The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 14 Are you willing to marry me (1)

Love has never been sweet, pain and pain is also part of love, let us know yourself more clearly, and let us cherish the sweetness.

I am a good dream, when I slept, the sound of the music sounded, and I woke me up from the deep sleep.

In a confused, I took the ear with the quilt, I just wanted to sleep with sleepy, I will sink into the dream. The familiar music is like a gentle hand, taking me persistently, stopping me from sleeping again.

Familiar with?

Suddenly, I responded over, I have been in the ear, and the songs of the disturbed dream are my favorite "summer night star sea".

I can't help but slowly relax the quilt and listen carefully.

It should be a song playing with the piano. It is different from the Qunqi's etio, and the pleasant music is a little bright. It is like a group of beautiful little fake is playing lightly on the big sea in the star, praising the starry sky. How old is the sea, how beautiful.

Jiang Yusheng will also play a little piano, but this is by no means he played, it is Wu Zhalu!

He must not want me to insomnia at night, sleep during the day, so playing me to get up.

I rushed to nightgown, ran in the bedroom barefoot, standing in front of the railings on the second floor, looking at the past -

Before the landing big window, the sun was brilliant, Wu Julan wore a white shirt, sitting in front of the black triangle piano, playing the song. In the light morning light, his upper part is like a marble statue in front of the ancient Greek temple, and the slender fingers flexibly caress the piano comparison between the black and white, and the melodious music is like a mountain clear spring.

I looked against the railings and stared at him quietly, staring at the most beautiful scenery that this person can give me.

After a song, Wu Zhali is looking at me.

At that point in my gaze, there were too many feelings that I have already flelen in my heart. He fixedly saw me in an instant, "I have already prepared breakfast."

I smiled brightly and said, "I went to wash a face, brush a teeth, and immediately down."

After eating breakfast, I asked Wu Wei today's arrangement.

I originally thought that I would have to see the boss of Wu Yu, but the witch is saying that the boss is something, I will not see me for the time being.

He sent two lawyers to the apartment, I sidedly signed the contract while drinking the contract. I entrust the company to sell two stones, and the other party draws 30% commission from the price.

When the lawyer left, I asked the witch: "Is it because I didn't have dinner last night, your boss was angry and didn't want to see me?"

"He is not angry, as for why I don't want to see you now ..." Witch leaned against the bar, very helpless, "The old man's idea is too quirky, I don't know what the boss is thinking."

"Will you affect me selling stones?"

"Never! However, the two stones are not sold so quickly, you may be more than a few days, can you?"

I thought: "Yes! We just played in New York a few days." I originally planned to go home as soon as possible to accompany Wu Zha Blue, I didn't do any play plan, but now Wu Jincheng also comes to New York, just change the plan. joke! Twenty hours of the boat of the boat, is not fun, how to get yourself?

In the next four days, I wrestled with the time difference, while the online travel guide, the Central Park, Metropolitan Art Museum, the Statue, the Empire Tower, Times Square, Wall Street ... one is over.

The free goddess is 1886, and the Metropolitan Museum was built in 1870, and it was a matter of Wu Zhali left the United States. Like me, he is also the first time. When I took a photo in front of these buildings, I took a photo before, I felt very happy. Wu Ju Blue About the first memory of these places was with me, and I was a little inexplicable. After a hundred years, if Wu lives in the blue and old, Come here, will you still think of today?

All tourist attractions in New York, we have passed, only one Broadway. Jiang Yusheng asked several times if it was not a book to go to Broadway to watch a musical, I was not interested in being with the witch, I didn't want to go, Jiang Yicheng can only be done.

In fact, of course, it is not because I am not interested, but because Wu Ju Blue's words about theater, let me pay special attention to the theater of Broadway.

According to the online check, Broadway's first Theater Park Theater was built in 1810, and the Second Theater The Broadway was built in 1821. There is no doubt that Wu Ju, who has many theaters in Broadway in New York, and he has seen a play in it, leaving a lot of beautiful memories, so this is the most impressive place.

I checked the information, 1838 to 1865, now in the most popular musical music drama in Broadway has not been born, then it is the golden age of the opera. Before 1850, Will pushed the three-way world-class classic opera: "Lady" "Tour Poet" and "Tea Female". I believe that with the worship of European culture at the time, these three operas were definitely a surrounding theater in New York. Wu Ji Lan in New York, I like to go to the theater, and I will definitely.

