The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

How to defeat Chapter 10 (1)

You are downstairs, from the bar. I am on the upstairs, looking at the month. Two broken intestines, but it is an acacia.

When I came down from the mountain, I saw a ladder outside the wall, and the courtyard was hidden.

I am anger, these thieves are too mad! Light Tianhua Day, Lang Lang ... I got the roots of the roots from the road, rushed into the yard, seeing people.

" -" Jiang Yisheng hid back.

I am stupid, I will throw away the stick immediately. "I ... I thought it was a thief. How did you turn it over?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "How do I turn into your home? You tell me, why don't you be at home? I hit your mobile phone to shut down, I have no one to open the door, I certainly have to turn it out! You are not talking to me Will you sleep at home? Why don't you tell me? Don't know if I will worry? "

I am sorry: "My mobile phone fell into the sea, I can't pick up your phone, and there is no way to call you."

"Why didn't you tell me when you go out? When you go out, don't you fall into the sea?"

I said: "I am sorry, I will go to Wu's blue, I am afraid that you will stop me, I didn't tell you."

"Can I stop you? Black light is burning, where can you find someone? I have never opposed you to find Wu's blue, but you must first ensure your safety. I tell you, even Wu Zhali is here, he also Block you! "

I saved the land and went to see Wuju Blue. Wu Ji Blue lealed against the hospital door and said: "Be good!"

Jiang Yusheng saw Wu Ju Blu, stunned, surprised: "Wu Big Brother, you are back?"

Wu Jura smiled and said gently: "It is back."

Jiang Yusheng saw that he was packing my jacket on his feet, and asked carefully: "Are you hurt?"

"No, I lost a shoe." Wu Julan said, sitting in the stone step outside the kitchen, unlocking the jacket on the feet.

Jiang Yusheng put his heart, said to me: "I didn't expect that you really got Wu's brother."

Didn't wait for me, Wu Jukai said: "Without her, I will come back."

I took a pair of slippers and took a pair of slippers from the roof of the living room, put it before Wu Ju Blue's feet, turned and entered the kitchen.

Jiang Yi said in Wu Ju, "You come back in peace. That four gangsters ..."

"I jumped out of the sea, they should escape."

Jiang Yisheng shocked: "You jump in the sea from the eagle cliff?"


Jumping from the eagle cliff and actually is safe? Jiang Yusheng can't believe in me, I shrugged, saying we have to hable Wuju Blue's strange.

Jiang Yusheng asked: "Do you want to alarm?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "Forget it!"

Jiang Yi Sheng thought about it, I feel that I can only count. Wuji Blue's identity is a bit trouble, and those people have not caused actual harm, and they have to report the police, and it is estimated that there is not much place.

Wu Ji Blue saw that I was looking for the West in the kitchen, he said: "You go to change the wet clothes first."

I took the biscuit and said, "I am hungry, I will change my clothes."

Wu Ji Blue said to Jiang Yusheng: "I am going to do breakfast, you have to eat it in the morning, eat it together!"

I am busy: "I don't have trouble, I will find some eating."

Wu Zhama said that "You can casually, I can't."

I was driven out of the kitchen by Wu Jinc, and I went to the hot bath.

Waiting for me to wash the whole body, wear a clean dress, Wu Ji Blue has been doing a good three bowl of Yangchun, and also a bowl of ginger soup.

I eat a bowl of noodles.

Wu Jincheng asked: "Don't you eat well yesterday?"

Jiang Yi is cold, and Zhang said that he wants to talk.

Under the table, I stepped on the foot of Jiang Yusheng, Jiang Yisheng did not speak.

I ginger soup, smiled and said: "It is too good to eat."

Wu Ju Blue said that there is no expression: "If you don't use your feet to step on Jiang Yusheng, this sentence will be more convincing."

I am awkward, I immediately turned back.

