The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 12 My Boyfriend (1)

As long as you are in my heart, I will be nervous, nervous, you are hurt by others, nervous, I don't careful to you, nervous you are not happy, these are strong or fragile without any relationship.

I received a few days of calls that I had to wait for a few days, he was already on the ship of island. Fortunately, there is no one in the room, I'm cleaner, I just need to prepare a clean bath towel and toiletries.

After more than three hours, knocking on the door sounded, I went to open the door, I saw the week after I didn't say it. I am very unexpected. After the last time I didn't scatter, I thought I would never let the nature of the millennium, I will never step into me one step, I didn't expect that she didn't have me.

Zhou did not say sweet, take the initiative to say hello: "Shen Sister, the four words on the plaque are really good, is it a pen ink?" She said, took out the phone, facing the plaque Two photos.

Since she can not revenge, take the initiative, I am not a person who is worried, laughing: "Thank you, praise, is Wu Ji Blue Write."

I didn't think about it and wrote around Wu Ju Blue. Their eyes were as if I saw a poor child coming out of a deep gushan, I would say fluent in English.

I didn't feel comfortable, I walked two steps, blocked their eyes with my body, said: "Wu Huara is not only written, Guqin is also very good."

I didn't believe in the Internet: "I have seen the two videos that I have passed on the Internet. Grandpa is most interested in China's traditional culture, I originally wanting to let Grandpa, but those videos are deleted. Someone posted to break the news is fake, just doing business speculation means. "

I can't think that I'm too straightforward, I said that I am too straightforward, and I am busy saying: "It means that the propaganda marketing means and is very exaggerated."

I wonder: "The video is all deleted? Some people say that we are false speculation?" No wonder that I didn't receive the phone recently, I thought it was the enthusiasm of netizens.

Zhou said: "Don't you know? I thought you asked the website to delete!"

I am going to open an explanation, and Wu Ju, who has been silent. Suddenly, said: "It is what I did, the small snails don't know."

Since it is Wu Ju Blue, I will be lazy to pursue again, and he is special, it is indeed fewer winds, but I just didn't think that he was suddenly negligible, and there were patience and website.

During the transformation, my heart is flat, why bother to see Wu's Blue? No matter my Wu Zha, there is no need to prove to her!

I smiled and said to the week and Zhou: "There is time to chat in the future, first go online to see your room!"

I took a week, I didn't say it. I thought I would like to live in a big suite that I have lived in the past, and I didn't say his adjacent rooms. Unexpectedly, the two had almost unable to communicate, and Zhou lived in suit, and Zhou did not smell the adjacent room. Obviously, the week is not a habit, and the week is also used to being taken care of. The little movements between the two are very tacit, and it is very warm.

I stood aside and looked silently. When they selected the accommodation, I was sure that there was no shortage, I let them take a break, and I will leave it downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen, Wu Ji Lanzheng stationed in front of the dishwash pool, I hugged him from behind, my face was on his back, and I didn't talk.

Wu Ju Blue said: "The warmth of the warmth is welcome, how people are really coming, and another look is unhappy, is it thinking that Zhou did not have an eye?"

I said: "Isn't it! I just think ... Where is it a bit weird."

Wu Jura is comfortable: "Originally, the big brother of his own brother was taken away, and it was very difficult!"

I anger, I opened my mouth in Wuji Blue's shoulder.

Wu Jukai said: "You are careful tooth."

The muscles of the muscles of his shoulders are really hard to bite! I screamed: "I will not hurt!"

"The teeth are not painful, I should have a distress."

"Why is the heart hurt?"

"If your teeth do not hurt, it is what I hurt. I hurt, don't you really hurt?" Wuji Blue said, while putting the dish, it is good to get it, you can't have anything else.

I am stupid, are this this is being tiled? what! what! what! My family's iceberg Wu Julai will play me!

Wu Julan turned, put two empty foods in my hand, "The kitchen house is placed off the artemisia, bean seedlings, spinach and lettuce, helping me wash, we eat hot pot at night."