The first two operas I checked the information to know what to say, I have seen a novel, and I have seen movies. I am very familiar with the story, choose it!

I quietly find Wu Wei to discuss, I hope she can find a way to arrange a opera in Park theater or the Broadway, the performance repertoire is "tea blossom woman", the style of Will Demonstration, all the costs I will come out.

Wu Kao knows that I am not a mess, saying: "It is necessary to spend a lot of money! The actor fee can save a little, anyway, New York is a talented young actor, but the site rental fee will not be cheap, only I am afraid that I have to be a thousand dollars. "

I thought about a 6-year-old exchange rate, I bite my teeth and said, "I have a mentally prepared, you will deduce from the money I sell stone. But remember to keep Wu Juanlan know, I want to give him a surprise."

The witch is staring at me, promised to say: "I will help you arrange it, guarantee to give you an authentic nineteenth day."

I am grateful to: "Thank you!"

The witch is shaking, "My grandmother said 'love is the most amazing witchcraft in the world. It can make selfish people selfless, be brave, greedy, and dull, everything is because of your witchcraft. "

I am embarrassed, where is it so amazing? It's just that I am not willing to be in the time of Wu Ju, I don't have me in the past, trying to reciprocate a past time with money, engraved in his memory.

Under the arrangement of Wuxi, the opera performance of "tea blossom" is set out in the afternoon of October.

The tradition of watching the opera is wearing a dress, Wuji is naturally a simple white shirt and black suit. I put on the skirt of deliberately bought, a sea-blue long dry skirt, very elegant, like a summer afternoon sea. I first saw this dress, I think Wu Ju Blue should like it. When I walked from the rotating stair, he saw my moment, from his eyes, I felt that my judgment was not wrong, he really liked.

Because it is a package, when we arrived at the theater, the theater was cold and clear, only our four people. I have chosen the position in the middle of the middle, Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu are sitting in front of us.

The light gradually darkened, the front of Jiang Yiheng and the witch pointed head, whispering, I and Wu Ji Blue sat. I feel that he is not good at his emotions, always looks deep, if you think about it, look at the four-week empty seat.

I suddenly be a bit fear, will it be smashed?

The curtain is slowly opened, the stage set is very retro, music is also very classical, and bring people to Europe in the nineteenth century.

The first curtain is the Paris of the tea flower. A group of people in the upper class surrounded the most beautiful communication in Paris, and the male protagonist Amang was introduced to the tea blossom woman Margaret. He was eager to express his love, but he was rejected by the tea flower.

I looked at the stage of colored and elegant men and women, I remembered the "Tea Female" novel in 1848, "Tea Female" opera premiere in 1853, is described in that era. I thought that I was strong and pulled by Wu Ju Blue Sitting around me. I went to see a old time of love, but I forgot to think about it. When he saw "tea blossom women", who is sitting around?

I tried to use money to participate in a long-lost time, maybe, let the dead time participated in my current time. Wu Ji Lan is sitting around me, but it is obviously like me, my heart is thinking, I think is him, who is he thinking?

A hundred years ago, people who have seen "tea blossom women" have disappeared; after decades, I will also disappear; after a hundred years, there will be a girl who is not willing to participate in the past time?

I also know that I don't want to think so, in the past and the future are in my time, I actually don't exist, I can say, there is no relationship with me, but this moment, I am so sad, then greedy Not only do you want to have now, but also in the past and future.

Wu Zhali gradually recovered, he missed my anomalies and whispered: "What happened?"

I stared at the stage and shook my head. I didn't know what I can say.

Wu Zhali held my hand, "You don't like to see this?"

I tried to smile and said, "I want to see what you have seen, it should be very popular at that time."

Wu Julans understood why this song showing the four people, he said: "You specially arranged? For me?"

I nodded.

Wu Ju Lan pulled me standing, "We left!"

I didn't pay attention to Jiang Yi Sheng and Wu Wei, I was dizzy, I was dizzy and was pulled out by him.

Leave the closed dark environment, no need to enjoy the love of the past, my mood is much easier.

Wu Juan Blue down the thin cashmere coat, put on my shoulder, I know that his body is specific, not afraid of cold, there is no modest.

His coat took his unique cold and cold, I smiled more tightly, suddenly flashed a thought - a hundred years ago, I have been in the bleak in the autumn wind, using his jacket. Taking warm? Can he think of her now?

Wu Ji Blue took me to avoid many streets of tourists, walked toward nearby parks, and the more the horizon is more open. It is October Golden Autumn Festival, the color of New York street is bright, like a colorful oil painting.