Jiang Yi smiled, "When I was young, we thought that everyone thought that the big head and my worst, but we were bad, the small screw was bad, and the many bad things we did were her out. idea."

I said that I said: "Those who can be called bad things, name is reasonable revenge and resistance." Who told me to fight? From the stepfart to the stepmother, a small age, learn the curve struggle, behind the knife.

Jiang Yusheng smiled and looked at me for a while. I said to Wu Ju, "I became a sudden illness in the end of the year, and the father suddenly became a madman. This has become a spree of the water, I have been more art, how many good students, smart and excellent good students , The teacher likes, classmates envious; after you mention me, I have become very wonderful. The teacher's like has become pity. The students will no longer envy me, often call me 'madman', it seems that I am smart, represent my nerve. The more abnormal, the more likely it be a madman ... "

I interrupt Jiang Yusheng, and said moderately: "How to suddenly mention these things?"

Jiang Yi, I laughed, and continued to say to Wu Ju, "I have been praised by people from Xiaoyao, I am envious, I don't know how to deal with such a sharp life, becoming the abandonment. When you are jealous, you will only stand silently. If I think that I will become a madman sooner or later. At that time, my mother was very painful, but also to seek medical treatment around, I didn't pay attention to me. Teacher and Classmates thought that happened, my changes were askarated. Only one of the students never said to me, I shouldn't think so. She ran all the students who called me 'madman, announced myself. It is her friend. I ignore her, but she wrapped me in her face, until I didn't work, I had to do her friend. She took me this kind of student, I didn't think it. Difficult things, I also incited me jumped three levels, I think I am already crazy, and I will not turn into a madman to give up entanglement. "

Jiang Yi smiled and asked Wuju blue: "Do you know who I am talking about? Is that the woman is now entangled in your face!"

I said: "Hey! Don't speak selfless. When I don't have it?"

Jiang Yusheng converges a smile, saying to Wu Ju, said: "For me, the small snail is a friend, and it is also a relative; it is still concerned. I care about her safe. Speed ​​robbery, theft, theft, late night, already Three times, if these things are related to you, please don't have the fourth time! "

I used to step on the foot of River, indicating that he quickly shut up. Jiang Yusheng is completely ignored me, always looks serious, watching Wuju Blue.

Wu Ju-blue said: "I can't guarantee that similar things will not happen, but I can guarantee that no matter what I have, the small screw will be safe."

Jiang Yiheng deeply stared at Wu Ji Blu, laughed, and resumed the hanging gentleman and got it. He got up, say: "Two, I went to work! I heard that the hospital will come from abroad to a beautiful female doctor. When you have time, help me prepare a few surprising lover package, I want to ask her to eat. "

I am busy saying: "The doctor, remember to let your friends help continue to investigate the two thieves."


After the departure of Jiang Yiheng, I said to Wu Ju, "" Jiang Yi said that you don't want to go, we are now guessing these three unlucky things should be associated, not accidental events. "

Wu Jura said: "Your guess is completely correct."

I am surprised: "Why is this sure?"

"You said last time, the person who grabs you money is a black scorpion?"

"Yes!" I reached out probably compared with the position of the scorpion.

Wu Ju-blue said: "At the eagle cliff, we attacked our four people, there is a person's hand, in the same position, also a scorpion."

I didn't expect this little detail to help us confirm their guess. It seems that the three incidents are really the same group, they certainly have a figure.

I carefully asked: "Wu Ju Blue, you used to ... Is there any hate you, hate you?"

"Yes!" Wu Ji is very frank.

I am in my heart, I want to ask, Wu Ju Blue also said: "However, they should die."

I am shocked: "Dinning?"

"This time I go to the shore, the first person encountered is you. Time to stay on the land is limited, the people who know it are also very limited, except for the week, no one hates me again." Wuju blue smiles look at me.

I don't want to discuss this with him, hurry and continue to ask: "What is it before?"

