The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 19 is our choice (1)

If our embroost can only be accene, then I am willing to force him even more hard! Even though thorns pierced my skin, piercing my heart, as long as he is nearly a little, it is more close!

When I recovered my awareness, when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a laboratory, or in the operating room.

I am wearing a white sleeveless dress, lay flat on a surgical bed, the head of the head, the shadow of the head is a dazzling a variety of tools and surgical instruments, it seems to come in a doctor, You can start the surgery for me to cross the belly.

In an instant, I am very fascinating, I don't understand why I will be in the operating room. Did I get sick? Then, I remembered the cause of Violet and my coma.

I am frightened, I want to immediately jump down the surgery bed, but I find that the body is soft, and I can't make strength. I struggled for a while, and even fell into the ground from the surgical bed.

I stared at the door that represents the escape, struggling to climb the pass to the door.

Suddenly, the door was opened, and the witch was in the white coat.

She saw that I was not in the surgical bed, but in the ground, I stunned, hurriedly got to me.

I am struggling to retreat behind.

Wu Yu stopped, she was uneasy: "Sorry! I thought you were still sleeping, but I forgot to have a fish in your body, you can't see it in normal people."

I have already returned to the corner, and I haven't retired, slowly calm down.

I stared at the witch and said: "Sorry, what are you going to cut me?"

The expression of the witch is very embarrassed, she slowly squatted to the ground, reducing the sense of oppression of me. She said: "The grandmother did think so, when she sent me to the island, I have said that 'that kind of witchcraft is too virtual, we have to prepare another action plan'. I am seeing you When the first side, I didn't feel well, I felt very sorry! "

I didn't think she was so frank, I looked at her moment, I remembered the night of the first time I saw the Witch.

She pointed to the herew on the table: "The Queen is standing by the Queen, like the emperor's Ying, Dian Jiao, but you know that the gentle screw is a special Queen Phoenix Sail?" I thought this review The helicy words are said to me. I didn't expect that she is actually said to Wu Ju. She is in a blue-food chain, and a biological life is normal to take another biological life.

It is no wonder Wuju Blue to say abnormally before the dinner: "I officially announced that Shen Xi is my woman, starting now, if anyone has any bad attempts, I will be severely punished. Please take care of it before taking action. Can you withstand my anger. "At that time, I only thought that Wu's words were blue, and now I found out that his sentence is deeply, he is not only warning Week and Zhou, it is also warning the witch. The Violet behind the witch.

It turned out that I thought that the new friends gathered, warm and romantic dinner, a table six people, except Jiang Yusheng and me, the remaining four people's minds were not on dinner, and they didn't feel the atmosphere. Romance.

It's really ridiculous!

I asked hard: "How are you thinking about me now?"

The witch is silent, saying: "Grandma hopes that you can return the people of the pearly to Regulus."

I looked at the scalpel laying on the sterile stage, "I have already confident that you can have it forced to take back the spirit now?"

"The story of" Little Mei Fish "has passed thousands of years, and the knowledge and technology of witch have had a lot of progress. However, we have never done this, just a theoretical confidence. Grandma wants Best plan Of course, you can consent now. "

It seems that their intention is that I agree, if I don't agree, they don't mind forced to explode my body. I said: "Do you do this, Wu Jura knows?"

Witch is not directly answered my question, but asked: "Do you think?"

I rely on the wall, sitting on the ground, and silent.

Wu Ju Lan must know that the witch is in an attempt, but from the beginning, he will hassle the witch. Even, he deliberately took me to New York, arranged a grand seater, and got a proposal, held a fairly formal engagement ceremony, should also let Violet admit me, not in chaos.

I remembered his sentence to Violet: "Shen Zhu is the life partner I selected. From now on, we share all the glory gave, and all the suffering brought by life."

At that time, I was deeply touched by this sentence, but until today, I really fully understood the weight behind this sentence.

I contained tears and laughed.

The Witch Oh, he saw my expression and pulled his mouth and said, "Fortunately, I will demonstrate my grandmother in the morning, telling her that it is impossible to deceive you. This is the wish of the boss."

I asked: "Do you have this for me, isn't you afraid of Wu Junlan?"

