The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 7 What will you do (1)

I think Wu's is more and more like a mystery. Whenever I feel more about him, he will give me more surprises.

In these few days, I have been thinking, there are several results after confession.

I am willing, I also like you ...

It is accepted.

Sorry, you are a good person, but I ...

It is refused.

Too sudden, I have to consider ...

It was not accepted and did not refuse.

There should be only these three results.

So, what is Wu Jura, "I know"?

That day, I was over white, and he was unhappy, and he stared at me later, and I gave me a reply that: "I know."

Playing with his silence, I have consumed all my courage to consume two nets, I have no courage to ask. When he pulled the door, when I was to leave, I immediately fled.

The consequence is -

I have been in meditation these days, "I know" what kind of results after white?

do you accept? Of course it is impossible!

Reject? At that time, he fooled cold, his eyes were deep, it seems to be ...

After several thinking, I wished "I know" to the third result after the confession - did not accept, nor refused.

Now, I wanted to think that I found that I had a ridiculous entanglement, I have been tangled in Wuju Blue, I have forgotten to consider people who will not like me.

Wu Jura, this kind of person, falling to the clothes, and picking me to eat me! It is only more discerning for your feelings, I originally so self-righteous!

I can't hear it, he is a bit anxious, it needs to be returned in advance.

I don't know if it is true, but he can leave always good. After all, after the confession and confession, no matter how much two people want to install, there will always be some faint embarrassment. This is not a smart to overcome, which can only make time to naturally fade.

We didn't know that the price of the big suite specified in accordance with the inn, I originally wanted to give him a discount and was rejected by him.

I said: "As long as you stay for three days, there will be discounts."

Weekly said: "The general guest can eat seafood at will, eat fruit, I don't think of those fees, don't you talk to me, or I will go back next time, I will live another inn!"

I didn't dare to go again, and I will send it to the boat with Jiang Yi.

After the week, there is no guest to stay again.

Accurately, since the opening of the inn, there is no other guest. From the week, I haven't heard the money to pay for Wu Ju Blue's mobile phone bill, that is, since I opened the book, I only have a bill, no delivery.

Looking at the bank deposit a little reduced, I have a feeling of sitting on the mountain, the pressure is very stressed.

However, it is not a bad thing, at least scattered, I face the pressure of Wu Ju Blue.

I was naked in front of him, but he didn't happen like something. There is no embarrassment between the words. Only I am unrest. But no matter how uncomfortable, you must first consider your survival, solve the economic foundation, in order to create a layer of emotion.

I am sitting in front of the computer every day, I promoted my small ink in various tourist forums and posts. Still a bit effect, will receive a phone call from time to time, but once the other party knows that "the traffic is not convenient", stay away from the pier and the most famous lantern street, will speak "I think about it and give you another phone".

I found a job, nature, and this represents a decision.

The blessing is unparalleled, and the disaster is not single.

Every day in the morning and evening, Jiang Yusheng's father will take a walk under the babysitter or Jiang mother. Nearby people know that Jiang Dad is a bit mad, when you encounter, you will take a breath and take a breath. But the strange man who didn't know where to come out didn't know where Jiang Dad suddenly onset, rolled down from the hillside.

The unfamiliar man saw the disaster and immediately ran. The babysitter is busy calling for help, and can't take care of people, I can only be referred to.

Jiang Yusheng's father entered the hospital, and the medical expenses spent out like flowing water. Although Jiang Yusheng has not let me pay back, I think I have to pay attention to it.

I took Wu Zhali to the bank to take all the money out, hollow all the pockets, a total of more than 10,000444.

I am depressed at the money on the tea, I want to go, I want to think, the only way is to borrow from Zhou.

I took out the mobile phone, just call it, Wu Julai came out of the study, put the thin and one-lost money.

I looked at him in confusion.

Wu Ju-blue said: "Two thousand dollars, first put Jiang Yi Sheng's money."

I asked: "Yes ... I sent it to your salary?"

Wu Jura did not speak, obviously I asked a question.