"I am going to be on the shore, I think, it should be ... The Qi Causa echthrough in 1838, I wanted to live for a few years, but I have a little accident in 1865, I will return to the sea." Wu Ji Blue said that said: "That time I was in Europe. After more than ten years in Europe, I went to the new mainland in Europe, settled in New York. Even those who hate me have a very persistent future generation, it should also be far in the other side of the earth, can't know I am here."

I am in the wind, the whole person is petrified, staying in Wuju Blue. He said 18, for a long time? Continental Europe? New World? Is he serious?

Wu Julai silent sigh, "Small screw, I am telling the truth, this is me. I am not a suitable person, you should find someone who is equipped with you ..."

My brain is chaotic, and my temper has become irritated. "Shut up! What should I do, I know!"

Wu Ju Lan really closed his mouth, silently packed the tableware and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

I took a little more than a while, went to the kitchen gate and said: "Wu Ju Blue, you just deliberately! The same thing, you can change my gentle way, but deliberately scare me! I tell you All your tricks will not be useful, I will never be scared by you! "

I finished, turned right now, go to the living room.

I didn't sleep in two nights, my headache, because the things happened in these two days were challenged my endurance, each nerve in my mind seems to be irritated, completely uncontrolled, and disturbing I have no sleepiness.

I took out the high white wine prepared to give yourself a glass full of glass, and the head is .

Striped wine is like a flame, rolling from the stomach, making my five organs have a kind of burning sensation, my spirit is gradually relaxing.

I held the stairs and swayed on the floor, I was weak in bed, and even the quilts didn't cover, I was grogly closed.

When I went to sleep, I felt that Wu Zhali's blue hugged my head, let me lie on the pillow, and help me cover the quilt.

I really want to open your eyes and see him, even if you want to hug him, but the wonderful place of drunkenness, or hate is that you know what you know, between the contact between the bodies and the body is cut off. It can't control the body.

Wu Ju Lan is softly pulling my hair and cheeks. I strive to deviate, put the face in his cold palm, express the reluctance and attachment.

Wu Ju Lan did not pick up his hand, so that I have been laid so until I smile and completely sleep.

I woke up at 7 o'clock in the evening.

Have you slept for a whole day? At night, I can't sleep, is I have to have time?

US, 1865, 19th century New York ... How many years is it in the end?

I stared at the roof, I sent a half, decided ... I still have dinner!

I finished it, I took a horsetail, and I ran down the floor, "Wu Ju Blue!"

"Wu, living, blue!"

Jiang Yi Sheng's voice came from the living room, and he learned that my yin and yang strangely called.

I am depressed: "How did you come to me again?"

"I am happy!" Jiang Yizheng took a glass of red wine, the leg bracket on the tea, there was no status on the sofa.

I said to Wu Ju, "I am hungry, is there anything to eat? Don't do it for me, what else, what I eat,"

Wu Ji Blue turned to the kitchen.

Jiang Yusheng handed me a new mobile phone. "I went to buy at noon, or your previous number, Wu Da Ge is also. You give me a mobile phone money, your calculation is a birthday gift."

I took a smile, "Thank you! Wuji Blue's mobile phone? Have you seen him?"

"I have seen it." Jiang Yisheng referred to the circle of the sofa corner. On the top of a mobile phone. "You have lost your mobile phone, really domineering side leakage!"

I didn't pay attention to his rock, pick up Wu's mobile phone and my contrast, the model, just the color is different. I am satisfied: "Couple machine, honest!"

Jiang Yizheng disdain, "You are so careful, is it difficult to guess?"

I am not awkward, busy with my mobile number to the mobile phone of Wuji, and the ringtone of his mobile phone is called with the previous model. My choice has nothing to do with aesthetic and preference, only one standard, the ringtone is enough, long enough, guarantee that when I gave Wu, he was able to hear it.

Jiang Yusheng waited for me to finish, putting a file to me, "I just gave Wu Da Ge seen, he didn't know them at all, and I couldn't think about any relevant information."

