Ji Blue?"

I tried to call it, no one answered.

I immediately rushed to the bedside, the bed was clean, and even the quilt didn't open it. Obviously Wuju is here to sleep here.

I panicked, immediately opened all the lights, from the study to the living room, from the kitchen to the yard, I found a circle downstairs, I didn't see Wu Ju Blue.

I hurriedly ran above the building, turned on the door of the two rooms, and I still didn't see Wu Ju Blue.

I can't help but call: "Wu Ju Blue! Wuji Blue! Where are you ..."

Zhou did not smell the door and confused: "What happened?"

I am panicked: "Wu Ju Blue is gone, do you know where he went?"

"You don't worry, a big living person will not be lost."

I can't here to live with me, I found the first floor from the second floor, I found all the rooms again, confirm that Wuju is indeed disappeared.

I am like the ants on the hot pot to turn in the yard, I don't want to go to the blue blue.

Zhou did not smell and said: "I finally saw Wu Ji Blu at eight o'clock, Jiang Yusheng was awkward by you, I am also preparing to rest in the building. Before going upstairs, I saw Wu Ji Blue in the yard, packing the table and Chair."

I am in my heart, stop the footsteps, look at the place where the wicker chair.

Under the moonlight, Jiu miles, the green vines, the green vines, the white dragon dragon, the landscape, the rattle and the rattan chair are neatly placed under the flower stand. My line of sight is climbed, and the wall is first, first the wall, then - my bedroom window.

I grabbed my mouth.

He heard!

He heard the words that got him, I even said that he liked him is better to like a slag man!

I pulled the door to the door and walked out, and Zhou did not smell the urgent question: "Where are you going?"

"I went to the pier, I can't let Wu Ju Blue are so late, even if he is going, I have to clear the words."

I am crazy, I have been running forward.

Zhou Zhi: "Now the car is gone, how do you go to the dock ..." Week didn't serve, I found that I was in the ear, he could only ran to the door of Jijiang Yusheng.

Jiang Yi bloomd in the car, and I was not smelling the terminal with Zhou.

There is a little dock in the morning, no one. In the sound of the waves, only the lights of the stars are light, and the night is like water.

I ran back in the terminal, I didn't find Wu's blue, I couldn't help but screamed: "Wu Ju Blue! Wuji Blue ..."

In a wave of waves, my voice has just been swallowed up.

I stand on the side of the railing, watching the dark paint, the boundless sea, suddenly realizing that Wu Juan Blue can have any signs in front of me, naturally there is no sign disappear.

If he is so gone, he will never see him again, I, I ...

I am full of fear, shake, I have to fall, I can't help me, "I only have two classes in the islands, even if Wu Tuo wants to go, I will wait until tomorrow morning."

I shook my head and said painfully: "There is a fishing boat."

Jiang Yusheng hurriedly ran over, and he didn't hear the bench that I was sitting in such a boat. There is no fishing boat to leave, Wu Ju Blue is definitely on the island. "

I stood up, "I am looking for him."

Jiang Yi Sheng took me, "Where can you find him? Whether he is a passenger ship, or take a fishing boat, we will leave from the dock. We are waiting here, will definitely see him."

Zhou said: "There is no need to consume three people together. Yi Sheng, you send a small screw home, I am waiting here. Once I saw Wu Tuo, I will call you."

I refuse, Jiang Yusheng said: "There is only a low mood of Wuju blue, go out to walk? Maybe he is now going home."

I didn't expect: "I am too anxious, you go back to see his things, if clothing and money are, you will definitely want to be."

I listened to them, and I can't wait to go home.

Jiang Yiheng accomptees me back home, I will yet it in the door: "Wu Ji Blue! Wuji Blue ..."

No one answered.

Jiang Yi is watching all around, and he shakes his head without helplessness. "Haven't come back."

I rushed into the study, turning the blue things, I found that I bought his trousers, and two thousand yuan salary for him.

Jiang Yusheng saw these, loose tones, said: "You don't be nervous, he is definitely not going."

I looked at Wu's blue things. A person lives in the world, clothing and food, housing, indispensable, I think it is very simple, but I really have a big box. However, Wu's blue all things are like this, even the small half of the drawers are not filled, I feel very sad.

Jiang Yi Sheng persuaded me to sleep for a while, I will not be willing, Jiang Yusheng can only accompany me to sit in the living room. He worked once during the day. After all, he was tired, leaned on the couch, slowly confused.

I took the strip blanket to him, seeing him sleeping stable, I closed the headlights and went to the study.

I stood next to the booth, looked at the empty room, and I was suffering from the heart.

The computer's power light has been flashing, I will move the mouse with the mouse and the display is on. I remember that after using the computer after using the computer, I didn't seem to have a computer in the evening.

I am in my heart, open the web, and see the history search record.

The latest search record is "Standard Men".

I opened the webpage of Wuji Blue.

Slag male: "The scum type man" is referred to as a man who doesn't think it is, it is not responsible for the family, and the man who is abandoned by the family. It is also used for those men who do not play, deceive women's feelings.

