The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 18, I know my own heart (1)

Because in love with a person, I love everything I have related. All representing everything, will make me feel warm and happiness.

Sleeping is lazy, I have been 9 o'clock after getting up.

Just finished eating breakfast, I received a call from Shen Yanghui. He called "Sister" to have been very smooth. I didn't ask the reason why he changed, and then he naturally accepted the signal he "let us get along with you".

Shen Yang Hui chatted with me a few words, saying that Dad wants to talk to me, giving his mobile phone to Dad.

When I chatted with Dad, I took it on the floor and sat down on the sofa of the governance. It was opposite to the upper five-meter-high landing big window. The warm sunshine comes in from the windows, and the man is shrouded in the person, there is a warm comfort. Looking at the eyes is blue sky, white clouds, and a few flying black eagle, it is refreshing.

Dad has just finished the operation, but because of a good mood, the spirit is very good, the voice is angry than before I haven't injured it, it is also a blessing! Usually, it is gentle and gentle; is being rebellious, and the roots will look down on his son.

"Dad, don't worry, I will take care of yourself, you are also good to prevent, rest early ... Ok! I hang, worship!"

I put down my mobile phone and looked out the blue sky and white clouds outside, I remembered the bronze mirror that came from the grandfather's hand. Although things are gone, but in exchange for a father, grandfather and Gaozu must not mind, will only be pleased.

Wu Ju Blue, a dark brown wooden box, I was elegant from the rotating stairs. I recruited on the armrest of the sofa quietly appreciated him. Wide shoulder narrow waist, long legs, perfect people fish lines and unicorn arm, a simple and unbeliest white shirt and black jeans, but he is wearing a fashion big piece of charm and sexy.

Probably my eyes are too naked, he stares on me, the expression is more indifferent, and I have sitting next to me.

I took him, smiled and said: "The current women praise a man's body, I like to say that he has a fish line. Do you know what a mermaid line?"

"I don't know!" Wu Ji Blue has a beautiful wooden box in front of me in front of me.

I have a huge taste of the men's men, I just want to explain to the people's fish line, Wu Junlang looked at me, said faintly: "However, as the name suggests, since people are standard, I believe that I will definitely let you Satisfied, after all, I am a real person. "

I stayed, I looked at him in my eyes - slightly unlocked neck, my muscles and bad chest, flat and firm lower abdomen, smooth people's fish line ......

Time, my heart is speed, my face is hot, there is a whole body of blood rushed into the feeling in my head.

Wu Jura is still there is no expression, and I look at me, it seems to wait for me to explain what is the person fish line.

I immediately removed my eyes, I didn't dare to see him, let alone turned it. I am like usually, I started to transfer the topic, and I don't say other words.

I am bent, make a very interested, patted the wooden box on the coffee table, "Give me a gift? So big, what good?"

Fortunately, Wu Julan did not have a fish line that I was entangled with me, helping me open the wooden box, and it was put the bronze mirror that had been bought by Zhou.

I am surprised: "Do you buy it back?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "No. I have this plan, but I haven't come to take action, Zhou Jia's two brothers took the initiative to send back."

I said: "We don't believe in the father, the two sons of the old man?"

"Well. They hope to get my understanding."

I thought about it, roughly understanding the idea of ​​the week and I didn't say my father. From the perspective of week, I can feel that he is really good to him. It is estimated that the two brothers I felt that I was still not long. In order to get the legacy, I went to the elderly. When the old man is dead, everything is naturally ended, but I didn't expect such a big thing.

"Do you forgive?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "Let them have no ability to make evil."

What he means should be there is no financial, and there is no ability to bother us. I found Wu Ju Blu although I haven't lived in people, he is far more than I think about it than my human beings. I haven't asked more, and I will hand it over to him. Zhou did not smell the rest of me and Jiang Yisheng, Wu Ji Blue did not rush to him, but when he had a picture, when I was in front of me and Jiang Yusheng, it was worthwhile to be a friend. In the future, we have no strangers who don't matter, and his future is not related to me.

I took the mirror and carefully looked like an exactly the same, I can't see it at all.

Wu Ju-blue said: "That chart, I let Violet put back into the mirror, regardless of the original."

I took care of it for a while, "I want to stay in this room, don't bring back the island." It's not to let the stepmother play a greedy, but, I don't want to get them into trouble.

