The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 8 months (1)

The most soft oysters are wrapped in the most hard shells, the most beautiful pearls are hidden at the destacge.

I expect the inn to have a thin name on the island, but it is not expected to be thin and famous, not just in the island.

That night, a guest who came to eat dinner actually took two videos with mobile phones: a paragraph is Wu Ji Blue's hands to hold the knife, in the ; a paragraph is Wu Ju Lan Siki, sitting in the old house mottled stone wall, playing ancient Qin. He uploaded the video to Weibo, named "a magical dinner", and the video was forwarded in an incredible speed, attracting various netizens of the shape to watch.

There is only a pleasant woman who only cares about the appearance. There is a music enthusiast who likes ancient wind music. It has a tricks to study the test of the fish knife. There is also a good food for food ... Numerous people commented on the "scorpion" in the video - Netizens don't know the name of Wuji Blue, according to his poem, call him as a scorpion, ancient to the chef's elegant.

It's really drunk! The picture is too beautiful, I can only play back.

Is it a musician who will cook, or will still play the chef of the ancient piano? Talented, it is still so handsome, so long is it is so handsome, then there is still the gas field, Maplegi, but also let other men live?

This is the traditional Chinese nice man! There is a history, Tianbao six years, Li Baizi's lack of young matches, and a small child who does not meet each other will come to visit. Li Bai is in touch with you, personally felt, and gives a poem. Li Bai's poem doesn't have to say more, go to "Baidu", please pay attention to the focus, "Li Bai personally fought", Li Bai! Li Bai! Li Bai! Written the poems of the ages, swing the kitchen knife on the tip! This is a good Chinese man!

When I was in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, I was not only for eating, and I was also available to people. "I cut the people, if the knife is flying, the blade is falling, and" ". When I arrived in Tang, the literati son was regarded as a romantic, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Changling, Bai Juyi ... all describe the fish in the poem. Like Li Bai, the people who have a martial arts and swordsman are still personally, "Huti has a few cassing blade, and the red muscular flowers fall."

crazy! The blogger replied said that he heard that Guqin was doing himself! from! already! do! of!

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Rihua wrote in "Six-Zhai Note · Zi Tao Xuan, he reads a" "that the Tang people compiled, and the books listed in the book" Xiaoxibai, big Sharying, dancing pear, Liu Yexuan, the turning butterfly, thousands of crims ... "Unfortunately, the skills have been lost, and Li Jihua has no way to verify the virtuality of these records. The scorpion in the video is likely to use the .

Fortunately, Jiang Yiheng contacted the guests of the uploaded video. He only responded to the "dinner location is the hook in the hidden stack." The man in the video should be the operator of the inn, there is no other private information. .

Netizens search all over the "Shuzu Stack", many people found Weibo I opened for the inn. They are like detective, compare the pubs I uploaded before, immediately according to the background, and conclude my Shet's stack is the hook in the video of the video.

Netizens gave a message, there is a view of the island scenery, there is a more than the pre-pair of Wu's blue photos, and there is a pure onlookers, and even some people ask Wu Ju Blue, his parents, how to raise Wu Ji Blue, seek to pass the experience ...

My Weibo fans have risen from more than one to more than 100 million, and there is no message from a few days to leave a message every day. I was scared by the enthusiasm of the netizens, and even very worried, I was afraid that this unexpected "popular" brings trouble to Wuju blue.

Although because there is no considering the network, Wuji Blue is very unexpected, far exceeds his expectations, but he is not as mind like I think. Sometimes, he will even look at the messages of him with me.

Jiang Yi smiled and comforted me: "At least it proved that he is not a wanted criminal, otherwise he can't look at your own video in the net."

I got Jiang Yusheng, I can't laugh at Jiang Yi Sheng's comfort.

Jiang Yusheng browsing the message of netizens, pointed to one of them: "This goods must be Mars! Must be!"

Jiang Yi Sheng laughed, "I found a lot of mental illness on the Internet, watching their messages are really towering, let me think that I am too normal!"