What is this? I said: "If you have to take your money, we still have money, we only have 46 yuan, how to live? Still borrow money! No matter how borrowed, forget it, you take your money back! "

I pressed the dial key and the music ringtone sounded.

This mobile phone is cheap, after being fell once, performance becomes very strange, during the call, the music ringtone is serious, especially harsh. In order not to let the ears are poisoned, take the mobile phone away from the ear, just staring at the screen, ready to see the phone to turn, put it in the ear.

Wu Juanlan stretched his mobile phone, "I still have five hundred dollars."

"That is not enough!"

"I will find a way."

The phone has been connected, and the sound of the week is hidden, "the small snail, feed, small snails ..."

Wu Juchi was not putting on the phone.

I asked softly: "You don't want me to borrow money to Zhou?"

Wu Julai did not answer my question, but said: "Money things, I will find a way."

"This is ..." I frowned and took a mobile phone from his hand.

Wu Jua was not really hard to block. He flashed in his eyes, tightly looked at his hand, and looked at his hand.

I put the mobile phone in my ear, but my eyes have always looked at Wuju Blue, "Hey, Head, just a little bit of mobile phone signal. I have nothing, I have a call to greet you ..."

Wu Ju Lan suddenly looked up to me, there is no expression on his face, but the deep eyes are beautifully clear, and the light is shining.

After a few words, I didn't have a few words, I hung up. Put the 20,000 yuan of money on the table, smiled and said: "I will still pay back."

Wu Julang did not send, followed me out of the yard.

I said: "You don't have to go, just step a few steps, it is impossible to be so unlucky, then encounter robbery."

Wu Jula is ridiculously: "You are a magical body." The step is not slow, still next to me.

I am not happy to get Naughi, and I laugh at the lips.

The two people went to Jiang Yi family, not to Gu Jiang Yiheng's opposition, stick to the money.

When I returned home, I took out the only forty-six dollars, and I took my hand to Wuju blue. "What about your money?"

Wu Ji Blue gave me five hundred dollars, I left three hundred, gave Wu Zhali Blue Two hundred and forty-six, and the two were divided into all property average.

I said: "I want to think together!"

In the evening, I lay in bed and looked at the only three hundred dollars left, and sighed, but I couldn't help but laugh.

the next day.

I have a bunch of big and small conch from the mood of the fishermen, start making bracelets, necklaces, hanging, embellishment ... This craft is to learn with grandfather.

When Grandpa is young, in order to make a living, with the ship, it is often half a year in the sea. He didn't have money, can't afford it, and he had to make beautiful and delicate things with various colors and various shapes. After the ship is shipped, give them a grandmother.

After you die, Grandpa is often doing something with the conch. Waiting for a certain amount, get the dock to set off the stall.

When I was a child, I thought that Grandpa was to make money, and later understood that the money is only one reason, more important reasons are missing. Grandpa thought that he was lonely, but he was lonely, thoughts he had a gentle woman, waiting for him at the pier.

In the memory of the conch, it is countless happiness and beautiful, so when Dad gynogin my name, Grandpa does not hesitate to let me name "snail".

Probably because of this fate, I like to play a beautiful conch with different shaped shapes. Under the careful teaching of Grandpa, I will use the conch, bracelet, key chain, wind chimes, pen washing, candlestick, jewelry box, soap box, flower pot ... Of course, my craftsmanship and grandfather have completely better than, but every One work is I carefully designed, careful, and the seafrobes produced on the pipelines are more than one. Basically, every time I am, I will sell it, I will sell it soon.

However, doing these things take time, the price is not possible to set the crafts sold in high-end shops so high, so much from time to time, how much is it.

But now there is no guest, I decided to use this craft to buy a food! At least he guarantees that I and Wu's blue will not be starved to death.

I waited at the phone while waiting for the conch and seashell jewelry.

Wu Ji is also doing something, he returns a piece of wood from the sea, holding grandfather's old tool, and cut and grind and bake again ... Anyway, I look very complicated, very deep.

