The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 8 months (2)


I rushed to the mountain trail, there were people in the bushes, I wanted to grab me, but I didn't close me, a stone whistled to his eyes, he had to avoid it, I quickly flew away from him Run over.

He also wants to continue chasing me, there is a stone to fly to him, he can only dodge first.

Wu Ju Lan leaned against the coconut tree, put the stone in one hand, bent in the forefinger, hook him, full of provocation and contempt.

The man is so angry, he greets the accomplices, "first packing the man."

I ran, I didn't feel relieved, I couldn't help but look at - under the coconut tree, four men took the dagger and siege. Wu Ji Blue couldn't move because of his legs, could only close the coconut tree and passively protected himself. The four men discovered his strange, two people attacked him from both sides, and the other two people borrowed the defense of Wuju Blue, and the dagger in his hand stabbed two legs in Wuji Blue.

I am in my heart, I turned back to run back, Wu Ju Blue's voice came, "small snail, obedient!"

His voice is as usual, calm to no one, but "obeying the words" is very soft, let me stop the footsteps immediately.

I bite my teeth, turned into my body, including tears and hoped to rush down.

Rushing to the small road, I can see the faint light on Mazu Street. I ran on it, and I called: "Help! Help! Someone? Someone ..."

Jiang Yiheng first rushed out of the house, highly asked: "How do you?"

I got angry: "Wu Ji Blue is in the eagle cliff, under the coconut tree, there is a bad person ... Holding a knife ..."

Jiang Yusheng opened a big step, and the mountain was running. Several neighbors also rushed to the mountains after landing.

I didn't have them quickly, waiting for me to ran to the top of the mountain, I saw a bunch of people standing under the coconut tree.

I am anxiously, "Wu Ji Blue ..."

There is no one in the coconut tree, there is neither Wu Ju Blue, nor attacking our bad people.

I am silly.

A neighbor saw a circle and said: "Shen Shu, do you have a nightmare? No one!"

I am anxious and afraid: "It is definitely those who have left Wu Juanlan."

Zeng Uncle said: "You don't worry, Jiang Yusheng has been looking for someone else."

Wang Yang Ge said: "Let's find it around, Xiao Wu is so big, I want to take him away, it is not easy."

Several neighbors are scattered, and they are looking for in the direction of the lower mountain.

I suddenly remembered that I would buy a mobile phone to Wu Ju, and I want him to promise that I have to take a mobile phone. I immediately took out the phone and called him.

The gentle female voice came: "Sorry, the phone you make is not in the service area, please call later."

I didn't dial it over and over again, and my mobile phone has always been this reply.

After more than an hour, everyone found the entire Mazu Mountain, neither found Wu Ju Blue, and did not find four bad people I said.

According to my statement, add Wuju Blue, a total of five men, Mazu Mountain is so big, no matter how it can't be found.

Although there is no one, I clearly feel that everyone doesn't believe what I said.

I want to say "Wu Ju Blue is really gone", at least, this is the fact that can be proven.

Jiang Yiheng pulled me, said in my ear, "Wu Ji Blue is an adult. After forty eight hours, the police will accept it. You will now wait alarm, the police will only wait."

I can only swallow all words.

The crowd gradually scattered, the neighbors quietly quietly squatted Jiang Yisheng took me to the hospital to check.

I am standing in the top of the mountain, both pain, nor, how do you want to think about it, how can five big men lose a little margin?

I asked Jiang Yi Sheng: "Do you believe what I said?"

"I believe." I didn't wait for me to thank, Jiang Yiheng said slowly: "You tell me that you have seen an alien, I will believe."

I contained his punch.

Jiang Yusheng is busy, saying: "You tell me something again, we analyze the possibility."

"After dinner, eight o'clock, I took a walk from Wuju Blue out of the door, along the trail of the mountain, has been coming to the highest eagle cliff ... Later, there were four bad people ..."

I went to the coconut tree and stood in Wuji Blue Station. "He stood here."

Jiang Yusheng immediately bordered my shoulders, relying on the coconut tree, look at the four weeks, while saying: "His legs suddenly cramps, can not move, it is indeed the best place. Coconut tree protects his back, He can protect you smoothly. "

The coconut tree is a dense croissant, the left is the small path of the mountain, and the front is a weeded air area. The right is the cliff like an eagle mouth, and the ranks of the wirahola grows some low anti-anti-Tong and unknown vine.

After watching Jiang Yusheng, I turned the gaze to the eagle cliff. The strange stone of the cliff, the sea, the sea, kept shooting the mountain, and splashing high waves.

If you can't find someone on the land, will people won't go to the sea?

I said: "There is a small way to the beach on the other side of the mountain. It is the beach that we often play when we are young." The beach over there is a reef beach, walking is uncomfortable, I, Jiang Yusheng and the big head three people often Play on the beach.

"I am more familiar than you! If they bring Wu's blue, the speed can't be, at least twenty minutes from the beach under the mountain. The reef beach is not good, at least ten minutes from the foot to the sea. I am going up the mountain. I didn't see Wu Ju Blue, I immediately ran to the hillside on the side, looking at the height, absolutely no one. "

"Maybe you didn't see it."

"Do you look at the moon in this evening."

I looked up and see the big moon, not sound.

Jiang Yusheng said: "I don't worry, let Li Da brother will find it over the road, nothing to find." Li Da Ge is a fisherman, where to stop on the beach, as long as someone is leaving, he leaves, he I will definitely find it.

I stared at the steep hawk badly cliff: "Do they jump from there?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "It is impossible! From there, I will die in the life. Do they have to take this insurance?"

I was so angry and said: "This is impossible, it is impossible, can people fly on the sky?"

"It is more impossible! So there is definitely a reasonable possibility." Jiang Yisheng hesitatedly said: "The four men do not necessarily have to take Wu Zhali. This is the sea, hiding a living person is not easy, let a dead disappeared It is not difficult ... "

I said: "It's impossible! Wu Ji Blue will never have anything!"

Jiang Yi is not awkward, but I don't want to say it clearly. If the four people are extremely evil to kill Wu Ji Blue, then deal with Wu Ju Blue's body, then disgume into ordinary people, disperse, and it is very likely to escape the search for the search, and escape.

I will consciously look at the eagle cliff, and the highlighting cliff is standing in the void, looking at the vast sea, look at it, there is no side, but you can swallow everything.

I stab like something, I immediately closed my eyes, turned my head, I didn't dare to look again.

Jiang Yi Sheng persuaded: "It is not used where you can find it, you don't want to go home here. As long as Wu Ju Lan is fine, he will definitely want to go home."

I can't think of other ways for a time, I can only go back to Jiang Yusheng to see, holding a sense of hope, maybe Wu Ji Blue has already returned.