Let's take a look at Wu's Blue, and then look at Jiang Yusheng around him, and feel that he is too normal!

Since the hook stack is popular on the Internet, many people have a call to consult room accommodation, but I have not accepted it.

I feel careful that the guests come in now is the meaning of the drunkard, I am still taunt on the road, can you allow others to add chaos?

What's more, I have been going through the economic crisis, and I have discovered a more favorite method, just gave up the plans originally opened.

For various reasons, the guests who have eaten the fish in the evening are still eating at the Saffron.

Just, because the big kitchen is only Wu Ju Blu and I am two people, the menu is not rich, but it is entirely on Wu Junlai to buy in the vegetable market. Quantitatively, what he bought, what to do. Of course, guests can also call in advance to explain what I want to eat, as long as Wu Zhal is available, he can do it.

Just beginning, I am still worried that I will affect my business. I didn't expect that the guests did not think that Wu Julan did not do it, but more liked to come to the Saffler stack. Later, I only knew that many of the most good private foods in the big city were operational. Because only the ingredients purchased on the same day, you can make sure the dishes are fresh enough and delicious.

Wuji Blue's cooking is impeccable, and the environment of the dining can also be said to be perfect. A vines in the old house have been a bit old. It is a very special taste in the time of time. It is an artistic conception that is impossible to renovate, and the guests have gradually like the Shanghai Tech. Friends brought friends, in the word of mouth in the mouth, the sea screw stack quickly became the most popular private restaurant on the island.

Give me an accident, the guests see the conch crafts I do very much, ask me to sell. Of course, there is a good discussion, the price is much higher than when I am selling, and I have become a financial path.

I don't want Wu Ju Lantai, I only receive ten guests every day, probably earn two or three hundred dollars, sometimes I can sell a few sequacults, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds. I have calculated it, after removing the salary of daily spending and Wuji Blue, I can save three or four thousand months, it is enough, I don't have to do the inn now.

I was picking vegetables before sitting in the yard in the yard, and my mobile phone suddenly rang.

I wiped hands, I took a mobile phone, it was a call for Zhou.

"Big head?"

"It's me! Listen to Jiang Yusheng, don't do a bus business now, start to do private vegetable business?"

"Yes! The business of private vegetables is very good, I think the money earned is enough, I don't want to be too tired, I don't want the inn business."

"Do you welcome me to live?"

"Of course, when are you coming?"

"Waiting for me to handle the work of the hand, I have passed."

"Well, wait for you."

"You do business yourself, there is no weekend, you must take a break, don't be too tired! I have time to go out, watch a movie, what to play a ball, I am a little better."

"OK, all right!"

I hung up, I thought about it, I found that since Wu Julai fell to my house, I always pressed him to make money for me, I didn't give him a fake, and I didn't take him out. I immediately decided, I would like to change it, and I will give Wu Ju Blu and myself a holiday as soon as possible.

I called Jiang Yi, tell him, I haven't had a rest for a long time, I want to take Wu to live in the sea to play, ask Jiang Yi to go together. Jiang Yisheng said without hesitation, but also promised that he will arrange everything, let me prepare it.

On Saturday afternoon, at four o'clock, the sun has been in the same way. When the burning is so hot, Jiang Yi blooms the rental boat, take me and Wu Zhali to look at the sun, eat dinner.

After a while, I opened it to a predetermined location. Jiang Yisheng stopped the ship and took out the snorkeling appliance prepared for Wu's Blue, asked: "Have you played this?"

"No." Wuji Blue is interested in flipping, snorkeling mirror and ventilation pipe.

"How is your water?" Jiang Yusheng asked.

Wu Ju Lan stunned, slowly swallowed: "Very good."

"Can you dive in the pool in the pool of 2 meters?"


"That's no problem." Jiang Yisheng sat opposite Wuji blue, picking up his own buys mirror and ventilation tube, demonstrating how to wear snorkeling equipment, "Snorkeling is very simple, people who have a good water, learn."