"Oh -" I still at the motherboard overheat, holding a snack, mechanically walking out the kitchen.

I sat on the small bench, and smirked and recalling the words just Wu's blue, and I was rinsed against the faucet. After a while, put it in a clean basin, and then pick up a few artemisia, then rinse it.

The voice of the week came from behind, "What are you doing?"

"Washing vegetables!"

"Washing vegetables? Can you dry it?" We wrote that he didn't smell it and opened the faucet.

The water fell in my hand, I finally woke up, the faucet did not open.

I look at the dirty vegetables in the basin. If you don't have something to fall back on the bluestone floor, say calmly: "We eat hot pot in the evening, what do you like to eat? If there is no home, give Jiang Yi Sheng called a phone, let him come When it is a bit by way. "

Unfortunately, I have been thinking about three years. I have been more than three years. I am very familiar with my empty city. "I don't like to eat fish and vegetables," you should be prepared. "

I didn't smell a small bench and sat on my side. I got me to wash the vegetables. Asked: "What did you think?"

I said calmly: "I am thinking about what people want."

Zhou did not smell the smile: "Who? Who?" A pair is waiting for me.

"People who grab my money, people who steal things at home, attack me at night."

I can't listen to it, I looked at me surprised. "What do you mean?"

I am a scissors in my heart, I want to think about me, why don't I try him? Sincerely want to cheat, always deceived!

I laughed and said that the recent thing happened and my speculation, and I also told the two thieves in Jiang Yi Sheng, and let him listen to the lawyer. Of course, some and Wu Zaju are related to the blue matter, I didn't tell him, I didn't think that I didn't say unreliable, but some things I know less.

Zhou Zhou said heavyly said: "This is a big thing, why don't you tell me earlier?"

"Now tell you is not too late!"

Zhou did not smell: "What would you think?"

"No! So still thinking hard!"

Zhou was not silently wash the dish. If I feel, I quickly turned back, I saw that I didn't think in front of the living room, staring at me and Zhou.

Although she was so sweet and said: "Shen Sister, what do you want me? I can help." But I am very sensitive to the fence from a small fence, I am very sensitive to the vibration of others, I obviously feels It is the hostility to me.

Zhou didn't smile, "Miss Zhou, you still sit well! You are all busy with the kitchen helping." Zhou did not smell me half an explanation, half a prize, said: "Don't speak three years old start practice piano , Learning painting, very talent, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Zhou did not rely, said: "What? Once you are sick, I will give you a tomato chicken egg surface."

Zhou Zhiyi said: "There are a few words, tomato eggshell, half-sided."

Zhou did not speak with a point, saying that he said: "Anyway, you have eaten, prove that I am still delicious."

"Okay, very delicious!" Zhou did not hear a surrender.

I suddenly thought of, although a Zhou didn't say, a Zhou did not say, I said that I was a brother and sister, but they didn't have a slightly blood relationship. If the week is not known, I am misunderstood for my heart, and there is hostile.

I stood up and put my position to Zhou: "If you have nothing else, let me use it!"

Zhou did not serve as a melancholy, "When we will eat the sand, who is wrong?"

"You!" I and Zhou did not speak in the same way, but the tone is different, a hardening.

I don't smell us smile, "" What is wrong? "

I said, "You are next to it, if the dish is not washed, it must be your big brother."

Zhou did not look hard.

I no longer manage their lawsuits and went to the kitchen.

Wu Julan is in the bottom of the soup, hears my footsteps, look back and look at me.

I don't know why, I have a little shy, my heart is lamented, and the sequelae of being turned once appeared now? Is my reflection arc be so long?

Wu Ju-blue said: "The kitchen is hot, don't stay here."

Both furnaces have a fire, a Wuju blue in the fried seasoning, one in the stewed fish, the kitchen is really hot. Just this is this reason, he only binds me! I am sweet and sour in my heart, ask: "Are you not hot?"

Wu Ji Blue said self-ridicling: "I have specificity, talented."

