The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 15 is willing to be thrown (1)

Don't be too good to me, I have loved you very much, but I still afraid that my love can not match your good!

Azure sky, blue sea.

A gray black boat floats in the center of the sea.

There is no wind on the sea, the waves are temporally like a baby's cradle, gently shake it.

I am swim in the sea, so happy, then it is as if the flowers are in the spring breeze, and the birds fly in the blue sky.

Suddenly, Dad, my mother started to quarrel again, I was anxious, my leg cramphed, and the sea water pushed my nose. I didn't consciously waving my hands unconsciously. Dad, my mother is busy quarrel, no one pays attention to me.

I fell underwater, I kept struggling, but the more struggled, the next sinking.

I gradually closed my eyes, lost my breathing, the whole person like a white cloud, I have been floating to the sea, I have been floating to the bottom of the sea ...

I woke up from my dreams, and I kept breathed, just like it is really suffocating.

After a while, I gradually calmed down. Since I overcome the mental obstacles, I dare to wear the sea after the life clothes, I rarely do the dream of drowning, but accidentally do it, always feel like it is really painful.

In order to get rid of this unpleasant feeling from hell, I will think about happiness, I think of the marriage of Wuji Blue, and I always feel that happiness is really like it is true. A dream?

I hurriedly raised my hand, I saw a blue ring that I went to sleep, I was really true.

Wuju is indeed a confrier, I also agreed!

I gained the ring on the hand, smiled and said: "Good morning, Mrs. Wu!" After that, I used to knew the ring, and I jumped out of the bed and went to brush your teeth.

When I went downstairs, Wu Ji Blue was already a breakfast.

He heard my footsteps and looked up at me.

I went to the table, smiled and said: "Mr. Wu, good morning!"

He was a bit inexplicable by my name, and I stared at me.

I carry my hands, watching him, smiling sweetly, there is no meaning to answer questions.

He got up and put it all in front of me. When you sit down, I will knock on my mind, "I have dinner!"

I sat around him and drink milk, asked God secretly: "Do you want to know what I am happy?"

Wu Ji Blue glanced at me, completely showing my ghost two, faintly said: "No matter what I said, you will not tell me."

I am annoyed: "No matter what I want to say, you should first say 'I want to know'."

He said in conjunction: "I want to know."

I happily say: "I will not tell you!"

Wuji Blue cut the bacon with a knife, and said indifferently: "It's hard to imagine, I actually do so bored with you."

I stared at him, "Mr. Wu, what do you mean?"

His head did not raise: "It is difficult to imagine that the conversation is bored, but I am actually sweet."

I am like suddenly falling into the honeypot, and I have a sweet bubble from my head to my feet. But the people who say sweet words, but I don't think I am talking about sweet words, regardless of the expression, or tone, all like an objective facts. Still calm.

I smiled and looked at him. The more I thought I just thought it would be happy. I couldn't help but called "Wu Mr.", Wu Zhali said, saying to me: "I am here!" Then he turned to walk around, faint Asked: "Are you enough?"

After hiding in the wall, I only explored a head of the witch and Jiang Yisheng, and the witch was rushing to explain: "I am afraid to bother you."

Jiang Yusheng didn't have so much scruple. I came over and smashed my head. I sat next to me. I said that I just want to see a face of a woman's face. "

I have been able to sweep him a look, "I am sorry, let you down!"

Jiang Yi bite a bread and said without saying: "Is it? Mrs. Wu!" He very intentionally aggravated the last three words.

bad! Small secret exposure! I immediately went to see Wuju Blue. I didn't expect Wu Ju Blu and also hit it, and the eyes of the two hit it. My face turned red. I am busy: "Jiang Yi Sheng Hu said! I call Mr. Wu is not that means!"

Jiang Yi is laughing, "Please! Mrs. Wu, can your IQ are lower? This explanation and confessive differences?"

I didn't dare to look at Wuju Blue, turned around Jiang Yusheng, simply caught the milk in his hand on his head, the most annoying of Qingmei Zhima, a little secret is not hidden!

Jiang Yusheng not only is not afraid. Instead, I took out the mobile phone. I took a few photos quickly, and I smiled and said to Wu Ju. Cut a friend's circle! "

I am so angry, I want to be illegal, "you dare!"

Wu Zhali is coming from behind, "the photo sent my mobile phone, the conditions opened with you."

Jiang Yusheng said: "The transaction!" He made a ghost face for me. "Mr. Wu has settled me, Mrs. Wu asked!"

