The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 13, the first kiss (1)

What I want to do now is to do a variety of things with you, whether it is climbing together, or going to the sea together, what is not important to me, is what we are together.

In the morning, when I got up, I was embarrassed, two big dark circles, obviously didn't sleep well. Wu Jura definitely guess the reasons for my insomnia, and didn't ask.

I said to Wu Ju, "The gentleman is not guilty, and the criminals of the genius. The fossil of the coral stone and parrot snail is not a grandfather. I have no use in my hand. I want to sell them."

"Who is sold?"

I blinked my eyes and I can't answer. This kind of thing can't get the market, drink it?

"You contact the witch and make her help you handle this."

Yup! Witch is talking about quality and market price head is the way, and there must be people who know.

I asked Jiang Yi to ask the phone number of Wu Wei, calling the wit.

After listening to me, the witch is proud, "I will help you contact your friends today. After get off work, I will come to you, let Wu Da Ge prepare a sumptuous dinner, I am in the way."

When the witch is said to "dinner", the sound is extraordinary, I am a little inexplicable, she likes to eat Wu's meal so like?

In the evening, Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei came together.

The witch see the dishes on the table, and smiles almost can't find your eyes. She said to me: "I didn't expect to have a birth year, I can eat ... such a delicious meal." After finishing, someone else took the chopsticks, she began to eat.

I see Jiang Yusheng, in order to chase the Witch Queen, is he a good to learn the kitchen art?

Jiang Yusheng asked: "What is big and Zhou?"

"I left the island this morning." Zhou did not listen to WeChat told me that even the phone didn't play.

Jiang Yi is silent, and it starts to eat in a moment. Jiang Yusheng is the highest in our three people. What I can think of, he naturally thinks that he is afraid that he is injured. He also has a doubt. Just, before we have no conclusive evidence, we have a little ostrich psychology, don't want to talk, do not face it.

After dinner, four people were sitting around the table, and the witch said: "I have contacted the auction house, they will help us hold a small auction, with a fair price to transfer these two things to those who like them. The auction will be held in New York, the small screw, you need to go to New York. "

"Ah? Must? I have to watch the auction on TV, I don't need a auction!"

Witch said: "Don't need you to sell your own item there, but there are many files must be signed by you. New York is a very worthwhile place, you have the right to travel! I grew up in New York It is very familiar with it, it will always be with you, or let Jiang Yusheng will go together. "

I hesitate to look at Wuju Blue, not I am afraid of the distance, but, Wu Jura is "black house", I can't do international travel, I don't want to separate.

Wu Jura said: "Don't worry, will soon see you again."

I thought about it, but also! For a day, return to one day, spend another day or two, you should go home for four or five days, it will soon see you again.

Witch I have no problem, smiled and asked Jiang Yi Sheng: "Do you want to go to New York with us?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "Okay! At least you can help you with your baggage."

Witch said: "You both give me the documents, all I will arrange proper. Rest assured, you will have a wonderful journey!"

I always think that the smile of the witch is like successful temptation to the smile of the small red hat, let people want to fight, but we just sell things, there should be no problem? If the Witch wants to rob money, don't need to let us go to New York; if she wants to rob, it is unlucky, it is Jiang Yusheng!

Under the arrangement of the squid, I have been a visa and other related documents successfully in two weeks.

Witch is asked when I started, I said, the sooner the better, and one week is the night of the moon, I have to come back before that.

I am leaving the island with Jiang Yusheng, Wu Yu, and Wu Juan Lan go to the pier.

I am full, I am worried, I have a long belly, and I have written a long skewide over and over again. They are all the iron relationships between me and Jiang Yusheng: doctors, police, supermarket bosses, clothing store owners ... including all of life, no matter What is the problem, a call can find a friend to help.

In view of the last time, the mobile phone is falling into the sea, I also booked two waterproof mobile phone bags from Taobao, and Wu Zhali. Let Wuju Blue no matter when it takes the phone, there is something to call me if it is nothing.

I stood in front of Wu Ju, I was , I was endless, dinner, clothes, island's safety, typhoon season, bank card, the belt on the belt ... I didn't think there were so many things to pay attention to. When you walk, I found that all kinds of unassays.

The whistle of the departure sounded, and the guests who have not yet closed the ship will hurry up the ship. I am reluctant, and I have a boat on three steps.

After the boat opened, I was standing on the deck until I couldn't see Wu Ju Blue's figure. My mood is a bit stuffy, not only from my mind, but because I think I am reluctant to Wu Ju Blue, Wu Ju Blue seems to be ignored.