"Hey! How much difference can carbon-based creatures?"

I turned out of the kitchen, and took a small electric fan in a while. The furnace opened fire, can't blow against the furnace, put it on the ground, so that the air converges, it is better than just cool.

Wu Ju-blue said: "You go to the cabinet of the living room, what wine is left, Jiang Yusheng said to bring a girlfriend, let us give him a feet."

"He dating, us, waiting for him to show off the Qin chess and calligraphy, learn more, we don't give him a table."

I have two sentences, or I left the kitchen, and I will prepare the proprigation for Jiang Yusheng. It is not unclear Wuji Blue's intention, but only sweetly.

I have accepted Hollywood love movies and idol drama in Hollywood, I still have a few tricks in rendering.

At the middle of the courtyard, two square tables fight together, form a long table, laying white tablecloth, put six rattles chair, the first step is done.

I took the scissors, turned around in the yard, and cut a triangle plum, dragon boat flower, cut a few Wenshun, five colors, and the sagny coral, Jiuliang ... Flower and hermes have enough, let me take it casually.

Zhou Qian asked curiously: "Shen Sister, are you going to arrange a table?"

I took my mind and smiled and said, "I have forgotten that there is a master! You will draw, understand the design, help me insert a flower!"

Weekly said: "Different."

"The art is common, one through Baitong! Don't say, help!"

Zhou did not smile and said: "The flower will always be fun, anyway, it is an acquaintance, you just insert it."

I said: "Yeah! You are just more than I get better than me."

Zhou did not resign, came over, flipped with flowers: "What is the vase in Shen Jie's home? The flower flowers must not only depend on the color, shape, and according to the shape, material of the vessel."

I am mysterious, "You wait."

I went to the book, holding a brown conch for a half-meter, "use it."

"Good Society!"

"This is called King's redvott, it used to be Mayan's love, they use it to do angles and kettle. Today, we use it to do vases."

Zhou did not feel very challenging, excited at all, "quite interesting!"

The gentle screw is the predator in the sea, it is a tyrannical dragon. When the king's germy screw is placed on the table, there are more than 60 cm in length, with a height of more than 30 cm, and the opening is irregular.

Zhou did not stare at the conch for a while, and then started insertion.

I know this is a slow-handed, standing on the side, I will continue to be busy when I don't use my help.

Since it is dinner, of course, it can't be less than candlelight.

I have been reluctant to sell a set of sea screw candles. The seafage candles are not difficult to do, but it is very good. Choose the gesture, the colorful seaspring is hous, and after inserting the candle core, insert the cool candle oil with the matching color, after the candle oil is cooled, it will become a candle. When using, you can enjoy the beauty of the candlelight, you can also enjoy the beauty of the conch.

I put a small sea snail candle in front of each seat, and two big candles were placed in the middle of the long table. Just use a set of eight candles.

OK! Candlelight is available! and also……

I have picked three pairs of almost as big as the shells collected from home, and put it on the seazz candle. Pour the water, cut the green orange into a thin piece, put it in two or three pieces, then put a clustered dragon boat flower in the end of the , the crimson flowers are embellished on white, very beautiful and beautiful.

I am busy, I haven't finished my week.

She is worth learning painting, doing design, completely grasping the wild and power of King's red screw, but also fully considering the color of the surroundings. The king of the king is placed in the middle of the long table, the long white tablecloth is a boundless spray, the brown Tiangui is a cold cliff, and the conch on the conch is a perfect natural decoration. A green vine grows on the wall of the cliff, or climbed, or floats, showing life's vitality; all kinds of beautiful flowers extend from the cliff, vigorously, and highlight the life of life.

I am admired: "I am so good!"

"Thank you!" Zhou did not satisfy his work.

The sky is getting dark, Wu Ji Blue looks almost the time, starting to get on.

Six alcoholic hot pots, one place in front of a seat, a seasoning plate has four, put various seasonings, can be approved at will.