Wu Julai looked at me did not move, "Do you not play?"

I shook my head, "I won't swim."

Jiang Yi smiled, "She fell to the sea in the sea, almost drowned. After that, she was scared, how to learn will not swim. I and the big head, I can wear it. Save the clothes, drift in the water. If there is no life jacket, I want her to go to the water, she will think you want to murder her, fight against it! "

I am a bit embarrassed, and I said: "There will be more people who can't swim, and I am not only one!"

"There is a lot of people who don't swim, but they are not the descendants of the fishermen, and there is no grandfather of the cow X." Jiang Yi is said to Wu Ju, "until now, the old fisherman said that is good, still Her grandfather will say. The age, there is no tool, it is said that I can dive more than 20 meters, you can see if this is not Xiaozi, and it will not learn! "

I glanced at Jiang Yusheng, and he said: "Don't visit the lobster, look at Wu Zaju Blue, his first snorkens." Also for Wu Ju Blue: "You follow the river, don't dive too much. Deep, safety first. "

Jiang Yusheng checked Wu's blue dress. After the problem was determined, he took the lead in turning down the ship, Wu Zhali was tightly followed him.

The two swim around the boat, Jiang Yi's teach Wu Zhali, how snorkens, I saw a while, I found that Wuju blue water is very good, soon, I will learn, let go.

Jiang Yusheng turned over the boat, handed a pair of black gloves and a green net can hang on the body to Wu Ji Blue. Jiang Yi is wearing gloves, holding net pocket demonstration, "When you catch lobster, from its back, so it can't get you. After caught, let's float the water, then put the lobster into the net, hang back, so You can continue to catch the second. "

Wu Ju Lan said, Jiang Yusheng said: "There is no lobster to eat at night, just look at the character of the trick." After finishing, he took Wu Zhazheng to the boat, swim in the far away.

I took the camera, while photographed, I looked at Wuju Blue as Jiang Yisheng was up and down in the sea.

In order to prevent it from being injured or wounded by sea bream, the snorkeling clothing is strict, only the neck and a small leg. Jiang Yusheng often plays at sea, the skin is a healthy bronze, Wu Ji Blue is white, fortunately, his body shape is long, and there is no slightly witty.

Wu Ji blue is very good, and quickly caught three lobsters, Jiang Yi Sheng did not gain, he ridiculed Wu Ju, said: "You are really blind!"

Wu Juan is slight smile, nothing to say. He turned over the boat and threw the lobster waving the big pliers to the iron bucket and fell a lot of oysters from the green Net.

I picked up the ready bath, handed him, "I wiped it, I am careful."

Wu Juki took the bath towel and wiped hair and body.

I have said that Jiang Yusheng, who is also bubbled in the sea: "Three lobsters have been eaten, do you still continue to catch?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "Of course! What does it mean to eat others? Wait until I caught bigger, let Wu Da Ge caught up!" He said, move towards us, swim in the distance.

Wu Ji Blue sat next to me, leaning against the cabin, comfortably stretching the long legs.

He handed me with a small oyster.

I took it in my hand, I hesitated and said, "Although it is very delicious to eat fresh oysters, I have been taking it out."

Wu Julan took the oyster and took it back from my hands.

He simply opened the oyster shell and took the oyster meat into his mouth. Then he took my hand and spit a black pearl from his mouth and gently dropped in my palm.

I looked stupid, I'm asked: "Give me?"

Wu Ju Blue twisted out his head, and he looked at the end of the sky. "I remember that your girl likes this boring thing."

I stared at the little things of the palm - a small black pearl, shape such as water droplets. In the era of artificial pearls, it is not worth money, but it is Wu Zhali, a blue-pro-friend, giving it to me.

I thought that he just had a movement, I asked: "Are you knowing that this oyster is pearl?"

Wu Zhali is lightly glanced. "Otherwise, do you think I want to pick up this oyster?"

I am very annoyed. If I am willing to eat oysters, I can surprised the pearl, then spit out. However, I thought that Wu Zhadu was a sexy look that I spit out of the pearl, I think this is better.

