The Strategy of Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Hello, Master School [1]

You can search for "Quick Crossing Strategy: Enchanted Male God, Super Su's! Search Novel (" to find the latest chapter in Baidu!"Su Ci, I...I like you!"

A boy flushed his cheeks, stopped the person opposite, gathered up the courage, and made the first confession in his life.

The girl has a small face as big as a slap, her white skin can be broken by a blow, her big watery eyes are full of doubts at this time: "Classmate, do I know you?"

She is not tall and very petite, so she can't help but feel affectionate. She stretched out her hand to touch and hug.

The boy just stared at her for three seconds, and he couldn't bear it.

"You don't know me, but I know you. I like you so much. You must be in my life, Su Ci, please associate with me!"

He was very nervous. Looking at the girl in front of him, his eyelashes flickered, as if his heart had been slightly shaved.

However, in the next second, the other party's words made him stiff in place.

"Do you have money?"

The boy showed a look of astonishment, as if struck by lightning: "I..."

"I only like rich people." Su Ci said embarrassedly: "Sorry, you don't meet my criteria for choosing a mate."

Boy: "..." He... His confession was rejected?

Su Ci walked into the classroom, and within a long time, the news that she was a gold-worshipping girl spread throughout A.

System: "...Daddy tells you not to say that. Look, it's all right now."

Su Ci sighed and supported her cheeks: "But I don't want to lie. Lying is too tired, and I don't want to lie to him."

The system hates iron but not steel: "What if he says he has money? Are you going to run away with someone?"

Su Ci shook his head sincerely: "But no matter how rich he is, he is not as rich as Fu Si."

System: "...It's Dad who lost." First Literature Website

Su Ci is a money-pot fine, from the moment she was conscious, she experienced wind and rain.With the change of ages, the dynasty drifted away, and was finally bought back by a poor painter.

Su Ci doesn't want to be a money jar, she wants to be a human being.

But she never became an adult.

Then the system found her and told her that as long as she promised to defraud the male protagonist's property in all worlds, she could become a human being.

Although Su Ci is a fine money jar, she has never saved so much money.So I broke my hands for several days and nights, but couldn't count them, so I gave up in a sense of melancholy.

System: "Dad tells you that the money of male gods is generally very easy to deceive. Let's go with Dad. Dad will take you to eat and drink."

Su Ci said, "Let me think about it."

The system thought that Su Ci was thinking about it seriously, but she didn't expect that she was just sleeping: "..."

After waking up, Su Ci said, "I don't want to eat spicy food, I want to be a human being."

So one person, one system began to accompany.

The Fu Si of this world is a man in A, with a deep family background, and the only heir to the Fu family consortium. The prince in the upper-class circles, how many sons’ brothers are fond of him, just to get a little bit of the Fu family. relationship.

Girls who like him can even get out of the city.

Su Ci felt very distressed: "All, how can I cheat him of his money?"

The systemic language is serious and earnest: "It's right to listen to Dad. As long as you become the future Mrs. Fu, all his property belongs to you."

Su Ci: "But I don't know how to fall in love, nor do I want to talk."

She felt that it was too hard to fall in love, and the painter who bought her back told her every day. Over time, Su Ci also thought so.

Being in love is a very troublesome thing.