The autumn is high, the sky, the clouds, long bourseways, high big trees, some golden gorgeous, some blushing, lay a thin layer of fallen leaves, all kinds of colors, far away, We are like walking in gorgeous damask.

I looked at the scenery, suddenly heard Wu Ju, said: "I don't like theater! My auditory and smell are more sensitive than human beings, the sound is noisy in the theater, and a large group of people sits secretly Ma Ma, and the ears and noses It is a torture. "

I am stupid, "But you said ... You are the most impression of theaters, I thought you like theaters."

Wu Ju Lan looked at the clear blue sky and said: "I told you that year, I have been in New York for a while, but I have to leave New York in advance, returned to the sea. That The accident that suddenly happened was that I was found in real identity and was designed. "

I am "ah", almost screaming, clearly knowing that Wu Ji Blue is standing in front of me, but I still feel afraid of nervousness. Regardless of whether oriental or Western, human beings have a cruel blood of "non-my class", I can't help but ask: "How can you be so uncomfortable?"

Wu Zhama said: "In 1861, the North-North War broke out, with the deterioration of the battle, more and more men or voluntarily, or forced to join the war. Because of the documents, I am the most suitable age, I and a few Friends were recruited. One of the friends' lover is my friend. Before leaving, I promised her, I will try my best to keep her lovers. On the battlefield, there are too many accidents that cannot be controlled, in order to keep this friend's life I have to reveal the power of myself. He did not show any abnormalities at the time. It did not pay attention to my special. In 1865, the South announced the surrender, the Nort-South War ended. On our evening of the war He gave me a poison in the meal, the design took me. "

It is also a story about betrayal and sale. Since human existence, it is constantly repeating, and I haven't worried, but I feel very sad, "later?"

"They put me in a special glass cylinder and wanted to be on the theater, with me a fame. I told you that I was impressed by the theater of New York, because I have been on the stage, through the glass cylinder, Look at them while staring at me, while greedily plays a successful plan. "

I swayed and asked: "Later?"

"On the day of the official exhibition, on July 13, 1865, my people were fired to burn the theater called Barnum Museum, and I walked me."

"Ah! Barnum museum? I ... I ... Search for the history of Broadway, I saw this news, which was a big event in the year!" The literature emphasized that this is a big entertainment transformed by four floors. The center is located in the southwest corner of Broadway Street, which has gathered the most popular popular culture at that time. Unfortunately, it was burned into ashes overnight. I am also unfortunate that it is burned in the year of Wuju Blue, otherwise I can arrange the opera to stage.

Wu Zhali smiled comfortably, "It is already more than a hundred years ago, it has passed!"

Yup! Already have passed, he is better than you! I am relieved, and then I am very embarrassed to claim myself. "I ... I don't know your theater ... I thought ... Sorry!"

Wu Ji is half open, say: "You told me what you have just been sad, I will forgive you."

"You ... how do you know that I am in a sad?"

Wu Ji Blue took my hand slowly, and I glanced at me, faintly said: "Your emotion is very strong, my feelings are not slow."

I bite my lip, and I said: "I am thinking of girls you like."

Wu Jun, stopped his footsteps, turned to look at me.

I didn't dare to look at him, low my head, embarrassed: "In fact, there are several ex-girlfriends, even get married, it is normal! I just think about it, you can understand ... "

Wu Ju Blue is holding my chin with hand, raising my head, forced myself, "no!"

"No, no?" I am very like a fool at the moment.

"There is no one, you are the only one."

If you are other men say this, I will only be treated as a hypocritical sweet words, smile, but say this is Wu Zha. Although he is flat, the tone is plain, but it is just a fact that I don't want me misunderstand, but it is the longitude of the millennium. I know that I am shallow, small, selfish, bored, but I know that there is no woman holding his cold hand, no woman enjoys his care, knowing that there is no one in his heart ... My surprise is so powerful Dramatic, I can't help but tears in the eyelashes.

"You ..." Wu Ju Blue bends his finger, and gently printed the tears on my eyelashes with ice finger. It seems that I don't know what to do.

I am embarrassed to have ahead of the head, like a girl who knows that I have been loved, and I don't talk about it. "So long time, one is there? I don't believe it! Even if you don't like it. Others, there must be someone else like you? "

Wu Jura definitely saw that I was a pet-friendly arrogance. He smiled at my cheek, and smiled and said: "Do you think that every woman is like you than the sea turtle shell is also thick?"