Wu Julai did not say: "It is your house, you like to put it."

I knocked on the mirror, asked curiously: "Zhou Yao said that the fabric of the sea map is the legendary, really?"

"It's something that people do, and human beings call it."

Sure enough, what Zhou Yao said is true! I sighed: "Gao Zu's grandfather actually encountered a mermaid! Heaven, it is a magical! What do people think of seeing, our family has two people to meet men! But God has never told too grandfather. Why don't my grandfather don't know? One sentence is not mentioned! "

Wuji Blue's expression is very weird - , embarrassment, hard, , it seems that I don't know how to open it.

I am very surprised. What will this face have such a rich expression? What will you think is it difficult?

Suddenly, I blessed the heart, I thought about all things - in 1865, Wu Ju Blue was caught by the drug, and returned to the sea after injury. New York Island and islands look very far away, it can be in the Pacific, for men, is the same sea area without the territory. What's more, Wu Ji Blue first boarded the land is a continent in the island, and he has feelings about this continent.

I pointed to him, saying shocked: "Yes ... is ... you! The chart is your grandfather?"

Wu Julai is gently greeted in different places.

"You ... you ... is the fish god who meets the grandfather!" I think the head is very hazy, my heart is very urgent.

Of course, he knows that his life is longer than humans, but knowing is a matter, seeing a living evidence is another thing. I thought that my grandfather's grandfather once talked with him, and I gave him a godming, and I am in love with him, I have an attempt to turn him into our family's son-in-law, I suddenly feel ... I am really awkward, so powerful what!

Wu Jura definitely thought that this will have an impact on me, very uneasy.

I am a little uncomfortable in my heart, reach out, and smash his cheek.

Wu Ju Blu stared at my hand and was an expression that was affected.

I sincerely review it, it seems that I have touched too little, he actually didn't adapt!

I still want to, he seized my hand. I immediately changed only hand, I pleading again to his other side of your cheek again, and he didn't help again.

I looked at him in a smile. He recovered the face of the face, I was very comfortable.

I can't say: "Gao Zu's grandfather told Zhou Yutao's grandfather, no reason not to tell her children! Grandpa should know these things! But how did he never mention me?"

Wu Jura's eyes were very deep, slowly said: "Probably don't want you to have a psychological burden, I hope you live calmly like normal people."

I nodded, "It is! If you don't meet you, these things still don't know. Yes, my grandfather really saved you?"

Wu Ju Lan said: "I need a detoxification medicine, that medicine is only growing in the mountains of the inland. I have no way because I have hurt, my Gaozu is a very kind person, helping me find the taste. medicine."

I laugh: "Is it not kind?"

He swept his eyes I was kept in the face of the two hands he grabbed, and he kept silent.

I just saw that he was unrestful, I was uncomfortable, I want him to restore the usual facial paralysis; this will not be unhappy, I always want to see a crack on his abstinence face. What is this bad interest in this?

I am a blind, I want to break free, he knows that I have to make it bad, caught it.

I am not smiling at him, you think that my hand can't be moved, is there anything?

I was laughing and gotting up and trying to bite him with your mouth. Wu Ju Blue hide left, and he didn't dare to hurt me. He called: "Small snail! Small snail ..."

At this time, your name is useless, I will not listen!

Finally, I would like to pay for him.

I pressed on him, deliberately made a brittle boss, "Beauty, you will come from me today ..."

"Ha ha ha ..." Jiang Yusheng's hilarious sound came from the stairs.

Under his voice, there is a little smile. There is no doubt that it must be a witch who wants to laugh but not smile.

I am stiff, stand for three seconds, immediately turned over, depressed, Wu Zazhen: Your non-person is good?

"I want to remind you, you don't want to listen." Wujun Blue has no expression, and also turned over to sit up, see Jiang Yusheng and Wu Yu.

The Wu Wei immediately converges the expression, making a serious look, and gave Jiang Yisheng one arm elbow, warned him to converge.

Jiang Yusheng is also a master of just seeking, you can see me, I can't help but laugh.

I thought about it frustrated, Wu Ju Blue's non-expression is high-profile, not angry, I have no expression, and my heart is sure.

I surely break the tissue, the original shape, pick up a cushion, and smiled in the past, "What is funny?"

Jiang Yi smiled and looked at it, making a small eyebrow eye, "The king is anger, the little is working!"

