The Strongest God

Prologue 001

Prologue 001, Wu Zewen

At the end of August, it was the day of school opening in various schools. He Xuyang was disconnected from the Internet because of the holiday. After the start of school, he immediately logged in to the academic affairs system to check the results of the final exam of the last semester. The professional courses drifted again with a low score of 61 points. He smiled back and said: "How are you doing? I have 61 points and I don't need to retake it."

The buddy in the next bed said, "I am 62, one point higher than you."

The grades are being discussed in the bedroom, but there is a boy with glasses next to him who is always silent.

He Xuyang couldn't help but ask: "Ze Wen, how many points did you take?"

Seeing that the other party didn't respond, He Xuyang walked over to him and patted his shoulder gently, saying, "It's okay. Occasionally, I don't mind if I don't do well. How many points did you pass? Have you passed?"

Wu Zewen looked back, "What are you talking about?"

——It turns out that this guy was looking down at the book with concentration, and didn’t hear any discussion from the roommates.

He Xuyang said helplessly: "I asked you how many points did you pass? Have you passed it?"

Wu Zewen held the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said seriously: "It's over, 100 points."



The other two looked at each other, and at the same time scolded in their hearts: I rely on!

61 points, 62 points, compared to 100 points, which is too sad.

He Xuyang suddenly felt like a stupid hat.

Who is Wu Zewen?Asked him if he had passed?He should be asked if he has passed the 100 test.

This guy is a famous tyrant in the physics department, a genius in science. It is said that he often got full marks in science when he was in high school, and often failed in the liberal arts. Myopia is very serious, and partial science is also very serious.He usually doesn't like to talk. Asking a question is just like dialing a small gyro. But when he encounters a digital formula, his head turns faster than the CPU processor of a high-end computer.

This person's mental arithmetic level is terrifyingly horrible. Going to the supermarket to buy things, no matter how much you buy, the price is just the right integer every time, 100 whole, 50 whole, 20 whole, and there is no need to change change at all...

Wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, Wu Zewen has fair skin, a very beautiful appearance, a tall and thin body, a white shirt and jeans, and the dress is refreshing and neat, and the personality is very quiet and gentle. It is a model of three good students in the eyes of teachers. .

This kind of high IQ genius is born to be jealous.

He Xuyang couldn't help but think: This guy knows to be reading in the library all day long, should he try to drag him into the water to play online games?

Thinking of this, he leaned into Wu Zewen's ear and said with a smile: "Zewen, he hasn't started school anyway. I have been bored these days. How about I teach you to play a game? Wulin, have you heard of it?"

Wu Zewen looked back: "Wulin? Is it an online game? I heard Li want to talk about it."

Li Xiang is the squad leader of the first class of the physics department, and also a game madman. Recently, he is playing Wulin.

He Xuyang said: "Yes, Li Xiang's people in their dormitory are playing this game. This game is hot. The Chinese style game is super beautiful, the picture is realistic, the scenery is excellent, and the combat system inside is also very refreshing! "

He Xuyang said while pulling Wu Zewen to the table and sitting down, double-clicking the game client.

An antique picture slowly unfolds in front of the eyes like a scroll. There are a row of ink buttons for official announcements, forums, databases, recharges, and professional leagues. The lower right corner is a circular login button with a soft light. The mouse moved over will become a nice brush shape.

He Xuyang clicked on the flashing "login" button with his mouse.

Ten seconds later, a full-screen picture was opened in front of him. There was an empty space in the middle of the lush bamboo forest, and there was a person standing in the middle of the empty space. The name above his head was "Senzaya Senzaya".

An honest and serious Shaolin monk, dressed in red cassocks, holding a string of beads in his hand, is posing in the shape of "Amitabha"-He Xuyang must be handsomely crying every time he sees his role.

He Xuyang entered the game and sent it directly to the ring zone of the martial arts conference, while explaining to Wu Zewen: "This ring zone is specially designed for people to compete in the ring. There are many ring lists in the ring zone. You can apply to join someone else's ring. You can set up a ring and wait for others to challenge you, and you can also set points as a bet, and you can increase points if you win."

Wu Zewen expressed his understanding and nodded.

Next, He Xuyang took another three minutes to explain to Wu Zewen how to PK with people, how to use Shaolin's skills, and then he chose a "Tangmen handsome guy begging for abuse" platform to apply.

The application was approved. As soon as I entered, I saw a Tangmen standing on the ring. The ID is called the Tangmen little handsome guy. He was wearing a dark blue martial art suit, and he also held a flashing bow and arrow in his hand.

He Xuyang pointed to the Tang Men and said, "Ze Wen, go ahead and kill him as I told you just now."

"Okay." Wu Zewen nodded, walked a few steps forward, and pressed to prepare.

A countdown of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 appeared on the screen. With the appearance of the word "beginning", Tang Men suddenly jumped behind him, before Wu Zewen had time to turn around, and a large green light flew over his back--

Cone Heart Arrow, Death Arrow, Cone Heart Arrow, Life Arrow!