The witch is staring at me, the expression is very complicated, "I am afraid! But ... we have no choice!"

I said: "Where is Wu Jun, now? Jiang Yusheng's inspection results should have already come out!"

The witch is stood up.

Before she walked to the console, she pressed a button, the blinds slowly, I found that the whole wall did it in glass.

I am a little inexplicable. I don't know why she wants to open the curtains, and I am impatiently in front of the witch to stand in front of the glass wall. However, when the blinds rose to half, I saw a kashmir sapphire color magnificent blue fish tail, gently swayed in the water wave.

Wu Jura!

I have never thought about seeing his fish form in a house on the land, I almost smashed, immediately hand and feet, quickly climbed to the glass wall.

The entire house is a rectangular container, the three-sided wall is a hard metal, facing our wall is glass, very like the huge fish tanks that rumored sharks in the Marine Biology.

"Fish tank" is about four meters high, with a three-meter seawater. Wu Ji Blue is soaked in the water, and the long blue fish tail is like a beautiful blue satin as the water wave is gently ripple. His upper body floats on the water, the head is weak, and it is obviously in a coma. Blue black hair flutters down, half-covered, can't see his face.

His arm wrapped around the chain, the arms were forced to open, just like the gods of the ancient Greek mythology, they were pulled into a "ten" glyph. The eight thick iron chains are fixed on the top and bottom of the house, and one end is tightly wrapped on him, like a huge spider web, and the Wu Ju Blue is locked.

How do they dare to be so blue? !

Angry is like a volcanic out of the past, and I am standing up. I am going to the witch body, I want to kill her.

The witch is not resistant, and the sound said hoarsely: "We ... just act in accordance with the command of the boss."

I am angry and screaming: "Wu Ju Blu will order you? Do you understand this? No matter how you are for me, I can understand that after all, you are for Wu's blue, but you can dare to hurt him, I will die, I will die. ! "

The witch is full of tears in the eyes, "Jiang Yi is in his father, the probability of hereditary psychosis is 89%."

I suddenly stopped, 89%? This probability is simply that Jiang Yi will inevitably become a madman!

The tears of the witch roll down, she said: "Boss has to resume the form of fish in order to help Jiang Yi Shengzhi, have to resume the form of fish. After the treatment of boss, Jiang Yusheng's current pathogenesis can be controlled 6%."

On the one hand, I am happy for Jiang Yisheng. On the one hand, I am more angry, ridicule geomarism: "Is this your reply mode? Or, from the beginning is your policy, do you use Jiang Yi Sheng's illness to lure Wu Jincheng into your trap? Jiang Yi Sheng Is your bait? "

The witch is staring at my eyes, and the word said: "Shen Jun, I love Jiang Yusheng, as you love the boss! We do this really the boss's order!"

I believe that she said, slowly released her hand with her neck.

I all my people were squatting on the glass wall and stared at Wuju Blue.

There is no light inside, the only source is the lights of our side. Through the glass wall, the shadow looks also on Wuju Blue. His skin is abnormal, the iron chain wrapped around him is dark brown. The water waves are rippling, and the light and shadow suddenly decline, and those iron chains will make countless snakes, and they are wraping him.

I heard my voice and loudly: "What is going on? Why do he want to be such a for you?"

Wu Yu said: "The boss uses his own mental power to give Jiang Yi Shengzhi, it is like a person who is excessive use of muscles, and it will inevitably bear the pain of muscle injury. The boss is now enduring the pain of excessive use of mental strength. However, this pain is far better than we imagined. The boss is afraid that they will destroy this research room under outline, so let us lock him with the most hard titanium alloy chain. "

I murmured: "Excessive use of spiritual power?" Wuji is definitely a fierce struggle, and his body has a scales covered, and there is no short-length half of the scales, almost chain is grinded.

Violet sounded behind me: "Person's spiritual power is closely related to his spirits, and the people who have lost the soul should be difficult to use. I don't think of Regulus can also use people's songs. Even if there is a full moon Help, that night, he should also endure huge pain, in order to complete this thing that is already abilities. In fact, with the force of Regulus, he can directly kill everyone, never suffer. But , Just because you are human, he doesn't want you to have a heartbeare, it is rather to withstand the pain of terror. It is like now, just because Jiang Yosheng is a person who cares about it, regulus will save him at the expense. "

I looked at the iron chain, and Wu Zaju, who had brought the bruises, and poured tears in his eyes. I couldn't help but took a glass wall, whispered: "It's a fool!"