I am in my heart, sweet, let go of my hand, low, make a despite breakfast, there is no courage to see Wuju Blue.

After breakfast, the witch is asking: "Regulus, what is your arrangement today? What do you need to do?"

Wu Ji Blue asked: "Is the ship ready?"

"Ready, a fully equipped small yacht, there are two bedrooms, very safe, very comfortable."

Jiang Yi asked me in the same place: "Do you want to go to the sea today?"

I looked up to Wu's blue. Today is a lunar calendar fifteen, the night of the moon, Wu Jura definitely arranges, I don't dare to do the Lord.

Wu Jura said: "I have to bring a small snail out of the sea, you don't have to go."

Witch is busy: "Regulus, I am better with Jiang Yusheng, I know you will drive the ship, but I have a boat driver's license, and I am familiar with all the equipment of this ship, one more people who will ship always Safety point. "

Wu Ju Lan thought about it and said, "Good!"


Jiang Yusheng asked: "Go out so early, can't go to and from the same day, is it going far?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "The sea near New York is too dirty, we have to go to the deep sea."

"Oh!" Jiang Yusheng thought that we were to see a good scenery, I understood the meaning of Wuju Blue, he is really disaster near New York.

Light blue sky, dark blue sea, white yacht traveling between sea sky, looking at it, blue is almost a single color, no pure.

I rely on the deck sitting in the back wind, take the sun, and stretches the body.

Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu's body are stiff, and the look is staring at the cabin, because my lovely old antique Wu did not drive such an advanced ship, he said to the help of the witch, even swaying In the instructions, I started learning to boat.

However, see the function that has not seen in the instructions, he immediately tested to the toy boat, and he was very exciting.

Jiang Yi said in tears: "We are really boats, I am also true!"

The white yacht is like drunk, and the twist is driving, and will suddenly sound in time, and an fresh function will be scared.

Jiang Yusheng did not dare to look again, it is impossible to go to the bulkhead, crying, saying that the wife is saying: "Is this really his ship?"

There is no courage to continue to see, carefully said: "It is the boss's boat, just ... he is the first time."

Jiang Yi is kicked with me, "Have you heard it?"

I nodded.

Jiang Yusheng said: "Can you persuade him? Consider our personal safety!"

I just said: "Don't! I think his is much more important than your safety. Don't be nervous, even if the boat turns, he will save you, will not let you drown."

Jiang Yi hated hated: "Shen Jun, you have a guy who is not human! For you!"

I said that I said: "Where are you? I know that Wu Ju Blue's identity, but I don't tell me, let me be a man in the drum! Do you want to continue to be a friend happily?" I was too late last night. " I am happy, I don't want to find them, and now I started after the autumn.

The witch is busy, "I don't want to tell you, but regulus is my boss, the boss's order, I can't listen!"

I said: "Okay! For your reasons! But Jiang Yi Sheng, what about you?"

Jiang Yi is quiet: "It is too stupid, so obviously can't see it, what is it?"

I have reviewed it silently that there is a lot of spider silk. Just, I was confused by Wuji Blue's first impression, always thinking about him. But I forgot, I sold a few millions from the stone that came from the sea. He can come to the sea, it is equivalent to sitting an endless treasure, how can it be poor?

I asked the witch: "Do you go to the island to do a doctor, is it to find Wu's blue?"

"I accidentally saw the video of the squid, I felt that the man in the video was a bit like the old photo of the old photos of Grandma, and immediately rushed to confirm."

Wu Ji Blue's old photo can only be a photo before 1865, I am surprised: "Do you say ... Wuji Blue's old photo?"

Witch said: "Yes, our home is only an old photo."

Last night, I felt that Violet was the identity of Wuji Blue, it seems that my feelings are not wrong.

I am worried about asking: "Do you know how many people in this matter?"

Witch said: "Don't worry, very few! Even my mother doesn't know. I am because I will replace my grandmother in the future, so my grandmother told me."

Jiang Yusheng asked: "What do you know? What are you talking about?"

I made a ghost face for Jiang Yi, "I have a secret, but I don't tell you."

Jiang Yi Sheng laughs, "You are now full of Wuju Blue, what else can you? He is handsome, it is also a man, I am not interested in the secret of the man!"

I laughed and said: "You are not interested, it is so good. At least the two don't use it, you don't have to grab your man against the enemy!"

The witch is smirk, "You feel good!"