I looked at it, it was the two thief personal information, and the lawyers who helped them to take peace trials and guarantee people.

I didn't see any doubts. Ordinary thief, ordinary crime, guarantor is one of the sisters, the lawyer is hired.

I am sighed, clutch the folder, "these two people must know what, but they don't say, we don't have any ways."

"You don't worry, this is just beginning to trace, there will always be a spider silk, there is no such seamless thing in the world." Jiang Yi said.

"I don't want to be anxious, I should be those people. If my guess is correct, they must have a figure, will have a fourth unlucky thing." I patted the folder, "Since I can't find anything, I will Waiting for the rabbit! "

Although I said nothing, Wu Ji is still fire, giving me a bowl of crystal shrimp and fried rice.

When he walked into the living room, I just said to Jiang Yusheng: "Those bad people are not rushing to Wu, should be rushing on me."

"Why is this speculation?" Jiang Yi asked.

I am a blue eye, saying: "Anyway, I have sufficient reasons to believe that the bad people are not rushing to Wu, since it excludes him, it is only possible to be me."

"Say your sufficient reason to listen."

"I do not want to tell you."

Jiang Yi is watching me like neuropathy. "Miss Shen Da, you should be very clear, those people are rushing by you, or rushing to Wuju Blu, will be different ways. Such an important judgment , Don't you tell me? Maybe there is a clue in your judgment! "

I said, "I have reason, anyway, do you believe in me?"

Jiang Yizheng said to me, the eyes are watching Wuju Blue. "This is not believed that I don't believe in your problem, but at least the analysis and logic. You and Wu Zhali, of course, Wu Ju Blue is more like a trouble. people."

I smiled and said: "But this is really me, although I don't even think about myself, my judgment will wait until I want to say, I will tell you."

Jiang Yusheng said: "Well, I don't ask you reason, I will assume that everything is rushing at you." He looked up, drinking a clean wine, put down the cup to Wu Ju, said: "Investigate everything before, Don't let the small snails stand alone. "He stood up and waved to us," I am going home. "

I was eaten by fried rice silently. Wu Julai sat on the sofa and looked at a book quietly.

I secretly aimed at a few eyes, I found that it is Ji Bron's "prophet", I can't help but happiness, because Ji Bon is one of my favorite writers. In fact, it is not a big deal, but I know that Wu Ju Lan likes to watch the book I like, it is like this unpredictable world, and I found a little and his own, even if it is just a little, it is also happy.

After waiting for food, I put down the bowl, smiled and said to Wu Ju, "You don't call me during the day, harm that I slept all day, there is sure to insomnia at night."

Unfortunately, Wu Julai didn't feel a little bit. He looked at the book, while unhappy suggestions: "You can give yourself a big cup of white wine."

I was said to be a sentence, I couldn't say it, I stared at him. Wu Juan blue is not moving, keeping a book calmly, letting me.

I stared, unconsciously turned into a fine floor, I saw the feet carefully, I didn't have a little different.

If it is not Wuju Blue Time to force me to face this fact, I am afraid I will soon forget what I saw last night! Because I don't know what to do in mind, even if I am glad, I will turn only one night a month. A fish.

I know, Wu Juan is not like me, just in addition to like, he still has a lot of reality to consider, any one I guess or embarrassing the reality, it is possible to stop.

Wu Ju-blue said: "After the next month, if you haven't changed your mind, I ..." At that time, he didn't finish it, I would like to understand "I will accept you". Now, I understand that he is not the meaning of this, he did not continue, not the unhappy words, but really don't feel below.

This below is that I am stronger in hardness! However, since there is no face, I haven't going to let go!

Any period of adult men and women will have doubts and uncertain, because we have been believe that "true love invincible" and "from this, prince and princess are happy" age. Suspected and uncertainty is normal, it is a more responsible attitude towards yourself, so I have to talk to love and interaction. I will talk about it, I will go, a little understanding, a little judgment, a little trust, even a little bit Compromise, a little inclusive, this is the love of adults.

