The Strategist Knows Everything

Part I, chapter I, preamble

I sighed heavily as I looked at the troops leaving the castle and entering the castle with tired eyes.

"It looks good on me……………"

There's no one around me. That's the reason why I set it up, but even if I really had someone with me, it would have been ripped off by the army that came into the castle.

That's close to certainty, and that's why nobody put it around. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing not to be around.

From the balcony, escort the troops out of the castle and I turn back on my heels. In the center of the room there is a chair where the top person sits. It's a chair without the Lord who should already be seated.

While I want you to forgive me enough to rest for the last time, I take off the black coat covering my body and put it on my chair.

Coat is not my thing. A friend of mine lent it to me for sure.

Sitting in a chair, drowsiness coming from tiredness strikes me. Against that, I turned my consciousness to the past wondering why I was here.

■ ■ ■

Suddenly, I, Yukio Tsui, am not a person in this world.

He is eighteen years old. Gender is man. He's a rural Niigata man who went to Tokyo to join a university.

What I was learning was history. I chose history not because it was particularly thoughtful, but because it was interesting to read a book about history.

I've always liked reading. If it had been read as a child in my mother's teachings, I would have started taking my own books when I realized it.

I didn't have many friends to say that it was the harm. I thought reading was more interesting than talking to most people.

There's no way I can have many friends with that idea, but I was satisfied with it. Because I would have been basically satisfied with the book.

I had one of those guys I could call my best friend. He was very cheerful and chatty. The story was very interesting because I was always looking for something fun and had a lot of experience.

Because he had a lot of friends, I was never alone in a college lecture or a regular, law-breaking drink that I was forced to take.

I honestly admired him. I've never seen anyone get along that far, and I'm enjoying my life, and I'm dazzled by a smile.

So I thought Soze was jokingly pointing the knife at me until the moment he stabbed me through the heart with a knife.

Now I know why this is dead. I only felt hot and there was no pain.

Soitz, who thought he was his best friend, stared at both hands wet with blood and immediately cried and called an ambulance on his phone.

It may be a strange story to call an ambulance while stabbing yourself, but Soitz must have been wrong.

I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you, I lost consciousness of the dark darkness, trying to tell Soze that I didn't care.

That I couldn't even be a great filial servant, or that I still had a lot of books I wanted to read. I had a lot of regrets, but my biggest regret was not being able to notice the change in him that I thought was my best friend. There must have been a hint somewhere, but I turned my gaze all the way to the book and didn't even notice.

If I were someone who knew more about people's minds, if I was someone who was better at dealing with people.

This didn't happen.

At the very least, if you have an afterlife, I want to be someone who understands people well. And I fell into deep darkness, wishing strongly.

■ ■ ■

I heard a small but clear tone in the deep darkness.

I knew it was some kind of instrument. I woke up on a crude bed trying to figure out what it was.

"Where? Here?

I don't know why, but I woke up in a different world without a scratch, even though I was fatally injured in modern Japan. The clothes were also white shirts and black trousers he wore when he was stabbed.

When I said "Where am I" what I found to be a different world, I was on a screen that floated in front of me shaking [Different World/Fortuna. Huge continental rhodinia in the sea and a world with small islands floating around. This is because it was written further south of the Kingdom of Velis, in the south of Rodinia, in the territory of Count Eulen].

A screen is a square thing like the game's menu screen, and when I finished reading it all, it disappeared all the time.

What the hell is this? If I think about it, the screen comes up again.

"Sometimes? Skills of Toothless. Skills that allow you to see a variety of invisible information. The wishes of Yukio Tatsui are embodied………………."

Convenient ability. It's like having a dictionary with everything on it.

But I do want to be someone who understands people well. I hoped. It was meant to be the afterlife, but it's okay that it came true in different worlds. Misreconciliation is also miscalculation, but more so.

"Being familiar with people meant inner subtleties and changing facial expressions..."