Wu Ji has not been online before, and it is not clear that "Slag Men" network words, when he searched this word, carefully read its explanation, what kind of mood is?

I also saw him other search records, "the treatment after injury" "decoration line map" ... are not my search, naturally Wu Ju Blue search.

This is what the people who are not as good as those who have been slag, they are doing things! I was smoked in a few slaps, and I was painful.

I stood up and took a flashlight, I left my home.

I don't know where I should go to Wu's blue, just think I have to go to him, can't let him stay alone.

I found it under the Mazu Mountain, along the coastline, deep feet, shallowly on the reef, and call: "Wu Ju Blue! Wu Ju Blue ..."

On this island, he has no relatives, no friends, there is no place to go at all. If you are insulted, he is in a bad mood. If you want to find a place, you can only stay in secluded places.

My heart is like a knife, and my tears are turning in my eyes.

From the first day of the encounter, I know that he is alone, no relatives can be treated, no friends can ask. I just treated him in the way because I want to kill my feelings. Always send him more than two thousand salary, even if it is equal, it is a person who bullies a person who has not held his hands, it is very kind.

"Wu - ah!" I slipped at the foot, and I went down on the reef.

Although the moonlight is clean, there is a flashlight, but the reef is wet, and one will fall. I can't take a pain, pick up the flashlight, continue to find it, and call: "Wu Ju Blue! Wuji Blue ..."

From the morning, I found it in the morning, I don't know how much it fell, and my scorpion shouted, and I still didn't find Wu Ju Blu.

The ringtone suddenly sounded, I saw that I was not smelling, I hurriedly took the phone, "Do you see Wu's blue?"


"Is he gone home?"

"No. Where are you, I and Jiang Yusheng ..."

I didn't hear it at all, I didn't hear it at all.

The hand is weak, and the whole person is like a soul, and looked at the waves of the distant waves and smashed on the reef and fragmented thousands of white spots.

"I can't find Wu Ju Blue", I'm tightly leaving my throat, I'm almost can't breathe, and it seems to die again.

Suddenly, there is a familiar figure in the blue sea.

Wu Ju Blue, white trousers, stepped on the reef, slowly went to me.

I seem to be dreaming, I looked at him in silly, until he stopped in front of me.

I smashed the eyes, determined that this is not an illusion, slamming the past, completely forgetting the foot is not a flat road, but a block embossed reef.

When I stepped on the sky, I went to fell, and I grabbed me in a pair of hands, and I took me on the reef.

Like the vines who climb, I immediately held his wrist, and the hoarse voice said: "Sorry! Sorry ..."

He did not send, his eyes slowly looking at my arm from my hand. Last night, in a hurry, I forgot to change clothes, running out of short-sleeved pajamas. After the reef dropped countless, now the two arms are colorful wounds.

I immediately retracted my hand, "I accidentally fell, the reef was too slippery."

Wu Ji Blue asked: "Why is it here?"

My face has risen red, "I ... come to you. Yes, I am sorry!"

"What can I do?"

"I said last night, I know you hear."

Wu Zhama said that "" You think more, I am not angry, I have not intended to not tell. I just have something, I want to stay for one night. "

I don't believe in him, but in any case, he is still in front of me, I still have the opportunity to make up for the mistakes, this is God giving me the biggest gift.

When I went home with Wu, I went to the home, I didn't say it and Jiang Yusheng immediately rushed, and I kept blaming if I didn't say it.

I can't listen, Wu Ji Blue is even more than a gold.

Zhou didn't say that Wu Ju-blue and said: "Wu Tu brother, no matter what contradiction you and the small supper, everyone is an adult, there is something to communicate, how can you leave home like a child? You know that there are many small snails last night. Are you anxious? "

I said: "It's not Wu's blue matter, it is me ..."

Jiang Yusheng raised his hand, did a gesture stopped, said that everything is until here, "Okay! Don't say it! Let's return, you haven't slept last night!" He took the coat and car. The key is planned to leave.

I stopped him, whispered to: "Help me give Wu Zhazha Blue mobile phone, quality and signal must be good, charge one thousand dollars, I will return to you."

Jiang Yusheng understood that I was scared. I didn't want to happen anything last night. I couldn't talk about Wu Ju blue. He pressed the sound asked: "Do he want? The longer the man is, the stronger, self-respect."

I said: "He can never be a poor person, in his eyes, a pair of old slippers and a new phone will not have a difference, and you will know later."

Jiang Yi is championship, "Good!" He walked away, while waving Wu Ji Blue and Zhou, "I went to work, and come over at night."

Wu Ju blue tract into the study, I am like a line of puppet, and it is also behind him. He returned, and asked faintly: "What do you want to say?"

"Sorry" has been said, he also said "There is no angry, no way to do not think," seems to have no otherthing.

I said: "No, you have a good rest."

I quit the study and help Wu Zhadu. When I saw it, I saw that I didn't smell standing in the aisle. If I thought about me, I barely smiled, said: "I have worked hard last night, sleep in the day!"