Sorry, you have been seriously injured!

Wu Zewen looked at the master who was lying on the ground and turned back with some doubt: "Is this dead?"

"Well." Watching Xueba's roommate was killed with a stunned head, it was really a great thing!He Xuyang endured the urge to laugh, and said seriously: "It's okay, come again, get up and kill him."

Then, Wu Zewen got up, and then, Wu Zewen got down again.

Cone heart arrow, life arrow, cone heart arrow, life arrow.

...Sorry, you have been seriously injured!

The finger didn't respond at all, and was directly killed by the opponent again.

Wu Zewen was very puzzled: "If you don't move, you die..."

He Xuyang's stomach almost cramped with laughter. He looked at Xueba's roommate and asked seriously what was going on. He Xuyang had a special sense of accomplishment in his heart.what happened?Of course, it is because you are too good, and you will be killed by the other party before you can react. The level gap is too big!

"Come, see me."

He Xuyang sat back on his chair with pride, and challenged the Tang Men again with his master. The situation was reversed 180 degrees. He Xuyang killed the Tang Men in less than ten seconds.

"Look, just beat him like that, and soon he will be killed." He Xuyang said proudly.

"Oh." Wu Zewen stood by and watched carefully. After a while, he said, "I'll try again."

He Xuyang immediately gave him the position.

Wu Zewen was beaten five times in a row, but he was not discouraged. He climbed up and continued to fight. He died and climbed again...

After he was beaten forty times in a row, He Xuyang realized that he seemed to have...played too much?

Wu Zewen looks very quiet and gentle, but he has a kind of arrogance in his bones.He did everything very seriously, and the result of being very serious was that he died forty times in a row, exactly forty times!

Seeing him die again and again, get up again and again and continue to die...

He Xuyang finally reminded with a trembling voice: "Cough, Zewen, you have played forty games..."

Wu Zewen held the mouse, and his dark, black eyes stared closely at the computer screen, and said seriously, "I'll hit it a few more times."

…Sorry, you have been seriously injured.

…Sorry, you have been seriously injured.

...Sorry, you already...

He Xuyang was speechless.

He died ten more times, but the opposite Tangmen was a little impatient. He said politely, "Well, will you be a rookie? Do you want to worship me as a master? I will teach you well?"

Wu Zewen said: "No, I will go to dinner first."

Tang Men: "..."

He Xuyang: "..."

Wu Zewen stood up calmly, picked up the meal card, and went downstairs to buy food.

The stunned roommate was left in tears.

My points...the whole week of points is lost...

In the game, He Xuyang gave Tang Men a line in the past: "Li wants you to be a two-man! Who told me that it must be useful to play the game with Farah Wu Zewen? The radical method is completely useless! He went downstairs to eat!"

Handsome Tangmen: "..."

He Xuyang died angrily: "To accompany you in this play, I will lose all my points. You lie down and let me abuse a few, and get me the points back."

Li Xiang immediately sent a waved goodbye expression: "I'll go to dinner and see you again."

Then it went offline quickly.

He Xuyang: "..."


In the dining room, Li Xiang saw Wu Zewen waiting in line to have a meal.

The noisy team, he stood there, although his face had no expression, but because of the fair skin, elegant appearance, and a kind of indifferent temperament, it was very noticeable in the crowd...

Wu Zewen, a tycoon in the physics department who receives scholarships every year, actually doesn't have many friends in his class.

Except for a few roommates who usually get along with each other, Li Xiang is his only friend.

This is also related to his non-talking personality. Some people think that he is too good to be high, but in fact, the people who know him know... He has face blindness, and often can’t recognize the people he saw yesterday. Who.

In her sophomore year, a girl in the class next door fell in love with Wu Zewen and met through Li Xiang’s introduction. The two met for the first time. The girl blushed and didn’t know what to say. Wu Zewen waited patiently for a while and looked at his watch. Say: "I'm going to the library, will you go?"

The girl's heartbeat suddenly accelerated!It is said that the relationship between Xueba and Xueba begins with self-study together. Is Wu Zewen asking her to do self-study together?Does this mean she has a play?The girl immediately went to Xueba for self-study with excitement.

And it turns out...

She thought too much.

Wu Zewen went to the library to read books, never looked at her from beginning to end, and had been intently taking notes there.He said that he would go to the library to read books, just because he would go to the library every day to read books. This is his daily life, and has nothing to do with anyone...

The girl packed her broken heart and returned to the dormitory.

The next day, when the girl saw Wu Zewen on campus, she blushed and stepped forward to say hello: "Hi! Zewen, are you going to class?"

Wu Zewen looked at her suspiciously: "Do we know?"

Girl: "..............."

In college, the only girl who wanted to chase Wu Zewen was shocked by the school bully of face blindness.