The ingredients are placed in the middle of the table, and the big white porcelain dish is placed in ice, and the ice is placed on the ice and all kinds of fish, you can eat, you can also stick. There is also a shrimp, inquiry pills and various green vegetables, neatly code in the white disk, very attractive.

I can't help but applaud, "our dinner is definitely higher than the high-end restaurant! Should you collect money to Jiang Yusheng!"

Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, Jiang Yusheng pushed the hospital door, with a woman came in, two sides, I stunned.

Jiang Yusheng is squatting, because the long dining table in the middle of the yard is too beautiful. I am thinking about it because the woman on the side of Jiang Yusheng is too visual impact.

A slice of slim V-collar red skirt, the waist is profitable, but the chest is hurt. Height should be similar to me, one meter, but she wear a pair of ten centimeters high heels and looks very slender. Lilled short hair, ear and neck wearing a complete set of diamond jewelry, shining the light and her bright three-dimensional five senses complement, very beautiful, very queen.

Jiang Yusheng introduced the woman around us, "said the doctor who came to our hospital abroad, Wu Wei."

The witch is smiled and said, "You call me so okay, don't be embarrassed, I like people to boast my beauty."

Under the introduction of Jiang Yiheng, after a few words, he met soon.

I am greeting everyone, the girl is sitting, the boys sitting. Wu Ju Blue and I have relatively, sitting in the head; Zhou Zhi and Zhou Zhiyi, sitting in the middle; Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu are opposite, sitting at the end. Because one is a hot pot, Wu Ji Blue is prepared for each ingredients, no matter where it is sitting, it is very convenient.

Already at 7 o'clock, the sky will be black, I took the fire gun, first put two big candles on the table, and then ignited a small candle in front of each person.

In the candlelight flower, the boiling small hot pot floats with rich fish, beautiful and gourmet.

After six people touched a cup, I started to eat while

The witch is smiling: "What is the small snail? What is this shell?"

I said: "Wash the water. Wash your hand, eat the sea, I can't do it, and I will use the paper towel. I will feel sticky. I put a few pieces of palate in the water, which can both moisturize and go."

The Witch said: "It is very thoughtful. It is very grateful for dinner this evening.

"You are a guest of Jiang Yucheng, it should be." I smiled and looked at Jiang Yusheng, Jiang Yusheng quietly made a gratitude.

The witch is looked at the claw flower of the table. "This flower is very beautiful, definitely not a flower shop?"

I said: "It is not inserted."

"If you don't say what your career is ..." Witch is asked.

I see the witch and the week, I have been taking very speculative, don't say anything, take care of my hungry five ornamental temples.

Wu Ji Blue put a small dish hot shrimp in front of me, is my favorite shell shrimp. Put the head, smoke the shrimp line, still with the shrimps of the shell, throw it into the boiling soup, boil the shrimp, bend, and the shrimp shell is bright, immediately pick up, and fresh and tender. It's just that the fire is not good to grasp, the time is short, it will be mixed, the time is long, and it is old. When there is a guest, you should talk to the guest from time to time, it is easy to get old.

I laughed at Wu's blue, put down the chopsticks, directly put her shrimp, and suddenly the fire was just right.

I have been having fun, I heard the witch and said: "Small snails ..."

I hurriedly put down half of shrimp, looked up and looked up, smiling and waiting for her to talk.

The witch is looked at Wuju Blue, and suddenly gone, forgot what to say.

I was confused about Wu Ju Blue. He didn't do a weird action, just staring in the witch. I said: "?"

The witch is coming back, laughing: "You continue to eat shrimp!"

What does it mean? I see that the Queen of the Witch has been on the red wine, and the Jiang Yi is holding a cup, decided to eat with shrimp from being kind.

Eat haim, my eyes search on ingredients, what else is you still?

Fish slice, pick up fish fillets, mix a little chili oil, fresh and spicy, very stimulating.

Just go to the chip, a disc of a white tender fish piece is in front of me, and I still drop a few drops of chili oil, not much, it is the hotness I want.