I returned to the bedroom, simply rinsed, changed a clean dress. When I blow, I heard the knock on the door.

I opened the door and I can't hear it.

He raised the disinfection and medicinal cotton tied to raise his hand. "I see your arm is hurt."

He took the disinfectant and medicine cotton was what I didn't have finished after I was injured. I didn't know where Wu Ju Blue is on, I asked: "Where to find this?"

Zhou Zhi: "Ask Wu Tuo to go."

I took a very strange idea. If there is no more thing without a week, I may send it to the blue water. I feel that I have a passionate, he can not be a lot of generosity.

I didn't smell, I stood a daze, took the sofa, "Come over!"

I sat next to him and said, "Just some scratches, don't have trouble."

"I still have a good poison." He took a good medicine cotton and wanted to help me.

I am busy: "I am coming yourself."

I lowered my head to disinfect the wound on my arm, and I didn't think about me.

I asked: "What do you do?"

"Small snail, I will give you the letter you throw?"

I am going down, and I use the medicine cotton to put the injury on the ankle, while I don't think about it: "No."

Zhou did not smell: "When do you plan to give me a letter?"

I was scared, I was stiff. After a moment, I got up. I tried to say anything wrong: "When I was a child, I have been playing for so many years, you have now, you have a business, you have a family, there is a big city House has a car, I like your girl, there are a lot ... "

I can't smell my hand, I immediately shut up.

"You are talking about everything you have to have, but I am not only a week, I still Li Jing. Although I followed my father changed my name, I am very clear that you are. Small screw, we are separated Too long, I originally wanted to give us some time, slowly, but I am afraid that it is slower, I really can't come. "

I made my brain, silly looked at the week. Although Jiang Yiheng has been driving me and the jokes that I can't here, I have never been true, because I don't feel a different feelings between us.

Zhou didn't smell my hand, take it on the sofa, stare at me: "Small snails, if I haven't left, maybe we have already been together."

I took my hand and said that I said gently: "But life is not possible ..."

I can't listen to me, I haven't heard of me, he leaned down and wanted to kiss me.

I immediately retired, people were posted on the sofa, and nowhere to retreat. I have to take your hands with your own chest, "big head, don't this!"

We don't have any emotions, no matter whether you want to kiss me if you don't care.

"Big head, big head ..."

The two are intensely entangled, suddenly, from the yard, "", remind us, this room is not only one of us.

Zhou did not wait to calm down, he let me, buried his head, frustrated: "Why? You know me, I know you. I am very clear, what you want, everything you want, now I can give it now You, stable family, stable life, stable future, I thought we were will definitely natural, water to the stream. "

"Sorry." I am very clear, in this world, maybe there will be no more suitable for me than the week. He knows everything, but it is still accepting and likes me. From small to big, everything I am eager, he can give it all. However, I have no way to accept it, my heart has been occupied by another person.

Zhou did not smell: "Don't we grow up together, is there a separated time?"

"Sorry, our feelings are another kind of feelings."

Zhou didn't silence for a while, strongly played spirit, smiled and said, "Don't say sorry. I didn't give up, you haven't got married, I still have a chance."

I just wanted to open, and Zhou didn't smell it, and I figured out that I would like to say anything. I can only swallow back the words that have arrived.

Zhou said: "I am going to sleep for a while, you have a rest." He has already opened the door, suddenly returned, "Forgot to ask you, Wu Ju Lan is really your brother?"

I shook my head.

Zhou did not smell the expression of "Sure enough", smiling and walked out of the bedroom and gently closed the door.

I sat in a meeting alone, I suddenly reached anything, I jumped up, ran to the window, secretly look down.

Wu Ji Lan is holding a broom and scallion. The original "" is the sound of the glass fell on the stone floor.

He swept the glass, turned and entered the house.

I didn't think I didn't think, immediately opened the door, run downstairs, rush to the study.

The door of the study house, I looked up and homed the door and retracted it back.

I have no courage to go in, but I don't want to leave. So, this is stupid to stand in front of the door.

I don't know how long it takes, the door is suddenly opened, and Wu Ju Blue Station is in front of me.

I am shocked, I am busy and said: "I just want to knock on the door, I didn't expect you to open the door, huh, huh ... I said, while I did a knocking posture, indicating that I really To knock on the door.

Wu Julai stared at me.

I think I am probably ... I insult his IQ.

I put down my hand, I asked in a hurry: "Can I go in?"

Wu Juan Blue silently letting it, I walked into the house, sitting on the chair in front of the computer desk.

Wu Zhadu, the blue custom door, leaning on the wall, the arms crossed in the chest, look at me, "What do you want to say? If you apologize, you have already said a lot, I am not interested again. I'm not angry'."

I have been courage to say: "You are not angry, but you don't care about what I said. Otherwise, you will not go online to search the 'Slag male' meaning."

Wu Ju Blue stunned, he smart, after all, just contacted