Violet said: "In our eyes, Regulus is still very strong, but actually, as the most powerful race in the human sauce, he is very weak. Small snail, you are willing to give you the people in your body to the people in your body. REGULUS? "

I slowly turned my body, relying on the glass wall, looking at the Violet.

Violet said: "You have anything that wants to do, we can do it on your behalf! Your loved ones only have dad and mother, but your father and your mother have each other with a happy family. Even if you have no you, Their life will not be affected! In this world, you don't worry, you can leave calm! I have to ensure that you will not feel any pain, just like sleeping, you will sink into a quiet and warm dream ... "

"Grandma!" Witch is facing, and if you want to interrupt Violet.

Violet did not pay attention to the witch, but the eyes focused on me, taking a good lurely: "Are you not love regulus? Now it is regulus to give you all the love moments!"

"I am willing" three words on my tip of my tongue, not because of Violet witch lobby, but because I am really willing. When I was at the lake, I wanted to clear my my mind, and when I went back to the apartment, I had made a decision.


Suddenly, I felt that the back was shocked, immediately turned back, see Wu Ju Blue's long blue fish tail is playing up and down, playing the waves on the water. His body struggled, and the arms of the iron chain in the air rigid, and the sharp nails hidden in the finger were revealed. The eight thick iron chains were ignored and trembled, and the whole room was a bit shake. He is like an angry beast, it seems to break free, flew.

I was in an eager to shoot the glass wall and talked loudly: "Wu Ju Blue, Wu Ju Blue ..."

The Witch is skilled, and I am acting at the side of the instrument. "It's just another round of pain. I will pass for a while."

My whole person squatted on the glass wall, looked at Wuju blue, but the pain of his pain.

Violet stood on my side and said: "Regulus should wake up, if you want to save him, you must decide as soon as possible! As long as you say a 'Willing to', Regulus doesn't have to endure the painful torture! When he When you wake up again, you will restore all the power. If you want to live in the ocean, you will live in the ocean; if you want to live in terrestrial, you will live on the land. Do you not want Regulus to continue to live freely? "

How can I not hope? I am willing to use all of all everything to exchange his happiness!

However, he is definitely thinking too ...

I stared at Wu Ju, who was tied by the chain, said to Violet: "You said 'love is the most amazing witchcraft in the world, it can make selfish people selfless, be brave, greedy, and dull'. "

"I said it so much!"

"You just say that there is another side of love, love is another side, it will let the unsupported selfish, bravely be embarrassing, good people greed, dull people."

ViOLET is like can't believe in me, "I am surprised me," What do you say? "

I said: "When you face lovers, no matter how good and selfless people will become greed selfish, don't want to share, just want to share, greedily want him to be good for yourself, it is best better , More better, the more you better; no matter how brave stupid people, you will become awkward, because there is a concern, you have worry, you will have everything you can't stand it, you will love everything you can't stand it. It became suspicious. "

Violet asked impatiently: "What do you want to say?"

"I want to say, your understanding of love is too self-righteous! Even if you are desperate, you have to ask the other party to accept it! Otherwise, maybe it is not happy, but the hate!"

Violet stunned me.

I also poured her, "Either you use forced methods forced me to force me, or let me wait for Wu Zhama to wake up! Even if I want to leave, I have to say goodbye to Wu Ju, and determine that he accepts my choice. Will continue to live well, because I am worried about him, don't worry, I can't leave him so silently, this is my selfishness and embarrassment! "

Violet didn't go through the eyes, and the eyes were gradually filled with tears. Suddenly, she bent down and bowed to me. "We will never dare to violate Regulus's choices, please forgive me what I do!" After I finished, she turned and left.

I am amazing to see the witch. Violet gives me to cut me? Let me let me go so much?

The Witch is laughing, saying: "The boss has repeatedly warned us, even before giving Jiang Yi Shengzhi disease, he warned the grandmother once. You are the boss selected life partner, grandmother never dares to hurt you She just induces yourself to release orders, she does the executor of orders. "

I have a soft leg, along the glass wall, fell on the ground.

