The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 9 I am not afraid, I want you (1)

At least this moment, let me know your heart. I just want to know, I don't feel wrong, you also like me so little.

For a whole night, Wu Julai did not go home, nor did it call back.

I have been sitting on the sofa of the living room waiting for Wuju blue. After a while, I called a Wu Ju Blue's mobile phone. The computer synthetic female voice always told me: "Sorry, the phone you make is not in the service area, please call later."

The yard is slightly a bit wind and blowing, I will look forward to it, but I have never seen Wu Ju Lan pushed.

Jiang Yi is not relieved, I will call the hospital, please have a holiday, always accompany me.

In the morning, there is no appetite in the morning, and I have not eaten.

At noon, Jiang Yusheng gave me a bowl of long life. "I have a hard to cook, how much you eat. Even if you don't look at my face, you have to watch Wu's blue face. If you have a good thing, you have a good thing!"

"I understand what you said, but now I really can't eat." I have a reason, I am completely clear that I don't have any help for things, but my stomach is like stuffed a heavy big stone, pressure I didn't have a space that accused food.

I said: "I want to go up again."

"I will stay with you, maybe there will be new discovery."

I and Jiang Yusheng along last night I and Wu lived on the mountain road and walked slowly.

The sun is very poisonous, and people can't open their eyes. All the way to the top of the mountain did not touch one.

Jiang Yi is frowned, saying that he said: "I am also a smart person, you can think of now, how do you want to think about how many big live people can do not stay? Wuba's hand should be able to stick to us, unless we don't know what happened. "

I was silently walked on the hawk cliff, looking at the vast ocean sea.

Last night, when I stood here, I was still what happened tonight, telling myself to enjoy the present, but this is so short.

Jiang Yusheng worriedly called: "Small snail, come back! Don't stand it near the cliff!"

I retired back, recalling the situation last night, slowly walked to the coconut tree.

In the bright sun, everything looks more distinct. The coconut tree is in front of the trail, is here, just like being in the mouth, you can block all the dangers. In a lifetime, it is not every woman to touch a man is willing to stand behind her, blocked her danger.

My nose was acid, and my tears poured into my eyes. Wu Ju Blue, you promised that I won't have anything! You have to talk!

Jiang Yusheng, who turned around the top of the mountain, suddenly excitedly: "Small snails, we have been so long, one person has not seen."

I quietly wire the tears of my eyes, turned around, and I looked at him so.

Jiang Yi Sheng dance, excited: "It is not a scenic spot, there is no one in the day, how can you have four people in the mountains? Whether you want to rob, you still want to steal, you should go to the bustling lanterns Street, I shouldn't come here at all! I think these four people are never accidentally encountered, randomly commit crimes! "

I am like the top, and the time I saw a bright light from a paint black. "They ... are specially rushing to me and Wuju blue!"

"Yight! If you can't find Wu Ju Blue, you will find the four people! They must know Wu's blue down! But ..." Jiang Yi sighed, "Wu Ju Blue has not told you where he is from, what, can say, we can say, we can say I don't know Wu's blue, I want to find a clue is a bit difficult! "

I said: "How can you sure those people are rushing to Wuju Blu?"

"It's not rushing by him. Is it rushing on you? From small to big, your experience is lacking, there will be no one wants to just want to just want to just want to drive, find four gangsters holding a knife to deal with you."

I slowly think, slowly said: "My experience is lacking, but I have a lot of things in these two months. I went to the bank to pay money, I was robbed on the way; we went to play, return home There are two thieves at home; I will walk in the mountains and Wuju, I have met the four gangsters. Our street has been safe and good, never happened, but I have encountered three pieces, not just a unfortunate. Explanation. "

Jiang Yusheng said with: "Indeed! These three things should be related!"

I said: "The only thing in these three things is me."

Jiang Yusheng said: "It is also related to Wu Zaju, and he has lived after you stay in your home."

I have no way to refute Jiang Yi Sheng, as he said, my experience will be clear, I can't think of any reason, it will lead to me to deal with me.

I said: "Whether it is rushing on me, still rushing to Wuju Blue, it is not important. The key is that if these three things are not isolated, the two thieves caught are ..."

"Trail!" Jiang Yusheng finished, immediately took out the mobile phone, dialed the phone of friends working in the police station.

"What? I have been sent away? Why ..."

Two thieves did not cause personal injury, and did not cause loss of property. It is not enough to theft. Because their adverse attitude is good, the sentencing is very light, about six months, you can take the trial; it is because the case will eventually be tried in the island, so they have been released, leaving the island.