A few days later, I faintly saw that Wu Zhali is thinking. However, I don't query to believe my judgment.

"You ... this is doing guzheng?"

"Gu Qin." Wu Zhali glanced at me, "The two are very different."

I have been sliding for three seconds, huh, laugh, "Almost, is musical instruments."

After doing good, Wu Ji is beaten. I know that his wood is coming back from the sea, no money.

But Guqin Strings ... I really don't remember that there is such a high-end shop on the island.

"Where did you buy strings?"


"..." I decided to walk silently.

I am very embarrassed to Wuji Blue's "high-end musical instrument".

I have seen the piano on this island, I have seen it, but Guqin ... I mean that when we take it out, everyone will come to the watch, then silently give us a candle to leave.

I can only work harder.

In the evening, I walked out of the living room, seeing in the garden of the sunset, grass onion, falling in the field, Wuji blue white trousers, sitting in the blue stone steps under the roof, holding a black color in his hand Guqin, looks at the distant horizon.

Heavenly glow, just like a rouge, his week seems to have no shackles, if there is no smoke, it is independent of the ancient borders of the ancient world.

My heart is swaying, my mind is thinking, I will never laugh at the brain residual flowers of those stars. In front of the absolute beauty, it will definitely be reasonable.

Wu Julan said my gaze, the look, restored the indifferent look, see me.

I am busy with him, covering the gods, "Do it?"

"Well, but, don't do it."

, white strings, simple and quiet, beautiful, I like it, I feel, I don't even sell, I will never sell it!

I touched the piano, marvel and said: "Wu Ju Blue, you will do ancient Qin! If you do you, you will diamond, fish, I will not be surprised."

"I am a meeting."

I have a mouth, watching Wuju blue.

Wu Ji Blue thought that I didn't believe him, put the piano to my arms, Shi Ran went to the hoppile of the rest of his piano, really started to drill the fire. The thumb of the thick wood turns a few turns in his hand, the cyan smoke is coming out. Wu Ju Blue grabbed the crumbish wood, and saw a small flame.

I murmured: "I watched TV on the TV very slow."

Wu Jura said: "Their strength and speed are not enough."

I look at the piano of my arms, then look at the burning flame, I feel that my head is so fainted, I really want to ask "Wu Ju Blue, what will you do", but the degree of heart load stimulation is limited - today Let's!

Wu Ju Lan said: "How much do you have? Do you give me a first time? I will pay you after tomorrow."

I am very clear that Wu Ju Blue is doing this Guqian, I am afraid that I can't sell it tomorrow, but ... I gave Wuju Blue, smiled and said: "Okay."

I hid in the bedroom and quietly called Jiang Yi.

Jiang Dad's condition has been stable, Jiang Yusheng doesn't have to take a bed again, and it will be much easier. I asked clearly, Jiang Yi Sheng had time, please Jiang Yi Sheng to find a friend who looks from knowing how to learn, and paying Wu Zhazheng blue. The price is not too expensive, of course, it can't be too cheap, more than a thousand!

I let Jiang Yusheng help me put on the money pad, wait for me to sell the conch, and then replenish him.

Jiang Yusheng was shocked. "You determine that Wu Zhazheng is doing Guqin, the kind of impairment of the artifacts? You won't take the mistake of the cotton as a musical instrument?"

"Into will not be clear ?!" I completely forgot my fact that I couldn't divide the guzheng and Guqin.

Jiang Yusheng excitedly called a small call, and he can't wait to run over the film and worship Wuju.

I let him come back tomorrow, I remember to find a few friends to join, and it is necessary to have a high-end atmosphere culture! Otherwise, the play is not like! After all, it is Guqin!

Early morning, get up.

I originally wanted to put a number of calls that suddenly took Jiang Yusheng, telling Wu Jun, a person, is very interested in the ancient Qun him, wants to take a look in the afternoon. I didn't expect that Wu Juan will leave early, leave a note, saying that it is necessary to do something, come back late.