In the glass wall, Wu Ju Blue is also calm.

My face is sticker on the glass wall, looking at him in the same place.

His arms were drained in the air, the body was pouring forward, and the head was weak and low, and it looked very calm and peaceful. I didn't have a look like violent.

The witch looked at various data on the instrument and said: "The boss should wake up, but you need to change back to personal take a period of time."

I said: "Can you let me go in? I want to go in with him!"

The witch is hesitating, agreed to my request.

I swallowed into the "big fish tank" through the water tank.

When you travel to the nearby, the wounds on the Blue Dynasty have seen more clearly, and they are very scary. Although I know that his body is specific, the recovery speed of the wound can be said to be against the sky. However, I still feel very painful, I can't wait to wake up with him, ask why he can't think about another way.

I took a witch to help me prepare the water, sprinkled at his wound.

I have to let myself float on the water, and I should pay attention to avoiding Wu Ju Blue's body. I am afraid that I will pull to the iron chain, and I will take him more pain.

However, this is in the water, very simple drug movement has become more and more effort, my body is not sinking down at a point in control.

Suddenly, I feel that my body is light, I am just like standing on the land.

This feeling is very familiar, I look down at it, it is Wuji Blue's fish tail. Pingping's sleeper is like a strong and powerful huge palm, holding my feet, holding me.

Wu Jun Blue woke up? !

I immediately looked at him, he slowly lifted his head and opened his eyes slowly.

When the average person just wakes up from the coma, there will always be a moment of confusion, Wu Ji Blue is very popular, and the expression is firm, it seems that he never comme. However, his blue-blue eyes reveals fear, staring eretly, it seems that I will disappear at any time.

I was worried that he was hurt by the iron chain, wrinkled and frowned: "Let me go!"

He is a fish tail, and it is directly rolled with me. At the same time, the double-handed iron chain, I want me to be closer to him. Fortunately, the witch is so good to explain the chain in time, only listen to ",, " a few crisp sounds, all eight iron chains are all released.

I looked up, I hurriedly wanted to help him unwind the iron chain of the body. He was ignored the iron chain on his body, but his hands were free, and I watched my back, one hand With my head, kiss me hardly.

I am struggling with my consciousness, but he is more powerful, brutally open my lips, and rush into my mouth straight into the ground, and use his rough tongue to entangle my tongue. When I was kiss almost turned off, he left me, but it was still a little idiot, he kept kissed my ear and neck.

I faintly understood his abnormalities, grabbed his neck, whispered in his ear: "I am here, I am here, I didn't promise Violet ..."

Wu Jukai finally gradually calmed down. He took a hand to let go of the iron chain, almost rudely and hard, and completely don't care about your wound.

However, I don't care!

I took his hand, "You don't move, let me come!"

He holds me, floats quietly in the water.

I bowed my head, carefully helped him to solve the chain, occasionally, when he will take a hand and help me share most weight.

Until the chain on his body was released, I looked up at him.

After the pass, there were too many emotions in the eyes of the two people in the swing, which was in a weird silence. I want to say, but I don't know why, and he should have no way to talk.

In this closed dark space, the whole world is reduced to only I and him, and the championship of the world is like a distant world.

I gently stroked his face and all dial his wet hair behind the brain.

I strolled his eyes, and the star river moved slowly in his eyes; I toured his nose, and the morning is slowly blowing in his nose; I strolled his lips, he opened his mouth, with sharp The teeth are gently biting me!

If so, hidden in your arms, bite in your mouth, don't let go!

Never let go ...

I hooked his neck and contained tears and low voice: "Hold again."

He wrapped me with the whole fish, and his arms wound on my back. I am like a silkworm baby wrapped up by a silkworm cocoa, and he is tightly borne.

I said: "Tight!"

He is more powerful, and it is painful, but we still want to be more powerful, can't wait to embed himself into the other's body.

I closed my eyes and I thought about it with him until the time became ashes.

After a long time, Wu Ji Blue's voice suddenly sounded.

"Small snail?"

I moved slightly, indicating that I heard it.

He asked: "VIOLET tells you everything?"

I nodded.

