The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

How to defeat Chapter 10 (2)

Opened, he first closed the window, all the curtains pulled all the floor to take the medicine.

After a while, he took the antipyretic, gave me a cup of warm water, let me eat the medicine first.

He handed the electronic temperature to my mouth, indicating that I will contain it.

After a few seconds, he took out the thermometer and saw the number displayed, frowned, said to me: "The medicine you just eat will let you sleep, sleep well."

I don't know if it is because of the efficacy, or because of the fever, the whole body began to be soft and weak, and even the eyes of the eyes did not. I gradually closed my eyes and sleavefully.

However, I have been sleeping, I have been very painful from the beginning to the foot, from the inside, has been very painful. It is like being raised on the stove. It is hot to smoke; for a while, it will fall into the ice, freeze the whole body.

Dizziness, I feel that someone has taken care of me carefully. My brain is fascinating, I don't think about it at all, I don't know who he is, but I'm happy. It seems that as long as he is in me, even if I have been baked with fire, I was frozen, I am willing.

When I opened my eyes, the light in the house was dark, so that I didn't tell how long I have slept.

Wu Ji Blue sat on the rattan chair next to the bed, closed his eyes. I just struggled to move, he opened his eyes.

My throat is like being smoked, and my pain is painful, I have a mouth, but I didn't say it.

Wu Ju Lan immediately understood what I meant and put a cup of warm water to my mouth.

I went to drink a lot of cups, and the thirst feeling was eased, but I still think that the scorpion is hot and hurt, and the symptom of the head is light, the whole body is weak, it seems that my cold is really not light.

My voice said hoarsely: "How can I ... is so serious?"

Wu Ju Blu shed: "Bubliness a night of sea, blow a night cold, do you think you are iron beaten? If you don't burn into pneumonia, you have been lucky."

He opened the curtain, I found out the sun outside, it should be already noon.

Wu Julai asked: "Are you hungry? I have a white porridge."

"No, you want." I am dizzy, very uncomfortable, no appetite.

Wu Juanlan walked to the table, opened the tile, and a small bowl of rare porridge, "I drank a little bit."

I don't want to fight against him, struggle with spirit, sitting.

I slowly drink porridge while sneaking, I secretly saw Wuju Blue. He has not taken a rest for several days, and it can be normally, can't see a trace of exhaustion.

I have finished the porridge, saying to Wu Ju, "You go to rest, don't worry, I am very good, I am very sick, even if you are sick, it will be good."

Wu Zhali quietly stared at me, did not take me, turn it around a bowl, handed me, "taking medicine."

It is a bowl of black Chinese medicine. I smelled the taste and feels bitter. I just want to say "cold, eat some western medicine", suddenly reacted, I didn't go to see Chinese medicine, where is the Chinese medicine square?

I asked tested: "What is your medicine?"

Wuju is blue, and it should be "huh".

I don't like to eat Chinese medicine, I don't dare to disappear this bowl. I took a bowl, I tasted a bite, I immediately wrinkled into a group, it is too bitter, it's too hard to drink! But look at Wu's Blue, I don't dare to bother, I have a breath, and I will drink it. When putting down the bowl, I only felt that my mouth was bitter and just, and immediately found the water.

Wuji Blue Station is on the bed, holding a cup, looking at me coldly, just don't give me the water.

I looked at him pitifully, "water!"

He said coldly: "I know that the taste of getting sick is not good, I will have a long time in the future, will I open the window to blow the wind?"

I suspect that the bowl of traditional Chinese medicine is so bitter, he is deliberately punishing me, but nothing dares to say, smart, saying that it is never committed.

He finally handed me the cup, I quickly drank a few mouthfuls, swallow the bitterness in my mouth.

Wu Ju-blue said: "The medicine has a hypnotic effect, you feel sleepy, continue to sleep."

I lied for a while, I feel that the eyelids become more and more sinking, and it is fascinating and sleeping.

However, this time, I didn't feel the heat, cold, slept very practical.

When you wake up, you will eat medicine, and then sleep again.

The next evening, when I woke up again, in addition to the body, there was a little sour, the scorpion was still uncomfortable, almost just good. From small to big, I am like this, the body is better than the big head and the doctor, rarely get sick, even if you are sick, it is so fast.

I am squinting, quietly watching Wuju Blue. He sat on the rattan chair next to the bed, probably felt a little boring, holding a notebook, holding a few pencils, apply it on it.

I have a hands in my hands, sitting up, take a drink on the bedside table, drinking water, looking at Wuju Blue.

