The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 16 You can sell me (1)

As long as you can be safe, no matter what I exchange it, it doesn't matter!

The sky has been black, the wind in the sea is urgent and cold, and the people are blown.

Wu Ji Blue wearing a thin white shirt, standing on the rail, looking at the moon of Xu Xu, east.

I am full of armed, high-necked set cashmere sweater, short thin cashmere coat, thickened jeans, and a sweater cap.

I was smashing: "It's okay during the day, it is really cold at night."

Wu Ju Blue turned his head and saw me. "After I will go to the sea, you will wait for me in the cabin."

"Don't! I have to be with you!" The last time, Wu Zhali is afraid to scare me, only to show me his body in the distance. Once close to me, I will hide the lower body to the water. This time, I don't want him to avoid me again, I hope he feels really feeling, I am not only afraid of him, I still love anything.

Wu Ju Lan said: "The sea is very cold, and normal people will shock in such sea water, and your body is impossible."

Now is on October, I need to wear a coat on the land, I certainly understand that I can't accompany him.

I pointed to the sate: "There is a life-saving air cushion behind the yacht, I can sit on the hovercraft to accompany you." Although I am on the boat, but at least, we can hand down It can clearly see each other.

Wu Ju Lan thought about it and said, "Good!"

Or I thought I had to spend a tongue to convince him, I didn't expect him to accept my proposal. I am happy to jump, holding his arm, excited: "Wu Ju Blue, you are so good!"

Wu Ju Blue shakes his head, reach out, help me wear the hat, "It is very good, very good!"

I am a little shy, I am embarrassed to drag his hand, go to the stern, "I can help me put the hovercraft in the sea."

Wu Juan is over the railing, step on the ship, and gently put the hovercraft fixed in the stern at the sea.

I was anxious to go as soon as he said: "Wait!"

Wu Juanli walked into the cabin, took two cashmens from the cabin, a hot water bottle and a small bottle of vodka.

There is no one, he will no longer cover up, it is light, a flush, jump into the hovercraft.

I said: "I am so thick, I am sure to freeze! You don't want to take care of me, or think about what you need."

Wu Ju Lan low his head and arranged an air conditioner, saying: "Everything I need can find in the sea, except you!"

When he spoke, it was natural and flat, like it is said that "thirsty to drink water, sleepy to sleep" is generally usual, but I have heard the ears of eyelids and shake.

Wuju blue looked up and said to me: "Can come down."

I didn't move, I always gained him.

He is very strange, showing "what happened" and the doubts.

My old antique Wu is blue, it is really savvy and stupid! I laughed out, I couldn't help but say: "Wu Ju Blue, I love you!"

Wuji Blue's expression is more and more calm, but his eyes are a bit flavoring, avoiding my line of sight, slightly sagging, cold and ice, "down!"

It is unfortunately, I have completely seen this trick with this kind of waves that are not unresolved to cover up, and the more you stun me, you really want to play him.

I smiled and said: "Hey! I said that I love you! You don't respond? At least you should stare with my eyes, saying to me 'I love you', or ... I directly kiss directly ? "

Wu Jincan has changed unchanged, looking at the direction of the moon rising, the expression said lightly: "My legs will not be moving soon."

Hey - you are amazing! I didn't dare to grind, and immediately grabbed the railings and ride on the railing. I am in my heart, don't watch water, don't watch water, you can go to the air cushion to see the air cushion, you can't avoid the ups and water. The body immediately got a fear, I am difficult to understand this psychological mechanism - sitting on the boat, just have enough things, just over the railing, the feet have not left the ship yet, I am afraid that I want to fight.

Wu Juan blue, I want to hold me, I am busy: "I am coming!" If the person I love is an ordinary person, I am afraid that the water doesn't matter, I don't live in the sea, don't swim. However, Wu Ji Blue is a home, then I can't be a swimming, it is absolutely not afraid of water.