I am really upset when I suddenly, I said: "Where is my face? You are thick!"

He smiled and said: "Well, it is my skin! My family is still tender than oyster meat!"

I was teased by his "my home Shen Jin", and I won't look at my face, and I used my fist to look down on his chest, mutter: "My face is not forced by you!"

He didn't laugh, whispered: "Sorry!"

I stunned, smiled and shook his head. No sorry, everything is a wish, like Ji Bolun, love has never been sweet, painful is also part of love, let us know yourself more clearly, and let us cherish the sweetness.

Wu Ju Lan stared at my eyes: "Before I met you, I never considered to find a human becoming partner. In the final analysis, in the eyes of humans, I am a shaped monster, I don't know my true identity, they may Will have a good, but never have someone to choose a monster to make a partner. "

I immediately said: "You are not a monster."

"What is I am?" Wu Ju Lan smiled at me, not like my answer, but also a faint expectation.

I hugged his waist and said clearly: "You are my love, love my life."

Wu Zhada stood quietly, stood quietly, gathered his arm, hugging me tightly, low, kissed it gently on my hair.

I have returned to the apartment with Wuju Blue, I have been six o'clock.

Jiang Yusheng is playing a tablet computer, and the witch is watching TV, it is a hundred boring look.

I am sorry to say to Wuxi and Jiang Yusheng: "Sorry, we are in the middle."

The witch is not interested in pursuing something that has happened. "Two stones have been sold, as I guess, boss bought two stones, total price is 35 million, deducting each The fee of paying, you finally got a hundred and ninety of ten thousand. "

I am very satisfied with this accident, "Thank you, thank you for your boss."

Wu Yu said: "The front sentence, I received it. The last sentence, you personally talk to the boss! My grandmother arranges a wine, let you and the boss officially met."



I am surprised to say: "Tet this evening? Tell me now?"

The witch is shrugged and said: "This is not my idea. It is the information sent to my grandmother in the afternoon. Who knows what his old man has encountered anything, suddenly can't wait to see you?"

Jiang Yi is low, while playing the game, while sneer and saying: "If you can't see it, you will see it, do you play people as a monkey?"

The witch kicks him, and Jiang Yi is not awkward. I am smile, the queen is very successful!

I thought about saying: "This evening is tonight!"

I plan to wait for the night, Wu Ju Blue's body is normal, go back to China, it is estimated that there will be no chance to see the boss of Wu Yu. Although it is just a business, it is a warm hospitality, and I should also be to everyone.

I asked the witch: "What is the requirements for the dress?"

Witch said: "My grandmother has been prepared for you, put it in your bedroom."

Please eat, but also to prepare clothes? Which country is this? I am a little bit.

Wu Yu looked at the blue, standing, stood up, said sincerely: "This matter is very important to my grandmother, she hopes that you can attend, so ... Please!" Witch is bent , Row, 90 degrees.

I was shocked, I'm busy: "Okay, Ok!" Witch is taking care of us, I decided not to prepare for her grandmother, I will put on the scalp, right Entertainment.

Into the bedroom, see the dress prepared by Witch's grandmother, I put down my heart, not any weird clothes, nor I I imagine the bright and glamorous elderly aesthetic position. A white jacquard waist and knee skirt, tailoring, clean, in addition to the jacquard of the clothing itself, no other decoration.

After I put it, I found that this cutting and workmanship will definitely have a great knowledge. It seems very simple, but there is no incorrect in all the body, let me feel very comfortable, I fully highlight the advantages of my body, I can say that I have never passed so comfortable, such as such a beautiful dress. I want to turn it out, but I haven't found anything, let me doubt this probably the legendary advanced private customization.

I walked out of the clothes and said to the witch and said: "The skirt is very fit, it is also very good, thank you for your grandmother!"

"You like it."

Witch is soaked before sitting in the dressing table, she stood behind me, helping me put the hair up to the hair, put on the brunette diamond hair accessories. She own a short hair, helpers are very fast, but they will say: "OK, the hair is good! Take a little bit, then make a light makeup."

Ten minutes, Wuxi said: "Replace the pair of silver tidy high heels, take a look at the mirror, see if you are satisfied."

I put on high heels, walk to the mirror, watching myself in the mirror.

The witch is very satisfied with my reaction, while laughing, wearing a diamond necklace to my neck, helping me wear a supporting diamond ear, "This is our woman's witchcraft."