He got me and saw that I can take care of myself, low, and continue to apply.

I put down the water cup, laugh and ask: "Are you painting? What?"

Wu Ju Blue couldn't help the notebook in his hand. I took a smile, and the page turned over and the smile gradually disappeared from the face.

Wu Juelan painted three sketch pictures, all me and him, just me and him with different ages.

The first one is now I and Wu's blue. I am lying on the hospital bed, he is going to take care of me, look, a man is taking care of young lovers, is warm and sweet.

The second is that I and Wuju Blue after more than ten years. I was lying in the hospital bed, he was taking care of me, it seems like a son is taking care of the mother.

The third is a few decades after me and Wuju Blue. My chicken peeling, dying, lying on the bed, he is going to take care of me, look like a grandson is taking care of my grandmother.

It's just a black and white two-color sketch, but Wu Jura's painting skills are very high. Each picture is now, it is lifelike, and people look like a real photo.

After I finished the last picture, my face raised her head and stared at Wu's blue.

His reason, always let him become very cold after gentleness. If every time I don't care about me, I will have a reason to stick to him. He will immediately do something to hurt me, give me more reasons to give up this feelings.

Although he knows, he is doing this, not because of ruthlessness, but my heart is still in a sharp edge, blood is painful.

I feel heavy and I want to put the note to Wuju Blue.

He smart glanced at it, did not pick it up, and he didn't look at me. "These three pictures are all you, give it to you."

I bite the lips tightly, and the hand holding the notebook is gently trembled.

He is not visible, standing up, and said crying: "It is ready for dinner, you can eat it."

When he left, I have been stretching in the half-air, and the notebook "" has fallen to the ground.

I held my knee and contacted it on the bed, and the body was uncontrolled. Three lifelike pictures were more killed than any language. He was forced to see the future of the future, reminding me that this is the reality I have to face, it is impossible to be because of love, it is more impossible for a moment. change.

I stared at the notebook on the ground, I really want to close my eyes, no longer look at it, but the reality is the fact that I will happen sooner or later.

I bite my teeth, bent down, and picked the notebook from the ground.

Wu Ji Blue, if this is what you want me to see the future, I will see it carefully!

I broked my fear and resistance, opened the notebook, and slowly took three pictures from the head to the end again.

Still not seeing, then look at it again!

Still don't dare to see yourself in the picture, then look again!

Still scared, then look again!


I watched three pictures over and over again.

Come back and return, repeatedly, I am like these three maps into the long river, youth, middle-aged, old age ... I don't want to stay, the flow is ruthless, I have the old man, he is still still.

I closed my eyes, silently thought about each picture.

After a long time, I suddenly took the bed, went to the desk, took a pen, and wrote a paragraph in the blanks of each picture.

Let go of the pen, I quickly enter the bathroom and decide to take a hot bath.

After washing your sweat, it seems that you have rushed out of the bacteria, and it feels that it is light up and the whole person is spiritual.

I blow dry hair, put the long hair into the braids, take a drink, replace the favorite skirt, wear a necklace you have made, the meal is Wu Zaju to send my black pearl.

Because the face is still in the case, I applied BB cream, took a loose powder, and swept the blush, let myself look good.

I look at myself in the mirror, my self-feeling is not bad, I picked up the notebook, and I got down.

The night is deep in the window, and the lights in the window are clear.

Wu Julan sat in front of the table, waiting for me quietly.

When he went downstairs, the sky was still bright, this is waiting for more than two hours, waiting for the sky, cool, but he is not impatient.

I stopped, standing in the yard, watching him on the window.

He looked at me, I believe he definitely envissed my various reactions, but I didn't think that my full-blood resurrection ability was so strong, and I was hit, and I was bright, bright and bright. The ground appeared.

His expression is obvious, I smiled toward him.

I walked into the kitchen and sat on the seat next to him, put the notebook side on the table.

I said calmly: "I have already finished reading my three pictures. As a return, I will send you three sentences."

I pushed the notebook to him. He hesitated and opened a notebook.

Three pictures, three sentences.

Each sentence is written correctly on the blank of each figure.

First picture: The so-called Iraqi, in the water side. Tracking from it, the road is blocked and long. Trace from it, Wan in the center of the water.

The second picture: the so-called Iraqi, in the water of the water. Tracking from it, the road blocks and among it. Trace from it, Wan in the water.

The third picture: the so-called Iraqi, in the water. Go back from the road, resistance and right. Trace from it, Wan in the water.

