The strongest god of war in the ultimate class

The most powerful battle of the ultimate class Chapter 683

Well, Su Wei will never admit that he is used to it, and is not willing to deal with the trivial matters of these miscellaneous people. Moreover, he is not not available, he has to make people in the different space to resurrect, willing to leave, leave, do not want it ... Just send the devil and the magic to kill, anyway, the magic If you can't finish it, use them to act as cannon ash is always the cannon gray?

Even if they are stubborn, they don't have no relationship. Anyway, to the devil of the devil, you will not be in hand because of their stubborn. Life and death, can not be killed by them. Moreover, step by step, even if they are colluding with the devil, they can kill the second time. The battlefield of the Time and Space Wars involves all time and space, just relying on their time and space, even if the joint devil can't turn out how big the spray .

Thousands of black brakes.

Su Wei put all the group of the hall in the Dijun Space, then returned to them, and resurrected them one by one, then ... with thousands of black brakes, there is a handcuffs who can lock the aura. Living.

"Hey, don't hurry, I have a problem that there is no solution, so I am not interested in answering you." Looking at them was surprised, Su Hao scored, and he looked at Ten Kunlun.

Ten Kunlun was just fainted and did not die, but Su Wei still let the time go back to him, ready to resurrect five guards and 100,000 Chu.

But ... the problem is coming!

Su Yao can feel that the spirit of the guardian is resurrected, and the 100,000 Chu army may also be resurrected, but the remaining four guards have not resurrected, that is, the dragon, the quarter, the clock, and the kissan. .

This is wrong!

From the previous situation, it is obvious that these four guardings are Ten Kunlun. It can be returned to Xiang Kunlun to summon them. Why did these four patriaries have no resurrection?

Su Wei is very curious about this situation.

Chapter 0900 Qiang Kunlun's Secrets!

"Long, season, clock, ... they are not your guidelines?" Su Yun stood in front of Xiang Kunlun, looked at the Kunlun, which was hit, as if it was a weak, curious guess.

The situation of Ten Kunlun and these four patron is not very logical.

First, the first feathers have been resurrected, and the other guards have not reasonable. After all, this time is reversed. If the dragon, the quarter, the clock is away, and the four is the patron of Kunlun. They should resurrect together.

Second, a definitive reaction with five guards is not the same. Ten Kunlun's strength Su Hao has long been induced. If these four people are his guardian and have been hidden, he can pass other people but It should be hidden.

Then, the Kunlun may not be a martial art.

As a result, in several reasons above, Su Wei has a bold guess, Long and the quarter, the clock, Yu Zi, four people are not the Guardian of Kunlun. But ... this makes Su Wei feel curious.

If they are not the Guardian of Kunlun, why do you listen to Kunlun's command?

Xiang Kunlun looked up at Su Wei: "Yes, they are not my guard."

"Why?" Su Wei asked.

Some brows did not ask, some awkward, but Qin Kunlun understood why he asked why.

Why are they not my profound, but listening to my order!

"Because my Guardian is Xiang Yu, Overlord Xiang Yu, the spirit of overlord, they are voluntarily followed by overlord." Xiang Kunlun said slowly.

Su Wei nodded: "If you say it, they are not you, but your guardian spirit."


"Then, how do they exist? Xiang Yu is guarding the spirit, the Guardian should not be the essay of other guardings?" Su Wei quite curious, even if it is like the wind and snow, the four Holy Day rely on others, it seems to be Unable to sign contracts with other guards.

Xiang Yu itself is a guardian, no carrier, should not be a patronian of other patriaries.

Ten Kunlun is very thorough, what is ambition, ambition, and the ambition of the ambition have been completely exploded, and now it is a bit breaking the tissue to break, knowing that there is no meaning, so Su Wei is like this. Asked, he did not refuse to answer the idea.

"I have cultivated four essays to become their carrier, usually, these four essants are in the Yuan Dynasty, so the dragons, the quarter, the clock, and the four people can follow Xiang Yu." Xiang Kunlun Slowly said.

Su Wei nodded, this can say it.

Why do Kunlun is not a martial art but can have five patriaries? Because Xiang Yu is the spirit of overlord, the remaining four is the voluntary followed Xiang Yu, as for the host? Just cultivated carriers.

This method is not very human!

"What about 100,000 Chu army?" Su Wei continued.

"The spirit of overlord, you can order thousands of people."

"So this is also the reason for Xiang Yu? It sounds, you have a little waste, no matter what other guards or that hundreds of thousands of Chu Bing listen to the order of Xiang Yu, not yours. What day you are Xiang Yu is stunned, your strength is big! "

In theory, Xiang Yu is the Guardian of Ken Kunlun. Xiang Yu is Ten Kunlun, so this can also count the hard strength of Kunlun. Just, if you listen, it seems that most of the strength must be attributed to Xiang Yu!

Ten Kunlun is silent, there is no debate.

After half of the half, Ken Kunlun came to the hand under his own hand, and he looked up to Su Wei: "How do you plan to place us?"

Su Yun asked: "Listen to your tone, don't you plan to struggle again?"

Xiang Kunlun shakes his head: "Cheng Wang defeated, I can't afford to lose."

"Well, then I will say it straight." Su Wei said slowly: "If you are willing to return to me, I can still leave you, let you stay in the group of Hall. Of course, it belongs to my group of English. It is obvious, I am ready to overthrow the spirit domain, overthrow the rule of Datuan, if you don't want to participate, you can help me to the town of the city. If ... you don't want to return, I will send you to the devil. "

"The things of the devil, you know the purpose and original intention of this time and space, I think you should also guess, so even if you refuse me, I will give you a chance to fight the battlefield! "

"This condition also includes me?" Xiang Kunlun asked.

Su Wei nodded: "Of course."

Ten Kunlun suddenly smiled: "You don't plan to kill me? I don't die, are you not afraid of your rule? If I return, they will return, you are not afraid that we will find a chance to overthrow your rule?"

"You think about this person, I can't really understand, if you want to have a good thing, you? You know your mind, you think I will care, I will be afraid that you overthrow my rule? Don't kid. , I can take the group of British Temple once, I can win the second time. This kind of thing is not a machine that can't be coming to me, but a little time. "

"More ... I am afraid that I am afraid, I am not as good as I don't do it."