He said: "You didn't promise Violet, I am very happy!"

As I expected, he heard Violet and my conversation.

He said: "Even if Violet does not tell you, I will tell you everything, I just want you to have more carefree time, so I will drag again. I know that you have a lot of questions now I want to ask me. I will explain one by one. "

I raised my head and stared at him: "Do you love me?"

He said without hesitation: "Love!"

I laughed and I cuddled my arms.

He stunned, hesitatedly asked: "You ... don't you have any other questions?"

I shook my head.

He said: "Are you not angry?"

I shook my head.

In the early morning, he saw my first eye, the purpose is not simple, and even kills. However, things are not important because of why, it is important to process and results. I clearly felt his love and clear your love for him. I don't want to waste our time to entangle, especially, our time may be very limited ...

I screamed softly: "Wu Ju Blue!"

He is gently responded: "Well?"

"I am willing to give you everything, including my life."

Wu Ju-blue smiled and said: "I know! I have been ... I know!"

"Do you have done it?"


"You ..." My tongue sentiment, trying to make my voice sound normal, "You really can't ... Watching me to become an old ugly?"

"I am sorry!"

"Oh ... this is also very good! You can only remember my most beautiful look!"

I laughed in my muscles and wanted to make my weightlifted weight. If you don't add weight, you have been very sad.

However, tears are not from autonomous.

It turned out that he sat in my bed, staring at the sleep in my illness, a three sketch map, carefully painted, not because I want to hurt me, then it is delicate, lifelike. But because it is the desire of his deep is the most desirable achievement.

The long life of the millennium, but it is no longer a few decades to take care of me to become old, and it is weak.

I am trying to think about it, I don't want to cry in front of him, but I have no way to rest. Tears, it is like a broken pearl, and falls on his neck.

Wu Zhawei quietly hugged me crying.

From the day of knowing his identity, I have been tangling how my short life should accompany him long life. I always thought he was because this reason refused me again. Now I understand, he once again and again, it is another reason.

Not my life is limited, but he chose to make your own life limited!

How can he be so cold?

If my face is slightly thin, the action is slightly hesitant. Is he disappeared if he is like a little mermaid?

However, the prince didn't love the mermaid, but I love him!

How can he let me hurt my heart, I know, I don't even know what I have lost.

How can he be so cold to me?

A variety of complex emotions together, like spider webs, generally densely wrapped into my heart, stranded me, let me hurt, I have to faint.

I slammed, biting his shoulder.

Wuju blue-grained silk was standing in the water, did not avoid, and did not have a defense. Let me bite into his meat, and gently caress my pain.

I am full of blood, watching Yinhong spread from his shoulder, dyed the water into rouge.

My tears are surging, and I am crying in his shoulder.

I really understand it now, the star of the star, his three questions.

"Is this your choice?"

"Even if you will bring you pain?"

"Even if you will bring me pain?"

He questioned not only me, but he himself. He forced me to think about the death, I don't mean that I left him, but he left me.

Wu Ju Blue said with my back and said: "I am very clear, the party needs courage, accepting the dedication needs courage! Sorry!"

I cried and shook my head, I don't need to be sorry, I haven't sorry!

Another cold, small stones fell in my cheek and neck. I just started, I didn't pay attention until I had a few of my cheeks and rolled down to his neck.

Yes ... pearl?

I was surprised to raise my head, I saw a bright pearl from his eyes, slowly slipping in the cheek, convinced, like a falling star, slowly disappearing Sky. He was originally clear and beautiful, and the eyes of the blue, the eyes of the gem gradually became the black, found to see the pupil, just like all the stars destroyed, there was no bright, only a sadness.

I flushed out his eyes and touched his eyes and wanted to block his tears. I have worked hard, saying that I said no life: "Don't be sad! Don't be sad ... You know, my skin is very thick, the sea shell is thick, I am not afraid! I really are not afraid! Don't worry, You see you so hitting me, I can get a bloody and resurrection, I am an anti-blowing wonderful monster ... I just cry, I just vent, I will be fine after filling! I am very strong, really strong ! Don't strengthen your old monster? You can rest assured, I will be good, you will be good, you will live better than you. "

The more I said, and another pearl rolled and more urgently. My tears don't know anything.

