The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

CHAPTER 14 Do you want to marry me (2)

The Nort-North Civil War, the Political Bureau has been stable, as long as there is a steady and reliable agent, the industry continues until now.

Wu Ju Blue was squeezing my hand, let me go, go to Violet.

Violet is back to the side, exhausting the thunderous applause in the entire banquet hall. Violet and a few people standing in front of the old people are excited to tears, which seems to have witnessed an incredible miracle happening.

Wu Ji is just standing there. There is no expression in the cold face, just like everything, looks all the kings, no matter what happens.

The applause gradually stopped, Wu Ji Blue said to Violet and the old man: "Good evening, my friends, I'm back!"

They were excited to make up, as well as Ms. Violet, not only personal charm, financial and social status is also very outstanding, they always drive others to follow, provoke the whole banquet hall A thunderous applause.

One of the people who have not followed with excitement is me, Jiang Yusheng, Zhou Zhi and Zhou.

I didn't say that I was using the most incredible gaze, a pair of "clearly saw a person stepped on the shit, but did not expect it to be a ghost expression.

In fact, like them, I watched the people who were packed and went into the people who were selling. I was really bad. Moreover, I have been more or less thinking that I am the only thing in Wuju Blue in this world. Now, I found that most of me is a bit of one, or the thinner of the weaker, let me feel very good. Safe.

The applause stopped, and the old man who looked very socially greeted Wuju Blue, they or her own son, grandson, or her daughter, granddaughter. Their ancestors should be immigrants from Europe to the United States. Although their trend is early, they can still have the shadows of their appearance and language, their own shadows, Hispanic, German, Italian, and French ... they use each person. The language is different, and Wu Huizhen also speaking with the language and them in different countries, every move, etiquette is perfect.

Wu Jincan, who is surrounded, makes me feel a bit strange, although I have always known that he is poor even if there is no shoe, it doesn't change arrogance, but now I have witnessed that he is like returning the king, and he has accepted the cheers of everyone. And to wear, it is another feeling. When he said, I didn't understand. I didn't understand what he did. I didn't know anything around him ... He is very far away, very strange. That month, even if he reveals true, tell me that he is not a person, I don't have this feeling, but now I think we are completely two people.

I whispered: "He is really like his name, a prince!"

The witch is staring at Wu Zhalu, saying that he is not hesitant to say: "It's not very like, regulus is the prince!"

I stunned, I can't help but think, if he is a prince, what is I? Will it be the Cinderella 12 before the midnight, although wearing a beautiful princess dress, dressing like a princess, but the end is to take off the skirt, retrieve the original shape?

Jiang Yi was hit me. Under his illusion, I saw that I didn't say that I went to the people quietly and quietly walked toward the door. Staring at their back, I also have a feeling that I want to escape.

"Thank you for your visit ..." Wu Ju Blue's voice suddenly sounded, it was Chinese.

Zhou did not say that I was unable to stop the footsteps, I went back, I also went back, and I wonder the Wuji Blue.

Wu Julai is sharply staring at me sharply, colliding with him, I can't help but get anything, he looked at me thinking about it! His eyes took a little anger, it seems to say: Do you dare to escape? you try!

Wu Ju Lan stared at me, and said slowly in Chinese: "Tonight invites you to see you, but more importantly, I want you to witness what I am going to do."

He passed through the crowd, stepped to me, with his movements, all people's eyes gathered to me and him.

From small to big, I am not the focus of the crowd, and I am not used to being the focus of the crowd, and I want to retreat. Wu Ji Blue knee, single-legged in front of me, holding a huge blue diamond ring in his hand, "Small snails, are you willing to marry me?"

I heard the spell spell, I was immediately placed on the ground, shocked: "What do you say?"

Fortunately, not just I was frightened, and the crowd also issued the excitement of this, covering my very rude question.

Wu Ju Lan stared at my eyes and repeated it again: "Are you willing to marry me?"

I have been quietly listening, and I immediately show up, I can't wait to grab the ring from him. "I am willing! I am willing!"

Jiang Yi Sheng coughed, I found out that I seem to be too anxious, I should have tears, and I will hold my hands in the past, let Wu Zhala, blue, to wear a ring. However, I have been chasing everyone in the face of everyone. Is it necessary to give Wu Juan blue?

I pinch the ring, not, I'm not.

Wu Ju Blue was gentle and gentle. He smiled and stood up. It was naturally pulled my hand. For me to put on the ring, it would be like this. Then, he held the hand wearing a ring, bent down, low, very gentleman kissed it on my back.

As with a current from my hand back to my heart, let me feel excited with my heart and speed, blood retrograde, this moment, I am full of halo, really realize what happened: Wu Ji blue, marriage me! As a proposal! propose! propose!

From this kind of feelings, I have always been a person who struggled forward. Wu Jula has always been very hesitant, and it can even say that he is simply trying to refuse, but can't stand my face, but I can even have this face. The guy did not dare to consider getting married, Wu Julai actually married me!

It's strange! I am still me, he is still him, but I have a stone that symbolizes his promise, but everything has changed! Even if he said, I can't understand, do what I can't understand, the surroundings I don't know, how about it? No matter how unfamiliar world, he will accompany me! What's more, he is preferred to let everyone understand, but also in Chinese, just to make me understand.

Wu Juechuan glasted my hand, stared at the week, and the week, using Chinese to everyone: "My unmarried wife, Shen Jun!"

Violet is in an understanding of him to translate himself into English, but all the old people around her have been silent, it seems that it can't accept this fact.