I looked awkwardly for me, what did he do? Wu Ji Blue and I sat in front of it, and I was very convenient to make things, and I didn't pay attention. I can't serve and I am sitting opposite. He wants to give me the way, you must stand up, the people in the table have seen it.

Zhou did not smell Wu Zhada, smiling and said: "You love the fillets you like from small."

It is intentionally, he will definitely feel that I will not refuse. In the face of so many people, it is never my work style. But if I accept it ... I will see Wuju Blue, Wu Jura is nothing happened, put a lobster put into the pot.

At this time, if Wu Ji Lan is like Jiang Yi, Wu Yu, Zhou does not speak, stare at me, I will be very depressed, but Wu Ji Blue does not look at me completely, I seem to be more depressed.

I laughed and said, "Thank you big! However, I have a little more hot recently, I can't eat spicy, my boyfriend really likes to eat, let him help me eat!"

I put the fish fillet in front of Wuju Blue, and then laughed and picked up the tablespoon, and the film was given a film full of three spoonful of chili oil. Let you stand by! Let you be outside! Let you indifferent!

The red soup oil is too eye-catching, and the people with the table stare at the fish fillets in the cofferdrops. Wu Ji Blue took the fish fillet in everyone, and it was very calm. However, after eating, he immediately took the ice lemonade, and he took a sip.

I immediately felt a good mood, I feel distressed, put my ice lemonade in front of Wuju Blue.

Jiang Yusheng and the witch are looking at me with the eyes of the monster.

Zhou did not smell: "Small snail, Wu Zhama is your boyfriend? How did you never listen to you?"

Jiang Yusheng also returned to God, "Yes! Small snail, when is the girlfriend of Wu Da Ge?"

The witch and the week are all eared, listened to it.

I said: "Mid-Autumn Festival That night. I haven't planned you, but I have no right opportunity to say."

There is something in Jiang Yi Shuhua: "Wu big brother, the small snail didn't tease us? This kind of thing can not be joking, we will be true!"

My heart hangs, staring at Wuju blue. Although he said "Good" that night, these days have indeed good to me, no words, but I suddenly advocate that he is my boyfriend, can he accept? Will it be unhappy, or even denied?

Wu Ji Blue silently put down the cup in his hand, and the line of sight came over from the table. His food chain high-end species overlooks the indifference of the low-end species of the food chain, so that everyone is a bit banned, lower Avoid.

Finally, he looked at Jiang Yusheng, saying that there was no expression: "I officially announced that Shen Zhu is my woman, starting now, if anyone has any bad attempts, I will be severe. Please take action, please Carefully consider whether you can withstand my anger. "

I blocked his face with a hand, and my body fell. A few minutes ago, I still blamed Wu Zhazu's blue mobilate and didn't care. I won't be "jealous". After a few minutes, I have just want to drill to the table under the table. The other people are also affected, sitting stiffly, no one sounds.

Wu Ji Blue did not feel any bad feelings, accompanied by the eyes, and the ice water was taken, and there was an elegant to drink.

Jiang Yasheng first came back to God, "Oh" has a few sounds, no words that can be eased, and "Oh" has a few sounds, still did not find. I am planning to continue to laugh, the witch is helping him to solve the wrap, the wine glasses, laugh and tell me: "Congratulations!"

Jiang Yi is busy and also raised a cup. "Let's do a cup! Bless the small screw and Wu Da Ge."

In the cup and blessings, the atmosphere is finally returned to normal.

With the decrease in food on the table, everyone eats less time, and the time to chat is more.

Witch is said: "If I have not mistisred, this can be used to flow a blossoms should be the gentle screw?"


The witch is also pointed to the big candle on the side of the flower. "These two conch colors are magnificent, the shape is like a beautiful man, and the dance is dancing. It should be the Queen Phoenix Sail. Intellectual! Heaven, the king, like a Queen Emperor Britain, Double Partner, But you know that the gentle screw is a special Queen Phoenix I? "

Zhou did not say alarm "ah", staring at the three conch on the table, it seems that it is hard to imagine that such a beautiful conch is actually a predator and predator relationship.