On the other hand, I think I'd like to see my information. Then, the screen appears again. But now the display was different.

Until earlier, it was divided up and down, and there was something on top that I wondered about, and an explanation for it on the bottom, but this time it was divided into four parts, each with multiple words and numbers.

"Five fights... garbage..."

In the meantime, I ran my gaze at words that made sense, and I was stunned to see the numbers. Sure, I haven't worked out my body, but I've been working hard part-time, and I haven't caught a cold lately. A healthy body. It's impossible that combat power is a single digit.

"Oh? You woke up."

The door of the room opened and an old man with gray hair came in. The menu screen opens. They react as soon as they doubt it.

Your old man's fighting power is seven. It was better than me.

■ ■ ■

The door was opened and the name of the person who came into the room was Mr. Goldeau Hazard. Seventy-three. I have an impressive straight back and seemingly gentle eyes. For some reason, he's stronger than me.

I was more thankful that words would make sense than I was that I knew my name and age.

Mr. Gordo had fallen on the side of the road. Apparently he found me and nursed me, and I slept for a whole two days.

"No, I'm glad I woke up. I was just wondering if you could keep your eyes open."

"Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much."

With my upper body up on the bed, I lowered my head as deep as I could. If I thought I might have died without this guy, I wouldn't have had enough where I lowered my head.

"I did see the doctor, but I didn't find the Lord."

"Really? Then thank him too."

"No, it's hard to see him. The prince of the kingdom of Velis is the prince of Diorud."


I can't believe the prince can help me. My impression is that a prince mostly feels like a spoiled, self-absorbed guy, but there are exceptions. I've never met a prince before.

"You're weak. This Earl of Eulen used to take care of him."

"Were you? Are you better now?

"No, perhaps the Prince's body hasn't gotten better. But you did march. To His Majesty the King of Velis, my father."

Mr. Gordo told with sadness his eyes down. I don't really know how to feel about the word marching. I am stunned that this world was such a noisy one in the first place.

Suddenly the screen appears loose. There, the current state of this world was written.

I guess Mr. Gordo doesn't see the screen. There must be more reaction if you can see it.

I read the current state of the world.

To sum up, originally, there was a huge country in this world called the Kingdom of Rhodinia, and now it seems to be the warring age when that huge kingdom was divided.

I was flown in troublesome times. These times are basically hard to live in. If you remember my arm, my fighting power is... Something's making me sad.

"You're from the island to see the color of your hair, aren't you? Why are you on the continent? Because of the war, the continent is a mess, isn't it?

"That's … I'm not sure myself. It's a mystery why you're here."

"Have you lost your memory? Or were they forced to bring you here? Either way, we need the foundation of life..."

I guess Mr. Gordo can't keep taking care of me. It conveys a pleasant atmosphere. He took care of me for two days. I can't be any sweeter.

Trying to get me out of here, I get my words whispered. by suddenly open doors.

"Dear Diorud!?"

"Sorry to bother you. Ong. Let me tell you something. I'll take care of him."

Golden hair, black based clothing. Is my back as good as mine in the second half of the hundred and sixties? I have an impressive soft smile.

screen emerges and various statuses emerge along with the name [Diorud Arklite]


"What is it?

"Yes, no, because I never thought I would see the prince. I asked the prince who saved your life. Thank you very much."

It was a sincere thank you, but before that, I was surprised for a different reason. This is because the stats were outrageous.

All over eighty. Combat, intelligence, charm are everything. That's a prince. Too out of standard.

"Don't worry about it. It just happened to take a street, yes, it's just a coincidence. It's just that I felt so destined. Could you be my talker?

That's how Lady Diorud offered me his right hand. You have no right to say no to me from the beginning. It's a chance to give back even though it's less.

"Me, no, if it's okay with me, I'll be happy."

Without even knowing what it meant to grab that hand, I took Dear Diorud's hand. Without even knowing that this is a major branch.