The start of science and technology

New book "Global Different: Goddess Differential"

Global humans come to a mysterious world throughout the road.

Everyone starts a hole, a shovel, wants to survive, gets everywhere, go to other cooles to find resources.

The summer ride of the "0.0 cave world" has already passed the "Diwang World", and the opening is selected to decompose talent.

And rely on busement, pre-knowledge in advance.

"Divination, the hole, bad luck, the undead undead in the cave!"

"Zhu Zaixian hole, lucky boy, sweet berries have been mature."

"Decomposing the wakes of the somatosa, get the soul crystallization +1."

"Decompose the quaint knight sword, get mirror +10, strength rune +1."


In this cruel global foreign survival test, a breakdown is strong!

PS: The new book has been released, search for book names or click on other works.

This book is an all-world survival + farming theme, you can take a look.