I held the pearl in my palm, "Thank you!"

Wu Zhama said that: "The thing that is coming!"

I am a little helpless, other men are a "a lot of people, I am grateful to me", he fell, always put a pair "I didn't do anything, don't move anything." Look.

However, he forgot that I grew up in the sea, I deeply know that the most soft oysters are wrapped in the most hard shell, the most beautiful pearls are hidden at the deepest.

I am holding black pearls, Wu Ji Blue Suddenly ask: "What is your next time?"

Nothing, I said that I said: "I am seven years old. My parents are boring, and Grandpa wants to save their feelings, call them back to the island for a few days. My mother is different, she is very Dear my grandfather, just don't respect my dad. Our family returned to the island, Grandpa delimed to play with Dad, mother and I went to play. I remember that the weather is particularly good, the sky is blue, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no one The sea is flat as a mirror. Grandpa hide in the cabin and resting, I am in the sea, my parents are sitting next to the shipside, when I will swim. "

I laughed, "The result said that they said, noisy. My leg cramps, suddenly gotting the water, but they are too powerful, no one has noticed me, I will drown. Later, I, I I don't know anything, I only know that I'm willing to drown, my grandfather saved me. My parents decided to divorce the day, thank you, I didn't have to listen to them again. "

Wu Julai looked at me quietly.

I shrugged, smiled and said: "It is necessary to say that it is not uncomfortable. It is definitely false, but I have been uncomfortable now, that is too serious! For so many years, my mother has a new family, new family, new Children, Dad has a new family, new child, I also have my own life, everything is just in the past! "

Jiang Yusheng's scream suddenly came, "I caught a big lobster!"

I have a reply with Wuju Blue, and Jiang Yi will draw a lot of water, and hold a lot of lobster in one hand.

I waved by him and showed that we have seen it.

Wu Julai didn't say a brain, "I will give you a roast oyster."

I held the black pearl in my palm and smiled nodded.

At the fall-day float, we ate a very rich seafood.

The wine is full, it is almost nine o'clock when I return home, and the sky is full.

A bottle of red wine, Jiang Yi, and boat, it is shallow, Wu Ji is just a few mouthfuls, and most of them were drank. Head, the road in the old street is uneven, I went to sway, it looks very dangerous, Wu Julans have to have my arm.

Jiang Yi's family arrived first, after smiling and waving his behalf, closed the hospital door.

Wu Julai helped me to continue.

The two have not walked to the door of the hospital, and Wu Ji, suddenly stopped. I don't understand: "Don't bring a key? I have it in my bag."

Wu Ji blue pushed me to the corner of the wall, and said that the sound said: "Don't move here." After that, he ran a few steps, borrowed on the wall on the wall, just directly from the wall Turned into the yard.

My residual wine is completely complete, and I am glaring at my house, like I have never seen it. Is the two-meter-half-high hospital wall so easy to turn over?

A person suddenly opened the hospital door, rushed out of the yard, and saw something flying out in the dark, and smashed into the plaque of the "Shunce Small Stack" hanging under the roof. The plaque falls, it is ignorant to the head, he swayed, fell soft to the ground, fainted.

I have been stunned, and suddenly I thought that Wu Zhalu is a person in it ... I immediately rushed over, stepped on the broken plaque, I was stumbled, and I fell into the yard.

"Small snail?" Wu Ju-blue worried voice.

"I am fine!"

I hurriedly climbed up from the ground, looked up, in the yard, a burly man is fighting with Wuju. Wu Ji Blue is open, and the man holds a cold and sparkling dagger, and the evil spirits will wave, almost every time I wipe Wu Ju Blue's body, I've got my heartbeat.

Wu Julai is not nervous, and there is also idle and staring at me, not Yue Geological asked: "Why isn't it outside?"

I said: "Be careful! I, come ... alarm!"

I trembled out of my mobile phone, suddenly my eyes were big, scared, did not dare.