I stared at the words for a long time, not what is special, but his words, one horizontal, Jin Ge iron horse, better looks better than the word on the word post. However, he even Aushen will do, the word is very good, and it is really no surprise.

I looked at Guqin and put it in the study. I know that he is not going to set up the pair of goods.

I am doing jewelry, while waiting for Wuju Blue. I have been waiting until afternoon, Wu Ju Blue has not come back, and the river is coming to "buy" Guqin with a few friends.

I put the ancient piano on the living room, and several friends of Jiang Yusheng looked around the ancient Qinshen. Also don't say, you look at it is a bit strange, or you are different, very like people who will play Guqin.

Wearing black vintage round frame glasses, wearing black cloth shoes, dressing with a very fairy ribbon, Mr. Dai: "How much is this piano, how much?"

I said: "More than a thousand. I read the price of the ancient Qun on Taobao from four or five hundred to two or three thousand, I took a middle value, and more fake more."

Mr. Dai said: "I am asking for the price, I want to buy."

Wuji Blue did something really some people appreciated? !

I am happy than my own things, but I don't hesitate to say: "Don't sell, I have to stay."

A group of people are talking, the unique hood is pushed, and Wu is blue back.

He glanced over the people in the eye, just greeted Jiang Yi, and took a one-meter-long fish and walked to the tip of the kitchen wall, put the fish down.

People on the island are used to all kinds of big fish, and they have not intended, smile and ask me: "The Qin is what this Wu did it?"


I let Jiang Yisheng greet everyone and take it out of the towel.

Waiting for Wuju Blue tolerate, I handed him to him. "Jiang Yusheng heard that you have made an ancient Qin, just find some friends who like music, some people want to buy the Qin you made." Because Mr. Dai really wants to buy, I Speaking, there is extraordinary.

Jiang Yi is coming over, smiling and said: "Everyone likes this ancient Qin, waiting for you to offer."

Wu Julan swept a person around him, saying to me: "The piano I did is not used to sell."

"Ah?" I am stupid, "No ... don't sell, what do you do?"

"I played." Wu Ji Blue gave me the towel and went to the kitchen.

I and Jiang Yusheng face, no words.

Since you don't have to play, you must naturally send Jiang Yusheng's "mass actor".

I keep apologizing: "Sorry, I am sorry ..."

Jiang Yisheng glanced for a few eyes, accompanying his friends away.

Several people landed out of the hospital door, the last person, the foot has taken out the threshold, and the line of sight is inadvertently swept from the bluestone floor of the kitchen wall, seeing the fish on the ground. He immediately recovered his feet, step on the past, squatted down, then yelled: "Bluefin Tuna!"

People who have already walked to the wall have come back, all around the fish, and they are excited.

"True bluefin tuna!"

"I heard that in Japan, now the blue-fin gold can sell $ 3,500 per pound."

"Almost! In 2013, a bluefin golden gun sold 150 million yen is probably 11 million yuan."

"That is the price of the auction field, it is too high, the market is not so expensive. However, it is absolutely inconvenient. In the past few years, the West Lake National Hotel imported a 70 kg of bluefin, said it is not Shipping, light import price is more than 40,000 yuan, now I have to turn it out now! "

"Hey! I haven't seen someone to catch my face for many years."

Although I am not like these old customers, I can identify the variety and quality of the fish at a glance, but the child who is growing up by the sea, the big name of the bluefin tuna is also known, but it has never been eaten.

Grandpa said that when he was young, the bluefin was not like later such rare, and the crew would get angry, he will have a lot of time. Bluefin is the most delicious, the entrance is instant, like ice cream feeling, I have never imagined.

Jiang Yusheng responded the fastest, said in the kitchen window, said to Wu Ju, "Wu Big Brother, if you want to sell, you have to find a way to refrigerate. This thing is a fresh, the taste is changed, it is worth money."

Wu Ji Blue sat while grinding the knife, and he did not raise his side: "Nothing, eat at night."

I almost a soft feet, and I went to the ground.

