The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea

Chapter 19 is our choice (2)

After the child is closed, turn around and look at me, say no expression: "Departure? My bride!"

He can really tell the most unfair words with the most popular tone! I can't help but laugh, I said with his neck and said: "Let's go! My groom!"

He said that I want to accompany him to the big sea. From now on, I will accompany him to see him born, grow up, share the wonderful time and memories of his collection.

As the sky is getting more and more black, our ship is getting farther and farther away from the people, there seems to be only there.

Wu Jura sets automatic driving, slowly saving the boat to the depths of the ocean.

The night is very quiet, the sound of the waves sounds very clear, like a rhythm of a certain life, what is going to talk to us.

I wrapped in a big blanket with Wu Ji Lantai, I was lying on the deck, quietly looked at the sky of the top.

Starry, starry, bright silver river across the sky.

Non-numbered stars gathered in the Galaxy ray, gorgeous, just like a sparkling, Pentium flowing river.

I extended a hand in the sky, like picking a starfish.

Wu Ju Blue's hand from my chest, along the shoulder, arm, bypass my wrist, and I finished tangling.

The sky is bright, shining the hand we hold.

Under the whole sky, hundreds of millions of stars, we are so small, but we can see the vast sky.

In this hot star, a lot of seemingly bright sparkling stars have already been dead, and some have even die for tens of thousands of years. However, because our eyes still capture their light, their beauty is perceived outside of tens of thousands of light years, and there is a shining with other living stars.

Born and death, in this magnificent universe, it is difficult to distinguish.

Some people are destined to be stars, even if they are far away, even die, that is still in your starry sky, shining you.