Wuji Blue Station is on the side, watching me quietly.

While grabbed the railings, I was in my heart. "There is Wu Ju Blue! Not afraid! Not afraid! You can do ..."

Suddenly, the ringtone of "" sounded, it was my mobile phone.

I should pick up the phone as soon as possible, but my hand grabs the railings tightly, I don't dare to let go. "" "Sounded a non-stop ringtone like a voice, I was not stopping, the more embarrassed, the more fear it.

"Don't use it so for yourself!" Wu Junli picked me and put me on the hovercraft.

I am very depressed, such a simple thing, how is it not?

Wu Jura said: "First pick it up!"

I am a spirit, pick up the phone, "Hey?"

"Shen Jun?"

The sound listened to her familiar, but I couldn't think of it. I said, "I am Shen Jie, which one is you?"

"I am Shen Yanghui!"

I didn't wait for me to react, Shen Yang Hui began to break the mouth: "Shen Jing! You a king eight eggs! Bastan! Stinky egg! Rotten duck egg! Why don't you die? Because you, you broom, I will not put it. Over you ... "

Shen Yang Hui cried, I listened to him for three minutes, but I still didn't know what happened, but I just did something bad. However, I haven't seen them a few months. I haven't passed the phone. How can I become a broomstone, and I am going to harm them?

Shen Yanghui still turned to the ground to curse me: "Shen Jun! It is your blaze! If you are not you, my mother will not quarrel with my father! My mother didn't say anything, you are a small goods ..."

I said: "I am a bimu, you and I have half the same blood, you are one-third of the goods! It is better to even the goods!"


"Your stinky shit is one-half! The remaining one-half will enter you the brain! People are brain into the water, you are brain into the cockroach!"


I came back and forth in Shen Yanghui. The words of the two will gather the muddy of the Chinese language culture. I am worried that I am glanced at Wu Ju Blue and found that he is standing aside, listening quietly, to the street of my shrew It looks very calm. I put down my heart and continue to be embarrassed.

Shen Yanghui was stupid by me, finally calm down, no longer as messy like a mad dog, can talk about it normally.

I said: "What happened? You say it well for me! Otherwise, I immediately hang!"

"You are really cold!"

"Are you very hot? Shen Yang Hui, your mother is jealous of me, I don't avoid you, prove that she has not intended to make you and I have a sister. How do you think?"

Shen Yanghui did not sound, and the phone came to the sobbity. Then, he started telling the story without linting, and I gradually sorted out the way of the dragon.

The cause is that the copper mirror that is taken away by the stepmother. Some people find the stepmother, I want to buy the copper mirror. I just started, the stepmother considers Shen Yanghui's surname, which is also a few generations of monuments, and did not agree. The other party has increased the bid, promised one million, the stepmother is so moved, decided to sell the mirror.

However, no one thought of consistently thong of my father, but I was very firm, no matter what the stepmother was pitiful, but he did not agree to sell the mirror. The stepmother is not like to be free at home, and naturally it is impossible to give this, two people don't stop in the bronze mirror.

This morning, Dad drives Shen Yang Hui to the school, and let her go to the subway station, so that she will go to work. On the way, a family of three is also happy, and the successor receives the phone of the person who bought the mirror. Dad discovered that because the other person promised to have a million, the stepmon had agreed to sell the mirror, and secretly brought the mirror. It is planned to give the mirror to each other.

The two started to sell the mirror, no matter what the second mother said, Dad disagreed. After the noisy, the stepmother was out of control, and I didn't care about my father, and I actually played my father, causing a car accident.

Dad sat in the driving position, the stepmother sat in the co-piking position, Shen Yanghui sat behind the stepmother, in the case of a car accident, Dad in order to protect his wife, let the steering wheel, let the steering wheel, let him sit on the side of the hit Car.

Finally, Shen Yanghui is just a slight scratch. The fracture of the steps, although the injury is heavy, there is no danger of life. Dad has a spleen bleeding, and now is surgical and rescued, and it is difficult to die.