"what's up?"

"I have already played in the United States for 11 days. The hospital only gave me two weeks of fake. I have to go back. You see you in New York for a while, or go back with me?"

I watched Wuju Blue. Although I am now in New York, I have a home in New York, but the new meaning of New York is him.

Wu Jura said: "With you."

"That ... I want to go back. New York's winter is too cold, unlike the island's winter, the wind and day, everywhere is still green flowers."

Wu Ju Lan said: "Okay, let's go back."

He inspired the witch: "Help me apply for a visa, buy tickets, this time I will go back with the small screw."

I have been listening to the flowers, Wu Zaju is now a person with an identity document! We will go where we want to go!

Witch is hesitant to say: "Regulus, you ..."

Wu Ju Lan stared at her.

The witch is reluctant to laugh, say: "Okay, I will do it in the afternoon."

I didn't see the abnormality of Witch and I didn't ask. Since Wu Ju, I didn't tell me, that is, I don't need to know.

Wu Ji Blue said to Jiang Yusheng: "Before you walk, can you take a look at the Violet research room, do a comprehensive physical examination?"

Jiang Yusheng seems to think about what I thought, I saw a witch, didn't talk, the laughter expression on my face gradually disappeared.

I don't understand: "What?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Violet's research room has the best brain neural experts in the human world, as well as experts who specialize in genetically psychiatric diseases. Jiang Yusheng's disease is not necessarily eradicated, but may reduce the probability of incidence."

Witch said: "Human current medical research does not completely root generated diseases, but it is not a handless. It is like cervical cancer and breast cancer, through an epidemic prevention needle or advance surgery, it can reduce the pathogenesis of about 75%. Angelina Jolie reduced from 87% by 87% by early surgery, and we are lucky, there are regulus, they ... he has a great help to treat Jiang Yi Sheng. "

Jiang Yi said two times, saying to Wuxi: "What do you mean, I don't only know that I may become a madman, but also the probability that this becomes madman is accurately calculated. I can still tell it now. I may be like a grandfather, but I will know that I will know if I will be like Dad? "

The witch is can't say. Any physical examination will be two results - good news, bad news.

Jiang Yi said coldly: "Not only you know medicine, do you think I have seen the cutting research information in these years? Please don't think soon is my private affairs, I am not so familiar with you!" He said, turn it away. Go downstairs.

The witch is immediately chasing the past, "Yi Sheng, Yi Sheng ..."

I can't take care of Jiang Yi Sheng, press the sound, and urgently ask Wuju blue: "Do you really have it to help Jiang Yusheng?"

Wu Ju-blue said: "Finish and human beings are two branches of evolution. They have walked two different evolution roads. Just like polar bear and panda, the same ancestor, but because of the choice of different living environment, Polar bear is now a fierce beast Panda has become a hermetic animal. Compared to human pairs of external power, the evolution of mephi has always been surrounding themselves, human fish to the brain domain, understanding and use of various organs of the body than humanity. I can't say it, but I am very likely that I can help Jiang Yusheng. "

It seems that the witch is prior to private and Wu Juanlan detailedly, it is determined to be feasible. I immediately said: "I am going to persuade Jiang Yi to accept the check!"

"Small snail should ..."

It is very anxious, I can't listen to Wuji Blue's analysis, and the wind is generally rushing down the stairs. I want to persuade Jiang Yusheng as soon as possible.

However, when I rushed to the living room, a turn, ran to the aisle. It is going to rush into Jiang Yisheng's bedroom, but it has stopped the brakes, and the scene in front is -

The witch is holding his hands on the wall, and the body is close to Jiang Yusheng, pressing him on the wall and is kissing him.

I have a mouth, my eyes have seen three seconds, silently turned, and I walked back to the living room.

Wuji Blue stationed in the stairway of the car, leaning against the stairs, watching me smiles.

This non-human ear will definitely hear the movement, clearly know what happened, but not stop me. I rushed to his face.

Wu Ju-blue said: "I said 'should not have to", the way of persuasion of the witch is definitely more efficient than you. "

I recall the picture just seen, my hands smiled and smiled happily.

So happy! So happy! In this world, there is finally a girl who fully knows Jiang Yi's situation and Jiang Yosheng's situation, still chooses to love him! It turns out that his years are alone and sad, just because there is no best!