I have lived for twenty-six years, I have been full of pessimism and don't believe in this world. Wu Juelai is bigger than me, and I have been complicated than me. I allow him to have more suspicion and uncertain. As long as he also likes me, then everything can be solved, we can slowly understand, slowly interaction, let the time to defeat all doubts and uncertain.

I sat next to Wuju's bluefad, and I shidder called "Wu Ju Blue", indicating that I have to say.

Wu Zhali got on the book, put the book to the tea, and looked quietly to me.

I talked about the hand of Wuji Blue. He didn't reject it, but he did not respond, his eyes were quiet, and even the eyes looked at me. It was like nakedly indicating that - for him, my touch, Don't talk about your heart, even if you are troubled, you will be caused to cause him.

If you change to another girl, I am afraid that I will blamed the land, but I ... anyway, I don't have my face!

I used the index finger and middle fingers to gently scratching his palms. I have not responded. I have been scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching ... Wu Ju Blue is holding my hand, stopping me. Dial.

I have a dark music in my heart, but I am in the face: "Long night, no heart sleep, let's chat!"


"Just talking, for example, your business, if you are interested in me, I will know all, I don't know."

Wu Jincai did not think that I did no longer escape so soon and decided to face everything. He stared at me and asked in a moment: "What do you want to know?"

I tried to say anything else: "Your age."

Wu Ju Lan said: "I have lived in the sea, there is no sun moon in the mountains, and you can't calculate the time."

I was silent for a while and asked: "You said that you last on the land is 1838, in Europe. How many land is it?"

"Now this time, once in 1838, there is also the first time, a total of three times."

Experience is still simple! I am relieved, curiously asked: "When are you the first time?"

"Kaiyuan eight years."

I didn't ask "Where", because this year's number of methods, there are two words "Kaiyuan", as long as the Chinese who read a little history book know. Although it has been prepared for various mental preparation, I am still surprised.

I stunned god, jumped up, ran to the study, took out the "Tang Tang Appreciation Dictionary", turned to Wang Wei's poem, and quickly read it in a line:

Youth Mountains,

There is no meeting in the number.

Don't see you,

Heart remembers,

This heart identies to Junjun.

Tallful for the color of the monarch,

Slim is floating.

Finally, finally ... I understand! On the same day, Wuji Blue is gently sigh. It is not a sense of "the age, all in the unreasonable", but it is true for the octopus, and you will sigh.

If I am crazy, I will throw it out of the book, hurried to the computer desk, search Wang Wei: AD 701 - 761, Tang Dynasty famous poet, painter, word Magua, No.

I just want to search for the eight years, how many years is AD, Wu Ju Lan walks to me, saying: "Kaiyuan eight years, 720 AD."

Wu Julan entered Chang'an, which was the Datang Shengshi. "Chang'an Avenue is connected to the sky, the green bulls, the seven incense car. Yu Yu is in the main, the golden thigh is in the house."

That year, Wang Wei is 19 years old, it is the poetry wine year of "Meeting is a drink, the heroic landlift willow".

I heard my voice is like a smoke, I am not like it is from my mouth. "Do you know Wang Wei?"


No wonder I will feel very strange when he speaks.

My brain was blank for a while, and Li Bai was searched and founded in 701 AD - 762, the famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, the word is too white, and the word Qinglian.

It turned out that, Li Bai was only 19 years old, and it was "Before the Air Shore."

Then Wu Jun, is the case there? Feng Huazheng, the poetry wine is a song, "I am drunk, I'm going to sleep, and I am interested in holding the piano."

I am muffy: "Do you know Li Bai?"

"I have been drinking a few times, I have been more than a few swords."

"What about Du Fu?"

"Because the face is not old, I can't live in a long time, I have to wander around. In the second year of the year, I have seen the beauty on the shore of Jihangzhong."