Shen Yanghui's six gods have no Lord, and they are swept to me. If not because of me, Dad will not insist on selling mirror; if Dad agrees to sell mirrors, the stepmother and Dad will not quarrel at all, there will be no car accident, the stepmother will not be serious, and Dad will not live and die.

Shen Yanghui called, not to seek comfort, but purely venting, he said, starting to marry me again.

I listened to his curse crying. I remembered that my father's promise when Dad left island. "Small snails, I know what you worry, not only your surname, you can rest assured, the mirror I will let Yang Hui good Custody, never sell! "

From small to big, Dad has never had a good weak weakness in my impression, like a sticky dough, no one a little corner, no one can knead, so he always inertially pays for Bunder, and there is no man's Han. Mom can not only do it, but beautiful, she and colleagues have a marriage. I have to divorce. Although outsiders like to blame her, I am disappointed with her, but I have never hated her divorce, because my father is really Let the woman despair.

Just this time, I didn't think that my father can comply with the promise, but I didn't think of the critical moment, and he could decisively and firmly gave birth to the wife. Of course, I didn't think that my father is so not easy to stick to the promise, it will exchange such a result.

I am in my mood asking: "How long does it take to surgery?"

"This is a lot of surgery, the doctor said time is not necessarily, at least two or three hours."

"Who is taking care of you?"

"I don't need people to take care!"

The teenager of the rebellion, I changed a saying. "Which relative is in the hospital now?"

"My aunt, she has been embarrassing, saying that all my father's fault, still ask me how much money I inherited from my grandfather, I am too lazy to make her!"

Yang Jiazhen is a family, but fortunately, Shen Yang Hui also inherited this, not to suffer. I asked: "Is your money enough?" Although they inherited the deposit of Grandpa, they can make a mortgage, buy a car, and it is estimated that it has already spent seven or eight eight.

Shen Yanghui ridacaches: "How isn't enough? Are you still planned to give me a mother?"

I didn't pay attention to him, and said calmly: "I have a money in hand now, you can give you. How much do you need?"

Shen Yanghui suddenly silently.

I am impatiently: "Hey? You talk!"

Shen Yang Hui took a breath and said, "Who is rare your broken money! The person who wants to buy the mirror will call my mother, my mother is still coma, I will pick up the phone, I have sold the mirror! Shen! Shen Skin, I tell you, I hate that broken mirror, I hate! What Shen Jia's grandfather, grandmother, Guan Laizi fart! "

"Shen Yang Hui, you ..." I want to say, you think is that I have caused Dad and your mother, but I don't want to think, if it is not the mirror, people have repeatedly tempting your mother, is your mother to quarrel with Dad? You think that this is to retaliate, but I didn't expect to be a cheaper enemy? However, thinking that his mother is unconscious, Dad is dead, I swallowed back.

I said: "Since you have sold it, you will optimize the money, your aunt must like money than you like you. After your mother wakes up, you avoid your aunt, put this with your mother. "

Shen Yanghui said disdain: "What are you stupid? I certainly know that people are in the belly, the financial is not a white truth!"

I said: "When you have successful surgery, will you give me a phone call?"

Shen Yanghui sucks the nose, and the nasal sound is strongly asked: "Do you think surgery will succeed?"

I relieve him and relieve yourself. "The universe is attractive, we think so, things will develop in the direction we think."

Shen Yanghui said: "Successful surgery, I will call you."

"Well, I am waiting for your phone."

Shen Yanghui said: "If you say ... I tell you, I will not let you go!" He finished, and immediately hang it.

I took my mobile phone, my heart was complicated.

When I quarreled with my father, I didn't have a heart, I didn't have a father, but I really had an accident, but it was a constant blood, and I was panicked again. However, I can't do anything now. It takes more than a dozen hours, and it takes more than a dozen hours to go back, and the operation has been done.

