The start of science and technology

Chapter 1 people are in the moon, just down the spacecraft

"The audience, now you can see, it is the scene of my country's young astronaut Du Xingyu to log in to the moon. This is a feat in the history of my country's aviation, and Du Xingyu's small step on the moon is also my country's aerospace history. A big step!"

"Du Xingyu will take a three-day science test activity in the moon, and then return to the ground after three days ..." TV news, the news that Huaxia astronauts successfully set up the month.

In the face of the moon, the astronaut Du Xingyu just walked down the spaceship and was liaison with the ground.

"Du Xingyu, what is the feeling of the earth on the moon?" Du Xingyu's headset, the sweet female voice came, this is the sound of the commanding center liaison.

"Very beautiful, very spectacular, very wonderful -, and let me a little lack of security." At this moment, Du Xingyu, who is wearing white astronauts, is standing on the surface of the moon, looking up to the earth.

That is a blue planet, white cloud and green embellishment. From the moon, the earth is like a huge thing, and it is in front of the face, as if it will cast the moon at any time!

And around it, it is a universe dark universe. Since birth, Du Xingyu has never felt so small!

"Every astronaut in the moon has such a feeling, the universe is vast, and we are too small." Xu pity autumn voice is slightly envious, "You should be fortunate, our team, you are the first to board the moon People. "

"Yeah." Du Xingyu deeply felt, "I can't think of the original dream can be realized."

A few years ago, he was also a student of the capital University of Aeronautics. Today, he is already astronauts for the moon, stepped out of the first step in Huaxia's moon!

"Now check the moonlight cabin ... Warning, I found that I don't know tomorrow." Xu Yifu said half, the ground command center, came from air defense alert.

"Ground? What happened?" Du Xingyu asked.

"It is still unclear, our satellite monitoring is close to tomorrow, is investigating!" Xu Yumiu said.

Ground command center, on the big screen has been switched to satellite monitoring.

On the video screen, a small asteroid consisting of a crater, and the vectors consisting of rocks and ice layers are quietly flying to the Earth!

"About fifty kilometers diameter, more than 100,000 kilometers per hour! Its track goals, is ... Earth!" In the ground command center, everyone's face is instantly passionate.

As a spaceshop, they can't clear what this means!

65 million years ago, a small number of large-scale planets hit the earth, and extracted the top of the Overgenmore Dinosaur! Nowadays, this asteroid is five times that of the asteroid. It hits the power of the earth, which will explode more than one billion nuclear bombs!

"Earth, finished! Human, finished!" In the Command Center, people poured on the ground, they knew that everything was unrequited!

The strongest weapon in the world, the most powerful country, in the face of such a planetary disaster, there is no power to resist!

"Astronaut Du Xingyu requested contact, please reply!" On the moon, Du Xingyu is still shouting, but I don't know why, the signal is lost.

"Unable to receive signals, contact interrupts." He waited with the smart computer that was carried.

"How can I connect to the interruption?" Du Xingyu was stuffled, "the communication equipment checked several times."

He immediately enable the standby communication device, but there is still no signal.

"Calm, check the equipment, find a fault!" Du Xingyu remembered the content of the astronaut training, forced yourself calm down, preparing to check your communication equipment.

However, he can't calm down next second.

Du Xingyu Zhang big mouth, look at the sky, the whole body is instantaneous frozen, and it is stiff.

He swear, no matter which country's astronaut training, there is no simulation of the present scene!

In his eyes, a frozen asteroid flew from the dark cosmic space, its flight track, is the earth!

Just like the basketball of the blue box, this small planet does not have a sign of the route!

It won't speak, like a silent billionary traveler, it will bring this blue planet, a last day of robbery!

Du Xingyu looked at it, on the earth, countless observations were also watching it, everyone slammed breathing!

It's too fast, and didn't give human reaction time. People located in the northern half, found a huge black shadow in the sky, shrouded the earth.

"What is that?" Some people looked up, this shadow seems to be rapid, soon blocked the sun! The whole world seems to have entered the darkness in an instant!

"Wang, Wang, Wang!" Animals predicted what they had, homing to the sky. The wild dog is blown, the cock is homoked, and the crow sparrow is in the sky.

"Ah, my mother, I am afraid!" The child hugged his parents and hoped at the sky.

"Don't be afraid, maybe it's a supreme food! But I didn't see the news report?" The adults were inexplicably appeared in some panic.