Probably because he heard that I want to call the police, the man who took the dagger a few times and fled it. He was stopped by Wu Ju, and he was mad at once.

During the swallow of the Senhuang, Wu Ju Blue is like a probe, directly reached, and gently won the dagger, and the other hand has a neck, like a straw, firmly fix the person in the wall. on. The other party also attempted to resist, Wu Ju Blue hand, his legs are suspended, the weight of the whole body is hanging on the neck, and the gas will not breathe, so soon.

Wu Julai looked at him honestly, put it down, let him feet, "Who are you? What do you want?"

That person said hoarsely: "We are thieves, this evening is here, there is no one in the house to try luck, I didn't expect luck to back ..."

"Yes?" Wu Ju Blue cold, pick up the dagger, and worked.

"Don't!" I screamed.

Wu Ji Blue stopped the movements in his hand. He stared at the man, and he got close to him.

Wu Ji Blue returned and looked at me.

I am afraid that I looked at him.

Wu Ju Blue Eye, I lost my dagger to the ground, turned to the house.

"When" When "When the voice of the dagger, I went back from the extreme nervous and scared, and a arrow rushed to Wuju Blue, pulled his arm, and went to see his body." Do you have injured? There is no money in the house, even if there is anything worth, there is no money! Do you want to fight with them? Are you crazy? Also empty-handed white blade, do you think who you are ... "

Wu Juan is like a completely thought of my reaction, like a puppet, I checked it, I checked it from my head to my foot, I was sure Wuju Blue, I didn't hurt, I won't spit my tone: "Fortunately, you are not hurt! "

Wu Ju Lan stared at me, almost the word asked: "You are afraid ... Is it afraid of me injured?"

"Staver! Don't I afraid of thief injury?" I said, look around, confirm that no one can see, kick a state of coma on the ground, and then said to Wu Ju, "Can't use the dagger It is not allowed to punish them, it will be punished by the law, but we can sneak. "I joked a small run, ran to the study, took this book, handed it to Wu Ju Blue," pad is playing it on them, no Leave traces. "

Wu Ju Lan took a book and stayed with me.

I said: "You play! Wait for you to finish, I will call."

Wu Ji Blue's eyes became more and more bright, suddenly, he laughed, just like the darkness of the night, the bright moon broke out, so that the whole sea was flashing between the sea. He smiled and took my head with a book. "Where did you learn?"

"On TV, the police play those bad people are so played." American TV, Korean drama, Hong Kong drama is so play, I am very confident that this method is absolutely feasible.

"You call Jiang Yusheng, let him come again, let's go to the house."

"Okay." I don't know how to deal with the situation in front of you. Jiang Yusheng is self-suited to be a personal fine, eight slices, long-sleeve, good dance, seeing people saying, seeing ghosts, things handing over to him.

After Jiang Yucheng, I saw the scene in our house, but I didn't surprise, just a very speechless.

I told things in detail. When I listened to Jiang Yusheng, I saw Wu Zhalu, and I saw a stunned thief on the ground.

Wu Ju Lan did not notice anything, quietly walked to another from a room, seeing there is anything.

Jiang Yisheng called the police, after twenty minutes, two police officers ran in. Jiang Yusheng told the police, we went to play in the sea. When home, he met these two people in the room. The small stealing warehouse wants to escape, a thief accidentally opened the signboard that was suddenly dropped, a thief was robbed by us.

The police woke up two thieves and asked them.

I have a little nervous, but no matter what the police ask, the thief nods, it seems to have some thin confusion, probably I feel anyway, it is not important to catch it.

Because things are very simple, the thief is caught on the spot, no one is injured, and there is no throwing at home. After the police have finished investigation, they left two thieves.

When discharged, the police are particularly careful, look at the eaves above the hospital, and then look at the plaque on the ground, and sighed: "It turns out that there is a trick!"

When the police gone, I rushed to Jiang Yisheng, say: "It's very late, everyone is resting! No matter what is going on, I will say tomorrow."

