The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 12 My Boyfriend (2)

Sitting on the sofa, holding a diamond necklace, put a stylish magazine's posture, laughing: "Good-looking?"

I sat to her opposite, I really praise: "Good look!"

Witch is looked at me and said: "Wu Da has heard it? To quickly prepare jewelry to send a girl, put her up to drift!"

I went back, I saw Wu Ju, and I standed behind it. I am busy: "People are all, we play cards!" I don't want to continue this and money-related topics.

The witch is still saying: "Small screw face is good, no matter what Wu's brother is sending ear, it is still a necklace, it will be very good."

I have no way to listen, I can't give Wu Ju blue to face this kind of thing, I can only block itself, smile and say: "I don't like diamonds, the color is too clean, my mother sent me a diamond necklace, I never Didn't worn. "

Jiang Yizheng took two poker cards and said loudly: "Playing cards! Playing cards!" To transfer everyone's attention from jewelery topics.

I can't make him failed.

"You can choose a lottery." Wait did not mention the necklace wearing himself, showing everyone pendant, "I am a yellow diamond. If you don't like yellow, blue diamonds and grandmother don't like yellow, blue diamonds and grandmother are good choices, but also There are pink diamonds, many girls like it, most suitable for marriage. "

Zhou did not stare at Wu Zaju blue, with a sweet smile, say: "Wu Ju Blue, what kind of proposal rings are you planning to send sister? I know a lot of jewelers, whether it is brand goods, or private channels, can help You got the lowest discount! My necklace will play six or five fold, the original price is more than 500,000, I bought it more than 300,000. "

I was angered in an instant, and I didn't know how to know the economic situation of my and Wu's blue, but I said that I have to disgust me and Wuju. I ask, from knowing her, I have never done anything sorry, but she always has inexplicably hostile.

I am going to talk, Wu Ji Blue's hand puts on my shoulder, gently press it, indicating that I am so irritating.

Wu Jura said to Zhou: "Thank you for your kindness, but I never buy discount products."

From small to big, I have always believed in Germanry, complaining, immediately supplementing the knife, "the real good thing should never be discounted."

It is difficult to say that the sweet smile doesn't hung, and I can't help it. "Who is biting to teeth:" Who is bragging? It seems that it seems to be discounted, you bought it ... "

"Don't say!" We wrote that it was more difficult to say, but it was not possible to return it.

I said calmly: "We can't afford it ..."

"Small snail, don't install it!"

In the atmosphere of the sword, the voice of the witch was suddenly sounded, and the attention of everyone attracted the past.

Jiang Yi is cold, saying to Wuxi: "Small snails should be unfamiliar with you, if you drink too much, I will send you back now."

Jiang Yi did not hesitate to maintain me, and it made a loss of my friends, I didn't have a strong gas for the witch.

Jiang Yusheng's words are quite self-polite, everyone is waiting for Wu Yu to turn his face, did not think of Wu Yu smile, all don't care, "I and the small screw is not familiar, but I am familiar with this!" She pointed at the living room. " A gray stone used to place a bonsai, saying: "So big block of nibs will sell, at least one million."

She loved the gray stone, "If I have not judged the wrong, this coral reef bag should be the three stacked era, not only having fun, but also research value, get a auction house, It is also very possible to take a lot of high. "

I am laughing at the slightest stone, Jiang Yusheng also laughed, and said: "What are you talking about? Then we sell it to you."

The witch is smashed, and "you can question my beauty, but never question my mind!"

When the witch is swaying, he is swaying, while the decorations are placed in the room, "Sen wings, Jin Xing eyeball shell, King Baby, Lin's spindle snail, red ribuo, rolling scroll, Dragon Palace, high wagon, the high wagon, the Troy Sweet ... is a rare treasure! "

Wu Yu stopped in front of the book's booth, bent down and stared at a calcified cache: "In Otao Ji, Zhi Li Ji, the Nautilus lives in the ocean, and now has more than 40 million years. Compared with the history of more than 7.00 million years of evolution, they are the original people of the earth. In 1954, the United States developed the world's first nuclear submarine, named the 'Nautilus'. Because of the very rare, in the 1990s, a living parrot screw price to 100,000 dollars, or no market. In these years, although because of the progress of biotechnology, it can cultivate the parrot screw, but the survival rate is very low. On the current nautilus screw housing, the growth line is 30; the new generation of newest nest, the growth line is 26; the born millennium is 22; Jurassic is 18; the ancient generation of stone carbon 15; Ortotao is 9. The growth line on this nautilled shell is 18, I can be very confident, this is a Jurassic Nautilus, selling price ... "Witch is smashed I thought for a while, shook my head, "I have no way to evaluate its value. In some people, it is not a gem, not antiques, it is worthless! But in the human eye, it is recorded this Planet development The sky book, there is endless secret waiting, worth the city! "

Originally, people with the rooms made the words of the witch as a laughter, but as a familiar and unfamiliar professional name was smooth from the mouth of the witch, everyone felt that the witch is really true. .

Not only me, but even Jiang Yi Sheng and Zhou did not smell them.

Wu Yu went to Jiang Yisheng, and he asked: "I said that the little screw is poor, is it wrong?"