"I know." I am interested in: "Can you recognize other conch?"

The witch is looked at the sea screw candle in front of everyone. "I am too obvious in front of the driver in front of the Jiang doctor, the color is white as snow, the spurs is long and very good, it is very good, it is the Venus bones; not words and I don't screw the conch, the screw overlap, it is like a flowers, it is a rosette; you and the conch in front of Wu Da have twelve ribs, like the harp strings, is the West African harp. "

The witch is used to knock down the white shell of the hand with Dan Luhong, "said this, ."

I laughed and admired: "All! These are not a rare conch, but it is not easy to call famous words. I have been listening to Grandpa, I don't know, what about you?"

"Like you, the family is the origin, my grandmother is a marine biologist. I have much seen more, I naturally remember." The witch is holding the rest of the fish in the plate, swaying: " Who wants to eat fish tail? "

Jiang Yusheng, Zhou Zhou, Zhou said not, I looked at the fish, my heart, didn't answer for a while.

"Give you!" Wu Yu stood up and smiled and put the fish in my hot pot.

The pot is not big, the fish is not small, and the half is immersed in the boiling soup, and the semi-section is still open. I don't know why, like being a nightmare, the whole body is stiff, even if you use chopsticks to put the fish tail into the pot, just stay, the fish tail that exposes the water is not stopped in front of me because of the boiling hot air. Stervate.

Fortunately, someone saved me in time and took the fish tail.

I just slammed the tone, but I found that the person who took the fish tail was Wu Ju Blue. I immediately nervously, I can't wait to grab it from his pot.

Wu Ju Blue God sautéed the fish, and he ate slowly. It is probably because he has no abnormalities, I gradually relaxed, even for myself just replaced.

I have already eaten, this will be so out, I have no appetite, let go of chopsticks: "I am full."

Everyone also expressed their satisfaction, Jiang Yi Sheng suggested that the ladies went to the living room to rest, and men left the tableware and got the enthusiastic support of ladies.

I am angry with Wusi and Zhou to go to the living room.

The Witch Oh, seeing the seafloms of the living room and the study, and the same claws, politely asked: "Do you mean that I will visit all around?"

"Please casually! I like to tell me, I will give it to you. However, some are Grandpa like, I want to make commemoration." I smiled and said.

The Witch is slowly stepped while looking carefully. I know that she is in line, do not need someone to introduce, by her.

I am sitting on the sofa, I am eating fruit, talking while talking.

Not long after, the week is coming in and Jiang Yusheng. Jiang Yusheng said to me: "There is no other cleaned, only to wash the dishes, Wu Da Ge said that he will be alone."

"There are poker cards and mahjong cards in the coflad in the coffee table. If you want to play, you will take it." I took a plate of fruit and went to the kitchen.

Before the dishwash pool, Wu Julan wears the old apron of Grandpa and wash the bowl quietly. I stood at the door of the kitchen and looked at him quietly. This scene is that this person is the situation of love, the heart is safe, if you can move towards the vision, it is quiet and happy.

Wu Julai looked up to me, I smiled and walked into the kitchen.

I used a fork for forked a piece of watermelon and wanted to feed him.

Wu Jura said: "You eat it yourself!"

I put the watermelon on the table stand on the side of the table, and I was brave and asked: "Are you not happy?"


I tried to ask: "I didn't seek your consent to announce that you are my boyfriend, are you not angry?"

"Do not."

"I, I am, the fish tail reaction ... Are you disappointed?" When I said, I almost can't hear what I said.


I bite the lips and I don't know what to do.

Wu Ji Blue stopped the movement of the dishwash, watching me: "You respond to the fish tail, just because of love house and Wu, why should I blame you?"

I am a person who has been wronged, I don't know how to argue it for myself, but I have the most careful person to break the sky, I am happy, my heart, my nose is born, my eyes are red. I know that I was inappropriate at the time, but I really can't control it.