Others have also been shocked, all surprised, worship, excited, desire to stare at Wuju Blue.

Jiang Yi is full of questions, I look at me, my heart is flowing into the river - that is money, money, money! ! ! But biting his teeth said: "He wants to eat!"

Jiang Yisheng swayed his head and turned his head, just laughed with the flowers, said to Wu Ji Blue Wenwen and said softly: "Wu Dado, I am eating here."

"Okay, but if you want to help." Wu Junli did not lift it, concentrate on whether the knife was serious.

"No problem!" Jiang Yusheng promised.

Jiang Yusheng was happily worked out by Wu Jincan, and the five friends who Jiang Yi Jinsheng did not leave him.

These five people are a cultural man, and they are more accumulated. I am sorry to say that I want to leave to eat, but I don't want to go. I understand their thoughts, anyway, this fish looks at 450 kilograms, and we must not eat!

They stood in the yard, while watching Wu's Blue Packed Pick up the fish, starting the tea party. From eating fish chat, chatting from the island fisheries, seems to have not finished.

I asked Wu Ju blue: "What do you do?"

Wu Ju Lan swept them, and the sounds: "Do you want to eat fish?"

"Think!" Heartone with sound, powerful.

Wu Juan Lan smiled and said, "Welcome to the Saffron Stack to enjoy dinner, one hundred six hundred dollars, except fish, also vegetables, fruits, drinks."

The five people want to have no thought, they should be good, immediately queue to give me money, a pair of fear of late, there is no. "

Mr. Dai, I saw that I showed that I laughed: "Now I am a good restaurant in the big city, I will spend hundreds of dollars normally, but can they have such a fresh bluefin?"

I fainted the land, I haven't received the money of these people, and some people will continue to enter the yard. I saw someone paid money, and immediately took the initiative to take behind.

I heard their explanation, I understood that Wuji Lan is early to rent a fishing boat in the sea to fish, and naturally go to the dock when they come back. Where the fish is mixed, he lifted a fish, and some people recognized the blue fin gold gun and the message was quickly transmitted.

On the way he came back, countless people came to talk, Wu Juanlan clearly showed "This is a buffet dinner in the Shunce Stack Tonight." In less than half an hour, he accepted the reservation of forty people and announced the full amount of dinner. It can be said that if these five people in the yard are not a friend of Jiang Yusheng, I must not think about it.

Waiting for all, I have received a total of 206,400. Originally 207,000, Wu Ji Blue walked six hundred dollars, and gave Jiang Yusheng, he bought the money of vegetables, fruits, drinks.

At 6:30 in the evening, the buffet dinner officially started.

In the yard, a few tables were placed neatly, covering white plastic tablecloths, and fell like a model. The table is wrong with white chopping vegetables, salad, vegetable salad, and a variety of fruits. But at this time, everyone is completely concerned about this, but is waiting to eat bluefin. It can be said that their six hundred dollars are full of bluefin golden guns, elsewhere, they don't care.

Wu Juanli made a good vegetable. After cutting the fruit, when I took the food and the food, I took a shower and changed a clean garment.

The faucet outside the kitchen wall put a stainless steel long table, and there was a clean bluefin tuna that had been packed on the long table. Wu Ji Blue stands behind the stainless steel long table, is an open kitchenette.

In order to wash the things, Grandpa has a lamp in the kitchen's roof. At this time, the lights are bright, and the white T-shirts of Wuju Blue are like snow like snow, let him look unusually clean and cold.

Wu Ju Blue is like water, low head, put the grinded knife on both sides of the long table.

Everyone looked at him, curious that he intends to make everyone feel that he did not live up to the most delicious ingredients in this world.

Wu Zhama looked up and said: "I have to be a fish."

what? What is the fish?

A small number of people who understand immediately explained the people who did not understand: "Fish, is the Japanese style!"

