The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 17 is absolutely impossible (1)

Maybe as he said, the long years have been very strong, will not be injured, and it will not be fragile, and it is not necessary to say that it is grievances. However, I still feel wronged.

I don't know where Wu Zhali is outside the boat. Maybe it is only a long time to be in the boat, but I just deliberately speaking so many words, with Wu Ju Blue's non-human listening, it should capture my voice, should also Rush to the nearby.

"Plop", I fell into the cold sea.

Even if you close your eyes, you will completely refuse to see the water that makes me fear, can still be able to clearly feel the darkness of death. Seafood is like a viscous thick slurry, and the horrible suffocation is swept in my nerve, and the feeling of the nightmare is exactly the same.

In an instant, the reason is completely defeated, I can struggle, even open your mouth, I want to breathe. It seems that the water is above the top, as long as it raises the head, sucking oxygen, will get rid of this horrible suffocation.

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms put me in your arms, and the mouth opened by him.

I opened my eyes and looked at him horror.

His hand held my waist tightly, his lips were close to my lips, and the blue eyes stared at me. It seems to be comforted me: Don't be afraid! do not be afraid! I am here!

At this moment, I am under the bottom of the sea, I am surrounded by water from the head to the foot. However, I am in the warmest embrace in this world, the oxygen source is in the end of his lips to my lips. Quietly feel the feelings, there is nothing to suffocate in memory, and there is no sense of terrorism in memory, skin pain, lip and teeth, but there is a gentleness.

I can't help but reach out and live in Wuji Blue's neck.

He knows that I have calmed down, one hand is on my head, I hold me closely, and suddenly accelerate. Because the speed is too fast, the rapidly brushed water flow has become a substantial, and when it is crossed from the naked skin, there is a skin stinging. If he is not his hand, it is in my top, helping me unload a part of the force, should be more painful.

"", Wu Jun Blue took me out of the sea from the sea.

I am hurriedly, I have seen it around, my eyes, I have already seen it, I can't hear their boats, one round of golden round, only boundless sea together.

Safe flee!

I can't help but laugh!

Wu Ji, I knocked down on my head, "I still laughed! Such cold sea water, you also dare to jump, don't live at all!"

He stared at me in his face, and it seems to be reprimanded. I climbed his shoulder with my hands and suddenly biting a bite on his lips. He stunned, I looked at him with a smile. I have the ability to train me again!

You will then train again!

I didn't dare to say anything, I was proud to let him go, "Don't think that your power is higher than me, I have no way to deal with you!"

Wu Ju Lan stared at me and smiled at me.

My creepy, "big events are not wonderful" thoughts just rose, suddenly, I feel that the sky is turning, it seems that the whole world is reversed, I can't help but "ah".

Then, I found that it was not a world, but I fell down. I am like lying on the grass, lay flat on the sea, and Wu Juanlan is pressed above my body.

I murmured: "This is not scientific!" The body was slightly moved, and he found that his long tail finless fins made a volume, wrapped my lower body, his hands held my upper body, let me steady Locally lying on the sea.

I can't help but move my legs, I'm fighting, I found out that I was still flat to lay on the sea. I got bigger and the action became dramatic. His strength is gentle but powerful, and did not give me a strong sense of binding. No matter how I tossed, he can roll me, let me never fall into the water.

I am very happy, suddenly I found that Wuji Blue's body became very stiff. He stared at me in his face. It seems to have anything in the bear burning ... I realized that I realized it. The tail of the leg is not a toy that is ignorant, but ... Wuji Blue's lower body.

My lower body, his lower body, and there is no lower body of clothes ... Suddenly, I feel that my lower body feels very keen, and it is clear to wear a jeans, but it seems that there is nothing, every inch skin can be clear. Feel the touch of his tail ...

I am stiff, I can't move, I looked at Wuju Blue.

Wuju is pulling, and there is no expression, but the sound is hoarse, and it is confusing: "Is there a courage to bite again?"

My eyes consciously looked at his lips, , Watching, deliberately crossing his face, looking at the sky of the head.

In the blue sky, a round of golden moon is hung, it is like the animation of Thamji, the dream is perfect, but the dream is also the beauty of the moonlight, it seems that the whole vast sky has become a curtain, only In order to highlight his face.

Wu Ju Lan said: "If you wish, we will continue to complete the unfinished kiss!"