I can't help but hurt the feet, I hug Wuju Blue, "Thank you!" Thank you, you appear in my life, thank you for letting the witch show in the life of Jiang Yusheng!

I dragged Wuju Blue and sat on the stairs, waiting for Jiang Yi Sheng and Wu Wei.

I took my mobile phone, I have been thinking about them, and said: "For a long time!"

Wu Ji Blue knocked on my head, "What is it thinking about? This will talk."

I am so excited: "What is it?"

Wu Ji Blue glanced at me, obviously not interested to answer my question.

I don't believe that they will only talk, and I don't believe that Jiang Yosheng's personality will not "refer to attack". I smiled, my eyes were turned, and the mobile phone was transferred to the video function and decided to record ...

Wu Ju Blue took my collar and took me back, "Wu Yu is a juniority of judo."

My mind is vividly emerged in her day, and the sandbags like the pig, I will pick up Jiang Yi Sheng, if I replace it!

I have hit it, I immediately decided to sit on the ground!

After a while, Jiang Yusheng and Wu Wei have gone out, see me and Wu Zhali, sitting on the stairs, a pair of "ordering, division fruit, watching big play", two people A glimpse.

Jiang Yusheng said: "Wu Big Brother, I will check your body with you."

I quietly made a ghost face, a thumb, deliberately two relative thumbs, and I also touched it.

The face of the witch is red, I almost call it. What did Jiang Yi Sheng have done it, and the Queen of the Witch is blushing?

Jiang Yusheng turned his head and watched the witch, smiled and said to Wu Ju, "Wu Da Ge, I have a lot of small tales, you want to see?"

Naked threat! I immediately saved the arm of Wuji Blue.

Wu Zhalu said to me and Yan Yue color: "There is no relationship, you can give him a child to the witch." He said to Jiang Yusheng: "As a retaliation, if you still have a small screw, you can tell me. "

I and Jiang Yusheng face each other.

The witch is smiling, "I am blinked to my eyes," Welcome to you to continue the bucket, reveal each other! "

After all the four people have eaten in the meal, Wu Ju Blue and Jiang Yi have to check the body, the witch is going to the company to help Wu Zhala, blue, I left alone in the apartment.

I am a bit boring, I decided to find this book, and I will walk slowly in the bookshelf in the reading area.

Wuji Blue's book is a lot of books, not as a small library, but there are many languages ​​in the book, almost included the language of European countries, and I know the foreign language is English, so I can see the book.

I took out the "Agnete and the Merman" of Danish. We went to New York's first evening, Wu Ji Lan looked at this book on the bookshelf: "I used to read the book."

I thought he said this story, now understand, what he means to literally - he read this book. There is a personal signature on the title page, but it doesn't understand anything else, but regulus understands.

Another old man who has already turned a white bone! I sighed and gently put the book back on the bookshelf.

In the end, I took a "Andersen's Fairy", leaned on the sofa of the guest area.

Open the title page, the name on the directory is basically familiar, I chose the "little beauty" that everyone knows, that is, "the daughter of the sea".

A short fairy tale, I know that I know, I read very quickly. Just, this time a lot of plots don't feel in touch.

For example, the flourish princess becomes dumb and cannot speak. The story is described because she changed two human legs with her own wonderful voice, but I feel that it is more likely to be transformed. Like Wuju Blue, in some cases, pronunciation organ still stays in the shape of a mermaid, naturally there is no way to make human voices.

Also, the story said that because the princess of the mermaid lost his voice, he could not speak, so she had no way to tell the prince's real situation. The prince didn't know that she saved him, and mistakenly thought is that the human princess saved him, in love with the princess of humanity. But I think humans and people are all wisdom creatures. How can I communicate because I can't talk? Hand gestures, text, painting can be exchanged!

Moreover, even if the merma princess can't talk, as long as she is willing, I can find a middleman to convey. Her sister, there is a witch, and there is no losing sound, and I can tell the prince's real situation. Instead, the princess of the mermaid is because of the loss of the voice, it is impossible to tell the prince. It is better to say that she didn't tell the prince.

However, I can't understand the second half of the story. The witch gave mea princess a sharp dagger, let the princess kill the prince, only the prince's blood and life can let the princess return to the sea, continue to live.

Why does the story become "not you die, it is my death" situation? Is there a girl who can't get a man, you have to kill him, can you save yourself?