I closed my mouth and silently kissed Wu's lips.

Wu Ju-blue said: "Sorry!"

I smiled and shook my head. What did you do?

Sorry, do you choose to love me? Sorry, do you choose to make me live?

If this is your choice, it is my choice.

I looked at the pearls falling in us, including tears, smiling and said: "This is my choice! Even if you bring you pain, even if you will bring you pain!"

Love is exactly the same as life, always flowers and thorns. If my love is flowers, I am willing to hug its beautiful fragrance; if my love is a thorns, I will not hesitate to embrace its sharp pain.

Because, when I hugged flowers, Wu Ju Blue is beautiful and smile for me. When I embrace the thorns, his whole chest has long been full of thorns that use his blood.

If our embroost can only be accene, then I am willing to force him even more hard! Even though thorns pierced my skin, piercing my heart, as long as he is nearly a little, it is more close!

Outcoming star

Some people are destined to be stars, even if they are far away, even die, that is still in your starry sky, shining you.

Half a month later.

I held a wedding in the island with Wuju Blue.

The wedding place chose to park on a yacht in the sea, both feet, and floating between sea days.

The yacht is decorated with Jiang Yusheng and the Witch, and the dream of the fantasy ships in the fairy tale.

Because Wu Ji Blue is very sensitive to the smell and the sound, I don't like the noisy crowd, I just don't like it, so our wedding only invited the closest people.

Wu Ji Blue is Violet and Witch. I am here is Jiang Yusheng and Shen Yanghui. Dad is still getting sick, there is no way to participate, Shen Yang Hui even asked Dad. Mother wants to take care of two children, people are far in Canada, and there is no way to come to participate in the wedding. I promised that she will send the wedding video to her.

In fact, from the legal, I have registered as a couple with Wu Ju, a week ago.

However, this moment, Bihai blue sky, heard Violet asked: "Wu Ju Blue, you are willing to accept the woman around you be your life partner? Share all the glory given by life, sharing all the suffering brought by life?" I still I feel that the heart has a flash of almost stopping.

Wu Juchi grazing my hand: "I am willing!"

Violet Q: "Shen Shu, you are willing to accept the man around you be your life partner? Share all the glory given by life, and share all the suffering brought by life?"

I laughed and stared at Wu's eyes and said: "I am willing!"

Violet said: "From now on, you are a companion with each other, you can kiss your partner."

Wu Ju-blue smiled and opened my veil, I closed my eyes and gave him all myself to him.

After eating the seafood dinner that I was carefully prepared by Wuji, I decided to leave the entire yacht and Wu's blue.

"I wish you a happy honeymoon!" Jiang Yisheng gave me a strong hug, took Shen Yanghui to take the boat left.

The witch is finally checked all the equipment on the boat, and I said: "Let's keep in touch with us!"

"I will!"

Violet Q: "Where did you decide?"

I said: "The Chinese said that marrying chicken with chicken, married dogs with dogs, married a bench, Wu Ju, where, I will go."

Violet laughed, sighed: "Regulus's ocean is very expected! You will see many of the big things, remember to shoot us!"

I smiled and said, "Okay! I sent my waterproof camera, I will use it."

Violet said: "Then we are gone, waiting for you to come back."

I have sent them all the time to the boat.

The witch is already under the small boat, and when Violet is in the ladder, I said: "Violet ..."

Violet stopped, watching me patiently.

I feel embarrassed, I want to say.

Violet said: "You are the life partner of Regulus, no matter what happens, I am willing to work for you."

I am so embarrassed, I look back, I'm looking at Wu Zaju, who is preparing to boat in the cockpit, and determine that he did not pay attention to us. I took a look in Violet, pressed the sound, and swallowed the ground: "The story of" Agnete and the Merman "said that ... Agnete is a child, is it true?"

Violet stunned, touched: "It's true!"

I rose red and asked: "Then, I ... and Wu Ju Blue ..."

"That's also fine."

I am joy: "Thank you!"

Violet shakes his head, "I should thank you!"

I laughed and didn't say more.

Violet said: "I wish you a happy honeymoon!"

After the Violet and Witch Open the small boat, I was going to bend the ramp, Wu Zhali is blue, "I am coming!"

He put the ladder