The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 17 is absolutely impossible (2)

Seize them ... "

Wu Zhali raised his hands and said it fully cooperated with them.

I looked at Wuju Blue, I don't know what to play, but I am sure that these people must be unlucky ... I also raised my hands.

When we just arrived in the cabin, suddenly the sound of rumbling, I saw the boat of the helicopter, the US coast patrol, through the glass window. The witch is beautiful, Jiang Yusheng, and Violet stands on the boat.

The soldiers of the monogamotomy stood in the bow, shouting loudly: "We received a report, your ship homes the US citizen, now please let you put down the weapon, match the check! Repeat, let go of weapons, cooperate with inspection ..."

I went to see Wuju Blue.

Wu Ju-blue said: "I originally wanted to kill them, but you have to live in human society, I don't want you to have the soul, it is not worth it, or use human rules to solve this."

No wonder Violet has never appeared, I still feel wondering, she should go slowly! It turned out that Wuju Blue changed the plan, let her alarm, and then arrive at time.

Wu Zhali smiled, I was wondering, how did he suddenly inexplicably smile so gentle, then I am afraid, I have dizzy.

When I woke up again, I have been on the helicopter of New York, Wu Jura is not on the plane.

Wu Zhi said that Wu Zhalu is the victim to make a statement, with the police investigation, so he and Violet have left the police, let the witch, Jiang Yusheng and I will come back first.

I am depressed: "Why do I have dusk me?"

The witch is surprised: "Isn't the robbers play? The boss said with the police!"

Robbers play? It is obvious that he dizes me, is it good? I was confused with my neck, and I didn't know how he was knocked. I didn't feel hurt. However, why should I halt me?

Wu Yu wants to think, laugh, "The boss is really considerate and black!"

Jiang Yusheng comforted me: "Wu Da Ge is for you, the scene does not look at it! I am used to people who are used to bodies."

I asked: "What happened?"

The words of the witch have made my fainted things later.

Zhou Shou people arrived in the end of the year, but still maintaining the fierce of the pirate, not afraid of the government's army, but also attempted to resist. However, the people under his hand did not have his greed, and he did not have his, in front of the introverted firepower of the regular army, and the hands hired by the old man quickly surrendered.

People attempt to fight against the scene, including the heart of the old man and the old man.

I was a victim to be successfully rescued by the victim.

Zhou did not hear and wrote a question.

Witch is telling me to prosecute them with kidnapping coercion and murder, and how many years are specifically sentenced, but also to see how the lawsuit is playing, but the journey must be ignored.

I have heard that I have to sit in the week, I am very uncomfortable.

Jiang Yi said coldly: "Do you know how Zhou didn't smell them? Do you find a tracking program on my mobile phone! Fortunately, you and Wu Da Ge, otherwise I ... I ... What should I do? Everyone's road is the choice, and the road that is not smelling is also his own choice! "

I said Xiao: "Zhou Zhi still in his hand."

Jiang Yusheng said: "I know, Wu Da Ge is also in your hand. However, I can't do it because he doesn't have a knife, I feel that what he does can forgive."

I thought about it, I didn't say anything.

From the beginning to the present, it is almost alive, not only Jiang Yusheng's father and my father, but also Wuju blue. If it is not Wuji Blue like a specific body, the last time in the Eagle Cliff, this time in the sea, he has died two times.

Wu Yu said: "Small snail, I can understand, but the boss has seen in the face of you and Jiang Yusheng, otherwise it is not just the old man who is killed on the spot."

I sighed and said, "You rest assured! I am hard to be admired, but I will not seek Wu Ju Blue and I am not smelling. I must let the Queen of the Witch will take this evil!"

The witch is filled with my shoulders, muttered: "My grandmother is so mad, go back and don't know how to teach me!"

When we returned to the apartment, Wu Ju Blue and Violet have come back.

The witch is surprised to ask: "Grandma, how do you faster than us?"

Violet said: "We are sitting in military aircraft, but also the police escort, naturally better than you."

Wu Julang asked me: "How is your body?"

I said: "Nothing! What about you?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "There is no problem, a little skin trauma is just helping the police forensic."

I am, he is really ... will take it on the ground!

Violet said to me: "Late a little police will come to a trip, you need to work together."

"Oh, ok."

I suddenly remembered that the last words of the old man, the face suddenly changed.

Violet Q: "What?"

I want to say, the witch is awk to Jiang Yusheng: "Let's go back to the room first!"

Jiang Yusheng left immediately with the witch.

I am worried about saying: "We should know Wu Ji Blue is ... What should I do?"

"It turns out that you are worried about this!" Violet looks together, laughs, "Weekly is a smart person, knowing the motive, the depth of the case affects the final judgment, he has now pushed everything now. Zhou Head, claiming that he and Zhou did not know, just out of filial piety, according to the orders of Zhou's old man, there is absolutely never thought of dangerous others life. Rest assured, he will not talk! Weekly is protected by him Ok, I really don't know anything. "

I said, "But ..."

Violet laughed: "Small screws, the belief of subverting others is never an easy task! YouTube has thousands of videos every year, you have seen people in your own eyes, there is a video as evidence, can anyone believe it? Even It will also be treated as a fake. If the Zhou said that Regulus is a mermaid, I can ask mental sick experts to identify his mental state, suggesting that prison will give them to take medicine and treatment. "

I said: "We wrote a map from my mirror, it is possible to do it."

Violet didn't care about: "That thing ... Now is in our laboratory. Mr. Zhou will receive a satisfactory analysis report."

I am relieved, the only evidence that may exist is solved!

Week and Zhou's heart are not there. Others don't know why We will grasp our reason. We can't listen to the guess of Week, and the inferior it is, it is estimated that it will be suspicious. At that time, when he chased it with his old man, he did not have an attitude of verifying true and false. As a result, I haven't waited until I really see Wu Ju Blue, I was hypnotized by Wuji Blue's song.

When he received the laboratory report of the map, he may still have no way to disseminate his doubts, but he can only doubt it in a lifetime. If Violet said, even if he said that regulus is a mermaid, who will believe it?

If I didn't meet Wu's Blue, I suddenly had someone to run to tell me two legs. It seems that people who have no normal are people. I will sneer, and I will sneak back, tell myself. Don't irritate the madman, quickly escape!

Violet hesitated, "Regulus, when we arrived, there is no injury, the action you take should be very gentle, is it a song that uses mephony?"

Wu Ju Lan stared at the Violet, faintly said: "It seems that you have remembered the knowledge you have taught."

"Thank you for your praise!" Violet laughed, said to me: "That is not worried. It is not all the people who can use the sound as a weapon, and Regulus is the strongest in the flour. The song of the round, all those who have been hypnotized by the song will become more and more confusing the memory of the night. "

So this is ah! While I start with confidence, how do you have a little curious violet how to understand people? What is the relationship between their family and the humanish family? I looked at Wu Ji Blue, I feel that I should find a chance to ask him. After all, from an angle, Violet is equivalent to my mother.