I was talking about this fairy tale, suddenly, the doorbell rang.

I immediately took the book, down the building, when I arrived at the door, I couldn't react it. I can't be Wu's blue. He knew the password opened. However, it is impossible to be a stranger, otherwise the reception of the lobby and the David of the elevator will not let him come.

I opened the monitor and standing outside the door is Violet.

I thought about it, opened the door.

Violet smiled and asked: "I can go in and chat with you?"

"Please come!"

I entered the kitchen and ask: "Is coffee or tea?"

"Tea, don't prepare milk and sugar, I have loved the bitterness of tea with the Chinese."

"In this case, then I invite you to drink tea."

I have a complete set of tea sets, brewed her a pot of China's big red robes.

Drinking tea while picking up the "Andersen Fairy" on the sofa while picking up.

Violet smiled and asked: "Do you feel that you are lucky, have you encountered a fairy tales?"

I said: "I am very fortunate, but not because of the mermaid in the fairy tale, but because I met Wuju Blue."

Violet said: "Please don't think that I am not good today, I am absolutely loyal to Regulus."

I drink tea, I don't have it. She deliberately picks Wu's blue, I can't see me, definitely not only to drink tea with me.

Violet is sinking a moment, saying: "Regulus should tell you that when he came to New York last time, it took a very unpleasant thing."

"I said."

"Regulus is very good, it is certainly not telling you who is selling him."

"No. He just said that a good friend asked him to protect her lover on the battlefield. In order to save the man, he accidentally exposed the identity. I didn't expect the war just ended, the man was designed to fall."

"Good friend? It is still thinking that it is good friend ..." Violet muttered a few times, said to me: "The one sold Regulus, giving him medicine, the person who gave him the person who arrested him is my grandfather."

I put down the tea cup, and I looked at Violetously.

"That request regulus protects her lover, and then put the fire in the Barnum Museum theater, and killed the people who rescued Regulus were my grandmother. The fire not only burned a big theater, but also burn ten Several people, one of them is my grandfather. "

Violet smiled bitterly, "From a point of view, my grandmother kills too grandfather. After the fire, my grandmother said that you haven't laugh. Of course, not only because of the grandfather, More than she felt to Regulus. If too grandmother can listen to Regulus, she still believes that she is a friend, and she will definitely hurt him. "She will be very happy."

Violet put "Andersen's Fairy Tale" in front of me, "Since you have seen the true fatty fish, please let me introduce you to the witch of the fish. My grandmother, my grandmother is a witch who follows the servulus, I am also!" Violet is elegantly bent over the line.

"What? Witch?" My nerves were strong and scared.

Violet said: "Is it very strange? Everyone has the existence of our witch, although often playing an evil role!"

I said: "I just didn't think ... witch is also true."

Violet said: "In the history of Europe, the witch is an indispensable chapter. Of course, it is true. What is your understanding of the witch?"

I am embarrassed to say: "I have nothing to know about European history, just seen the witch in the Hollywood movie. Wear black clothes, wear a pointer, ride a big broom, can fly in the sky."

Violet said: "This world is full of inferior possibilities, but my family and my witch I have no ability to ride a broom can fly in the sky, although this is indeed environmentally friendly, it is worth promoting!"

I can't help but laugh.

Violet said: "Our family and mermaid will be traced back to the fifteen century Roman Holy See to catch the witch. The earliest causes the witch is not because you said the 'special ability', but because there is such a group at the time. Women, they know, study the human body and animals and plants, will formulate drugs to help people to help life, and use this for their lives. However, their existence of the belief in the Roman Holy See, 1484, two priest Henry and Yekaben wrote "Witch's ", launched the 'Witch Trial' with the support of the Pope in the BM E-Natson, the witch, hunting and hunting the witch. Hundred years, hundreds of thousands of women, some research data said it is Millions, died in the torture of hunting witch. My ancestors are very lucky. They met a mermaid, with the help of mermaid, spend the day of the dark horror. "

Violet said: "Now the 'Hunting Witch', there is nothing to do, only feel a very distant noun, can only understand the support in the Roman Holy See, how is this bill? What is far-reaching and how horror. You guess when the last trial witch case occurs. "

I thought about saying: "For a few years?"

Violet shakes his head. "In 1944, Witch Helen Duncan was arrested by the British government."