The witch is probably seen, I am unhappy, with a very exaggerated tone, I said to Jiang Yusheng: "Just now, I saw that I lived so big, the best laugh."

Jiang Yusheng asked: "What jokes?"

The Witch said: "A goldfish growing in the fish tank is cold to the shark cheer of life in the ocean. Worried that he will be dangerous in the fish tank. You said that you are not laughing. My chicken bumps have to be up!"

I am shocked in my heart, stare at the witch, "Why do you say Wu Huizhen is a shark living in the ocean?"

Witch said: "I feel that Wu's brother looks like a very powerful person, I should have experienced a lot of big wind waves. You, a small goldfish living in the fish tank."

I am relieved, telling yourself that it is just a metaphor, don't be too nervous, let's talk.

Under the boat, we will take the airport.

After the plane was on, I found that Jiang Yi Shengcai was actually a first class.

So extravagant? I looked at the witch and looked at Jiang Yi.

Witch said: "Don't worry, the money is the boss, he is required to make the two guests go comfortable."


"It is the boss of the company that helps small snails, and he is also very interested in two items and should bid bid bidding."

Jiang Yusheng asked: "Why are you calling his boss?"

The witch shit shrugged and said: "Our family has always been working for their families, I have to continue working for him, not what is the boss?"

I asked surprised: "Are you not a doctor?"

The witch is not awkward: "That is part-time!"

I and Jiang Yi face each other, and the witch is smiled and said: "When you arrive in New York, you will understand."

I have a look at Jiang Yusheng, and I don't ask more.

More than a dozen hours of journey, Jiang Yusheng has a beautiful man, and it is very happy all the way. I have a low feeling because of the "light stay" of Yu Yu's blue.

The plane landed in New York Kennedy Airport, and I didn't feel excited, I saw the scenery of other countries.

The airport took our driver to wear a black uniform, opened a lengthened Bentley, Jiang Yi Sheng saw, couldn't help but blow a whistle.

I asked: "Who is money?"

Witch said: "Like our head, the boss is out."

I muttered: "The wool is from the sheep, and the money of his spend will definitely earn it back from me. You can think about yourself, always comfortable."

The witch is given us a piece of champagne, "Celebrate us to get to New York."

I drank a mouthful of champagne, looked at the neon light shadow outside the window, and the car tall dragon suddenly began to have a real feeling. I went to New York! Wu Julan once lived!

It is clearly a completely unfamiliar city, but it has a thoroughness of a city.

Unfortunately, modern society is not more than 100 years ago, I can buy a ticket to another continent from a continent, otherwise I really want to explore the city with Wu Zhali.

I suddenly asked: "The New York in the 1888 should be very different now?"

Wu Yu said: "It is very different. However, this is a country that has almost no history, so it is particularly paying attention to preservation history. Many buildings in that age are still interested, I can take you."

Jiang Yusheng asked: "How do you interested in New York in that year?"

I knew the mouth of the champagne, "asked casually."

The driver opened the car through a shadowed day, the grass, many trees should have been hundreds of years, the trunks are thick, and the tree crown is. In the city of high-rise, there is a sudden appearance of such a bird and flowers, and the vital place, I and Jiang Yusheng can't help but curiose.

The witch is introduced: "The famous Central Park. Established in 1857, the first landscape park in the United States, the nearby land is not worth money, now ..." Wu Yu frowned, from the nose, "In addition to government and institutions, only the world's top rich can have an apartment overlooking the Central Park."

The driver stopped the car in front of a apartment building, and the witch said: "We are here."

Let me see the central park separated by the street, and exchanged a look.

Just get off at the bus, some people come to help us take baggage. Doing children wearing red uniforms should know the witch and make a polite greeting, and opened the door.

The witch is in the elevator, and the elevator is a hair whitening, the spirit of the black old man, seeing the witch, saying enthusiastically, while pressing the "PENTHHOUSE" elevator button representing the top floor, this is this Only one of the two buttons in the elevator, the other is "Lobby" on behalf of the lobby.

Wu Yu said: "This apartment building is the boss's assets, has always been our grandmother in the behavior. There are all other floors to rent, the top is reserved to the boss occasionally."

Jiang Yi Sheng lamented: "Your boss is really a way!"