Jiang Yi Sheng comforted me: "People only have to leave, not there is no way to find it. I have let my friends help me check their guarantor who is, when is the case, and the clues can always be traced."

My mood is in a heavy place, and I have traveled it. I don't know how long it takes. Wu Ju blue ... I immediately told myself that he promised me, there would be no things! He is so proud, definitely will not yell! Certainly not!

Back home from the mountain, I recovered the previous look - sitting on the sofa, looking at the window, holding a mobile phone in your hand, giving Wu Ju Blue a phone.

In order to disperse my heart, Jiang Yusheng opened the TV and took a bunch of snacks on the coffee table. However, in the past, my favorite relaxation method no longer has a half-point effect. I am full of heart or Wuju.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, I said to Jiang Yusheng: "I have lost Wu Ju Blu's contact for twenty-four hours, can you find a friend to think about it, turn it, let the police help find it?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "Good! Wuji blue is a bit complicated, I have to find a friend, when you talk, you are alone ... No problem?"

"Of course, there is no problem! After a while, I will go to sleep. My mobile phone has been booting, you can call me at any time."

"This is good, you sleep well, I will give you a phone call." Jiang Yisheng picked up the coat and hurriedly left.

I made another Wuji blue mobile phone.

"Sorry, the phone you have dialed is not in the service area, please call later."

I asked my mobile phone whispered: "How long will it be later?"

The voice of the host's excited: "This year's Mid-Autumn Festival will be the most round moon in the 50th year. We have a Chinese in the Chinese people 'water to overflow. It is very short, you want to know which moment is the most rounded? According to the prediction of astronomers, the most round moon will appear at 11:49 this evening. Mid-Autumn Festival, you have selected your place Going to enjoy the moon ... "

I stood up, I got a little time, I started looking back in the box.

I put on warm coat and anti-slip shoes, bring portable flashlights.

"... but a pity, there is generally rain in the southern part of my country tonight, not suitable for the moon ..."

I picked up the remote control, "" closed TV.

When I put down the remote control, I saw the snacks on the tea, and put a pack of chocolate into the pocket. When I walked out, I took a folding umbrella again.

I took a small path from Xiaoyao, and I went to the reef beach that I met with Wuju Blue Yard.

The shape of this beach is like a "concave" word, and both sides are tall and tall. It is very steep, and the middle is a few hundred meters long reef beaches. Because of the water, it is not suitable for swimming, not suitable for hackers, very few people. Only nearby children will occasionally hide here to smoke and drink, do something that needs to avoid parents and teachers.

For a long time, this beach is my secret garden of me, big head, and god doctor. Every time, I will come here when I feel quiet, I will come here.

Tonight, the moon is big and circle, but there is a cloud in the sky, the moon is in the clouds for a while, in a while, the beach will be bright, and the dark is dark.

I picked up the most conscious reef, climbed to the top, stand straight, turned the flashlight, holding it highly, let yourself like a lighthouse as bright. As long as Wu is blue, no matter where he is, you can see me at a glance.

When I can't find him, the only thing I can do is to try to let him find me, this is also a desperate hope.

I have been tired, and I change the other hand, and the two hands are alternate, always let the flash of the flashlight on my head.

Silently, pray silence, waiting for silence ...

I don't know how long I have waited, I don't know how long I have to wait. I have already turned into a stone, I don't know how tired, I don't know how to thirst, as long as Wu Jula is still coming back, I will have a flashlight, wait Here.

The wind blown from the sea suddenly became bigger, and the thick clouds flooded to the moon and wrapped it. There is a dark in the world, and the sea is also lost, such as ink. The sea tide is getting more and more urgent, and the waves are getting higher and higher. The sea is a wake-up angry beast, roaring, wants to swallow everything.

According to the grandfather: "The wind is up, the second cloud, the three waves, the fourth is to rain." Experience fishermen, the taste of the wind, I know that the Hailongwang wants to be angry, so I have to find a place to avoid.

The Hailong King, which tonight is obviously very unhappy, warns everyone away from him as soon as possible.

However, because of the conventions of the moon, I raise the flashlight, stand on the reef, and I am not willing to leave. In case I just got, Wu Zhal is coming?

Wait a while ...

Wait a while, I will walk ...

Wait a while, wait a while, I will go, I will go immediately ...