Wu Ju Lan picked up a thin long knife. "I used the tattoo of the fish, which is the Tang Dynasty fish. It was called ''. Japan learned Tang Dynasty fish, develop out Your own sashimi. It can be said that sashimi is a kind of fish, but the fish is definitely not sashimi. "

Wu Ji Blue, right hand, holding a knife, knife tip, holding a boxing, "according to the ceremony, this should be happy, but divide the pain, only use poetry to barely make it."

His appearance is very straightforward, and the wind is elegant, and everyone feels like seeing an ancient aristocratic son to give him a gift. Be said by him, everyone does not consciously correctly, and the head is back.

When everyone's head will be lifted, Lang Lang, only feeling cold, and a fish has fly into the disc of the table.

Wuji Blue side siki, while : "... is affected by the fish, the fish is frustrated. The silent is flying down, there is a bone, the bones are already a spring. Agreement is small, Soft rice rice old man. Where is the anvil whipped white paper, and the gold is unfair ... "

In the sound of the inhibition, he is random, it is like dance, the hand is falling, running like the wind, a piece of fish is like a piece of snow, falling into the white porcelain dish. In a short while, a fillet has been piled up in the white dish, narrow under the bottom, is like a slim pagoda.

Wuji Blue hand's blade slightly changed, the falling fish fillets have fly in another white porcelain dish. Jiang Yasheng finally didn't forget Wu Ju Blue's instructions, and hurriedly took the plate of fish fillets away, and added a white disk.

Wu Julan determined that after the Jiang Yi was able to meet, accelerated the speed, a piece of fish, like a wind, and continuous.

Everyone is looking at it, he smoked a knife with his left hand, everyone guess what he thought about. I am in my heart, but I can't believe it, open my eyes, breathe, and stare at him nervously.


Everyone's lost voice is exclaimed, Wu Ju Blue left and right while opening the bow at the same time, cutting the fish.

A knife raised, a knife fell, and left and right alternately, it is like the most gorgeous dance. It seems that he does not costly, the action is elegant, but every fish film is thin, a piece of failure, a piece of coming, it is like a goose, and there is a rush.

I remembered the Tang poems read - "The knife screams" " such as the snow is afraid of the wind blow" " , ... ... ... ... ...

Once, I feel unbelievable, I can't imagine, now I am now in front of you.

"... You don't see you to cut, you will lose our luck."

With the end of the poem, the knife stopped, there were only white fish bones left on the long table, but they put exactly the same forty-eight fish in the table, and they looked spectacular.

Wu Jura put down the knife and said, "Please enjoy."

The hospital is quiet.

After a while, someone took the lead in applauding, time, applause, like thunder. They are too shocking, even can't find the right words to praise, can only use hard to express their excitement.

Wu Ji is still the same as the expression, and the waves are not happy. It has a white fish bone with a white cloth. It is bent to everyone, a western ceremony, and make applause more. He passed through a crowd and went to the roof of the living room.

Everyone's eyes have been chasing him, and they found a few canes, and put an ancient Qin.

Wu Zhali sat in front of a long time, gently raised his hand, smashed into the piano, and he took out.

It turned out to be "summer night star sea", I stunned.

I clearly remember that when he heard this song a month, he was absolutely heard. Just listening to it several times, he will play all? !

Although other people in the yard, although it is a bit meaningful, the Sichuan Opera's face, the Arab's belly dance is seen in the restaurant, and there is not much surprise for Wuji Blue's Guqin playing, completely, the dazzling fans who have just watched fish. However, it is "moving", this will be "quiet", moving quiet, let people relax completely. The taste buds become sensitive, is suitable for tasting food.

Everyone can't wait to take the fish. The fish is thin, almost transparent, the entrance is instant, and it is delicious. They all showed satisfied expressions and felt that this evening is absolutely worth value.

Waiting for the guests, cleaning, has been more than ten o'clock.

I took a shower and sat on the sofa and stared at more than 20,000 yuan.

I don't have to pay the rent, don't pay the mortgage, if you save some flowers, these money is enough for a year of living.

A few days ago, although I promised Wuju Blue, I didn't ask for money, I also told myself to believe Wu's blue, or I didn't think that he did not think that he did so soon solved our "economic crisis".