Asteroids have entered the atmosphere, rock, ice and air fierce friction make it a hot fireball in just a few seconds. Even on the moon, you can also see a clear!

From the northern hemisphere, the whole sky is burned, and there is a strange fire cloud.

"What is that?" The sky lit again, but it was not a familiar sunshine!

People are really panicked, they see that the fireball on the sky is getting bigger and bigger, accompanied by the harsh sound! Wan like a flame devil that devours the world, you have to swallow the earth!

"The end of the world is coming?" Some people were shiveried and prayed on the ground.

"Lord, forgive me for sins!"

"Amitabha, ask Bodhisattva bless!"

"Help! Doomsday!" People can't be calm, panic, want to find a hiding place. The earth is large, and there is no shackles! Endless desperate, this world!

For a short minute, it's like a whole year in the past!

This asteroid ignores human prayers, the mourning of animals, the incarnation of the world, and the radius is hit in the Pacific Ocean!

"Booming!" This is a huge sound of the whole world! Millions of people live directly in this explosion, eardrum bleeding!

There is an unprecedented big explosion! The mushrooms produced by the explosion are sufficient to cover half of the earth!

Du Xingyu can see the naked eye, somewhere on the earth, rolled up the sky! The ranks of thousands of meters high is to splash to the moon!

This is the energy of more than 100 billion nuclear bombs in an instant explosion! Huge shock waves scattered the clouds over the whole earth, the seawater in the Pacific hit the pit was rapidly evaporated, and the rocks of the falling seabed were first shot.

But the next moment, they accompanied by high temperatures sufficient to melt all, turned into a hot magma, shot to the high altitude of up to 10,000 meters!

This is a super earthquake, the scope is no longer a county, a city, but the whole earth!

The human beings in the whole earth can feel that the earth is shaking in the pain, the land is dark, the sun and the moon are light, and countless people have no time to make a shout, it is already clean! A car accident, explosion, fire, earthquake disaster occurred in each city!

The building collapses, dam creates the buck, and the earth!

In the Pacific Ocean, the strikes of the asteroid awakened the earth, countless magma sprayed out of the ground, the fire sea spread, the earth's surface is like the ignited oil pan, the boundless flare is shrouding everything, the black smoke and the dust come up with the sky, cover the sky Made in the day!

"Asteroid hits the earth?" Du Xingyu's shock is not added, or if he is wearing a space suit, he even wants yourself, so that you can determine this is not dreaming!

The disaster in front of you will continue to happen, the horror scene, Du Xingyu will not forget this life! Although he will not grow up in this life!

In the ocean, thousands of meters high huge waves accompanied by magma and sufficient super hurricane, sweeping five continents, seven oceans!

The whole Pacific, in just a few minutes, it was evaporated into water vapor! Ocean is rewinding to land! Subsequently, it is melted into a magma sea!

Sleeping live volcano is awake again, they have burst in all over the world! Some island countries are covered by magma, within a few minutes, the entire country does not exist!

On concrete pouring urban ground, cracking thousands of kilometers of bottomless gully, as if directly passing!

New York City, this coastal international city, was filled with hurricanes and tsunami, and the free goddess sank in the depths of the sea!

Alps, landslides, tsunami and magma begin to devour the European countries!

East non-large rift is filled by the crustal movement, forming a plateau!

The Himalayas rapidly grows rapidly under the impact of the mainland sector, and the height of the growth in one second has exceeded the past 10,000 years!

65 million years ago, the scene of the asteroid hit the earth again. An endless disaster swallows all the souls on the earth! And this is just beginning, hitting the dust, hundreds of years, lost the sunshine, the animals and plants will suffer the disaster of the top ...

The earth is like the horror of the universe, and the head is broken, and even the original running track!

"How can this be?" Du Xingyu's mind completely collapsed, the earth in front of him was gradually become a super magma big fireball!

In this case, he can't think of anyone on the earth, anything can stay!

He just gave a moon, the asteroid hit the earth, human extinction, leaving him alone. Is there anything more than this in the world, which is desperate to suffocate?

Du Xingyu sent a news: "People are in the moon, just got off the spacecraft, the earth is hit, what to do? Online, urgent!"

No one replies to him, and now the survivors on the earth are only self-defeating, waiting for death in despair!

"What should I do?" Du Xingyu wanted not to do ways, in front of nature, everything he did, it seems to be just in vain.

"Find a direction, let human civilization continue." A voice sounded in the Du Xingyu.