One after another "for a while", there is no sign, the rain is suddenly pouring, the beam of the bean is smashing, and I am painful.

I bite the flashlight in my mouth, take it out of the folding umbrella, just opened, "call", the whole umbrella is blown up, not only can't help me stop, but I bring my station to stand unstable, almost fall down reef.

I hurriedly opened my hand, "", the umbrella was blown by the wind.

I don't think there is a bit wrong, pick up the flashlight, take a picture of the foot, I found that the waves have rolled into the reef I stand with the rapid rising sea, quietly rolling up on the reef of my standing, almost flooding my foot.

I am the fear of the water, and I immediately want to go back.

One wave is not flat, a big waves roll up to my reef standing.

"Ah -" I slid down from the reef and worse in the waves.

I consciously struggle, I want to catch nearby reef, but I can't catch anything.

I can't help but hit the reef, and the sea is slippery toward the sea.

Just in the last moment of I was about to lose, a strong power suddenly stretched, pulled me into his arms, and I slammed the water.

I made a big mouth, while gasping, I kept coughing, and the whole body was relocated by fear, but my heart was full of joy, eagerly wanted to see clearly saved me.

Is Wuju Blue, it is really Wuju Blue!

Although the night is dark, the sea is blurred my eyes, can only see a contour, but I am definitely Wuju Blue.

The wind is angry, the rain is like, the sea tide is swaying, it seems that the whole world has to overturn.

Wu Julai grabbed a raised reef, holding me tightly. In his chest and reef, a small safe space is formed, so I can not be hit by a wind wave.

I don't know if my face is rain, sea water, or tears, and the opposite line is blurred, so I always see it. I reached out, smashed Wu's face, and determined that everything in front of him was not an illusion, I hugged his neck and tightly sticked his neck.

There is a dark in the world, the wind is like hungerous wolves, keep crying; heavy rain is like the whip of God, whispering in the world; the sea is an angry flood, want to swallow the whole world.

It seems that the world is destroyed, but I feel that at this moment, peace is incomparable, in his arms, the head is in his neck, everything is solid and reliable.

The storm is coming fast, get faster.

After more than half, suddenly, the wind was small, the rain stopped, the sea was calm, the cloud gradually scattered. A round of golden beautiful wallet hanging in the dark blue sky, reflected in the sparkling sea.

I looked up, staring at Wuju Blue, gently helping him to put the water bead on his face, "Thank, thank ... Auntie!"

I opened a mouth, I immediately made a cold battle, I felt so cold.

Wu Ju Lan lightly pushed me, I want to help me on the reef.

I was like only eight claw octopus, and I immediately wrapped in Wuju Blue, and I found that he did not wear it. The naked skin and the cold sea are almost a temperature, I will take a look at it, I want to help him add a little temperature. Wait until it is, I realized that this is like it ... it is more likely to be.

I am embarrassed, I am busy letting him, and I said: "Let's go together."

Wu Juan Blue shake his head, pointed to the direction of the finger, and pulled my hand and wanted to push me into the reef.

I finally saw a little wrong with it later.

I tightly grab the arm of Wuju Blue, "I will not go home first! You, you ... and me said, call me 'small snail'."

Wu Ju Lan looked at me in silence, his mouth closed tightly.

"You can't talk? Are they doing?"

My tears go straight in my eyes, reach out to touch his lips, "You let me see, where is it?"

Wu Jura shouted very much, and slammed his head and avoided my hand.

I can't see him, he is silent, and the deep eyes will flow sad.

I don't want to bare him again, grab your wrist one hand, go to catch the reef one hand, I want to climb the uphousing, I have forgotten the fear of the water. "Let's go to Jiang Yusheng, immediately go to the doctor."

Wu Ji Blue gently took me with me, I easily climbed to the reef.

I turned back, pulled him with force, I want to pull him up on the shore, Wu Ji Blue is not moving.

I am trying more effort, but I don't know how Wu Ju Blue's hand turned, and even easily broke away from my hands. He slowly retired.

I am shocked in horror: "Wu Ju Blue!" I immediately wanted to jump into the water and chase him.

Wu Ju Lan stopped, lifting it with me, indicating that he didn't want to leave, let me stay well. I didn't move again, squat on the reef, staring at Wuju Blue.

Wu Julans determined that I won't jump down the sea, slowly retreat to the direction away from the reef.

I can't lick my eyes, staring tightly.

He stopped in a few meters away, one can let me see him, but guarantee the distance that we can't get in touch.