A cold hand holds my hand, I am like a child who has suddenly seen the adults, I immediately patted his hand. It's really strange, I am very low in the temperature of his hand, and when you hold his hand every time, you feel the warmest.

Wu Ju Lan said: "I have sent a message to Violet, she will contact Shanghai's peers, do their best to save your father."

I don't know how much help can, but my heart is slightly better.

I will pay attention to it later, I am sitting on the hovercraft, Wu Ju Blue is stiff, there is no way to be bent, can only bent down with a weird posture, holding my hand.

I hurriedly stood up, I am embarrassed to ask: "Your leg ... Is it going to disappear?"

Wu Julan said quietly: "There is no relationship, you can still stick to it again."

I said, "You hurry to go to the sea!"

Wu Ju Lan said: "You are not good at mood now, or return to the ship, the phone is waiting for Shen Yang Hui, don't worry about me ..."

I shook his head, "I am because I am not good, I want to be with you, I know you can take care of you, don't need me, but I need you!"

Whether it is a flesh or a spirit, Wu Ju Blu is more powerful than me. For all, I need him to have more than him.

Wu Zhada no longer advised me, staring at me: "I also need you!"

I laughed, I am going to talk, Wu Ji Blue suddenly made a gesture for me, indicating that I stay quiet.

He listened to a moment, said to me: "There is a boat is close to us."

I didn't hear anyone, but Wu Julan said, it is definitely it. I frowned and complained: "Such a big sea, actually passing the place where we moor."

Wu Zhali said calmly: "Maybe not passing."

I am awkward, not passing, is it special? I hurriedly said: "Because of my business, I have been delayed for a long time. You hurry to go to the sea, no matter what kind of person, I will deal with it."

Wu Ju Blue ignored my proposal and said: "You first ship, go to the bottom of the bilce and stay together."

I held his hand tightly, indicating that he didn't go down the sea, and I would like to let me go to the boat.

Wu Ji Blue deeply saw me, there was no saying.

I saw the mobile phone hanging on the chest, I thought I turned, and I put the phone to the high-garde sweater, hiding and strict.

I and Wu Ju Blue hand handle it, stand on the hovercraft, look at the depths of the night.

Gradually, I heard the roar of the engine, two assault boats told us to us at very fast speed. It seems that we are afraid that we have escaped, but also used the left and right bags, it is obviously not good, and the luck in my heart is lucky.

I looked at the rose and higher moon, I was anxious to Wu Ju, "" You jump down the sea! No matter what these people come, I will talk to them. Anyway, you are not good at communicating with people, often People are irritating, there is no meaning! "

Wu Jura did not have a sound, but did not move.

I understand his mood, he is not willing to make me in the face of danger alone, but I can't let him leave, I can only use his weaknesses to force him. I am so soft: "If you let them see you, I will really be dangerous! Human greed will drive them crazy ..."

Wu Julai suddenly lowered, kissed it on my lips, I suddenly looked at him.

He stared at my eyes: "For me, the most important thing is your life, no matter what they ask, you all cooperate. As long as you live well, there is no need to don't care, including my secret and me."

What is he saying? Is it that I can sell him? I stared at him, "Do you let me sell you?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Not a sale, it is a switch! If necessary, you can use me to exchange your security, I can guarantee my safety."

What is he saying? I depressed: "Use you to exchange my security? Isn't it sold to you?"

Wuju blue is impatient and I have entangled words, and I said: "As long as you can safe, no matter how exchanging it, or sell me, it doesn't matter!"

At this time, a bunch of glazed light was hit on us.

I have to give up the "selling him", and squinted to two assault boats.

The fever boat stands on a group of large people who live in a group of monolors, and the two rows of black-pressed guns are facing me and Wuju. Even in the non-human body of Wuji Blue, if you are swept by such a row, I am afraid that I can't live.