I looked at Jiang Yusheng and made a dislike expression, and each twisted his face.

The Witch is smiling: "Do you have a love kill?"

I suddenly remembered what, asked: "Wuji Blue's online video is you deleted?"

The witch is embarrassed to say: "It is what I will delete, but also make people post the content of the video is fake, just commercial packaging means. Sorry!"

I said: "You have considered very careful, I should thank you."

Sure enough, Wu Ju Blue is doing, but Wu Julan is also reasonable, the witch is a person, it is natural to be in his head, just ... I pure curiously asked: "When you come to my home Before, Wu Ji blue knew you? "

Witch is moving, I have been moving, I have said: "When I first arrived at the island. At that time, I followed him to buy vegetables in the vegetable market, I couldn't believe that such a home man will be depicted. Regulus. I still tangled him, I didn't expect him that he was so early, someone was secretly tracked him, and I took me out. I didn't immediately say who I was, he used me as a Zhou. I almost hurt the killer, scared I immediately reported the family surname, he let me let me, I have determined that he is regulus, but he is completely unimportant to take care of me, I have no way to visit Jiang Yi Sheng. "

So this is ah! It is no wonder that the words of the witch say it are very deep.

Witch is looking at the blue diamond ring on my finger, saying: "Last night, Zhou saw that you wore this ring, your eyes can be fired! This blue diamond is not a money. If it is, it is more impossible to be a discount product. "

She glanced over the voyele cabin, and watched Wu Zhazheng's focus on the radar screen, and smashed the voice. Not track. "

I am embarrassed to say: "Wu Ju Lan will not mind these small things!"

The witch is very deep, "Don't mind? Do you know that the boss makes my grandmother, I don't say anything, otherwise, even if my grandmother has a little business, it is impossible to invite them to attend yesterday. Wine party. "

I am stupid.

The Witch said that he said: "Small screw sister, listen to his sister, don't heeks in front of the boss, you can't hear you. You only came to talk to Zhou, I saw it. The eyes of the boss suddenly become terrible. "

I remembered, Wu Juanlan grabbed my wrist, took my hand from the week, I didn't say the shoulder, and I didn't think much, and now I will return to him. I asked myself: "Wu Junlai is very terrible?"

The witch is nod, learn my movement, my brother is so good to my shoulder. "You not only say that we don't think I want to kiss you, but so close, you will have the body, the boss's eyes become Very terrible. "

"I just want to be disgusting, I don't say it and I don't say anything!"

Jiang Yi Sheng said: "You are called no difference attack, and the way is also disgusting Wu big brother."

Witch is attached and said: "This kind of injury is also a trick, it is careful!"

I am depressed, I still said something last night, didn't talk anymore?

The god recalled that he saw the details of Zhouzhi last night, and a few words he didn't say from memory. "Po Bun! I thought it was a rich man! It was rich! Take millions of RMB and dare. Come to New York to show off, beware that your embroidery pillow boyfriend who eats soft rice is seen in real moired, giving away! "

I am shocked in my heart and ponder.

Jiang Yusheng played a referring in front of me, ridiculed: "Hey, you will not be so afraid of Wu Da Ge is angry?"

I took his hand and asked the wit.

"See how you define money, and compared with the boss, they are like fireflies to moonlight."

"Is there a few million yuan?"

"Affirm! Yesterday, the jewelry wearing a dozen, at least more than one million."

I looked at Jiang Yusheng, Jiang Yiheng also looked at me. With his IQ, I will definitely understand what I am thinking.

Jiang Yi is frowned and said: "If millions of RMB is nothing to do with Zhou and Zhou, your two stones can't be their actions, what do they want?"

Wu Ji Blue's voice came from the door of the cabin. "I let Violet invites Zhou Zhou and Zhou to attend the wine, one of the purpose is to find out what they want."

I have seen each other with the witch, and I have been heard when he is talking behind him!

I am busy with the legs: "Look! I know that Wu Ji Blue will not be so boring, it is definitely the reason for the exactly, will invite Zhou Zhou and Zhou."

Witch is extremely unsatisfactory for me, which is extremely unsatisfactory.

Wu Ju-blue came over and said that it was clear and said: "Yes, just one of the four purposes."