Wu Wei can't help but laugh, "Money has a way? He is not worried about this! The boss is just that it is too late to buy early, the Central Park is built in 1857, the family bought this side in 1852. At that time. This is just a wasteland. "She frowned, said:" When you go to Europe, look at the boss in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Rome, Vatican ... all bought some Where will it be more shocking! I told others that no one wants to break the goods when I bought it, and I don't believe in the roots! "

When the elevator arrived, the Witch came out of the elevator and stood in a luxurious corridor, and the floor was laid on the wool carpet, and the oil painting on the wall was hanging on the sky. Before she walked to the gate, she entered a string password on the electronic lock. The door opened.

The Witch is walking, while saying: "In order to facilitate you to go, the password I have already set it to a small screw birthday, the lunar calendar birthday."

I am busy: "Don't use it so trouble, we just borrowed for two days, and quickly left."

The Witch said: "It has been changed, is it going back?"

I can only say: "Thank you for your boss."

The witch is not awkward: "Let's take you, I will take you to the house."

We walk into the living room along the porch, and we have seen almost a whole wall. Outside the window is a blue sky, white clouds, lush woods, clear and beautiful lakes, and even have several black eagles in the sky.

I am amazed, I can see a beautiful scenery in the city of reinforced cement, can't wonder that the house around the Central Park is a high price.

The Witch said: "Jiang Yusheng and I live downstairs, small snails housing housing."

The house is very high, it can be made up and down two layers, but the owner did not cherish the inch gold in this area, only half of the upstairs, other places have left, so that the living room and dining room have five or top It seems that the house is too deep, simply like a small castle.

I gave a look at the first floor with Huihao's hunting psychology, and Jiang Yi, and then went to the second floor. We found this house to look at "Castle" and actually live people's houses. On the first floor, in addition to the living room, dining room and kitchen, in two bedrooms, the entire second floor is only a big bedroom, other areas are: like a small library reading area, put the chair and astronomical telescope, placed the sofa and Tea session. These areas do not have a wall or door, but they have intervals through some clever bars, and they can directly overlook the living room and dining room. The sofa of the session area is over the living room, facing the huge landing big window, can chat while enjoying the scenery outside.

I said to Wuxi: "Your boss obviously regards this house as its own private territory, in addition to the bedroom, other places didn't, it is not intended to invite strangers to live. How can I give the house? What do we live? "

The Witch said that he said: "It is also empty, lives for us, and you can save the provincial hotel fee."

I said, "My two things are worthy of money, but it is definitely not a rare world, selling a few million yuan, I always feel that this reception is too high!"

The witch is filled, I took my shoulder and said: "Don't think too much, so you will understand."

I can only come and wait for the development of things. I said: "There is something else! But I will stay for two days, that is, I have to go back to China, Wu Hui is still waiting for me at home!"

Witch said: "The boss is going to eat this evening, you can talk directly to the boss."

I called a yawn: "So sleepy, I don't want to eat, I just want to sleep." Calculate time, this point is 45 o'clock in the morning, good dreams.

Witch said: "Take a shower, don't sleep, stick to night, otherwise it will never come."

I entered the bathroom, ready to take a bath, surprised to find that shampoo and shower gel are my usage brand. Just a small detail, but I feel very intimate and thoughtful, my mood is a bit.

Wash the hot bath, sleepy and exhausted, I washed a little, I sat in the bed, while blowing the hair, I am free to take the layout of the bedroom.

On the bed and the shelf, I put a few colors of beautiful claws to do decoration, let me have a bit of kindness. I think, this rich should like the sea, it is no wonder that he will want to buy two stones.

After getting hair, I stand in front of the main bed of the master bedroom, overlooking the Central Park, I sent a WeChat to Wuju Blu: "It has been safe to New York. If you have a mistake, I can go, take photos to you. "

WeChat has not responded, it should have not got up yet, I took the phone.

Witch is knocking on the door: "I have to go out to have dinner."

"It's good."

Anyway, the other party value is my thing, it is not my image, I do it very casually, my body, gray small mouth jeans, the upper body straight long sleeve shirt, took a camel's needle sweater cardigan jacket, to outdoor It can be put on it.

Wu Yu and Jiang Yusheng are obviously carefully selected, a small skirt wearing a violet, a cashmere coat; a trousers wearing a long sleeve shirt and a pen. When I went, they stood together, and they were stealing, and they were very paired.

I said: "I think I am like your light bulb."

The witch is just laughing, and Jiang Yusheng will not pay attention to my interest, pick up the windbreaker jacket and say: "Let's go!"