"" knocks sound, I hurriedly sorted out the clothes and hair, only to say: "Come in."

Wu Ju Blue is coming in, putting two bowls of wine in the table. "You have been taking care of the guests at night, I haven't eaten, I have done a little night."

He doesn't say it is okay, I really feel so hungry, "Are you not the same? Eat together?"

"Well." Wu Ji Blue sat next to the table.

I took the slippers to Wu Juan, I sat down and happily, "I have worked hard," I have worked hard, those money ... "I finger the money on the sofa," What do you want to do? Save bank ... "I remembered He has no ID card, as if you can't open a bank account.

"Yes you, you look at it." Wu Jura said casually.

I almost gave it to death by a small circle. When will I work more, I don't only help my boss, but I still have to put money to the boss?

I put down the bowl, coughing a few, said: "You give me money? That is the money you earn, I didn't do anything."

Wu Juan Blue blinds, and it seems that it is a reason to think about it. He said: "You are not good at doing business, give you, you don't have to borrow money to others."

"Oh! Where did I not be good at doing business? Do you think my inn does not make money?"

"You can't earn today, you should make it after today."

"What do you mean? You are clear!"

Wu Juan said helplessly: "Be a guest state, the first is the location, your inn is wrong. If the location is not good, there is a characteristic, or the famous gas. As long as it is enough, it will make people feel that the traffic is inconvenient. Tune. You come to the pictures ... "

"Photo! PS passed photos! Very beautiful!"

"Your photos and other inn don't have a difference."

I am a bit uncomfortable, I have to admit that Wu Ju Lan is very right. "What changes will there be today?"

"Human likes fresh stimulation, I also like to show off the cheap. Of course, not greed is cheap, but those who can prove their eyes, taste, wisdom, they will be willing to Zujin. Tonight, guests, In the future, there is no matter how luxurious special dishes they have, they will not forget the dinner they bought by six hundred dollars. "

I watched Wuju Blue.

In fact, my heart has always thought that Wuju is too low. Own this evening either a skeptical person, or is the people who are very influential on the island, all the market prices of the bluefin golden gun. Even if they are set to two thousand, they will definitely eat. Not to mention that there are Wuji Blue's skills, no one will feel that my own money is lost.

Originally, I thought it was because Wu Zhala is not really clear to the market price of the blue fin, since he has opened the price, I have not intended to say more. But I didn't expect, he was very clear, he was deliberately set a low price, deliberately let the guests feel that they have a unique, accurate, when others have not found a thing of the value, they will be the first, so only they can Accouprmrable.

But Wu Zhali is really a loss? He bought the memory of their life with six hundred dollars - never forget, Zijin Lao.

I think Wu's is more and more like a mystery. Whenever I feel more about him, he will give me more surprises.

So far, I know is: cooking, medical skills, architecture, piano, playing the piano, even drilling wood, knotting, fishing ... A person knows any one of them, it is not surprising, but Wuju blue is like I don't understand, I even doubt that he is all fine.

What kind of environment is he growing up, will it be so metamorphosis?

The mobile phone suddenly rang, I saw Jiang Yusheng, immediately pick it up, "How to call me so late?"

"I have some words to talk to you, about Wu Ju Blue."

I listened to him very serious, I can't help but read it, I was sitting straight, "you said."

"Before, you said to me, I don't like Wu Zha Blue. I have no objection, I don't have support, because I don't think that his economic conditions and comment, Wuji Blue people are still very good, it is very good, but now I am I really hope that you give up. "

I looked not to eat Wu Hui, who had a wine in the wine, asked: "Why?"

"You are bloody, your eyes are invisible, that is, the students of the Medical College will only panic. Wu Huizhen is very calm, not only accurately judges your injury, but also simply and effectively first aid. Not saying him There is more difficult things, but the calibration must have clinical experience, and it can be done in front of blood and death.

Jiang Yusheng's words, verified my guess, I lighted "um", agreed.

Wu Ju Blue