I have to admit that she is right, it is really witchcraft! A skirt, a hairstyle, a makeup, a few jewelry, let me seem to change a person, I feel that I look tall, slender, beautiful, and noble.

The woman is a pleasant! I immediately thought of Wu Zhalu, hurried downstairs, "Wu Ju Blue! Wu Ju Blue ..."

No one answered me, not only Wu Ju blue is not there, even Jiang Yi Sheng is not there.

The witch is behind me: "They have something to do, set off in advance, and will meet us at the wine."

I am disappointed: "What do they need to start in advance?"

The witch is smiled and said: "Don't worry, Wu Dado will not miss the beauty of your tonight."

I was stamped, I am sorry, I am busy saying: "You go to the clothes makeup! I am waiting for you."

In less than twenty minutes, the witch will change the dress, and the makeup, sway out, a long skirt of the rose red, the slimness, Zhang Yang, is like the evening wind Rose, I can't help but marvel, "What is the esteem? You are now a good thing!"

The witch is laughing, and the arm said: "Let's go!"

When we came to the wine, I found it not at all that I thought.

Golden Ballroom, shuttle, white servant, and clothing, how to see it is like a grand dinner I have seen in Hollywood movie, it is no wonder that Wu Yu's grandmother must prepare clothes and jewelry for me.

Come all the way, there have always been people who are giving us. I am a little bit of discomfort, but the witch is good, but I enjoy the attention of everyone. She smiled and said: "Don't be nervous, they just appreciate your beauty." She looked at my arm, I blinked my eyes, "Who told us that the night is a fire rose, one is a water lilies, and Double open, men's biggest dream! "

I am smile, "Is this a small wine prepared by your grandmother?"

The witch is helplessly said: "Tonight is very important to her, the old man is very paying attention to the ceremony! You should celebrate, her time is limited, the invited guest is also very limited, if you give her a few days, it is estimated that the African tribe Emirates will come. "

I curiously asked: "Why have you always said that it is very important to your grandmother tonight ..."

"Small snail!"

If the voice came from behind, I turned out, I went back, I found out that I didn't say it and Zhou. They were surprised me, and I saw me from the beginning, as if I have never seen me.

I am also quite rushing to count them. These two people stood and stand, and they were obviously a pair of lovers. Just look at the appearance, man S., the woman is beautiful, it is indeed a pair of monks. It can be thought of that the week is not smelling his girlfriend, running to pursue me, and Zhou did not think of his own boyfriend to play with other women, I think it is a bit disgusting.

Probably my eyes are too ridiculous, and Zhou didn't smell the body, I want to separate a little and Zhou's distance, but I walked more, I looked at me in demonstration.

I can't say a smile and said: "Small snails, how are you here?"

I seem to be gentle and courteous. The actual tall tone is very uncomfortable. I learned his tone and smiled and said: "Don't smell, how are you here?"

The smile of the week is stiff, asking: "Wu Ji Blue is not coming with you?"

My tone is soft, "he came over later."

I can't help but press , I said: "Pubback! I thought I sold two broken stones, it is rich! Take millions of RMB and dare to come to New York to show off the rich, beware of the embroidery of your food. The pillow boyfriend was seen in real moired, giving it away! "

Do you quarrel? When I want to win, I have never lost! I smiled and said: "Miss Zhou has time to worry, I don't worry about myself, at least my boyfriend has never tried the bad records of the track." I patted the shoulders of the week, a brother is so good, nothing The look, "Dad, have you told you a girlfriend, you have a confession, but also try to kiss me, I refused?"

Zhou did not speak, "you ... you ... that is not true! Since it is my fiance, he is only pretended ..."

"Don't say, shut up!" Zhou did not smell his face, but it was late.

One piece because there is no evidence, I have been refused to face the fact that I have been expanding in front of me. I stared at the week, I used to force his shoulder, there are many words to ask questions, but it can be too angry, but I can't say it.

It's really awkward! why? The speed robbery, I will barely understand, but how can he be so good to Jiang Yi Sheng? How can I send four gangsters to attack me? How many years of friendship is not important in front of money?

A cold hand holds my wrist and put my hand from the shoulders of the week. I have been familiar with the temperature of my marrow, I immediately put his hand and turned his hand to see him.

Under the eyes of Wu Jue, the deep and quiet, my anger and sadness gradually calm.

I can't hear the Jiang Yusheng next to Wuji Blue, and her face is more ubizteen.