Witch is not far from eating, it is nearby, three people walk past.

I deliberately walked behind, let Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu go in front.

Exotic streets, endless pedestrians, all kinds of accents, there is a "love person" that is a golden girl jade woman is developing, I have become extraordinarily thoughts, I can't help but take a mobile phone.

Just a red light, Wu Wei and Jiang Yisheng have passed the street, continue to go forward, but I was stayed in the street. I didn't care, while looked at the photo of the photo in the mobile phone, I thought about the sneak out while I thought about eating, and I called Wu Zhali to make a call.

When the red light turns green, when I raised my head, I found that I couldn't see the witch and Jiang Yi. I didn't dare to play my mobile phone, put it up, hurried forward, I have been walking three intersections, I haven't seen them. I went back and went back and went back and forth again, and I still didn't find Jiang Yusheng and Witch.

Fortunately, the time of the street, the pedestrian Sichuan, so that I am not so nervous, but this is a foreign country, my English is very common, but I am very panic. I took out my mobile phone and called Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei. The two mobile phones do not do, nor do they know if there is a problem, or my international roaming is not open.

I thought about it, I decided to return to the original road, as long as I found a living apartment, I won't lose myself.

Just, I have thought about my heart, and I walked behind the witch, I didn't have a record. I can only recall it while trying to walk, the apartment building is not far, more than a few laps, can always find it!

But I found it to find, the more I found more, according to the distance, I should be near the apartment building, but I didn't see the apartment building. I tried to ask in English, but I couldn't say that the apartment building was in, how many house numbers were asked, and the pedestrians were asked to shake their heads, saying "sorry", and hurriedly left.

The night is getting deeper, I stand on a strange street, watching strangers, very anxious.

Suddenly, I heard someone called: "Small Soot!"

The familiar Chinese makes me in the sky, and immediately turned to see the past, and the streets of the car, Wu Jun, who stood in the slightly light, and waved toward me.

I feel that I am sure is too anxious, there is an illusion, I can't help and don't live, I opened it again, Wu Ju Blue has quickly traversed the road, and I am in front of me.

"Small Skill!" Wu Julai looked at me and exposed the joy of the weight.

I went to touch his hand and felt that he was lower than the usual body temperature, and it was true that everything was true.

I am surprised to ask: "How are you here?"

"Wu Yu said to lose you, I will come to you."

"No, I said, how are you in New York? How did you come over? You have no ID, how to pass the customs?"

Wu Junli said, said in my ear: "I am a fish, how many times have you seen the fish group to bring a document?"

Feeling his breath, I blushed, "Do you plan it early?"


When he didn't say good farewell, he didn't leave a doctor; no wonder I revealed that I didn't want to go to New York, he would always see it soon. He is not too late, but will come to New York to accompany me, have been tangled in my heart, don't twig into the smoke, joy, full of heart.

I asked: "How did you find it to and Jiang Yi Sheng?"

Wu Julan took out his mobile phone, and set the waterproof plastic bag bought by Taobao. "Your phone is not tongue."

"I can't play it, it is probably an international roaming!"

Wu Jincheng asked: "Are you hungry? Let's eat."

I pulled Wu's Blue's hand, I jumped, "I have already dinked with the boss and the old boss, but I have been late for so long. I don't want to go now. You give a call, tell She is not going. "

Wu Jincan dialed a call to the Witch, telling her in fluent in English, he found me, we have to have dinner together, let her boss.

When he hangs, I smiled: "Are you still in which country stayed, will you say that country?"

Wu Jura did not denial, but said faintly: "Although it is difficult to understand their mind through human language, do not understand their language, more terrible, just like a blind man walks on the highway."

His words faintly reveals the murder, I certainly understood that his past life would not just be poetry, drinking, but heard, still a bit uncomfortable.

Wu Juan Blue took my head, it seems that I didn't think about it, he smiled and asked: "Happy journey?"

I immediately got a spirit, slap in the plane, I have been talking about the apartment in our lives, and I express all kinds of unhealthy understanding of the boss. "Maybe it is my eyelids, I have never seen the world. It's a bit of a bit of a pet, I always worry that the boss is the woolen to the chicken, another picture ... "

A police car parked on the side of the road, two police officers came out of the car, I slammed into the bending, and pulled Wu Zhali to the alley next to it. When the two policemen passed, the line of sight sweeping us, my heart jumped, hurriedly grabbed the neck of Wuji Blue, the lip sticker with his cheeks, and made intimidated look.