The witch is a weird expression of "dangerous people near, I am still hiding away", I have been rushing to stand up, walking towards the cabin, saying loudly: "For everyone's security, there should be Individual is in the cabin, there is only a boss and I have a driver's license on board, since I will go back. "

Wu Julan sat next to me and handed the beer to Jiang Yusheng. Jiang Yi won a can, throwing a can, to give Wu Zhalu, Wu Ji Blue shake his head, said not drinking.

I opened the easy pull, while drinking beer, watching the scenery as a look, trying to reveal the topic that I have just, "I have seen a lot of fish, I hope to see the whale will be seen later."

Jiang Yi, but also to drink, while drinking, while smiling: "Wu Dado, what is the other three purposes that you invited to the wine and Zhou?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "One is to let them see the power behind the little screw, I have said before, and I have to hurt the small screw, you must consider my anger, but they should feel that I am not qualified to say this, didn't go to my heart I can only tell them once again with the exaggerations they can understand. "

I thought that this sentence he said on the dinner table was a joke. I didn't expect him to be serious. I warmly melted, and I looked softly.

Jiang Yusheng asked: "Is there two purposes?"

Wu Zhama said that: "Just, Wu Yu has already said, I don't like the attitude of Zhou Zhou to the little screw, I don't like the week, I don't want to hear the small snail expression, the meaning of love, especially his dreams, dare to face my face!"

In an instant, I feel that the top of the head is flashing, and I have to turn it immediately, or watch the scenery is safe!

Jiang Yusheng was also awkward, and a bit of beer in imported is almost sprayed out. He coughed while he said: "Big Brother! Can you say such a tone of the East, will die? of!"

Wu Ju Blue is eyebrows, asking seriously: "Do you think this is not serious?"

Witch is on the window, half of the body explores outside, loudly: "Dr. Jiang, you just said that it is very unusuriestic, not rigorous! I have seen a" animal world "should know that for male Everything about spouses is very good, no matter whether it is good or showing evil, it may cause a life and death, and the boss is very old. I saw that I didn't smell the old board. I dilled. Just happily waiting to see how he died. "

I can't help but ask: "Hey, you are sure you are boat, isn't it to be around?" I think the witch is very normal, but since I followed an abnormal boss, I also started again. embarrassed.

"It is boat!" The witch is immediately retracted, and it is very busy.

Jiang Yi is laughing, look at me, and look at Wu Zha Blue, find an excuse to retreat, "I went to see it."

Yachts have been driven towards the blue sky of the blue sky, the more far from the land where humans live, the better the scenery.

I grew up in Jiang Yusheng at the seaside, and it is also a look at the sea. It can be different from the sea, and the scenery is always different. Others don't say, that is, the color of the sea is different.

White sea bird flies up and down on our boat, occasionally on the railings, borrow our ship line. Dolphins chase with fish, and jump out of time from time to time, and draw a beautiful arc on the blue sea.

Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei have a whistle, applaud, smart dolphins seem to understand that some people are appreciating the beautiful figure of "Ruo Jinghong, Caloring Dragon", and occasionally, occasionally in the air. A small call.

Wu Ji Blue sat next to me, looked quietly at me, while holding a mobile phone kept photographing.

The Witch Oh, I saw a transparent sealed plastic bag outside, and there was a long strap on the plastic bag. I can hang in my neck. She curiosely asked: "What is your phone?"

"Online shopping mobile phone waterproof bag, the design is reasonable, do not affect the call and photo, can be hung on the neck, and can be tied to the arm, prevent the mobile phone from flushing away after the mobile phone."

I laughed from Wu's sleeves, and his mobile phone was fixed on his arm, and I was a couple of mobile phone. I put my mobile phone next to my mobile phone, show off to Wuxi, "How?"

"You ... consider the true thoughtful!" Witch is hard to find a sentence to praise my words, silently turning his head.

I think in my heart, not thinking about thoughtful, but I have a long time, I don't want to change a new phone every month!

After a group of dolphins, I said to Wu Jua. "Grandpa said that he had a lot of dolphins near the island, and the ship can see the whale. Unfortunately, the environment has been destroyed in these years. The dolphins are getting more and more Less, as for whales, I have never seen it, I haven't seen it once. "

Wu Ju Lan smiled slightly and didn't say anything.

I have a distance from us to Jiang Yi Sheng and Wu Wei, whispered: "Dolphin is in the sea, but it is not fish, but mammals, that ..."