Wu Ji Blue once turned over, the brow is tight, and the doubt looks to me. I don't understand what is my relationship with his pictures.

I got together, I went down and looked at three pictures without avoiding the ground. I said: "Three pictures, it is my body, weak, and most need people need people. The first , I am young, you are. "

I turned to the second picture, "I am in middle age, Yili, you are."

I have turned to the third picture, "I am going to the elderly, when you go, you are still there."

I looked up at Wu's blue, whispered: "Do you know? There are four words to describe the meaning of these three charts - no way!"

Wu Ji was shocked by my God. I saw me in a moment. I just wanted to open back. I immediately said: "I know, you don't have this! But write a 'Bible' Ji Bron Said, 'If you want to know him, don't listen to him, but I have to listen to what he didn't say.' You baked things under the painting of the painting is your most authentic heart, no matter what I am, When I need you, you have never thought about it. "

Originally reacted kens, Wu Ji, who said, was first told to open the tongue.

I touched the notebook and said: "Don't give up, it is the best love vows I can think of, thank you! I have three sentences to your love vows, borrowing the poems of the ancients!"

I laughed and said: "The ancients of the ancients, you will definitely be better than me! My intention is in the river, reverse the water to find him, the road has a long, and the water is going to find him, he seems to be in the water. Whether it is counterling, still in a hurry, he is always indishable, and it is expected to ask. "

I made a ghost face for Wu Jincan. "However, there is no relationship! He has promised that you will not give up, he will wait for me until I overcome all the difficulties he gave me, walk to him."

Wu Juanlan expression is shocked, eyesight, stare at me like a monster.

I don't want to look at him.

I am not the woman "for love, I can abandon my self, I don't care," is not the kind of "even if you don't love me, I will love you for a lifetime." If I really love the wrong person, even if I have to bear the pain of my heart, I will definitely do it.

However, if you don't leave, I can only live and die!

After a long time, Wu Julan helped his forehead, sighed, muttered: "I really don't know if you are a monster, or I am a monster."

I wanted to think about it carefully. "Probably! You didn't hear a sentence on the network? The best is a double completion!"

Wu Jura was laughed by me.

I thought: "It's not a misinter, but I am a heart, the ice and snow are smart, you don't want to say, or if you don't dare to say!"

I pointed to the third picture of the chicken peel crane, I am old and weak, I'm talking about: "When you draw these pictures, have you abandon my thoughts? One is not! In the future you imagined, even if I become Old and ugly, the action is slow, the reaction is awkward, you are still taking care of me, accompany me! "

Wu Julai stared at the picture, and he didn't have a deep sadness.

I also stared at the picture, no longer from my eyes, I saw him always not old, but from his eyes, I saw the growing aging, I was lying on the sickbast.

I am saddened by my heart, whispered: "When drawing these paintings, is it difficult?"

Wu Julai looked at me and his eyes were very unexpected.

I said: "When I am in the face of the future, I have to face it. Look at me gradually go, I even have to look at me, but I can't do anything, is definitely uncomfortable?"

Hold the hand, but it can't be old and old, I have to face the cruelty of time, with the pain brought by the time, what is he not? The pain of our two is not very heavy, and it must have a painful. However, he has to be more longer. The dead is long, the living is still sad!

Wu Jura's appearance suddenly changed, and I was obvious that my words were in his pain.

I gently held his hand.

Wu Juanlan did not move, watching the window, but the focus is unfocus, the line of sight falls in the dark paint.

After a long time, he reclined me, staring at me, saying: "Love a person should want him to be happy and happy. You are very clear that you have limited time, after a short companionship, you will leave me, give me a long time Pain, why should I stick to it? Your love is to know that the last result is painful, but also from privately? "

His voice is calm, there is no hint of fireworks, just like the snowflakes of the nine cold days, no sound, the long-awaited, but will be sealed throughout the world.

I am in a hurry to say something, denying his question, but the heart is white, I can't think of what I can say.

I have always been from my own point of view, I considering Wu Zhali's non-human identity. He is different from human life and no longer face, asking if he has enough courage to accept everything.

However, I have always ignored from his angle and considering his feelings.

I don't have a class of ours, it is a differentiety, and I have a terrible weakness than his strong life - the life is short, the flesh is fragile. When I think about accepting everything he wants, he must think about accepting everything I have to bear.

I always think of accepting him, I need extraordinary courage, even self-sacrifice, but actually, he accepts me, more expense, more need to be sacrificed.

Wu Ji Blue's look was calm, and the waves were unresolved, gently said: "Let's eat, take your body first!"