The sound rushed, and he included his lips.

We are no longer kissing for the first time, and even just now, I also kissed him. However, this moment, when he truly started kissing me, I understand that we are the first time I kiss.

The gentle and flexible tongue, the hard sharp teeth, like a water dragon sprayed with flames, born with me, baked with me, but a tenderness and feeling, touching me, comforting me. Before his strong and gentle, my soul was stirred in the moment, helpless as he flew to the clouds, and felt, turned into a beautiful fireworks.

At the end of a kiss, I gasped, I was embarrassed to embed my head into the neck of Wuju Blue.

Wu Ju Lansha dumb sound asked: "Is it hurting you?"

I nod, "But ... but ... more happiness! Even pain is happy!"

Wu Ju Lan smiled, "Next, I will be more careful."

I posted his cheek and whispered: "I will learn how to avoid your sharp teeth."

Wu Zhali held me tightly, and did not say a word.

Suddenly, I sneeze.

Wu Ju Blue is busy asking: "Is it cold?"

I want to say "no cold", but the chill has passed from every inch skin into my body, and the cold wind of the night is blown. I started can't help but hit, there is no way to lie.

I said: "I still don't think it is cold, and this will start thinking is a bit cold."

Wu Ju-blue said: "The critical point of human body temperature is 33 degrees Celsius. Once the body temperature is below 33 degrees Celsius, the muscles will lose control, the organ function will be abnormal, fall into a coma or spasm. Now there is only 7 degrees Celsius, the average person is soaked in such sea water In the middle, forty minutes to an hour, the body temperature will be less than 33 degrees Celsius. "

I said that I said: "The original" Titanic "tragedy ends, the scientific principle is this. When I saw it, I was still surprised, the water didn't foil, how can people zebizen!"

Wu Jinchen obviously did not have seen this popular global love movie, did not understand my cold humor. He tested my heartbeat in my neck, "you have your up to half an hour."

I started to count, and the punctive boat has been opened for more than half. I have been waiting for more than an hour on the week, that is, even if I ship is at least one and a half hours to open back our yacht. . I asked in the ground: "Can you travel back to our yacht?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "If I take you, it will reach the yacht for about 40 minutes, but your body temperature will fall faster, maybe it will fall into a coma after more than ten minutes."

I started to think that I jumped out of the sea, it was a bit hit. It's no wonder Wuju Blue just the end of the vessel, and I didn't impress my boat. I didn't urge to save me. He is very clear that my flesh is so fragile.

I asked in Nene: "What should we do now?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Try to keep your body temperature, wait for Violet. After you are taken away, I have called to notify her, she will send people to the helicopter to pick us up."

I suddenly cheered, I got a look at his shoulder, "you deliberately scare me!"

Wu Ju Lan straight in the water, hugged me. He is back to the direction of the wind, and it blocks the cold wind. "From now on, try to straighten your body, reduce heat loss, but must always talk to me, keep the mind and clear."

I began to realize the seriousness of things, and I worked as a baby like a baby, asked: "Is the Violet not so fast?"

Wu Ju Lan Tong will take me: "You will not have something."

He didn't answer my question positive, I didn't ask again.

I looked at the sea, smiled: "There is no street name here, there is no iconic building, how do you find us?"

"The phone has a global positioning function, as long as I choose open permissions, Violet can naturally lock my latitude, do you not read the instructions?"

"Oh, this way!" I played in the American drama, just I didn't think of it. However, I also admire Wu Ju Blu. It is estimated that in addition to him, no one will really see the tail from the head, and the word does not fall.

I asked Dong to say: "Don't you say that the exercise has calories? Why do you want me to get up?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "On the land, through the exercise, the body will take heat, the warmth of the clothes will leave calories in the sea. But in the sea, clothes are wet, you have no way to stay in the body, very fast It will be taken away by the cold sea water, and it will accelerate your body temperature and use a wet towel to reduce the body temperature when fever. "

"Oh, this way ... no wonder jack makes Rose climbed to the board, did not let her swim ..."

My body becomes more stiff, although the mind is still firmly remembering Wu Ju blue, insist on talking to him, and keeps ambiguous. However, not only the muscles were frozen, even thinking seems to be frozen, not I don't want to talk, but I can't think about what.

Wu Ji Blue used his teeth to bite my lips, "Small snails, talk to me."

"Well, I, I think ... I want ..." I closed my mouth.

