The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 15 is willing to be thrown (2)

It is still installed, but it is really fainted. I was scared, even if my fist used my heart, I couldn't make a big man in a hundred mestel!

I am panicked: "Wu Ji Blue!" I remembered the witch ! "

The witch is in the bar, and it is very calmly drinking red wine. "I put the sedatives for his seafood, not fainting, not worried, sleep, tomorrow."

I am completely stupid, I will see Wu's Blue, and the rich food is really adding drugs? what about me? Do I have to be sleepy?

The witch is guess, I think, I am busy explaining: "In your food, I have nothing to do."

Wu Ju Lan stared at the witch and said calmly: "Cause!"

"Some things don't have to let Jiang Yusheng know, this is the most insurance practice, the fair, I will take the sedative, accompany him to sleep with him for a night." Wu Wei swayed the wine glass, "already placed in the wine."

The witch is awk to drink red wine, come over, and even if the hands are hard, they will play Jiang Yisheng. She took Jiang Yusheng like a sandbag, walked towards the stairs leading to the bulge. "We went to sleep, I and Jiang Yusheng one person, anyway, I don't use it, I will not give you, tomorrow See you in the morning! "

The footsteps of the witch disappeared in the bulk, I still looked at the direction of the stairway.

Wu Ju-blue said: "The people of their family have to accept strict physical training from small, more than a hundred years ago for life, now seem to be a family tradition."

I have come back, and it is really a queen! Whether it is strength, or wisdom, it is simple and rude! She is full of Jiang Yi, but she is also very difficult to accompany the River. Moreover, she is doing, may be in accordance with Jiang Yi's heart.

With Jiang Yi Sheng's IQ, I don't believe that he did not find Wuju Blue's unusual, but he didn't ask if he didn't want to know anything. In fact, many times, I know that there are too many not only, but it will become a burden.