The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 16 You can sell me (2)

In my heart, I can't get it again! "

Zhou said: "Yes!"

Zhou Laodi is fixed, ask me: "Do you believe that there is a death in the world?"

I doubt my own magic, "What do you say?"

Zhou Head asked again. "Do you believe that there is a death in the world?"

He is actually serious! I looked at Zhou old head with the eyes of the madman, just said: "Don't believe it!"

Although I have seen my fish in the fairy tale, I even believe that there is an alien life, but I will die. I don't believe it!

How can an individual can last? I believe that in the vast universe, including our earth, have a long life, life expectancy, even thousands of years, but everything is dead, nothing more than a length difference.

For example, the insects of the death of the death of the dead, the autumn death of the autumn, compared to them, our human decades of life is like long life; can be able to live for thousands of years, can live in human eyes, they Calculate longevity.

However, whether it is a low-level species, or a high-level species; whether it is long, it is still short, as long as you have a buddy, you will definitely die. This is the law of the unchanging universe, because even the star of the mission, even the entire universe, will be annihilated.

Zhou Head said: "Anyone in this world can do not believe in life, but you should believe it!"


Zhou Yao smiled mysteriously, the topic turned, asked me: "Do you know that Qin Shihuang is looking for a story that is not old medicine?"

The topic is really getting more and more strange, I said: "Know!"

Zhou Head said: "Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fang to go to the sea to find a long-lived medicine, and the future generations believe that the Qin Shihuang is being cheated by Xu Fu, and the scam is usually in order to obtain the benefits. Going to the dangerous sea is not seen in the life, there is such a liar of the dead road? I am more inclined to identify Xu Fu firmly believe that there is a long life in the sea. He does not hesitate to pursue his belief. Do you have anything? Why did Qin Shihuang and Xu Fang have confirmed that the longevity is not old drugs in the sea? What is the either of the sea?

I just started to listen and worry, but he said, the more shocking, if Xu Fu met Wu Za's ethnic group, the life of the other party was long, and the Yong Yong resisted is that the longevity is not old, it is not the fantasy. Is the way?

Zhou Hao asked: "Do you believe in the existence of ?"

I am a situation in my heart, but I don't dare to reveal at all, try my best, I am bored, "I will die, I will not talk to me, I will talk to me. Wood and alien. ? "

Zhou Head didn't pay attention to my rock, said, "China has the legend of the people, outside the South China Sea, the water, the water is like a fish, do not waste the absismented, its eyes, can be taken out The legend of the Western people, Europe has been circulating the story of human women Agnete and people's fall in love. Andersen studied a poem "Agnete and the Merman" according to this folk legend, this probably didn't know, but they must know him. Another story "The Little Mermaid" ... "

I put it impatiently, I yawned, "You caught me, I want to persuade someone in my sea."

Zhou's old man showed that the neighborhood grandfather is generally kind and smile, but I can't help but fight a cold battle.

He said: "My grandfather told me that there was a fishman told him that he saw the fish god, saying that the fish is in the middle of the body, the lower body is a fish, this is not the legendary people, or people? "

The old man stared at me: "The fish who saw the fish gods was your grandfather, I remember his outer number called Shen Yuzi. Grandpa said that because he is well water, it is like a fish, people are thin They called his fish, and there was no one called it. "

I can't do anything else, and I looked at the old man. Because the ancestors of the grandfather are really skillful, although there is still a hundred years, there is still a sporadic legends in the fishermen, so I have always known that the grandfather of the grandfather is a fish, and many old fishermen say that he is a fish god. son.

Zhou's old man revealed the feelings of remembering. "I was a grandfather of Grandma in Sarawak, and my father was filial piety, let me go with my legs. Grandpa is going to the world, I always tell me this sinking. The story, I thought it was the story of him, never became true, I was later found to be true, Grandpa had already die for decades, and many things have not been proven. "

I've been related to my ancestors, I can't help but ask: "What is your grandfather talking?"