Wu Jincheng asked: "Why do you suddenly jump down? I have been very calm on the boat. After I want to wait for Violet, I will act again."

I am awake at once, but I have never told him about it.

I strongly praised my spirit: "Grandpa whispered, I found dead back to life, he said that my Gao Zu's grandfather saw the fish god ... It is a singer. He found a piece in the bronze mirror in my home. The chart, he believes that the people know how long is not old, can cure his illness, help him return to return. "

Wu Ju Lan said: "This is the reason you suddenly jump off the sea?"

"Well! Can't let them ... find you."

"I don't say, is it possible to exchange your security?"

I am angry, "Wu Ju Blue, you are a neuropathy, what do you do? You can use money to do it? I can use money or other things to exchange my safety, but I can use my heart. Is it safe to exchange? I cut my heart to others, can I still live? "

Wu Juan is silent, and the lower head is low, forehead with my forehead, saying: "But I am not your heart, I can't return to your chest, I can guarantee my back to you."

I didn't even looked up the strength, but I threatened: "You said that I don't believe me bite you!"

He smiled and gently took it on my lips.

I murmured: "Don't say this later, some things are absolutely impossible!"

He said: "Good!"

Unconsciously, I closed my eyes and confused.

Wu Ji Blue bite me, forced me to open my eyes, "I will stick to it later, I will have a warm blanket immediately."

I am a little, "Violet ... is it coming?"

Wu Jinc did not answer my question, tempted me to talk to him, "How do you give me a ring to you? That's our engagement ring!"

"Ring ... it can be exchanged, you will send me a good, you can be bigger!"

"Okay, I will send you a bigger! You guess that there is anyone who tells the week without smelling you?"

"No ... No."

"He didn't say it, but it should be discovered." Wu Ju Lan smiled and said: "Small snails, we have guests come, just borrow their spirits and blankets."

I am groggy, my mind is not used, I don't understand what I mean in his words, saying: "Well!"

The rumbling motor bombard, I thought it was Violet to save our planes, the spirit is oscillated, awake a bit, people have become strong. However, look at it carefully, it is a week that we don't smell their boats.

I don't understand, I can't know that the ship is coming now, why not leave in advance?

I immediately thought that the only reason is me.

My body temperature is close to the critical point of human body temperature, and I can't hold Violet. If it is not treated in time, the organ frostbite will appear.

Wu Ji Blue This is to use the enemy's material to save me, but ...

The glare light illuminates the night, letting the hiding have become very difficult, and the two assault boats patrol, and people who are dressed in full diving are standing.

I have been excited to the crazy voice on the boat, "Shen Jun, I know! I know! Your boyfriend Wu Ju Blue is! Wu Ju Blue is! Hahaha ... He must know that I will live. Method!"

I have a cold, how can he know? Is it where I showed stuffed?

Wuju Blue guess what I thought, whispered: "There is no relationship with you! There is a lot of doubts on my body, I don't want to think about it in that direction, as long as he accepts the idea of ​​the old man, I will think of me sooner or later."

Yup! Wuji Blue's video, plaque on the inn, martial arts, mysterious identity ... These are all weeks known.

Zhou Yutou walked around, excited to dance, completely like a patient into the paste, "Shen Shu, Wu Ju Blue, you come out, we can talk about it ... You can do not hurt you!"

I am in a hurry to say to Wu Ju, "Sinking! Take advantage of them, I haven't found you yet ... Sinking!"

Wu Juan is not moving, sweeping the people on the eye, saying: "The instrument held in their hands is a radar life detector, which can be used to search for the water-saving human, and our yacht is also. I have seen the instructions, five Within ten meters, they will still find us. You bought the phone waterproof bag, the water depth of more than 20 meters, will fail because of water pressure, the phone will immediately lose the signal. "

Seeing that they operated the instrument to search, I almost cried, I was weak, "I didn't matter! There is no relationship! No matter how deep it! I will sink! If you want yourself Go, anyway, I am going to be frozen, let them save me, you speed is so fast, definitely can avoid it ... "

Wu Ji Blue seals my mouth with his own lips, seeing that I will not talk, he lifted his head, staring at me, and said coldly: "I will never tell me anymore, I only choose a couple in my life!"

I stunned, looked at Wuju blue, and my eyes were gradually full of tears.

Suddenly, my phone rang, and vibrated in my chest.