Jiang Yusheng understood my attitude. He immediately swallowed a full belly question, hooking yawn: "Good night!" A shake away.

I lock the hospital door and the house and turn it on the building. Walking, I always feel some panic in my heart. I turned back to Wuji, "Can you sleep this evening?"

"Well." Wu Ji Lan came to the building with me, sent me to the room, "I am relieved, no one hides in the wardrobe, and no one hides under the bed, I have viewed it, and I didn't have a mouse. "

I laughed out, and the tightening nerves suddenly slack. "How do you guessed that I will worry about it?"

"Don't you watch the TV series?" Wu Ju Blue, a pair of "this will be difficult to guess?"

I sweat, "Hey ... is this, the room is too big, there is a bad place, which corner is completely unknown."

Wu Ju-blue said: "I am next door, my hearing is very sensitive, there is something will definitely know now, you can sleep peacefully."

"I know!" I have seen him tonight. I am completely believed that it is just two thieves, I am afraid that two trained special police, he can easily put down.

After I rushed, I went to bed to rest. Because Wu Ju Blue is not far away, although it has experienced a scared, it is not afraid, it is not long for the bed to sleep.

In the morning, after I got up, I found that Jiang Yusheng was already in the yard. He looked at Wuju blue dry while eating breakfast.

I kicked the floor to step down the floor, and I went to a bowl of porridge. I sat next to Jiang Yi, and joined the viewing ranks.

Wu Jura is doing a plaque, and the corner is a lot of water, which is much beautiful than the previous plaque. I am very calmly with Jiang Yusheng. For those who can do, this is really worthless.

Jiang Yisheng looked at him almost, put down the tableware, ran into the book room, consciously launched rice paper, took out the pen, prepared to write. The last time, the "Shung Stack" four big characters are written. At the middle school, Jiang Yiheng's calligraphy work took the first prize in the province. Although it was not well practiced many years, it is better than being "important in participation" every time.

Jiang Yi Shengmi wrote, consciously played well, exciting me to see it.

I walked into the book with Wu Ju Blue, I looked at my eyes, I didn't care, "Not bad, I wrote better than last time."

Jiang Yisheng asked Wu Zhali, "Do you think?"

Wu Julai did not send, go to the desk, mention the pen, the pen, the dragon snake, and it sang.

I have limited horizontal and will not appreciate it. Jiang Yusheng also glanced at the gods, muttering whispered: "The breeze is spent, the moon is filled."

Wu Ju Block left, said to me: "Use my word, better than Jiang Yusheng."

I have a good friend Jiang Yusheng, of course ... do not hesitate to agree.

Wu Julans hold the words written, go to the plaque. Jiang Yisheng took his words into a group and threw it into the trash.

I took him, "Do you have an angry?"

Jiang Yi sighed, "You! No knowledge is fearless! Do you know that 'Qingfeng sleeves, Mingyue's ?"

"do not know."

"Wang Xizhi."

I laughed and arch, "Thank you!"

"You don't have to thank, Wuji Blue's word is worth this praise! Small snail, last night, today's words, are you really not nervous?"

"Tight! I have thought about it."

"What is possible?"

"He is a special service, has been specially trained, so people will not have a variety of skills."

"Well -" Jiang Yiheng is drinking water, can't be opened, the nasal sound is dragged old, and then said: "Matt Damon's" spy shadings ", is there?"

"He is wearing increasing."

"Hey -" Jiang Yi Sheng sprayed out the water you just drunk, and coughing and said: "You" step by step "look more? The TV series of the Hu bucks is still less!"

I disappeared two paper towels to him, "What about your high?"

"I don't know! It is because I haven't worried about a little spectra. You said that if you like it ..."

I made a "stop" gesture, saying that I said: "Wu Ji Blue will tell me everything."


"Fast." Tomorrow is the night of the 15th. I have a hunch, Wu Jura will tell me who he is in the night of the moon, where he is from.

This month's moon night, just is the August 15th of the lunar calendar, not only the year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, or the birthday of my twenty-six year old.

