The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 7 What will you do (2)

Tips in tonight, you also see it, no more than a twenty year, the work can't practice! You have to do it, I can find a professional chef. "

"I believe!"

"Also, he will play ancient piano. Of course, the ancient piano is not rare, I will also pull the twohu! Can I do two Hu? He can make a casual wood into a Guqin. I have listened this evening. His player, it is very good, the tone is perfect, and he is also very perfect. It can be said that no matter whether it is doing the piano or playing the piano, Wu Ju Blu is the master level. Small snail, you ask yourself, Are these normal? "

I am not a fool who is ignorant, nor is it a fairy who does not eat fireworks, of course, knowing that it is not normal.

I looked at Wu's blue, I thought, there were still many things that Jiang Yusheng did not know. If he knows those things, it must be more not normal.

Wu Julan has finished the last ruler in the bowl. He put down the bowl, looked up, watching me calmly. My intuition tells me that he is very clear about Jiang Yi Sheng.

"Small snail, small screw ..." Jiang Yi is called.

I came back and said, "I understand what you want to say, I have thought about it. He used it to respond to the medical school students, helped me. He uses extraordinary The skill makes money, let me don't have to worry about borrowing money, when I should pay attention to money. Jiang Yusheng, tell you a secret. When you are, you will pull two Hu, every time you only open the screen The peacock is like shaking, I can only be silly to applaud down the stage. In fact, I have been very uncomfortable. My own life can't be destroyed, but I can find a boyfriend, if he will not only Play the ancient piano ... "I thought about it, laugh," Isn't it a winning you? In the future, he is on the occasion, I think you dare to take your broken out to show off? "

Jiang Yi is so silent, suddenly laughing, "Shen Shu, you are actually a mentally sick patient! But do you know that I love you?"

"Well ... that always likes to love me ugly!" Jiang Yi is young, he is high, and the chess and calligraphy style will be the same, and there is not less than the stone stone, and you will be shaken. Once, I became a demonstration of my birthday.

Jiang Yi sighed, "Do you really want to clear?"

I said: "I can find a boyfriend that is omnipotent, winning everyone, is a dream of all girls, I have no way to avoid it."

"Wu Ji Blue is just next to you? How do I listen, you are very like someone will leave home again, the dog legs will keep watching loyalty?"

"Jiang Yusheng, you don't have to remind us to you." I said.

Jiang Yi is laughing: "I hang! Let Wu Zhali are not to give birth to me, human heart is biased, I also take him as a friend, but I will always choose you and I will only choose you."

I put down my mobile phone and asked Wuju blue: "Do you guess Jiang Yusheng?"

Wuju said that it said: "Even if you don't know what he said, I have heard it."

My face gradually burned red, just when I burn the cattle in Jiang Yi, I just hoped to get to Jiang Yusheng's understanding and support, but this will feel that she is really big enough, her face is thick!

"I know that you are not my boyfriend, I just just ... just ..."

Wu Julai seems to be very curious, how can a person be so red, he gently touched my cheek with his hand, "very hot!"

I only feel that all my blood is rushing to the head, but I am full of fire, but even the ears are hot and hot, and it is highlighted that Wu Ju Blue's hand is more cold. I can't help but hold Wu Ju Blue's hand and want to give him a warmth.

Wu Ju Lan Co will be hesitant and struggling in the deep and dark eyes.

I am afraid that he will open my hand in the next moment, and use all the strength to hurry his hand.

Wu Ji Blue asked: "Shen Jun, do you really know what you are doing?"

I said, "I know!"

Wu Jura said: "You don't know my origin at all."

I am red, and I will tell the courage to say: "But I know your feelings. Don't tell me, you do everything you do for me, just because you are kind, you like to help people!"

Wu Ju Blue gave a lot of eyes and silent.

My heart slowly fall. Although I have never talked about love, but I feel that I care and take care of it. I think of it is that it is love, but in case ... Is it misunderstood?

I am too nervous, I have suffered too much, so that I have a turn between heaven to hell. Maybe it's really just that I am moving, I have lost my heart!

My face gradually became pale, the palm of his hand was cold, it became almost a temperature of Wu Ju.

Wu Ji Lan Co will depend on me, whispered: "After the next month, if you have not changed your mind, I ..." His voice is very hard, says half, no more below.

I flew from hell to heaven, and the palm was no longer cold. The face also returned to normal.

Wu Ji Lan looked at his hand - I have been holding tightly in your hand, he asked: "When do you plan to hold?"

"Oh ... I ..." I immediately released his hand, and the cheek became hot.

Wu Ji Blue suddenly showed a smile, pinching my cheek. He said in the eyes of my shock, he said: "Ji Shang Shi is."

He didn't have the same thing as something, stood up, put two empty bowls in the tray, left the tray, "Good night."

I have sent a half, I remembered that when I just met him, I once pinched his cheek. He actually "revenge" to now.

I lick my cheeks, I can't help but smir! Ok! This kind of hatred will welcome a lot of memory, and you will also be able to revenge! I really regret that I didn't have anything else!