I made my mind, I don't understand why my phone will ring at this time.

Wu Ju-blue said: "Shen Yang Hui's phone, your father's surgery should come out."

I look to the boats and punch boats from us.

Neach phone?

Is giving up the last escape opportunity!

Do not pick up?

This is a call about Dad!

Wu Jura said: "This is the phone you have been waiting, answer the phone!"

I put my hands and trembled my mobile phone.


"The surgery is very successful, Dad is nothing! Doctor said that you should be able to fully rehabilitate! Sister, thank you for your doctor friend ..."

I heard my father's news, I originally wanted to hang up the phone immediately, but the "sister" coming from the mobile phone made me suddenly.

Shen Yanghui seems to be embarrassed, hurriedly said: "My mother told me, I hang up, don't tell you!"

However, he did not immediately hang up the phone, but it quickly said: "Sister, you don't have to come to Shanghai, but see my mother is noisy, do everyone unpleasant, very inexpected! Wait next summer, I am going to my father. Island watching you, I will find a way to let my mom stay in Shanghai, just me to see you! When you take me to play! Bye! "

I stayed with my mobile phone. I doubt that my listening has been frozen. I have a magic. Shen Yanghui actually called me "sister"?

A few sounds, from the punch, "found! Found!"

I have come back, the crisis has been in front of him, and I can't think about Shen Yang Hui's "sister".

"On the other side!"

They found our position on the instrument, and the punctive boat opened in our direction.

The radar life detector can only lock the characteristics of human life, and it is completely useless to Wu Julai. If Wu Ju Lan is given up, I want to escape the light.

However, since he is not willing, then, no matter what, we all take your best!

Two assault boats, a big boat, heading towards our direction, into the three-pool of the wraps.

Wu Ji is not a nervous, pick up the phone calmly, call Violet, "You don't have to come, I have to deal with a little thing, deal with it, contact you."

Wu Juan hanged the phone, said to me: "I have to be completely deformed, I can't send out human voices."

I made a cold battle, nodded.

Like a quick shot of the movie, I clearly saw his changes.

The scales are quickly frozen, spread rapidly from his waist, gradually covering the entire back, and continues to move up, cover the shoulders and back neck. The color of the scales gradually frank from Kashmir sapphire, until crystal light blue. Then, the scales spread from the shoulders to the two arms, gradually covered the whole arm, the color gradually deepened from crystal light blue, and the wrist is blue-like. As the scales cover the hands of the blue gluten riped, the hand has changed, and the finger becomes elongated, and the finger is born. The color of the scales has become blue from the fingertips.

I feel that I rely on the embrace like steel, and his two arms are hard, and it seems to be invincible.

As his body changes, his face has also begun to change, the eyelids are more depressed, the eyebrow bones are higher, the nose is more narrow, the nose is narrower, the jaw is more prominent. Eyeballs and hair have been just black in black, but now it is completely blue blue, and his tail is a color.

Wu Ji Lan looked at him, suddenly he lowered, and his face was almost attached to my face. He deliberately opened his mouth, a Bai Yessen's genus, and a shark's teeth generally sharp, full of horrific power.

Even if I have already been frozen, I will lose my consciousness, I still can't help but laugh, laugh. Not because of his sharp teeth, how fun, but he is no longer scared, but starts with his own sharp and teeth to deliberate me, can only explain that he knows that my love is him, no matter What kind of appearance, I love, so he can be self-employed.

The searchlight on the boat moved to the sea area where we were, and we were shrouded in a murdereed ray.

Wu Ju Lan did not respond, still low, gently staring at me, seems to say: there is no relationship, if you can't hold, you will sleep!

I am exhausted, my eyes are heavy, but I know that this is still supported when I am not sleeping.

Wu Ji Lan lightly kissed my eyes, it seems to gave me a promise: Don't worry, everything will be solved!

I finally closed my eyes with peace of mind.

I am awkward, I heard the song sounded like a spoon.

The pronunciation is strange, there is no lyrics, but it is just a fascinating singing, even if there is no song from the song.

Above the sky, a golden sun, shining the boundless sea, the sparkling seawater is gently rippling with the sea breeze.

The sound of the empty-listened song seems to be poured with the beautiful moon, gently falling in people with the beautiful moon. From the ears, from the eyes, from the nose ... From the skin of each pores, they are drilled into the depths of the heart, and they resonate directly with the soul.