Wuji Blue's expression, tone is very flat, but I don't dare to ask again. From Kaiyuan Shengshi to the chaos of Anchi, from song and dance to the world, I have been reading in the millennium, I feel shocking, sad, not to let me in place.

"Since you can't live in a long time, why not return to the sea?"

Wu is blue and laughing. "I am too young at that time, it is the first time to live on land, and I am too focious. I can't put it, but I can't put it."

"When did you leave?"

"Daxu six years, 771 AD, I took the boat from the Zhoushan Islands, Tung Dai Japan to visit the old people. When I arrived in Japan, he was ill, I lived in Tang Temple for half a year, I returned to the sea."

From 720 to 771 AD, the people of the fifty-two years, the people of the people, the joys and joys, looked at countless familiarity, the old friend, the old death, no matter what "the god is a drink", or "After the wind is kills others", It has become a white bone, and Wu Ju, who has long lived, and has been old. It should be equivalent to having a few births, no wonder what he is not unresolved, and there is no sense of indifference.

Suddenly, I understand, why he has to board the land again, or a continent of all memories, the laughter and sorrows that are engraved in memory are too heavy!

I went to Wu Jun, and I held him softly.

Wu Ji Blue's body trembled slightly, "Are you not afraid?" His voice is like his body temperature, like a vicissitudes of the millennium time and heavy.

My headquarter in him, my arms have been tight, I hope that my warmth can melt a little cold, "I am afraid that time is time, not you."

"But you can see it, it is me, not time. Now you are still young, I don't do, can be ten years, twenty years later? I still do this now, what will you become?" Wuji Blue Standing in the distance, the sound calmly did not have a row, the words are sharp, like a cone, it seems to be tied into my heart.

At this moment, I really hated Wu Ju Blue's rationality and cold. He refused me to have a half, and I refused me to escape, always spread all nakedly in front of me.

I clearly felt his feelings for me, but he could not be ignored, and then I wanted to push me away, forced me to give up my feelings, give up him!

I am silent and said: "I will become old, ugly."

"I can't live in a place, you have to follow my discouragement, no friends, no family, until then, my existence is your most horrible nightmare. Old and ugly, you will hate me, fear me, I don't even have a way to flee me. "Wu Ju Blue said cruel words, and smiled and pushed me.

I gratified his hand under the consciousness, I didn't want him to leave, but this moment, my hand was more cold than him.

"Shen Shu, don't waste your short life in me, go to find a man who is really suitable for you!" Wuju Blue is unfolded, "I will find out who is for you, confirm and I don't have After the relationship, I will leave, you will be a dream! "

I am dizzy, I walked out of the study like a dream tour and returned to my bedroom.

The house is in the mouth, my heart is bored, "", opened all the curtains, opened all the windows. The cool evening wind suddenly filled in, blowing the paper on the table flew up, the curtains were floating.

I sat on the wicked chair in front of the window, and I looked at the sky in the sky for a long time.

The moon in Millennium should look almost the moon tonight!

However, people can't do it, have been sick and dead, and one can escape. The woman's Fanghua is even more limited. After ten years, I am 36 years old. If you have a good maintenance, you can say that Xu Niang is half old, and the charm stills it, can be two decades? What is the forty-six-year-old woman? What is the 50-year-old woman look?

At that time, I did a long life, and what I didn't have to stand together?

China's most beautiful love vows is "the hand of the child, and the old man". If the old man can't do, the handsome hand is still the hand of lovers?

I am sad and helpless.

Self-righteousness, all courage, confidence faced this feelings, decided to make a decision, no matter how many suspicions and uncertainty between him, we can slowly understand, slowly interaction, let the time to defeat All doubts and uncertainties.

However, I didn't think that the biggest problem between us is "time".

What should I use to defeat time?