When the police walked away, I looked up, let go of Wuju Blue.

I saw that he was staring at me in his face. I suddenly reacted, I couldn't help but I: "I am stupid! It's stupid!" I almost remembered Wu Ju Blue without identity. It is illegal to enter the country. Heart deficiency, but don't think about it, walk on the street, which police is free to stop you check your passport? Instead, I have just been able to pay attention to the sneaky look.

Really want to be stupid by your IQ! I looked at Wuju Blue, "I'm sorry! I'm almost a big disaster, you have to want to be ..."

I suddenly suddenly, Wu Julai gathed, and gently kissed my lips, and I will come out.

His kiss is like the first snowflower in the early winter, the ice is soft, just hitting it, there is no trace, leaving only a little wet, prove that it exists.

I was quiet, looked at Wuju Blue.

Wu Ju Lan stared at me, suddenly showed Yan. I have been used to my eyebrows and cold, indifferent expressions, I saw him so gentle, I just felt that this is a charm of his face, so that my heart is like a deer, my face is red.

Wu Jura's smile is getting deep, reaching out on my cheek, smiling, holding my hand while going forward.

I completely became dumb, and didn't say a word all the way.

Wu Ju Blue took me into a western restaurant. After I sat down, I found that Wu Wei and Jiang Yusheng were there.

The witch is low, a "I do something wrong, I am very uneasy", Jiang Yiheng looked at Wuju Blue.

I said, "You come too?" Is it no problem, don't you put your boss? "

Jiang Yisheng looked at me like a monster, and said: "Your IQ is really ... no lower limit!"

Witch is busy, "No problem! The boss will not mind, how can you lose?"

"I looked at the phone, I couldn't find you. I am too unusite to walk." I am very polite to the witch, turning to Jiang Yusheng is another mouth, "your IQ is in the upper limit, I The big living person will follow you, what you think in your heart, it will have never found me? I will never forget your friends! "

The witch is just a little bit, and it starts to bow down. Jiang Yisheng grabbed the witch and said, saying to Wu Ju, "I don't like to eat Western food, I want to eat Chinese!"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Okay."

Jiang Yisheng left the witch , I didn't understand: "How does Jiang Yiheng seem to be a bit angry with you?"

"Witch is said that you lost, I am in a hurry, I blame the witch."

I am not a child, I have lost someone else? It seems to be a bit too much ... I will ask: "If you don't want you to go to the Hao Hao?"

Wu Ji Blue glanced at me, picking up the menu in the world.

From the first day of met his, he is never grieved. I don't want to be wronged him. I decided to give a few words to the Witch.

I turned over the meal, I found that it is French dishes. It's not that I don't like French dishes, goose snails, caviar caul rows, occasionally eat a few meals, I also like it. But this evening, just took a long-distance plane, it's bad, the body is a bit uncomfortable, I don't want to eat these things.

Wu Ji Blue asked: "What do you want to eat?"

I am sorry: "Just sitting on a long-distance plane, in fact, I am now going to eat a bowl of sour noodles."

"I didn't think about thoughtful." Wu Jura put down the menu, with me left the restaurant.

I don't know where there is a Chinese restaurant, Wu Ju Blue is definitely not familiar with the current New York, so I propose to go back to the apartment!

When I visited the kitchen afternoon, I found that the boss or the boss was very meticulous, not only putting the food that Chinese people often eat in the refrigerator, but also placed various Chinese seasonings on the table, and soy sauce and vinegar. I am ready.

I have the location of the apartment that I have described the apartment, I didn't expect him to find the way, and did not expect that it was a smooth back to the apartment.

I used my birthday, opened the door of the apartment, laughing on Wu Jukai, "I realized the luxury life of the rich people!"

However, Wuji Blue's luxury decoration and beautiful scenery of the apartment did not have interest, faintly swept, and he looked at the kitchen.

I asked in treasure: "Is it very good? Soy sauce, vinegar, what seasonings are all, even decapulous and sauce sauce."

Wu Jura said: "It's more."

I said: "This is the United States, or a foreigner's house, don't be so picky!"

Wu Juan Blue off the coat and tapered the shirt sleeves and walked into the kitchen.

For a while, he gave me a bowl of buttical vegetables and gave yourself a steak.

We sat in front of the bar, and all of them were eaten.

Under the bright light, Wu Julan wearing a simple white shirt and black trousers, but everywhere comes out of great and elegant and elegant. I secretly steal my eyes and I found that I found it later, I have never seen it in the shirt, it looks very good.