In the depths of the memory of everyone, there is a collection of time, but it is abandoned by time. There is no wind and rain there, no bitterness, and there is no harm, only to hide all the happiness and warmth.

On the playground, the small friends chased the shouting; in the sunset, my mother handed a dandelion ball; on the morning of the weekend, Dad opened a car to take a door; on the shadow, and the people who were secretly loved, he smile……

The soul is too long, and it has been too far. I have forgotten it. Now I can finally wipe it off the dust, open a lap, and then to greet the next to the buried and forgotten.

The sea of ​​time is gently riding, joy is like a charming light like a sea.

Just in this collection of time, it was taken on the island forgotten, and I took a break in the past!

The burning irritating liquid falls from the throat into five organs, and I gradually have a bit of weak awareness.

In the fascinating, no matter whether it is a body, or the soul is very tired. The kind of heavy feeling that seems to be a rock, so I don't want to think, and I don't want to move. It seems that I have been moving the little fingers. I just want to sleep deeply.

Although the body's skin, each pore is eager to sleep, but the soul is struggling to sleep. I always feel a very important thing in the deep place, very important thing, more important than my life ...

Wu Jura!

I slammed my eyes and saw Wu Ju Blue on the ground, holding my head in one hand, holding a bottle of spirits in one hand, I am giving me wine.

I saw that he was in front of my eyes, I was relieved, and I was relieved.

Wuju Blue should have not thought that I will suddenly wake up. After he stunned, it seems to understand the reason I woke up. His scorpion suddenly deepened, while staring at me, while continuing to feed me.

I brought a few mouthfuls, he looked almost, put down the bottle.

Alcohol has a role, I feel that the body will gradually warm from the inside, and it should have been dangerous to surf.

I want to sit up, but I find that the neck is completely moving, and I wrapped a layer of blanket on my body, wrapped like a mall. This is not important, it is important that my body is smooth, and it doesn't hang.

I fully understand the necessary, and wet cold clothes are definitely can't work, I want to quickly restore body temperature, avoid frostbite, of course, take off the wet clothes as soon as possible, dry the body, warm the limbs. However, it is possible that it is possible that Wu Ju Blue is a dress, I feel that the blood of the whole body has to boil.

I contracted it in the blanket, asked a single luck: "Is a ViOLET to help me get off?"

Wu Ju Blue shook his head.

My face has risen red, "Yes ... you?"

Wu Ji is nodded.

I am a little daren with him, and I have rushed away.

Suddenly, I found that our room is a bit familiar, actually, actually ... is the room in Head! Because I lay flat on the ground, the angle of sight is very different from the last time, so I didn't recognize it immediately.

I can't take care of it, asking: "We were caught?"

Wu Ju Blue shook his head.

I suddenly realized what, I urged: "Why don't you talk? What time is it?"

Wu Julai did not answer me.

I don't need his answer, because I have touched one hand and opened the blanket that covered my sight, clearly saw his lower body is still a dark blue fish tail.

The color of the fish tail is no longer like Kashmir's sapphire crystal clear, but the blue old satin of the sun under the sun. His chest, lower abdomen, and the hands are scars, long fish tails don't know what is scratched, almost brought briast, and there are many scales.

I struggled to sit up, and I said that I didn't change my life yet. How did you dare to go to the ground? When did you see dolphins and whales to come to land? "

Wu Jura didn't have a sound, hold the ground in one hand, hold me one hand, and sitting hard.

His fish tail is so elegant in the water, active, but now is cumbersome, difficult, and even a simple movement that helped me sit up, let him cost the whole body, so it's hard to keep a balance.

I swept over the past four weeks, I found that the floor of the floor to the deck was broken, and a wolf borrowed on the ground, I can judge Wu Ji Blue to go to the room. However, I am hard to imagine how he only borrows two hands, with me on the boat, and how to break the glass window, dragging a long fish tail, bringing me into the house.

He has no legs, can only rely on both hands, crawling on the ground, helping me find warm blankets, helping me get spirits.

My tears roll in my eyes.

Wu Ju Lantai pointed to his fish tail, I shook his head, I understood what he meant, he said: The wound has begun to heal, this is a small injury to him, don't worry!

I got down and went to see his fish tail.