In addition to the university military training, I have never seen the real gun in this life, I always feel a ridiculous unreal. However, the United States is a privately owned country, and an ordinary housewife can install a legal gun in the handbag, what is the case of this group of people is not ordinary?

"Shen Jin, how is the leg and foot scared?"

I saw it, I found that I didn't say that I was in the middle of the punctual boat, I suddenly made a breath. Even if I face the two rows, I will make me into the muzzle of the sieve, but I know that I can't rush to Wu, but I am just a relaxed and happy, there is no weekly. The feeling of being frightened.

However, the time of mind is Junjie. At this time, I can't commit anger. I should look at the week. "You ... what do you want to do? Killing people is a broken law!"

Zhou did not laugh, "I heard that you like to watch TV series, I have to read" CSI "" Total Drama! You should know the famous: no body, no case. No corpse, there is no case. Such a vast sea, I want to make your bones without the power of blowing ash, when the sun rises, no one knows what happened. "

I guess that I didn't say that I wanted to scare me, or really didn't care. I asked in the ground: "What do you want?"

Weekly said that the laughter did not laugh: "I want to know what we want, please come to our boat."

I looked at Wu's blue, hesitated did not move. If I move, he still stands, and it will definitely be suspicious, but now Wuju blue roots inch is difficult.

"", A bullet is in front of Wuju Blue, the air cushion is broken, and begins to leak.

I was frightened, and I tightly grabbed Wu's Blue's hand.

Zhou did not speak and said: "You are best to cooperate, otherwise it will be played on Wu Ji."

I am busy saying: "I will come here! Just, I also want to know why you have been chasing me, telling the truth, even if I want to do it, I don't have anything to do." I talk, while talking Use your eyes to express Wu Jun, you can leave, and Zhou did not ask for me. I won't have life happening.

Wu Zhali held my hand tightly and stared at me. The deep eyes are no longer like a sea of ​​waves under the summer night, but the color before the storm is getting deeper. I know that he is now anger and helpless, as a strong, when I need him to protect, he can't act, and even the self-insurance is difficult.

I slammed his neck and kissed his lips, not a water-style soft kiss, but a deep kiss. He didn't have a guard, it was easily opened by my tongue, and he passed his cold lips. It was only like crossing sharp blade, the tongue was broken immediately, and bloody smell is full of mouth.

This big fool, even the internal organs have become like people, they are still supported for me.

I didn't have a fear, but I wanted to deepen this kiss that was bloody, Wu Ju Blue has pushed me.

I laughed and looked at him, said silently with the mouth: "I will wait for you to continue this kiss!" When you talk, he also put him back him later.

He didn't think that I would suddenly hug it into soil. He didn't want me to fall into the sea. I can only pay my best. The biased legs are stiff, and the whole person is stable, straight. Sea.

As he turned down the movement of the sea, the gun sounded. The snoring voice, torn the calm black night into countless shake pieces, I can't see that Wu Ju Blue has been shot, only the white lunch like he was blown by the wind is a white butterfly, plundering Overnight, falling into the dark sea.

The gunshots still sound, and the face is ugly, and the face is screaming: "Enough!"

I contained tears, I was angry and I can't do anything. At this moment, I can't do anything. I can only pray in my heart: I have no shot, there is no shot ...

Zhou said angryly to the people around: "What do you still do? Hurry up with people!"

Two strong Damango squatted me like a chicken.

Zhou did not say "", a slap in my face, "You are ignive! It is you trying to run away, we only shoot! Idiot, people fall into such cold sea, even if we don't shoot, he Will be freeze to death! "

Zhou did not speak the punch on a circle of the yacht, and the bright searchlight took a clear seafood, and no one floated.

It is more difficult to have a face of the face.

Zhou did not smell two people to search for our yacht.

A large man stands on the yacht, saying that there is still two people in Zhou: "Miss, there are two people in the cabin, but they are drunk, and they are not awake."