This problem, even the millennium wisdom, almost omnipotent Wu Jincain does not know what to do, so he will deliberately say "the old and ugly you", hurt me, force me to give up.

I agree with the decision of Wu's Blue. Since the future is a dead road, it is destined to hurt everyone, it should have to give up.

But, I only know that I like him, he also likes me. I am willing to accept his non-human identity, he does not exclude me is an ordinary human woman, why can't we be together?

The deeper the night, the more the wind is cold, but I am like a stone carving, I have been sitting in front of the window, blowing the cool breeze.

Suddenly, I slammed a few sneeze, I'm sourcing, very wolf, I had to stand up to squat towel.

After erased the nose, I took the mobile phone on the table and looked at it, and I was still at four minutes in the morning.

I didn't know that I was sitting six or seven hours in the window, I no wonder I had to have a runny nose, I don't know which nerve failed, I didn't feel cold at all.

I rely on the window sill, watch the window: under the moonlight, the dragon spur is clean, moved with the wind; Jiu miles into the clouds, dark incense.

I remembered that Wu Zhali sat lazy to sit in the flowers, quietly seeing the flowers, couldn't help but press in the heart, sigh sigh s mouth.

I am not Wu Ju Blue, there is no reason, but there is no more cold to others. Maybe I think about how long I think, there is no way to think clearly, I should give up rationally, but I should stick to it.

However, in love is two people, no matter what I think, Wu Julai seems to have made decisions ...

Suddenly, my heart moved.

Wu Ji Blue Forced me to give up, did he give up?

When I said so much cold, I know that people who can't hurt me later, is it only me?

In an instant, I made a decision that I can't make a decided thing to decide.

If I call Wu Ju Blue, he responded, then the fate tells me, don't give up! If he didn't respond, then the fate tells me, should ... give up!

I took the head to the window, and I wooled in my mouth and wanted to call him. However, I have a soft feet, my heart is jumping, and my scorpion has no sound.

I really want to put my fate, is my future?

In case, in case ... he has already slept, he can't hear it, or he heard, but he is not willing to respond me?

I took a few breaths, and I was so calm and calm.

In the fear, I have been full of courage, and gently call the munning nights outside the window: "Wu, Wu ... Wu Ji blue." Because too much, my voice listened to the sand and dumb, still Take some trembling.

Originally, I thought I had to go through the painful waiting, and I was likely to wait for an answer. The result didn't think that my voice was just falling. I heard Wu's blue voice came from the window downstairs. "Where is you? Comfortable? "

I am surprised.

After a moment, I smiled and smiled excitedly, and slipped down on the side, falling in the ground.

I am squatting on the floor, Sher is shrinking, holding his face, silently silently silent.

You are downstairs, from the bar.

I am on the upstairs, looking at the month.

Two broken intestines, but it is an acacia.

Do you let me give up?

Do not! I don't give up!

I am jealous if I madly cover my cry, Wu Julai flew in the window from the window.

He saw that I was squatting on the floor, and I immediately rushed over, I held me, "Where are you uncomfortable?"

I held him, just shook his head, just crying.

He doesn't understand, I am not uncomfortable, but too happy, too happy, hindly, for his heart, hang your belly.

He touched my forehead, saying that he had a fever! Now I know that it is uncomfortable. Why don't you know how much thinking? "

I can't cry, I have been crying. He picked up my hand and helped me put the pulse, and asked softly: "Where is it?"

I shook my head, swallowed and said, "No, no uncomfortable."

He doesn't understand, "Is it not difficult to cry?"

I cried and smiled: "Because you hear my call, you can't sleep ..."

Wu Julai likes to understand what I am talking about, the look is convinced, and the eyebrows hang on the frost, and I will return the hand for me, say coldly: "Heavy cold."

He picked me, put me in bed, cover it for me, and turned it.

I immediately grabbed his hand, rubbed his eyes, and watched him in tears.

His ice-cold expression has a loose, helplessly said: "I will take a breather."

I put