In order to warm up for me, the air conditioner in the room opened to the biggest, warm and dry hot wind blowing, it is natural to be nature, but it is impossible to leave the fish who left the water. It is obviously not good.

Fish scales are seasoned with pine cones, and it is very ugly. There are also several places, should be crawled on the ground, where to scratch, the scales are all lost, showing the tender meat that is scratched inside, it looks a bit of horror.

When I was worried about his injured place, I thought that the pain of pulling fish scales was probably like a pain of peeing our human skin. My tears were like a pearl of the disconnect, dried down. Tail of his fish.

Wu Juan also helped me, he smiled and said that he finished the blanket wrapped in me, and showing my blanket to slip to the chest. I didn't have a tube blanket, but I extended my hands and hugged him. Wu Jue is rushing to help me hold down the blanket.

He is a fish tail, I am a person wrapped by a blanket, two people have an inconvenience, and they fall together on the ground.

My tears still fall back, Wu Ju Blue is kissed and kisses me, with the lips to put the tears on my cheeks.

Maybe as he said, the long years have been very strong, will not be injured, and it will not be fragile, and it is not necessary to say that it is grievances. However, I still feel wronged.

He is the strongman of this world, clearly can not be used to grie himself. But because of me, he is so grieted! For me, I got on the land! For me, there is no need to hurt at all! For me, become awkward!

I said, "I am nothing now, you have come back to the sea!"

Wu Ju Blue looked outside the window and smiled and nodded.

I supported the ground, I want to get up, say pumping, "I will help you."

He shook his head and pointed to me, did a cost, said that I am very sinking. When I go back, I don't have my drag, he is easy.

I was smirked by him, "I just got right, not fat!"

Wu Julai demonstrates that I turn my head and don't look at him.

I know, he is afraid that I see him dragging the long fish tail, I feel uncomfortable when I climbed the floor! It is proud of him unwilling to see such a picture!

I laughed with him, turned around and turned against him.

I heard the heavy friction coming behind, I couldn't help but start tears, but I don't want him to know. I strive to hold the breath and let tears flow quietly.

After a while, the sound of "plop" is coming.

I immediately turned back and saw that he was not there.

However, I know that he is in the boat, still accompanying me.

I have some relief, the courage is very big, and I stood up. I ran out of the old man's room, and I went to another room to find clothes.

After I quickly pushed the door of several rooms, I should find a week-old room, and the wardrobe is filled with a famous brand clothes.

We both are fat and thin, but the height is different, her clothes are a little small for me, but they have to wear it. I picked the loose sweater and the long skirt set to my body, I can't talk, but I am so warm.

I wrapped the thin blanket as a big shawl, can't wait to go outside the cabin.

In the cool sea breeze, the East has already dawn, the sun is coming soon.

I can't help but absorb a breath, and the long night is finally over!

Suddenly, my body stunned, looked at the front -

Whether it is on a big boat, it is still two assault boats, it seems that there is a sudden time to be frozen, and everyone suddenly caught in a sleeping state with a weird posture.

Zhou Hao hung on the boat bar, excited and joyful; Zhou Zhi and Zhou did not comply with each other, is sweet and smiling; there is a big man on the fever boat, some stand, some sitting, every Personal postures are different, but the expression is the same, and it is laughing in happiness.

There are many people around, but the Chinese is silent, the scene is very strange, but I am very clear that this is Wu Juelan, so I didn't scare, but I feel very magical.

It should be the song that I heard in my emblem last night! It is not willing to wake up in your most beautiful memory.

I curiously stared at a crew on the deck, hesitating, don't poke him, see if he wakes up.

I came to Wu's voice behind Wuju, "If you push him, he will not wake up."

I am surprised back.

Wuji Blue Station is under the Yangtze Rise. ! "

However, it is a short while, but it is a bit of a long time. I have a bit of nasal sour eyes, and I have a bit of a bit of it.

Wu Ju Blue Lu said: "The sun rises, the magical magic will disappear."

His voice just fell, as bright sunshine was irradiated with a person, I heard the voice of this, and the people who slept in the land were wake up.

Their awareness still stays in the thinking of me and Wu's blue, shouting: "What about people? Are they?"

"Ah - on the deck!"

"Grab them!"

I woke up and I woke up and I woke up, they look around, and then look at us, the expression is surprised.

Zhou You has been completely ignored everything because of greed and crazy, seeing me and Wu Zaju, excitedly called: "Catch them!