The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 9 I am not afraid, I want you (2)

Hidden in the coral cave, or before the shore, I have to think about it to steal clothes. "

I remembered the funny dress when I saw him, I couldn't help but laugh. "The original clothes are you stealing, it is no wonder that it is so mixed!"

"But this time is a hurry to jump down the sea, the shoes are only left, the mobile phone is also broken." Wu Ju Blue swayed two bubbles in the feet in the sea, the left foot is light, the right foot is dragging.

Let me see the embarrassing reef beach, take off the jacket on the body, hand it to him, "use this bag with feet, wait until I go home, go home and then buy double new shoes."

Wuji Blue used my jacket to pack a very profitable "feet", I suspect that he has done this.

I am worried about asking: "You just ... Will there will be something?"

"Nothing. If you haven't come to the land for a long time, you need to adapt it. This time it's okay." Wuji Blue stood up, it looked as a common person, there is no strange.

Two people stand in front of the face, there is a little reef, which seems to be a bit promotion.

Suddenly, we seem to have a loss of loss, no one speak, just look at each other.

After a while, my voice was not big, but the word was clearly said: "My heart has not changed."

Wu Jura said: "You will regret it later."

"That is the future, now I want to give up, I will regret it now, and you are not me, don't make judgments for me."

Wu Ju Blue is silent, and it is not moving.

The mountain is not me, I will go to the mountain! I turned my heart, I took a little, I took a little more, until I almost standing in Wuju.

Wu Ji is still not moving.

I went in the cool morning wind, I don't know if it is a heart, it is cold, I started to smash, the more it be more powerful, the whole person shakes almost a sieve bran.

My voice trembled: "Wu Ju Blue, you promised me, mine!"

Wu Jura does not talk.

"Wu Ju Blue, you, you ... isn't it to look at me quickly, will you come to me?"

"You are too cold, let's go back!" Wu Julans turned to go.

I didn't hesitate to jump toward the sea. People have reached half Kong, Wu Jue, Lu Yue, quickly hug me, turn a circle in the air, steadily fall back to the reef.

He just wanted to let go, I said, "I will also jump! But you can choose not to save, let me drown!"

Wu Jura was laughed by me, "Shen Jun, I have never seen something like you so skinless!"

"I have seen it now, nor too late!"

Wu Ju Blue coldly said: "Unfortunately, I only threaten someone else, no people threaten me! You want to jump, you will be drowning is you, not me!" Wu Ju blue let me, turn it.

I stared at his back and saw a moment, and turned into the sea.

Although I have been jumping down, I have given yourself a variety of psychological preparations, but my fear of water has been deep into the bone marrow. The body is just entering the water, and it is uncontrolled to start spasm. Fortunately, Wu Ji Blue jumped down in the moment of my falling water, and the action was quickly shattered. I took the water and jumped to the reef.

I squat on his arm, coughing, saying: "You used to ... did not accept threats, because you didn't put the person in your heart. Unfortunately, you can put me now in my heart now, I can only accept me. Threat! "

Wu Ju Blue is silent, no denial, and no longer try to let me go.

I murmured: "I know that the road in front is very difficult, maybe be far beyond my imagination, but at least this moment, please let me know your mind. I just want to know, I don't feel wrong, you also have one I like me bit. "

Bihai Blue Sky, under the rising sun, Wu Ji Blue first stunned me in his arms. The more the arms are getting better, and I almost breathe, the ribs feel pain, but let me feel the feelings of his feelings in my first time, I have closed my eyes over.

In the meantime, I think he is not only a little like me, but a lot, like a snowy mountain, although the surface is full of ice, it can be deep in the bottom of the ground, but the turm is hot magma.