Jiang Yusheng returned to God, and immediately worse. "Sorry, I misunderstood you. Skille she is not put, but I don't know what I have."

The witch is picking the eyebrows, and the line of sight has passed from Wu Zhazheng, falling to my face, asking: "You don't know anything?"

"You said the conch, I listened to Grandpa rarely, but you said three-fold Juzi jade, Jurassic Nautillear, I don't know."

The Witch is smiling: "It turned out to be this! I thought you were a wealthy, completely didn't take these things when I was serious, I didn't have a straightforward, how many baby do you have?"

Zhou did not say that Iron and blue face, I didn't say it. I turned to run on the building. Stepping on the stairs, I didn't smell us say: "Flow with accompanying!" Immediately chased it.

The atmosphere in the living room was silent.

The witch is smiled and said: "I am very good tonight! Thank you for your hospitality, time is not early, I will pay attention to early tomorrow, I will leave."

I sent her to the door, "Thank you, if I don't meet you, I don't know how to have these things at home."

The witch is smiled and said: "You're welcome!"

I pushed Jiang Yusheng, Jiang Yusheng, "I sent you."

The witch loudly smiled generously, and did not refuse.

It is time to go to Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei, I am going to lock the door. When I saw it, I saw that the baggage is coming out, and I still have a baggage, anxious to follow her.

I didn't send it, let it go. I don't think about me, I'm high, and I walked out the yard.

I watched me sorry, I would stop.

I said: "You hurry to stay with Zhou, so late, she goes a person to find the Inn is always inconvenient."

"Small snail, today's things, don't go to your heart, look back, come back and apologize to you again." We didn't say it, hurried to chase.

I listened to him and gradually became a step, and I sent it, I was closed, and I closed the hospital door.

In the living room, Wu Ji Blue is cleaning, putting the fruits that have not finished the fruit, and resets the wine, wipe the table, sweep the floor ...

I am squatting on the ground, I looked at the stone of the nibura, and ran to the study, I saw the fossil of the parrot snail.

I like it to say: "Wu Ji blue, I seem to have turned into a rich man, what do you think?"

Wu Ji Blue asked: "What do you think?"

You can support you!

I haven't had countless times in my heart, but I don't have a courage to say, "I don't have to be happy! Suddenly, the tricks suddenly rushing!"

Wu Ju Lan smiled and said my head and said: "It turned out to be happy so simple."

simple? Where is the matter where the sky is falling? How many people dream of can't achieve it?

I said: "You will not understand the magnificent volunteers of this beautiful person! I have been very cold when I have no money, because I have no other way. In fact, what I want to do most is to take the money back. The enemy is the most proud, what revenge is to retaliate, is the most cool victory! "

Wu Ju Blue looked at me in a moment, asked: "Do you think that three things are related to these things in the room?"

I said: "I am sure about it! Just like Jiang Yusheng, what is it worth driving? Today, the truth is true."

"If you are related, who will do?"

I said: "It must be a person who knows these things. You will say that it will be the photos I sent online, some people see the door?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "The photo is only posted on the net after the release is repaired, and the car robbery occurs before the renovation."

I hesitatedly said: "Maybe I am robbery is an independent event. There are only two of the two pieces. There are many people who have long black scorpions. Maybe we have encountered two bad guys who have long black scorpions. "

Wu Ju Lan stared at me, did not refute me, just saying faintly: "I think, not three things, four things."

"four pairs?"

"When Jiang Yusheng's father went to the hill, he met a strange man, suddenly surprised, roll down the hillside to break the legs. This is also an unconfigured unlike you."

Is it related to me? Yup! I borrowed Jiang Yusheng's money! I am shocked and murmured: "It is impossible! Never possible!"

In the evening, I was lying in bed, insomnia.

I said "Impossible" to Wu Ju, Wu Julai, no more words, it seems that I don't believe it all, I can't relieve.

Two ungenerated things and four unlimedia will be distinct.

If the first robbery is an accidental event, it is just two ungenerated things. After things happen after the inn, I have already posted a lot of photos online, some people recognize, see fortifications, very reasonable.

But if it is three pieces, even four unlimedia, people who don't want to be in front of the house, not only, but also clearly and Jiang Yusheng. The person who planned these actions is obvious to force me to give up the house, but unfortunately because Wu Ju Blue's help, forced me to give up the house's plan failure, so there is a room for theft. After the burner fails, the other party has also taken action.

This ring is another ring plan. If there is no Wu Zhali to help, I should only succumb to reality and rent the house.

The more I want to be surprised, I will see me for the first time, I ask me to have a house, and then she has opened a very exaggerated price. We don't know how to know everything and clear everything in Jiang Yi Sheng.

Think about it, even when he is the only confession, is it really confession? I didn't say that I didn't say that I like me from my beginning. Maybe it is also a action. If I accept his confession, naturally, I will give up the house as he leaves the island.

I am getting embarrassed to have a whole chest, like hypoxia, open your mouth, and take it hard.

From a small to a big experience, I am used to welcoming any frightened life, so, whether it is robbery, it is still theft, or even when I found that all the disaster is rushing, I have laughed. I will eat it. Anyway, life is the trouble, the soldiers will be blocked, and the water will be covered.

However, I have never used to get used to harm to relatives and friends. Head, this is really what you do?