Zhou didn't say a dark skin, long said something like Southeast Asians, and Zhou didn't seem to be shocked, there is no .

I vaguely guessed what they mean and prayed to see the waves on the week.

I can't say it, I jumped from the yacht to the fever boat, I accidentally said that I didn't say it: "The people in the cabin are Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei. Jiang Yisheng is not enough, but the witch is a granddaughter of Violet. In terms, the dead boss may be a good thing, but die of granddaughter, no one will be good. "

Zhou did not say something nodded, said two words to the man of the man beside the man, the man did not dare to come again.

I put down the suspended heart.

Zhou did not speak: "Boat!"

In the motor bombard, the febrile boat drove in the depths of the sea.

After more than half an hour, the impatings were near a big ship.

I went to take the lead in the boat, I went forward, while said, "I don't smell, you can take the grandfather! I will return to the room to change the clothes and take a shower, and I will accompany my grandfather later."

Zhou Zhi: "Good!"

I was taken to the boat, and the thin Southeast Asian man who came to speaking came over and searched for me. From my pockets, I continue to search for paper towels, lipsticks, hand creams and several candies. He didn't look at it and threw it directly into the sea. I tried to tighten my lower abdomen, I didn't want him to find my mobile phone in my clothes.

He checked out, dissatisfied, wrinkled, ordered me to solve the coat.

I have to solve the coat while I want to think about it. What should I do? How to do? To be discovered ...

It's impatient that I have walked to the cabin inside, I'm looking back, "Okay?"

The man said: "No mobile phone."

I sturbned: "On the yacht! You suddenly grabb me, don't I have time to bring my mobile phone? Didn't you see that even wallet is on the yacht?"

The man looked at an impatient week, and he accepted my statement. He opened my coat and checked it with a dark bag, and swept it. I will never have a pocket of the head cashmere sweater, let the open step, express it.

Zhou did not smell me, and I walked in front of it.

Until left to a room, he stopped his footsteps, whispered: "My grandfather wants to see you, for you, good, talking."

He knocked on the door, some said: "Come in!"

We walked into a large room arranged in luxurious. Before the landing big window, a white-haired old man sat on the sofa and tasting black tea. He wore three sets of suit, the hair comb was unrest, a pair of mornings got to participate in the feast look, can be depressed, turbid eyes, white lips, let me feel the breath of death.

"Grandpa, let's come." We didn't say it, respectfully.

"Don't you say?"

"She said, take a shower first, change clothes."

Zhou Yao smiled, "The female exceeded, she wants you to stand alone in this credit."

Zhou did not smell the low head and said: "I understand."

Zhou You stared at the week, and looked at me, and said yang: "You are Shen Shu? It's often mentioned, I have long I have to ask you to see it, but I don't know how to use it. Mild approach, don't want to be alarm you, I didn't expect that we still have to meet in my way. "

I saw a separate bathroom in the room, suddenly gnown to my heart, make a urgency, ask: "Can I use the bathroom?"

Zhou's old head asked: "Are they don't let you use in your bathroom?"

I don't pleadly say: "I have been in the motorboat. I have a man holding a gun. I have not killed. I dare to ask the toilet? Later, I went to the boat, I was taken here. "

Zhou Head pointed out the bathroom, and the gentleman said: "Please pay yourself."

I immediately walked to the bathroom, first and then locked the door first, looked up around, this is the old man's own bathroom, it should be impossible to install the monitor.

While I really used the toilet, I hurriedly took out my mobile phone, check the sound, really not mute, I am fortunate to contact me all the way.

I quickly taled the phone to mute, and then sent a message to Wuju Blu, there was no time to type, only one: "5?"

I am sitting on the toilet, holding the hand in hand, putting the phone in the middle of the palm, silently praying: back to me! reply me! reply me……

The phone is trembled, replying. Although I haven't seen what he wrote, I know that he is still alive, and has been picked up in the knife's heart finally returned to the original. I was excited to cry out, including tears, kissed the blue diamond ring on the middle finger.