I don't know how to wording, Wu Ju Lan immediately understood what I would like to ask, "Although it is called a fish, we are like a dolphin, whale, is a birth life, not a fish. Human ancient legend, oriental We call people, Western call us as Mermaid, Merman, is inseparable from the same source '. I want to know your ancestors, I know that from the perspective of the gene, we are indeed homologous. Just In the process of evolution, you have chosen land, we have chosen the ocean. In order to better survive in different environments, the body has to evolve in different directions. After hundreds of millions of years, everyone has become very different. Just like the whales and dolphins have posted hind limbs, but because of the ocean, their hind limbs disappear, become a fins. "

I have seen a paper in a contrast of the ancient legends in the West in comparative study.

That article analyzes: In ancient ages, the Chinese and Western oceans are simply unlikely to communicate, but many legends and records show amazing similarity. From the perspective of probability, the possibility of coincidence is small, and it is possible to have some people living in different land, so that there is an amazing similarity. For example, ancient floods in ancient times. Regardless of whether oriental or Western legend, there are floods flooding, and the recording of human struggles. With the development of science and technology, geological research has proven that human history has indeed experienced excessive floods.

I still remember that article also mentioned the mermaid, saying that it is the oriental, or the West, there is this species in ancient legend, and the shape description is also different. If the small probability is coincidental, larger The probability is that this species has truly existed, even still exists.

After all, although human beings have been boarded from the moon, they can understand the earth, but only 29% of the area is land, and 71% is the ocean. So, what is hidden in the vast ocean, no one is really knowing.

Wu Ji Blue saw that I have been thinking about thinking, gentle: "I am interested in these things, if you are interested in biological evolution, you can ask Violet, her family has been working on these. I heard that she helped Discovery. Two "Mermaids", also gave Crypt-O-Zoo made "The Merman", which explores the origin and evolution of mermaid. "

I am interested in: "Go back to see."

I remembered the information on the view, curiously asked: "When the book is crying, the tears below is a pearl, really?"

Wu Jura said: "It seems to be true."

I am surprised: "It seems? You don't know?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "You think that we can cry like you, can you cry? Human and dolphins, there is a tears; but the mermaid and a monkey, the whale is the same, there is no lacrimal gland."

I don't want to say: "The dolphins have a tears, and the neighborhood of human beings don't have a tears."

Wu Ju-blue said: "Many biologists also want to pass this problem, have been studying. Because there is no tears, people will not cry once, I have never seen people fish crying, just the elders in the listener mentioned, it seems true."

I stared at Wu's blue eyes, I would like to ask: "There is no tears, how can you cry out of the pearl?"

Wu Ji Blue bomb my forehead, said, "I didn't cry again, how do I know? The elders in the family say that they are suffering from being sad, I don't think there is that feel."

I nodded and expressed her understanding. Wu Juan has been alive for thousands of years. It was severely injured by people, and was seriously injured by the beast of the nature. He witnessed countless times of death, no matter what pain and sadness, it has been experienced, but has not fallen tears, it is estimated that there is no tears, it is not a tears. I can't cry.

Suddenly, a huge voice of a righteousness, I was shocked, turned to look at the sea, and I suddenly stunned: Sapphire clarified the blue sky, a "fountain", up to ten meters, the momentum amazing.

Jiang Yusheng rushed to the side of the railing, excitedly called: "Whale! Whale!"

"It's really a whale! It's great!" I can't stand excitement.

It is very eye-catching, I don't know when I gathered a dozen whales on the sea, and went around our boat.

The "fountain" just now is like the report of the report, attracting our attention to them.

Good play, now really start!

They are like an experienced performance group, the size interval, the part is mistaken, and it floats for a while. Whenever floating, the water column will be discharged, the water column is thick, the top wire is scattered, it is like a white daisule flower.

They cooperate with each other to transform the orientation of water spray and the height of water, so that the air flowers is high, and sometimes low, combined into different shapes. Sometimes there is a star on the sky, sometimes like a ripple, sometimes a blooming flower.

They even understand the refraction of the sun, manufacture the rainbow. The biggest whale's body is still bigger than our yacht. It will slowly travel from our yacht. In the most suitable position, the high water column is sprayed, so that the sun is reflecting a seven-color rainbow in front of our eyes. Extended, the rainbow floated in your palm.

Jiang Yi Shenggang has also excitedly holding mobile phones, keeping a selfie, and then completely watching stupid, staying in front of the wooden chicken, not stopping: "They are consciously show!"