Zhou Head said: "If you don't matter you, it is a true folk legend, so I haven't been true. On a beautiful island, there is a poor boy called Shen Yuzi, he often bullies. But hardworking, good, water-based, the best in a group of young people, so it was called a fish. One day, when he rained in the sea, I went to the injured fish god. He didn't hesitate to save the fish god, and the fish god Reperse him, teaching his secret. Since then, Shen Yu has become more good at , can take the pearl you can't get, caught the fish caught by others. Later, he bought a fishing boat, covering the big house, Have a wife, live happily. "

It is indeed, if this is said that if this is not related to himself, how to listen is a folk legend that promotes good news and encourages people to do good.

Zhou He said: "Grandpa said that after a drunk, he told him that the fish gave him a secret, which made him died, so he no longer afraid of water."

I went back, shake my head smile, "My grandfather died, Zeng ancestal grandfather died, grandfather is also dead, if there is a life, or if you are not old, how can they die?"

The old man wrinkled, and I said: "I don't know! But the more I find it, the more I believe in my grandfather. You must have a secret surgery, I must also find it!"

I also gave him the two photos he handed to him, ridiculed: "You have found it, you must tell me."

Zhou Head said: "My grandfather said that he killed people because of the lost hand, decided to only be navigated. Before leaving, he took a chamfer to him, saying that it is the fish god of the sea. Give him. Grandpa monted a copy, after many years, Grandpa deducted a few times in the chart of the fish god, and finally stabilized at Nanyang. "

I can't help but wave at sea all year round, I can stand firm with the chart. If you don't have a ship, it is a pirate. Look at the old name of Zhou, ten eight nine is to do pirates.

He said that I thought I thought, I took some proud and calmly said: "Grandpa has done a lot of pirates, and later washing hands, with a bunch of brothers opened the shipping company. That is the grandfather The sea map, we have seen these children, but no one believes in the grandfather's words, it is considered that the father is in order to establish a prestige, so it is a mystery. "

Zhou Laou raised the two photos and stared at me. "But I have seen the chart of Grammat, the chart of Grammat, and the researchers have sent this sea. The material is very special. It is not a material that is known. I suspect is the . When you send it to the United States, you can have more detailed analysis, you can prove everything I said! As long as Shen The fishing chart of the fish is true, then what he said is definitely true! "

An old man who will die, but because of greed, his eyes burst into fire-burning desires. I have a heartbeat, the only thought is absolutely can't let him know the true identity of Wuji Blue, otherwise he will become a devil and make an unimaginable terrorist move.

I don't know if I am too excited because I've been too excited. He suddenly began to cough vigorously, and coughing as if I have to cough up the five organs.

Zhou Zhou immediately picked up the phone, a doctor and two nurses ran in.

Zhou did not hear himself to help, Zhou's old man pushed him, indicating that he left.

Zhou Zhou said respectfully: "Grandpa, then I will take the calf first, wait for the grandfather, you will talk again."

Weekly waved his hands impatiently.

I can't hear it with me.

The corridor is paved on a thick carpet, completely sucking me with the footsteps of the week, and the white muckged light is a narrow passage, which makes people have a dull pressure.

My mind turned rapidly, I must find a way to leave as soon as possible, otherwise they have discovered Wu Ju Blue, or Wu Ji Blue because I am worried about me, causing their attention, causing their attention.

I took the initiative to open, breaking the silence, "Jiang Yusheng is thank you!"

I can't say a little bit, "I thought you would hate me because Wu Ju Lan hate me."

"Wu Ji blue is nothing to do with you."

Zhou didn't smell the eyes and said, "I searched your yacht, quietly threw two life-saving circles. Maybe wait for us to go, Wuji Blue will climb back to the yacht."

Although I know that Wuju Blue does not need, but it is rare to have this heart ... I am silent without talking.

At the end of the corridor, I didn't say a turning, and I went to the deck.

The cold sea breeze blows over, I am a spirit, my brain becomes particularly awake.

Zhou did not smell it next to me, "Your father's thing, I am sorry! I let them solve this in peacefully, I didn't expect a car accident."

