The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 13 Introduction First Kiss (2)

Eatgree, I hope that it will not be a dizzy and sell yourself. "

In addition to a few praise guys, there is still a reply of Jiang Yi Sheng: "Don't worry, because ... you have no big brain."

My psychology is balanced, it seems that I am still poor.

I hesitated, give Wu Julan, WeChat: "Are you still sleeping?"

Waiting for a moment, Wu Ji Blue reply: "Do you can't sleep?"

I suddenly excited, "Well, what about you?"

Wu Jura: "Can't sleep."

"Talk for a while?"

Wu Jura: "Don't get up, even if you can't sleep, you will be lying well, otherwise you must insomnia tomorrow."

I am lying in the nest to send WeChat: "Waiting two stones to sell, I will make a small financial freedom, you don't have to help me make money. Do you have anything you want to do? I can accompany you. Go together. "

I have long found that Wu Julai is a person who has not feels at all. Because of a different life form, everything is in the world. In the clothes, food and clothing, except for food, other things don't matter, and his requirements for food, not human money, and everything he needs is in the ocean. However, because I still need a substance, I do everything on the island, whether it is fishing, or a chef, is to help me. This is why I decided to sell two stones, I don't want him to be ignorated by money because of me.

Wu Jura: "What do you want to do most?"

"I am asking you." I refused to answer.

I am afraid that I will answer, he will give it to me. Probably because Wu Ju Blue's life is too long, in his words, everything is a passer, not only the things that don't have your own feelings, not much about the relationship with your own, anyway, there is time, now don't do it, Also do it again. However, my time is very limited. In his long life, my few decades short to almost no matter. However, I hope that when he remembers me with him, it is a wonderful interesting, happy, not boring, dry and boring, and finally, the value of memories is not, being drowning in his long life .

Wu Jura said: "I said, you said."

I thought about it, compromised, "Okay."

"I want you to accompany me to sea."

What he meant is definitely not going to go to the sea to watch the sunset. I read him repeatedly after reading him, reply: "I will go with you."

"It's your turn."

"I have already said."


"I want to go to the sea with you. It's not lie to you, what I want to do now is to do a variety of things with you, whether it is climbing together, or going to the sea together, what is not important for me, It is important to be together. "

Wu Ju Blue has not responded, I asked: "Is it too touched, or fell asleep? It is recommended to choose the first answer, otherwise it is not good for life safety."

Wu Juan, which is not selected, "The sky is bright, take a break."

"The last problem, where is your most impressive place in New York?"


I silently thought for a while, put the phone back to the bed cabinet, closed my eyes.