I am surprised: "1944?"

Violet smiled and said: "You look! The persecution of the witch did not think so far. In 1735, the British passed the" Witchcraft Act "until 1951 was abolished by Churchill. You can imagine from 1484 to the late 19th century My ancestors' life is how difficult. From the fifteenth century, we have begun with the people's alliance, we will follow the serviva, not just because they saved us, not only because the witch and mermaid are being used by humans. Delicate as a heterogeneous, but also because of menship has been helping us to continue to do what you like - study our 'evil witchcraft', the body's secret, each plant, the secret of each animal. From the past, the witch is eager Learn about the secrets of this flesh, want healthier, younger, longer, life ... I used to be regarded as a heroic, only human fish recognition, but now ... we are called scientists. "

Violet laughed and said, "Now, every woman is more crazy than the past witch to pursue the young beauty! Sheep placein, human abuse, hyaluronic acid, botulinum, botulinum ... Various magical witchcraft It is seen as a reasonable existence, even if the witch of the study, Tongling is just studying 'super natural phenomena'. My ancestors have been in the fantasy this day, no one is helping and funding, we insist on today. "

Violet stared at me, very sincere: "We owe a lot of people, our family as the followers of the Regulus family, but also owed a lot more. Please believe that my love and loyalty to Regulus will definitely be better than You are less. "

I don't doubt her loyalty to Wu Ju, but I am like my mother-in-law definitely love my son. You can do your wife ... I said: "What is the purpose of today?"

The ViOLET ends a cup of tea, after drinking quietly, say: "Andersen told the story of" little beauty "from his perspective, you don't want to listen to the" little beauty "story telling from the perspective of witch?"

I have always known the truth of curiosity and death, said cautiously, "If I am related to Wuju Blue, I will want to know."

Violet said: "Finish and our evolutionary direction, human beings rely more resistant to these external forces, but the evolution of people, has always been around themselves. Everyone has a precious soul beads, people of fish, and their Psychotics is closely related. "

I asked: "What is a mental force?"

Violet said: "It is difficult to use our human nouns to accurately define, simply unlike strong fists, sharp teeth These eyes can directly see the flesh power. For example, the songs of mermaid are one of their spiritual power External expression. In addition, the mysterious communication between mermaid and marine creature, the people's fish like dolphins, these invisible, the power that can't touch, count the spirit of mermaid! "

I nodded, indicating that it is probably.

Violet said: "A long time ago, there was a human prince to go to the sea tour. I have never been to the land, and I have never seen human beings. I have never seen the boat of the prince. I have been stealing them. Unfortunately, prince The boat met in the storm, fell into the sea. The little people want to save him, but she is still not strong enough, the storm is too big, the prince is still drowned. The little people are very guilty. I can't bear the prince. I will die. Give the beads of your soul to the prince. With the power of the people's lap, the prince is dead ... "

I can't help but interrupt Violet's telling, curiously asked: "Is it true that Zhou Shou said to death?"

Violet explains: "The so-called dead return is just a relatively conceptual concept, a fear of the technology we still don't understand. For example, we have cut the brain now, transplant the internal organs, it is very ordinary, but if you let the ancients At that, it will definitely be shocking is a secret of death. The fish can only save the drowning through his own spirit, and the time has strict restrictions, there is no way to human beings. "

I nod, "understand!"

ViOLET continues to tell: "Original, this is not a big thing, use his precious spirit to save human fat, and the little people are not the first, and it is not the last one. Any, people's life is much longer than humans, she Just wait patiently, wait until the prince is dead, take the spirit to take the Lingzhu to save the prince, decided to send the prince to the land, in order to ensure the prince rescue, the savage fish sent him to a human beings Places where she hid in the reef, saw the prince of the coma on the shore, she put down her heart, intended to return to the deep sea, did not expect it to be found by human fishing vessel. Because of the storm and save Prince, the little people are very tired. In the process of fleeing human caught, the little people are seriously injured. She must take back their own spirit, otherwise she will die. Once the prince lost the spirit, she will die. "

I have heard the whole heart and hang, clearly know the story of the story, still asked: "Do you want to find a prince to take your own spirit?"

Violet said: "Although the pihydrop is a powerful race, it is good to kill, and the principle of the transfer of people's spirit is not killing, but the heart is willing. If the mermaid is willing to save the king, the prince is also