He looked at me quietly, did not speak late, and there was no action.

I squeezed a dry boat, whispered: "Wu Ju Blue!"

He finally started to move.

Just like a platform in the sea, he slowly rose from the sea, he rose to the waist, and the whole upper body was exposed on the sea.

He stopped in the middle of the sea, quietly looked at me quietly, it seems to remind me, let me see everything; it seems to hin me, if you want to escape, everything is still coming.

Under the moonlight, his upper part is like marble sculptures in front of the Greek temple, and the muscles are strong, the skin is white, and a water bead seems to be flashed, slipping from the undulating curve.

If I don't know the same, it must be lying, but these are not enough to make me scared, I smiled nervously, and said: "It's good!"

Wu Ju Lan deeply stared at me and seemed to finally decided. "", A water wave, I seem to see a huge fisher out of the water.

Waiting for the waves, I saw Wu Julai, sitting in the sea, and the whole body did not block in front of me.

My eyes are straight, open your mouth, a big brain.

Just experienced the sky of the storm, it is very clean and clear, it is like a flawless sapphire. A golden round moon hangs in the sky, it is big and bright, and the glorious brilliant pour, the whole sea is sparkling.

Wu Ju Blue is elegant side shadish on the sea, his upper body is human, but the waist is below the fish, and the big and long silver-blue fishband floats on the water, so that he looks like it is Sitting on the water. The breeze is blowing, the sparkling sea is gently together, and Wu Ji blue is also shaken slightly.

I think I am going crazy! What did I see?

Really? fake? Illusion before death?

In fact, I am going to die! Whether it is Wu Ju, it is still the illusion before death ...

However, no matter how many people will hypnotize yourself, everything is fake, reason is in a small corner, stubbornly remind me, everything is true!

I can think about screaming, it is the natural self-protection and defense mechanism of human beings, but I have the face of my familiar in the picture. Although I am now in the heart, my head is faint, but I know that I will hurt him, can't! Absolutely not ...

I have been in a piece of fossil, and I have been holding a squatting, and I looked at Wu's blue.

He has always been moving, quietly waiting quietly, just like a walking of the person who is completely handed over to the old days to decide, in addition to the long wait and longer waiting, there is no other way.

After Wu Jue, I was very patient enough, I finally found my voice, asked dry: "You, are you cosplays?"

This is the only reasonable explanation I think of the only reasonable explanation after I deny the dream, mad, hallucinations and other options. I am afraid that he didn't understand, and said that it was drawn as a movie, novel, a person in the game. The high-grade COSER was exactly the same as the imagination. "

Wu Ju Blue shakes his head, and nearly two meters long tail tall high, riding over a beautiful arc in the sky, and fall back to the water. Under the moonlight, the silver blue fish tail is in a glance, it is beautiful, and it is impossible to manpower. It can only be the gift of the Creator.


Everything is true!

After you have to accept the facts, the horror slowly dissipated.

Why don't you want everything in front of you? Why have you always want a reasonable explanation from Wu Junlai? Why can't I accept Wu Ju Blue has a fish tail? Even if everything is true, how can it? He is still him!

I can't help but look at Wuju Blue. He seems to know that I am actually the courage is really watching him, and I have a slightly sideways, so that I can see more clearly.

Under the moonlight, he seems to have changed.

His eyelids are more depressed, the eyebrows are higher, the nose is more, the nose is narrow, the jaw is more prominent, and the face is more angular. The dark hair is hanging in his shoulder, which makes him look very monster, and it is very cold and ruthless.

In addition to the front half, he covers a fine blue scales, this and the lion, the tiger, the beasts are very like, only the front abdomen is not protected, so the beast has never been a deep abdomen. The color of the scales is gradually shallowed by the color, the tail is the blue-blue blue-blue dark blue. When it is the shoulder, it has almost become a crystal transparent light blue. If it is not in the moonlight, the scales are faint silver light, almost Be careful not to have a scales on his shoulders. The whole arm is also covered with scales, and the color gradually deepens from the shoulders, and it has become a dark blue-like blue-like blue-like blue.

I asked curious: "When I was in the water, I didn't feel that there was a scales on your shoulders, because I haven't been there?"

Wu Ji is nodded.

I asked: "Because I am worried, I am afraid ... You have not revealed?"

Wu Zhawei looked quietly and quietly.

I suddenly thought - not only I am nervous? Wuju is not nervous, isn't it afraid?