Wu is quietly looking at them quietly. Violet first raised his hand and began to applaud, others also launched to applaud, and finally the entire banquet hall was thunderous applause.

Wu Ji Blue smiled slightly, "Thank you!"

The music sounded in time, and Violet gave the witch to make a look.

The Wu Hao smiled and said to Jiang Yusheng: "Borrow your beauty!" I went to Jiang Yusheng, she pulled Jiang Yusheng into the dance pool, with music, started to dance.

Jiang Yi's movement is slightly hysterescent, and it will soon keep up with her dance step.

They both, men's winds, women's bright and four shots, dance steps, and surprisingly harmonious, and a lot of people have begun dancing.

The people who surrounded the blue bodies in Wuju gradually scattered, but Violet didn't leave, she respectd Wu Ju, said respectfully: "Please come with me."

After we walk behind her, we walked into a lounge connected to the banquet hall.

The waiter put the door, the music and the voice were all being in the door, and the room was very quiet. Wu Ju Lan took me on the sofa, and some people stand all.

Violet is very kindly said to me: "I have already listened to you many times, can I call you a small snail?"

The politeness of the Chinese, respecting the old and loves the young, Violet is definitely an elder, æ I want to stand up, Wu Ju Lan is holding me, I can only sit still, laugh: "Of course."

Violet smiled and introduced me a few old people around her. Everyone would walk forward, pick up my hand, bent down, kiss my hand back. From beginning to end, Wu Ju Blue has been sitting next to me, and there is no saying. I faintly feel that this is not just a Western-style etiquette, more like a ceremony, but what is the representative, Wu Ju Lan did not explain, I didn't ask, just as much as possible, I didn't ask for a lottery, I didn't ask for it. Error.

After all people greeted me, Wu Hua is holding my hand, standing up, saying: "Shen Shu is my life partner, from today, we share all the glory given by life, and share life All suffering brought. "

I am shaking in my heart, watching Wuju Blue.

Violet is almost very shocked: "Regulus ..."

Wu Julai stared at her sharply, and Violet struggled a moment, and he lowered his head.

Wu Ji is repeated it once in English, and in the eyes of everyone, he said: "I hope that you will keep in mind what I said."

After that, he took me and walked out of the lounge.

Wu Ji Blue looked at Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei, asked me: "Do you want to play again? If you want to dance, I can accompany you."

I shook my head, "I want to go home."

He said that his hearing and smell are far more keen than humans, so the sound is noisy, and the smell is mixed. He must not like it, just, I don't like it.

Wu Jun laughed and said softly: "Okay, let's go home!"

After returning to the apartment, when I set a password before the password lock, I suddenly reacted why the password of this apartment was my lunar calendar birthday. It is not a password called the people, but the password set by Wu Ji Blue.

I asked: "This house is your previous house?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Well! However, every twenty years, they will resume me to run an identity document, will also renovate a house, except for the books on the bookshelf, other places can basically see the previous look. "

I pushed the door, bent, and made a pose for the pose, said to Wu Ju, "Welcome home!"

Wu Ju-blue said: "It is also your home in the future. I didn't send your birthday gift in the birthday. Even the house will give you birthday gifts."

what? Give it to me? I am stunned.

Wu Ji Blue pulled I walked into the apartment. "Don't think that it is very expensive, I just liked to be dense vegetation here, the smoke was rare, and I bought very low prices."

I have come back, say hippie smiley: "I am not too expensive! The fool will be too much! As long as you send it, you dare to collect! I can't believe that there is such a good thing in the world. Originally, I did diligent, try hard to support the family, I didn't expect you to be so mood, let me upgrade directly into a rice insect. "

Wu Ju Lan smiled slightly, staring at me: "Small snails, such you, really good!"

His eyes are deeply focused, and it is simply described by the "deep love". I am sorry, red face looks here, see where it is, I am sorry to look at him.

Wu Ju Lan smiled softly, and asked: "What are you watching?"

I said that I said: "Look at my house!" After that, I really carefully got my house.

Suddenly, I saw something familiar.

"Yea! They are here!" I ran over the past.

The coral stone of the nibrui is like the old house of the island, put on the floor of the living room, put on a green bonsai in the top; the parrot screws are also as decorated, put on the shelf of the living room. .

Wu Ju-blue said: "This is the old thing of your grandfather. If it is not for money, you must not be selling. Now we are not lacking, let them still accompany 1/2!"

Let me look at the coral stone and the parrot, and then look at the room around the house, stare with Wuju Blue.

In the kitchen, China's seasonal seasonings and ingredients, the crews in the bedroom, the bathroom I used to shampoo and shower gel, even after the TV can receive the Chinese station ... No wonder I always feel that the people who are furnitative are good. I want to have a good thought, almost take care of all my needs.

Wu Ju Lan walked to me, asked with concern: "What's wrong?"

I said: "I thought it was a witch to find someone to be arranged. It turned out that you were arranged by you."

Wu Ju-blue said: "Time is too nervous, only half a day, I can only arrange it casually. Let's follow your heart, we will be placed again, you will come back to New York, you can live more comfortable."

I have never thought that one day I will be put in the palm of my hand, care about Zhou Quan, and I love it.

My eyes were wet, I couldn't help but snuggle to him, and I held his neck, and the dark blue diamond ring was shining in my point.

The people I love, from the blue ocean, gave me a deep affection! No matter what, glory or suffering, I am willing to bear!