The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 6 Are you willing to be my boyfriend (2)

Soon after the computer, I don't know if I can query history. However, he is not interested asking me how to know, just explain: "I am an old antique, I don't understand the meaning of 'Slag male', so I query."

"Remember the" animal world "we have seen together? When the lion is full, the antelope is not far from grazing, and it doesn't even look at it. There is also ... How can the glass be fly? In the yard? "

Wu Ju Lan looked at me in silence, and the expression was calm, so I think I thought more again.

I looked at him, and my heart is getting faster.

This man in front of you although the sex is cold, the speech stab, can face anything, do not push it. Whether I am robbery, or the inn is still, but he can't do anything, but he is not sent, the place where the place is worried, the place to force, let me easily hurt, happily watch the inn to watch the inn Decorate. I actually think he is unreliable, unstable?

I suddenly discovered that I am very stupid!

Life's material demand is just food and shelter, and the firewood salt. These things, whether it is a house or a car, whether it is jewelry or clothes, no matter how money can be bought, even if you can't afford your expensive, you can buy cheap. However, this world is impossible to have a second Wu Ju Blue, I can't find a cheap man who likes. How can I see those things that can be bought in the mall and the factory more important than Wu's Blue?

Grandpa for my reading, carefully tear me, let me have a skill, I can keep myself, but also leave a house to me, isn't it to make me have the ability, have a relying on my favorite life?

Do I work hard for many years, now everything is just to make me a so-called real compromise?

If it is just a stable life, is I have no ability to give yourself?

I have a house to live, my mind can make money, because I know that I can take care of myself, so I have never expected to pass marriage, let a man to improve my life. Since I have the courage to be single, why don't you have the courage to chase your favorite people?

I think that I will make things in the factory, I can buy things everywhere to give up one of the world's unique people. I suddenly feel that my body is cold, and I am afraid after another.

If I just stand in the door of the study, I am still very angry, I don't know what I want. I like Wu's blue, but I feel that I can't see the future of two people; I can't smell it for a safe and reliable future. I feel that there is no way to violate my own heart.

But at this moment, if the Buddha's family's epiphany, in an instant, my heart is thinking, thoroughly understanding what I want.

I stood up, I looked firmly, I looked firmly, "I like you, are you willing to be my boyfriend?"