He is afraid that I am afraid, I have a safe distance, sitting there, have been showing his body, but also in conjunction with every one, no one will like this? What's more, is it a proud and frightened Wuji Blue?

My heart is blocked, my heart is sad, and I want to cry and miss the feeling.

I said: "Wu Ju Blue, can you swim?"

Wu Julai looked at me and didn't move.

I beg: "I am afraid that the water will not swim, come over, ok?"

Wuji Blue's fish tail is elegant, sinking to underwater, his people will sink down, only the chest is above the sea.

He went to me, in fact, it is not like a tour, because he is not moving at all, the body is straight, more like drifting from the water.

When there is a long distance from a meter, he stopped, staring at me, seems to be confirmed that I really will not be afraid.

I feel that the feeling of sourness in my heart will overflow, I can't help but sigh, and I will never be sad, but the soft movement of the heart. I first discovered that when I thought I had already like one person, I would like him because of his little actions.

Wu Juelan misunderstood me, his eyes were full of helplessness, and wanted to retreat.

I immediately said: "Don't move!"

Since he can't talk, then I will say it!

I said, "You will not really think that I am afraid? Please! I am not a" Twilight City "and" You from the Star "brain powder, but I am from the head to the end, I have not settled all over. "

Wuji Blue's expression is very angry, obviously don't know what the "Twilight City" and "You from the stars" are what is related to him.

"The" Twilight City "is a movie that speaks blood." You from the stars "is the TV series of aliens. You are sure that there are not the world, how many women are their brain powder. Now the girl is not" "The people of the white snake", when the monster is not afraid to die, it is shouting and shouting. Everyone is now the monster, vampire and alien. For girls, 'boyfriend is not a human' absolute 'Boyfriend is Gao Fu Shuai' more tempting ... "

Hey ... I just said something, it seems to say "not a person", is this what is awkward? I immediately closed my mouth.

I looked at Wuju Blue, Wu Jura also looked at me.

I opened my mouth, but I felt that any language was difficult to express my mood at this time. I just didn't say it, and my body explored, I held it on the reef, and I stretched forward in Wu Ju Blue. I didn't fear you! I want you!

Wu Julai looked at me and moved.

My hand is stubborn before Wu Ju blue, waiting quietly.

After a long time, Wu Jun welcomed my line of sight and slowly lifted the hand immersed in the sea, but didn't want to hold my hand, but I want me to see clearly, what do I want to hold? .

My breathing is hysteresis, and even the pupils have shrunk.

Under the silver moonlight, a string water beads are falling from his fingertips, which is a very gentle picture, but now it will only feel shocking and horror.

His whole palm was covered by blue black fine scales, and it looks like metal generally cold and hard. There are five glimpse on the back of the hand, and it is highlighted to destroy everything. Five fingertips, nails sharply, like five steel needles, it is easy to pierce the imagination of prey. There is a connection between the fingers, when the palm is completely opened, almost twice the normal person.

Objectively evaluated, and it is said that this is a hand, it is better to say that this is the pawl of a beast.

I am very shocked, even I have a fear, but when I escaped the owner of the claw, Wu Zhali is deep and deep, and I am finely observing my reaction. I realized that any of my stiff reactions may hurt him and calm down.

I turned my gaze again to his hand in the moonlight, and looked carefully. Once again, I am sure that this is a mustache, but he is so careful, even if I am close to me, even if it is the claw of the beast? This claw will not hurt me at all!

I stared at him, stubborn, stretched away.

I see what I will have to grasp the hand, I am still convinced - I am not afraid of you! I want you!

Silence confrontation.

Finally, Wu Juchi slowly stretched me, his speed was very slow, very slow, just like I have no chance to repent and escape. When the two fingertips are about to come, he stops, still giving me a last chance to escape.

I am waiting for impatient, no matter whether it is Wang Yang Dahai, I have explored it, I caught his hand. He was shocked, sharp nails retracted in the finger. I caught a space, shake, and I have to fall down the reef. He holds my hand and gently holds, let me stably kneel on the reef.

I immediately put his hand and didn't feel warm and soft, but I was cold, hard, as my imagination.

I stared at him, holding his hand, a little bit hard, pulling him around me - I want to be with you, not afraid, don't worry, not regret!

With my traction, he slowly swam around me.

I laughed with him, and he stared quietly with my smile.

At this moment, the glory in our eyes, the most beautiful moon color of the 50 years is dim.