It seems to be in order to respond to Jiang Yi Sheng, more than a dozen whales have floated to the water, and the surrounding cycles surround our boat, sprayed with high water columns together. Beautiful water flowers bloom in the sky above the top of our head, a few rainbow interlaced appear in the sky of the sky. In front of us, there are colored rays, like a beautiful fireworks bloom in color, but because it is Lang Lang, the fireworks are more bright and light.

In the flow of flowers, I turned back to Wu's Blue - this is the sea, it is his territory, only he can make this like a fairy-like dream scene!

Wu Zhama said that: "A small gift, give you, I have never seen the whale."

Bihai Blue Sky, the colorful neon floats behind him, let people feel like a fairyland, but at this moment, the sky and earth scenery is better than him.

I am impulsive, slamming the past, grabbing his neck, I have a hard to say on his cheeks, stick it to his ear and say: "Don't be too good to me, I have love you very much. I still will be afraid that my love can not match, you are good to me! "

Wu Julai looked at the static station, the face is as usual, the "performance team" of the whale is suddenly chaotic, and the sprayed water column is also out of control.

A sprayed water column is too close to the ship, and the water is splashing towards me and Wu Ji Blue. Wu Ju Blue hurriedly took me to turn, back to the water, put me in his arms, he was splashing it by water.

Jiang Yin Yin Yang strangely ridiculed me: "Shen Shu, your IQ and the face began to get more and more down. Bright day, the public is,"

I am surprised and happy in my heart, I can't mention Jiang Yi Sheng, stare at Wu's Blue.

Wu Juanli let me go, I didn't carefully wipe the water beads on my head. From beginning to end, he has always been a kind of calm and indifferent expression, but just now, he is sure that the mood is very fluctuated, so the whales will lose their control.

I am stealing: because I am! ?

I have been staring at him without turning his eyes, Wu Ju Blue God said: "The clothes are wet, I will change clothes."

He turned to the cabin. When he passed by Jiang Yusheng, he took the empty beer can in Jiang Yiheng hand, and his hands were relaxed, and it was a flat round. He put the wafer back into Jiang Yi Sheng's hand, faintly said: "If I am not willing, no one can go to me."

Jiang Yusheng's ridicule is abrupt, and it is stunned to look at the thin wafer in the shape of the shape.

I have been seriously suspicious. Wu Ji Blue is actually not mind to wear humid clothes, but I am like me. - I am embarrassed to flee! It can be seen that he can also share the heart god to help me find back the game from Jiang Yusheng. I think I really want to really think too!

I took the beer pot that was pressed into a thin film from Jiang Yuxi, and I looked at it while I couldn't help but laugh.

Anyway, I was deceived by his face, in this love, he will be ashamed, and it will be out of control because of my relative touch.

I am satisfied, this is normal! I am also a person who is reading the voice drama. What is the passion picture? There is no reason to be more nervous than his old antique!

And belinging with belinging, time is always exception, I just think that the sun has just riser, and has arrived at sunset.

We stopped the ship in the sea center, while enjoying the sunset, while dinner. Wu Yu is a rich sea and delicious, and the taste is very delicious. Wu Jura did not want to have a seafood to avoid the soup, only to eat very light face.

I remember Wu Ji, did not exclude the rich food, and asked strangely: "Today, there is a food?"

Wu Zhama said that: "If it is not the food I cook, it is light, it is convenient to eat if there is any medicine."

Jiang Yisheng is gave to the past, and the expression is quirky: "Are you serious?"

I know that this is really unhappy, but the look of watching the witch is very embarrassed, busy haha, and said: "Of course, it's a joke! He is a bit of fire."

Wu Ji Blue glanced at me and didn't refute my good faith.

Waiting for dinner, clean up the meat, and the sky is coming to black.

Jiang Yusheng suggests that it is very exciting: "Today is the lunar calendar fifteen, the moon is the night, waiting for the moon, we will fish!"

I immediately veto, "I want to be alone this evening. Alone! Only I and Wu's Blue!" Jiang Yi likes to be lively, do not highlight I need private space, he must have to follow up.

"Oh -" Jiang Yusheng didn't know what thought of, smiled and stunned. He put down the wine glass, opened the window, and the probe went out and saw a circle. "The scenes, you can really have a wild, the wind is big, be careful!"

I responded to a moment, I understood his jealousy, I couldn't help but go to him. "Where is it so much?"

Jiang Yisheng should be in the table, soft on the table.

I laughed and pushed him, "Don't weaken it!"

He didn't move, I pushed a few times, I found him not