"My temper is the temper, no wonder others, Shen Yang Hui said that she was fighting in the car, and she didn't matter, my father was dead."

Our family is a complicated person, except for ourselves, others don't know how to comment. I can't smell me said: "I heard that it is the best doctor in Shanghai, uncle will be safe."

I stopped, saying: "My father is now dangerous, if we have a life to return to life, I have already used my father! I really don't know, I have never heard of it, I have never heard of life!"

Zhou Zhi: "I believe you!"

I said: "The crazy old man is obviously ill, because the greed is afraid of death, paranoid chase a false fantasy, do you have to follow him?"

I deliberately used the derogatory name to call Zhou Head, observed the response of Zhou Zhi, but the week is still the same temperature, there is no feeling, it is clear that there is no feelings on Zhou's old man.

Zhou said: "I don't believe it, but my grandfather said that it is not all reasonable. How do you explain your ancestor's grandfather is not the same, and there is a chart hidden in the bronze mirror?"

"I didn't really have seen the ancestors of my grandfather, maybe just because he is lucky, it is good, and the pearl who has not taken to others is exaggerated. As for the sea map hidden in the bronze mirror, maybe It is a coincidence, and the grandfather is from which the official is coming. I don't dare to tell the truth, and the fake fish is rewarded ... "

I am trying to convince Week, a voice suddenly interrupted my words.

"What are you talking?" Zhou did not speak, and a big man with a gun came over from the cabin.

Zhou didn't scream, calmly: "Some of the grandfather said."

Zhou did not speak, "I heard that Grandpa is uncomfortable, let's go with him!"

Zhou said: "Well!" He pointed to me, ordered the big man with a gun: "Take her take her."

I can't smile, I will take the arms of the week and turn it.

I raised the sound, saying loudly: "Miss Zhou! Zhou not smells the feelings of small partners, because of our special families, we are also suffering from trouble, so he has more care and care for me. You should not be angry, you should not be happy. "

Zhou did not stop the footsteps, turned back, "What do you mean?"

I first thank the arrogant sentiment, she didn't have a dialogue, she didn't have a dialogue. It was just that I would continue to speak loudly: "Prove that you choose my boyfriend! What kind of man wants? What is a righteous man! If he can easily, he will be so angry with Jiang Yi, can only explain that he does not read the old, the oe Writ, today he is so long, and will only be happy tomorrow. Due to you, after all, you are the one who has been with him. "

Weekly was obviously hired by my words, but I deliberately face my face, said to me coldly: "Our business, don't worry!" After that, she pulled the week without smelling.

I didn't smell my head, I saw me and didn't say anything.

As he said before, for the subordinates of the capability, the boss died, and it was not a bad thing. Especially a greedy power, a distant boss, there should be no subordinates will hopes that he will live back, the longest is not old!

The big man in charge pushed me, indicating that I walked forward, I walked, while I relying on the railing.

"What are you doing?" He took a gun, rushed me, and warned me to be old.

I laughed and said: "This is the sea, it is not a small river. Do I still hope to travel to the shore? And your boss, I know that I have a fear, I can't jump down the water!"

I took off the blue diamond ring in my hand, raised in front of him. "This diamond ring can make you don't have to do anything forever."

Under the blur of the blur, the huge blue diamond ring shines, and the people who pursue money exudes a fatal temptation.

He stared at the moment, so it was not easy to recover his eyes, and said to me: "less waste! Go!"

"Send you!" I threw the diamond ring to him, and he carefully reached out.

I took the opportunity to turn over the railings, he hurriedly lifted guns.

I said: "Your boss has seen this diamond ring, I know that this diamond ring is absolutely impossible. If the diamond ring is in your hands, you say that I will give you the sea and sang, never believe! Most Reasonable speculation? Of course, you see our wealth, in order to grab the diamond ring, put me down the sea! I advise you, it is best to hurry with this diamond ring, and is my sealing fee! "

After that, I closed my eyes, a reversed, the body was straight into the sea.