Because my lunar calendar birthday is too special, I am only a lunar calendar birthday.

This year, Grandpa will not send my birthday gift again. I decided to take Wu's Blue and my agreed moonlight as my birthday gift.

Thinking of tomorrow night, I am very tight, Wu Jura seems to have completely forgot his promise, if there is anything to do if there should be anything.

I can't afford my mind, and I will tell the guests because I have to pass the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I have nothing to do, while watching TV on the sofa, holding a mobile phone to brush Weibo and a friend circle. Regardless of TV, or on the Internet, everyone is talking about this year's Mid-Autumn Festival.

News report: "The Mid-Autumn Festival will be the most recent moment of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. Because the global rotation and the moon's public turn, Tonight Europe, Africa, Antarctica, South America and North America will see in advance. To the moon, the eastern side of Asia and Oceania will see the largest round moon in the fifth year of Asia. "

Mid-Autumn Festival plus astronomical imagination, let the media make everything more and more fierce: "You will reward the biggest round moon in the next night? Have you considered the biggest round moon in 50 years Confession, proposal? "

My mood is very complicated. I have a little feeling of alone, and I will contact the astronomical things between the universe. It is just my special day, but it seems to become a special day of many people.

After having dinner, I don't want to watch TV again, and ask Wu Zhali to go out and walk, he said "Good".

Let's take a small road at the end of the old street, go to the top of the mountain.

It is said that there is a mother temple in the top of the mountain, so this mountain is called Mazu Mountain, which is called Mazu Street. I don't know when, the Mazu Temple collapsed, and the fishermen have sequently covered the new temple, and only the name is left here.

Mazu Mountain is not high, but the grass is placed on the grass, the mountain reef forest stands, standing on the hawless cliff of the forest, you can overlook the whole sea.

Tonight, the wind is very soft, the cloud is very small, and the moon on the sea can be very clear.

Although it is fifteen tomorrow night, the moon tonight is already very round. I don't know if it is true, or I have accepted my psychological hint. I feel that the moon is so big, I am so much like it can't hold it, I will fall.

I tangled all day, I finally couldn't stand it again, and I was brave enough to ask: "Tomorrow is the night of the moon, do you remember what you said?"

Wu Juan Lan looked at the moon. After a moment, "said tomorrow night, we saw my beach as seen tomorrow."

"It is Mount Ma Zushan, is that I often go to the reef beach?"


Originally, I think there is still a full belly, but at this moment, in the quiet night, I stand next to Wu Jue's blue border, watching the sparkling sea under the moonlight, listening to the sound of the waves, suddenly thinking me Should first enjoy this moment, other things will wait until tomorrow!

Suddenly, Wu Ji's blue body swayed, it was going to fall, I hurriedly supported him, "What happened?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Nothing, the legs suddenly cramped ..." He closed his mouth, and what heard, his eyes gradually became very sharp.

I am uneasy: "What happened?"

"Some people are hidden in the woods, are slowly approaching us, four people."

I really want to say "probably a neighbor to take a walk in the evening", but I feel completely impossible.

I said: "Is a bad person? We will run in the mountains now, wait for this small way, call loudly, will definitely have a neighbor."

Wu Jura said: "I can't run now."

"I support you."

Wu Ji Lan did not accept my proposal. "These four people are not good. I will run, I will run. I block them, you go find someone to help."

"No, I want to be with you ..."

Wu Ju Blue is staring at me, "I won't have anything, but if you insist, I am likely to protect you, I am likely to have something. Don't let you become my weakness, is the biggest help."

I can only obey, "Okay."

Wu Jincai made me support him to the nearby coconut tree.

I understand this, I can't help Wuju blue run. Wuji Blue's two legs were stiff, like stone columns, just a few steps, I and he tired of sweating.

Wu Jincan made me help him with a few small stones. He told me: "Don't try to return to the mountain, don't try to save me, believe me, I will not have something."

I bite the lips tightly and point it.

Wuji said