Wu Jua is sigh, reach out is full of foam, gently support me into his arms, said softly: "You have not hurt me for the response to the fish. I don't have to be so nervous. I have lived. For a long time, sensitive fragile this category has been stripped from me, and it can hurt my less and less. "

I didn't think his words were comfort, but I feel more uncomfortable. I just just for myself, now I am a blue. If strong is the result of thousands of hammers, is it just because of the results, can you ignore the painful process of thousands of hammers?

I am buried in his shoulder, saying that you will be in my heart, I will be nervous, nervous, you are hurt by others, nervous, I am not careful to get into you, nervous you are not happy, these and you Strong or fragile is no relationship. "

Wu Jun, I didn't say it. After half of it, he smiled and said: "Your boyfriend is in the top of the food chain in the sea, all fish are his food, you will eat fish in front of him, so at will. "

I stunned, I have been in my heart, I have been "your boyfriend" four words, suddenly look up, watching him. Although he had publicly admitted our relationship when he had eaten, it was the first time, he clearly, actively showing his own mind.

"My boyfriend?" I couldn't help but hit the neck of Wuji Blue, and smirked.

"Hey! I didn't see anything ..." Jiang Yi was just rushed into the kitchen and hiding his eyes outward.

I am busy letting go, Wuju Blue, Wu Jukai said: "You can say it, I am very happy."

"Well." I rubbed his face and walked out of the kitchen.

Jiang Yusheng and Zhou have not reported to the mandarin tree in the kitchen corner, a face, a face angry.

I guessed that they had something to say slowly, and the mood had completely calmed.

Zhou said: "Small snails, are you going to find a man who eats a soft meal?"

Jiang Yi is busy: "Head, you don't do this! Wu Da Ge is not what you think."

"You called 'Wu Big Brother" is addicted? I called him a' Wu Big Brother 'because he deceived us. He is a small brother. The words are white, he is a work that is working hard, not willing to guard Do something, but the idea of ​​smashed the small snails ... "

I cut off the words, "Head, what you definitely be your mind? The truth is, I am angry, I'm trying to hit him!"

Zhou did not say ridiculously: "If you have a blue, how is it possible?"

"How is it impossible? Where is Wu Jun, which is more than you ... and Jiang Yi's palace?" The last moment, I still looked at the passing of the past, I didn't want to be too embarrassed, and I added "Jiang Yi Sheng".

Jiang Yusheng knew that Zhou didn't serve my ambiguity, said to be very comfortable: "Wu Da Ge is better than us! Small snails, big head is only concerned about you, talking is a bit unsterescent."

Zhou did not smell cool and ridicule: "Yes! Wu Ji blue is better than us, he doesn't grow better, how can you eat face to eat?"

I also said coldly: "I will buy it anyway! Do you have?"

Jiang Yi listened to us, the more they are, the more they are standing, and the face is unknown, "I have gave me the mouth!"

I went deeply at the week, I walked into the living room.

Jiang Yusheng said to me: "Although the big man said it is difficult, you should know that he is also concerned about you."

"Do you want to insult my favorite people?"

Jiang Yi is not awkward.

I asked: "Is there a matter of Zhou ask you Wuji Blue?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "I have asked me, but I don't help you make a decision. I only tell him that Wu Da Ge is the helper you hired, I will have a meal."

"Do you hide what whispers there?" Wu Yu was holding a glass of red wine, standing in the door of the living room.

I said to Jiang Yusheng: "Go in! Don't because I put your dating." I smiled and said to the witch. "We are talking about your whispers."

"What?" Wu Yu is very interested.

My gaze passed through her neck and sparkling jewelry, and I said: "Your jewelry is very good, I ask Jiang Yi Sheng, what exactly is diamond or crystal."

Witch is smiling: "What do you think?"

I am honestly: "It's very like diamonds, but you have too much wear, and people think that it should be fake."

"All true, I never dreamed."

I secretly surprised the witch, and I looked at Jiang Yusheng, and Jiang Yusheng did not care.

Witch is elegant