Jiang Yi smiled and said to Zhou: "I remember the first time, I learned to learn from you, I think it is difficult to drink, a small mouth is a small mouth and drink, but also you are not like a man. Big head, I respect you again! "

Jiang Yi has taken a bottle of fierce wine from the tray of the waiter, and fell over a glass and looked up.

Zhou did not smell him, face as gray.

The first time I drink, it is the beginning of the young friendship; the last time I drink, it is the end of the year. Because Li Dayou in that year, Jiang Yusheng did not pursue it for Zhou, but after the alcohol, Zhou did not report, and Jiang Yi will report.

When I think of a few years, we have hide in the unmanned beach. I laughed while stealing drinking. I laughed at the haha, and I saw it before I saw it. I felt that my heart was very uncomfortable. I originally brought the question in the mouth. Significant. Without "why", or say "why" is not important, the important thing is that the time has changed our appearance, let us become a stranger, what happened in the past, there is no meaning of the strange man.

Jiang Yi smiled and handed the empty wine glass to the front of the week, but the week is not to mention it. Jiang Yi Sheng said: "If you dare to do it, you have to dare! Haven't you happen to drink a cup of wine?"

Zhou did not understand the dumb illegal mystery of Jiang Yi Sheng and Zhou, and see Jiang Yi Sheng's drink probably like Liu Wei to drink tea in Ji Juan Guanyuan. She said despised: "Do you call it? Dinner and meals After the English in the wine is not clear, I will come to the Violet's wine, and the shame is now! Don't smell, we will go, don't use them! "

Zhou did not say that the week was not left, Jiang Yi Sheng gave the waiter, I was worried about Jiang Yi Sheng, "Are you okay?"

Jiang Yusheng said: "Don't worry, don't worry because I can't hear my own mood, it is not worth it!" He glanced in Wu Ji Blue, smiled, "Small snails, you are the protagonist this evening, the heavy drama has not yet opened!" "

Let me see the official dress of Wu Julan, I remembered that I came to see the boss of the witch tonight, but I really didn't have a mood and strangers and laugh, just want to complete the task, return to the apartment.

"Oh, what is your name, where is he?"

The Witch is smashed. I and Wu Junlang said: "The boss is called Regulus. It is Latin, meaning the prince, there is also the meaning of the lion. My grandmother will introduce him to you and you know. Oh, my grandmother It is a Violet that I haven't mentioned, many people who don't understand her, think that she is learning, mysterious, elegant, charming ... "

The witch is not going to say, because of the sudden quiet in the banquet hall, let me see her grandmother with the enthusiasm of everyone, a dressed, laughing, a prosthetic old woman is coming in. She hit a black evening dress, and the hair is neatly in the brain. When I can see her age, I will leave elegance and demeanors on her, and each wrinkle has become a gift from the years. A house flower branch is proud, the woman who is fighting, in front of her, suddenly seems to be accompanied.

I can't help but look at her, and look at the witch. The face of the witch is very Asian, her grandmother is very Western, not a blonde West, but a black hair, a honey skin. The two faces are very different, but they can find a significant similarity.

The witch is explained: "My grandmother claims to be a gypsy, there is a blood of Spain. I have the Indian and the Chinese of the Chinese."

I nodded, I understood it.

The grandmother of the Witch is standing in front of the microphone, welcoming the words in English.

Her speed is not fast, pronunciation is also very standard, I basically understand. The guests invited tonight are friends with her partnership. They have cooperated with old partners in a hundred years, and there are new partners that are expanding Asian business. Her business involves many fields, real estate, jewelery, pharmaceutical, medical, minerals, new energy ... Violet to do business, and now the business philosophy of the company is not very the same, she has no company to go public, all are private, but millions No doubt, this is a low-key business kingdom.

The more I listen, the more curious, such a smart and elegant woman will serve why the boss service? Can you have more glamorous people to make her concession?

Violet suddenly looked at our direction, she reached out and made a respectful invitation. "As I told everyone, my family is just operating all business for my boss. Tonight, please let me introduce you to you. Boss Regulus. "

Everyone looked at us and said that they were all looking at Wuju Blue in the eyes of Violet. If I have a real understanding, it is difficult to believe that look around, trying to find another person, prove is that I misunderstood. However, there is no other person around, only Wu Ju Blue.

Today, he said that he said in my ear, "I saved me", he was not alone hundreds of years ago, someone followed him, protect him. US Since the founding of the country, except once