I am afraid that he is embarrassed, did not ask this dress to steal or bought it. Waiting for the meal, I jump off the high chair, go to the sofa, take my wallet, put a card to Wu Ju Blue, "I have to buy things in the past few days, I use this card, and ..." I Take out all the cash in the wallet, start counting money, "said that there are not many opportunities for the United States with cash, just sometimes you need cash, I only redeem six hundred dollars, I am half half, you don't do Help me save, not enough, I will redeem it. The poor family is rich, we are so happy to have fun, the most important thing ... "

I am getting awkward, Wu Zhalu, Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu come back. Both of them clearly and Wu's economic situation, I saw them, didn't care, and handed the three hundred pieces of the number to Wuju Blue.

Wu Julan did not send the cash and card, and closed it carefully.

Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu are staring at me and Wuju Blue.

"Wu Ju Blue, you actually take the money of the calius?" Jiang Yusheng's voice is more strange than his eyes.

I am not happy, I regret that I have just avoided them, I am going to explain, Wu Ju Lan laughed at Jiang Yi Sheng: "The man spends money for women, but the man wants to spend a woman's money is a bit charm! Jiang Doctor, you are envious, is it inferior? "

I am very happy, Wu Ju, is not entangled in men's face and self-respect, but I still explain: "Wu Zhali Zhizhi has come to the United States, no time to exchange money. What is the meant call to take my money? You don't know, all of my money It's all he helped me earn, I am him, he is your own money! "

Jiang Yi is quiet: "I also help our hospital to make money! I haven't seen the dean saying that his money is my money!"

The witch is awkward, and the topic is opened. "Why didn't you eat in the restaurant? Do you don't like the restaurant I choose?"

I said: "No, I don't have appetite, just want to eat a bowl of hot soup."

Witch is sorry: "I am too careless. I didn't take into account your long-distance planes, I only want to eat Chinese."

"It doesn't matter, you are already taking care of me. , there is something I want to discuss with you."

"what's up?"

I am very embarrassed to say: "I want Wu Zhazheng to live here, can you?"

Wu Juan quickly looked at Wuji Blue.

"No problem! Thank you!" I said happy.

The witch is awkwardly smiles, saying to us: "I will take a bath to take a bath, everyone!" After that, she turned and left.

Jiang Yi said, "Good night", also returned his house.

I picked up the tableware and went to the second floor with Wuju Lan.

Wu Ju Blue swept anywhere, there is nothing interest, only staying in the reading area for a while.

He is silent, and his eyes look at the book on the bookshelf. I can't help but ask: "What are you thinking?"

He reached out and took a book from the bookshelf, "I used to read the book."

I have a good look, very ancient appearance, not English, nor Japanese, Korean, for me, is totally the book.

"What book? What is this language?"

"Hans Andersen" Engenet and mermaid ". Danish."

ANDERSEN? Denmark? Mermaid? Isn't it a big name! I said: "Chinese translation should be" mermaid "or" the daughter of the sea "."

"You are talking about" the little mermaid ", it is a story of a woman fish, this is" agnete and the merman ", is a story of men's fish."

Anderson still wrote a story of a man? I curiously asked: "What is the story?"

Wu Jincai put the book back on the bookshelf, faintly said: "This story is one of his best works based on the European folklore, and it is considered to be one of his best works. The story has a lot of versions, but the rough plot is the same, all Tell a man, there is a pure gold-shaped hair and a pleasant double. One day, he met a human girl named Agnete, and they fell in love with each other, decided to live together .agnete and blonde men's fish live. In eight years, he gave birth to a child, but in the end, Agnete still could not give up human life, and he chose to leave men's fish forever. "

I regretful asking this story, watching Wuju Blue, I don't know what to say.

Wu Ju-blue smiled and shook his head, holding my hand in one hand, playing my brain, "I am not so sensitive, don't think about it!"

I immediately worked, smiled and cleared his hand. He is not the blonde, I am not Agnete, we will never let go of each other.

I took him out of the reading area and smiled and said: "There is only one bedroom. I sleep room, your sleeping governance sofa?"

"it is good."

After setting up Wu Ju, I fell in bed and immediately entered a sleep condition.

However, in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up. After going to the bathroom, turned down and fell. I saw a mobile phone before, and at 3 am, it should be the legend of the legend.

I opened the WeChat's friend circle, and I sent a circle of my friends. I have sent one: "The night sleeps, there is still an important thing tomorrow.