I am afraid that people outside, I don't dare to stand more, stand up, while rushing, watching SMS.

Wuju Blue's text message is also very short: the boat is safe.

I felt my heart, he was in the sea outside the boat, even if this is Long Tang, just know that I am not alone, I am not afraid. I sent a text message: Some people are connected.

I opened the faucet, I was streamed, and three SMS was quickly removed first, in case of being discovered by them, I was exposed to Wuju Blue.

I still put the mobile phone in the sweater, close to the belly. According to the mirror, I can't see it outside, I quickly washed my hand, opened the door of the bathroom.

I went to Zhou's old man and said: "Can I give me a glass of water?"

Zhou Head did not immediately promised my request, but smiled and said: "You are not curious, what do we want?"

"Curious!" I confirmed that Wu Zhali was so lack, I became very calm. Since I have seen the big BOSS behind the scenes, I may wish to explore the dragon debro.

He said: "What do you think we want? To be right, I will allow you to sit down and drink cup of tea."

"I just started, I thought you were a graphic, I want that two stones, and later discovered that you didn't care about millions of RMB. Even if you are millions of dollars, you don't care." That evening is not The people in the general home can come out, and the old man must be more money than I imagined.

Zhou Lao laughed and said, "Zhou Jia did not dare to say big fortune, but there was absolutely no money."

I said: "My brother said that you spent 1200,000 to buy a bronze mirror of Shen Jia, but I think that bronze mirror is not your ultimate goal. If you just want the copper mirror, we don't believe in the week The relationship, I heard the bronze mirror in the past, I can't wait until I went to my further mother. "

Zhou Yao nodded and said to Zhou: "It is a smart girl, and it is not much better than she."

Zhou said: "I like it is not just straightforward."

I didn't pay attention to their Raist, continue to say: "My speculation is that you don't know what you are looking for, the only thing that can be sure is related to Shenjia Old House. You are because there is no in Shenjia Old House. I found that I hope that the bronze mirror taken by my stepmother, after all, it is the old thing of the old house. "

Zhou's old man drums two palms, indicating that I have pursued it, "Please sit."

I am not polite to sit on the opposite of Zhou's old man, Zhou's old man picking up a delicate teapot to pour me a cup of tea.

I drunk a lot of cups in a breath, I explained my thirst, "Dajiling Tea, are you a Chinese descendant of the next South?"

Zhou's old head is set with the white porcelain tea cup in Phnom Penh, and I said: "Why don't you guess me?"

"Township is easy to change, old difficulties, if you are the first generation of the Chinese people, even if you drink black tea, it is definitely a purple sand pot, and you will not use English tea sets, you will not drink this authentic India. black tea."

"Township is easy to change, the old hairy is difficult!" Zhou's old man was quite sigh. "My grandfather is indeed a long life, and I have been influenced by him, and the tea set must use a teapot."

It turned out to be a passenger of the next South Ocean, it is no wonder to act. Grandpa once told that people who have passed in the past, they are looking for a born road from the dead road, but they are not a general manager in overseas.

I asked: "The bronze mirror should let you down?" If there is something they find if the copper mirror, I will not be brought here.

Zhou Head said: "You can guess this time!"

guessed wrong? I accidentally stopped.

Zhou Hao handed me two photos in his hand. "The photo is found in the old bronze mirror."

On the photo, a thin white thing is a white thing like a non-leather. I painted a map. I looked at it for a while, I can't see it, and I watched the old man in a confusion. "What is this?" What is this? "What is this? Treasure Map?"

Zhou Lao Hehe smiled, he cleared the throat, just talk, Zhou said: "Grandpa, I will go out and see if I don't say."

Zhou Yao was sharply stared sharply, said: "You stay! I believe you are also very curious, I will let you and I don't say anything! However, remember, you will hear it below. ear