I am squatting on the reef, Wu Ju Blue floating in the sea next to the reef, and the two hands are holding together. I have always looked at Wuju Blue, until Wu Ju Blue is seemingly embarrassed, slightly closing the eye.

I was worried about asking: "Are you hurt by the four people?"

Wu Ji Blue nodded and shook his head.

"Half is because of injury, half is because of nothing?"

Wuji blue nodded.

I thought about it: "Because you change back ... fish?"

Wu Ju Lan smiled slightly, it seems to praise me smart.

This is not difficult to guess, he can the lower body and human beings are different, the tongue or trachea is not the same as the human beings are not very normal?

I asked: "The last month of the moon, you can't disappear all night, is it because ...?"

Wuji blue nodded.

"Oh - then do you have a meal of fish every month?"

Wuji blue nodded.

"It's amazing!" I am hard to imagine that two legs become a tail, and a tail becomes two legs.

"You said that the legs suddenly cramps last night can't move, is it because this reason?"

Wu Ji Blue nodded, refers to the moon in the sky.

I understand that the most unusually unusual moon has triggered his body's abnormality in the past 50 years.

"When did you change back to personal? The moon falls, when the sun rises?" I remember that he should appear after sunrise.

Wuji blue nodded.

I looked at the moon in the sky, said to him: "I will accompany you,"

Wu Ju Lai refers to my wet suit, indicating that I will go back first.

I shook my head, "Don't! I haven't heard you told me ... anyway, I don't go back, this will have no wind, the weather is not cold. I am very good, I'm boring for almost no birth, you don't have to use worry."

I said that it is not cold, but it is not only cold, still very hungry. Suddenly, what do I think of, pick up from the pocket, take a bag of chocolate, put on the reef.

I hold Wu's blue blue, I can't let go, I want to tear the plastic paper bag with another hand, but it is obviously a bit difficult.

Wu Hui blue's fingertips were gently scared from the bag, and the plastic bag broke.

I picked up a piece and handed it to the side of the blue mouth. He stunned, slightly opened his mouth, and tongue the chocolate into his mouth.

My heart is like a drum, jumping into the jumping, but I haven't worry, pick up a piece of chocolate, put it into my mouth, I feel the fingertips, a normal chocolate is eaten by me.

The moon gradually western sulf, Wu Ju, the cliff, not far away, indicating that he is going to leave for a while.

"Is going ... Is it going back to your legs?" I asked.

Wuji blue nodded.

Although I really want to accompany him, this should be a very private thing, just if people change underwear, they will definitely don't like someone.

I whispered: "I am waiting for you, you have something ... Just send someone, or take my stone."

I am reluctantly laughing, and Wu is blue, I smiled to me, and I silently silently silently silenced into the water.

I work hard to see it, but I can't see anything. Wu Julai has been very slow in front of me, but it is clear that his true speed is fast.

The sea tide has not completely fallen, my reef is in the most inside of the sea, and the water around the sea is very deep. I broke up with fear, and I stand up and used the ground to watch the cliffs just referred to Wuju.

The moon falls, the sun is not rising, and the world is very dark. I am standing on the reef. I can't see it. I feel nervous and scared, I heard the sound of the faint approach.

The pronunciation and the melody are very strange, I don't understand what to sing, but I can't say a beautiful beauty. The sound of the sound is not as heard in ears, but every pore, every inch skin can hear, directly into the body, and resonate.

Is Wu Julans in singing!

He guessed that I would be afraid, tell me with the song he is by my side.

The feeling of being cherished, let me almost tears, and the mood is peaceful.

The sky gradually turns out and illuminates the sea.

I saw the sea under the cliff is a bit blush, thinking about today's sunrise should be Hongxia full day, very good. Unfortunately, the beaches of this side are in the west, they can see the sunset, but they can't see the sunrise, I can only determine whether the sun rises according to the level of Diain.

In the continuous waves, I suddenly discovered that the wonderful songs disappeared, because it was too gentle, it was like a cloud, the morning dew, was not aware of it.

I am a bit panicked, explore the body, hand together, toward the direction of the cliff, exciteful: "Wu Ju Blue!"

"I'm here."

The sound is under my feet, I am surprised to look down.

Wu Julai floated from the sea, and his hand was held, and he sat on the reef.

I quickly glanced at it, I was sure that it was two legs, I was embarrassed, and my sight was quickly moved. He is wearing a wet black shorts, white t-shirt, is the clothes before he disappeared before, but he didn't wear anything at last night.

Seeing my cloaks, Wu Ju, said: "I put clothes