The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 18, I know my own heart (2)

I have to give up the spirit, and people can take back their own spirit. But who will easily give up their lives? The little fathers don't know what to do, so I have to pay for the witch of the family. Witch is human, knowing that human nature is selfish selfishness, I want a human being to abandon life, and it is impossible. The only possibility is that he fell in love with savana. My grandmother said 'love is the most amazing witchcraft in this world, it can make selfish people selfless, betle, be brave, greedy, and dull'. With the help of the witch, the little flour, got on the land, came to the front of the prince, but the prince has fallen in love with the human girl who saved him from the coast and carefully cares about his. Regardless of the little meal, how beautiful is Celic, how hard is to cause the prince's attention, the prince has not fell in love with her from beginning to end, but always loves the kind people who are kind. There is no way, the witch prepares a sharp dagger, I want to help my little men to force back the spirit. However, the little fathers have deeply fall in love with the prince who is loyal to love. No matter how the witch and sisters are pleaded, she still will give up the spirit again, and the bubble is dead. I change my long life with my long life. I don't even know that my little mermaid pays everything. . "

Violet low, rubbed it with the paper towel to slid down the tears.

Violet's tears made my heart and hate, I can't wait to be in a nightmare, just wake up, I haven't happened. I tried to tell myself that it is just a story, a very distant story ... But I am more clear than anyone, how can Violet specially ran, just tell me a story, still talking about it?

Violet lifted his head, staring sharply, just like sharp dagger, with my life pulse, not allowed me to have any retreat.

I asked the voice: "If human beings have ... Merfish, her body will ... will ... what kind of symptom?"

"There will be no abnormal changes on the surface, and the inspection instrument in the hospital is completely detected. She can't grow the fish, it is impossible to suddenly come to the water, and it is impossible to grow long. But, Her body will become better than ever, almost not sick, even if you are sick, it is better than others. "

I murmured: "It turns out ... it is like this!"

Violet said: "Regulus ..."

I stood up and strive to restrain the inner shock and fear, said to her: "Please leave!"

Violet is eager to say: "Small snails, let me say, I have to tell you ..."

I pointed to the door, whispered: "I am between Wu's blue, I can't tell you! What if you have any words, you let Wuju Blue to tell me!"

"Small snail, regulus ..."

I suddenly lost the emotions, screamed with my ear, "I let you leave! Leave! Leave it immediately ..."

Violet hurriedly walked towards the door. "Ok, I leave, I will leave!" She stood at the door, whispered: "Small snails, I know you need a little time to accept everything I said, I will Waiting for your decision. "

The door is closely closed, and only me alone in the room.

I still stand on my ears and stand still. However, some things are not listening, they can be treated as it does not exist.

It is still familiar with the tears, and it is still familiar with everything. However, the original one-house warmth has become a cold and cold, and the unnecessary darkness is surging since the four sides, and I have to flood me from my beginning. Let me It feels tough even wheezing.

I am panic, I haven't brought anything to the house, and I'm faintly talking about the front desk and talking. I am taking the ear, and I have left the building.

I have no distingness to the direction, walk freely, anyway, there is no place to go, just want to stay away from Wuju blue.

The cold wind blows to the body, bringing the hedgeous coolness.

I think I should calm down, think about it, but every inch of the body is full of horror and anger, let my brain chaotic and desolate, I don't know what to think, I don't know what to do, only Can walk.

Walking, I have a blue lake in front of my eyes, I stopped the footsteps unconsciously.

Although I am also a child growing up by the sea, I have no feelings of water than other humans, until I fall in love with Wuju Blue - people from the depths of the ocean, I really fell in love with water.

At any time, I saw the blue water, I would not help but smile. Wu's royal homonym is my blue, my love is living in blue water!

Because in love with a person, I love everything I have related. All representing everything, will make me feel warm and happiness.

However, now I look at the lake, but I have no feeling of warm and happy.

Because, I will not help but think about Wu Ji Blue to give me warmth and happiness. Is it because of me, or because of my body's marma?

I stand on the lake and stare quietly with the lake, recalling everything that happened after Wu Juelai.

The sad morning, I opened the door, he fell to my house.

The naked feet are scarred, and he should have gone a lot of roads, and it is difficult to find me. More than a hundred years, the human society has changed the earth-shaking change, language, text, transportation, communication method ... all have changed, he certainly didn't think that he would appear in front of me.

Wu Jua is not touched by human society, people who don't understand people, he will definitely understand that he likes it to make me like it, but "absolutely possible" happened ...

I cross my hands and stick it in the chest.

It is difficult to imagine that there is something that is Wuji Blue.

At that year, Grandpa Gao Zu helped Wu Zhal Blue, Wu Zhal Blue Should generously allow a wish to meet his grandfather. For the fishermen of the sea, the most fear is drowned in the sea, Wu Ji Blue used the spirit of "death and return" as a reply, so that God is no longer afraid of the sea. But did not use the grandfather of the fishermen and Zeng Zuma, and the grandfather did not use, but I was accidentally drowning in the age of seven.

It turns out that the nightmare I often did is true. I really died, but my grandfather saved me with Wu Ji Blue.

It turns out that in the sea, Wu Ju Blue and my encounter are not unity. He is specially looking for me, in order to retrieve his soul bead.

When I just saw him, I would always be scared by his eyes, not that I was too small, but my animal's instinct, I felt his killing of me.

His proudly and indifferent sex, it is estimated that I think that I have to force the best to find a way to make my heart, I will fall in love with him, it is very depressed, it is impatient! I can't really hate me, I will take it back directly to him. Anyway, it is a grandfather who is my Gao Zum, and he has repay it with the actual action of "lending a hundred years".

Unfortunately, things beyond his expectations, he fainted in my feet, I have "dripping the water", he can only "let me feel" or willing to " ......

I can't help but laugh slightly, it's really evil! Originally, he had to ask me, I can enjoy the lure and pursuit of beautiful men, but he actually ignores the rules, and the hard studies have turned all the way to me, I want to give him, pursue him!

I am willing to fall in love with him. He not only doesn't open the arms and welcomes it. I also pushed me again and again! It's awful!

Gradually, I just found that everything is horrible and angry, only the sad sadness is entangled in my heart, and the heart is jumped, sharp pain.

I laughed in the blue lake, whispered: "I should punish his deception, play missing, let him be anxious, but ... I can't let him worry!"

No matter what he is because of what is good to me, I love him is a fact that cannot be changed. I can not know his heart, but I can't know my heart.

I turned around and walked back in the direction of the apartment.

After a secluded boulevard, a call sudden came: "Shen Jun!"

I stopped the footsteps, turned back and saw the Violet.

Violet quickly walked to me, staring at me, I asked verytely: "Do you want to be clear?"

Not to understand her mood, but still makes me feel very uncomfortable. I said coldly: "I don't want to know it, I am between me and Wu's blue, don't use you!"

I turned around, but suddenly I felt the pain in the neck.

I went back and looked at the Violet shocked.

She took an empty syringe and muttered: "Sorry!"

I opened my mouth, but I couldn't send any sounds, and the whole world became a shake of vain. My body is soft, footsteps, trying to catch anything, but only seeing the figure of Violet is getting more and more blurred, and finally become a paint black.