The Strongest God

Prologue 002

Prologue 002, Li Xiang

Wu Zewen was queuing for a meal, his shoulder was suddenly patted, and when he turned around, he saw a boy looking at him with a smile.

——Li Xiang, the monitor of the first class of the Physics Department, Wu Zewen's best friend.

It is completely different from Wu Zewen's facial paralysis. Li Xiang is a typical sunshine handsome guy. He always has a smile on his face and seems to be in a good mood. This kind of optimistic guy can easily infect people around him. People are also in a good mood, Li Xiang has such a wonderful appeal, he often hosts various events, and he will never be cold in the place where he is.

Freshman joins the student union, sophomore joins the club department, junior joins the Youth League Working Committee...

At university, enthusiastic and hearty people like Li Xiang are the most popular among his classmates. However, he is particularly loyal. When he goes out to dinner, he will take the initiative to pay the bills every time. The girls in the class have to move computers and lift tables. As long as he sees the hard work, he will take the initiative to help the handle, plus he is one meter eight or five meters tall, and he is also very handsome. It can be said that he is very popular, with friends all over the river.

Two people with such different personalities actually become friends, many people can not imagine.

In fact, the two of them can become friends, and there is also a part of the history of the dark history.

According to the record in "Memories of Li Xiang": In the year of freshman military training, one afternoon the instructor asked everyone to sit in the shade to talk about life and talk about dreams. When the instructor asked, "What is the ideal of every student" , Classmate Li Xiang who was taking a nap immediately stood up with a standard stand-up: "Come! Instructor, do you call me?"

Everyone: "............"

The instructor glanced at him like an idiot, and then fined Li Xiang to run 10,000 meters.

After finishing 10,000 meters, Li Xiang was exhausted and panting. After returning, he picked up the kettle on the ground and poured water into his mouth.Just halfway through the drink, I suddenly felt a focused gaze projected on my side. Li wanted to look back and saw a boy wearing glasses looking at him calmly.Li Xiang smiled friendly and greeted actively: "Aren't you classmates?"

The boy said calmly: "You took my kettle."

Li Xiang:"…………"

When I picked up the kettle, I saw that the front and back of the kettle were written in correct three-handed characters: Wu Zewen.

Li Xiang handed the kettle awkwardly: "Sorry, I didn't see it."

Wu Zewen glanced at him, holding the kettle, and turned away blankly.

Li Xiang red ears on the ground-such a big word, said that he did not see it, would he think I was a two-man?

Years later, Li Xiang couldn’t help but sent a Weibo on his birthday on the 22nd: "It seems that the best friends around me are all met when I made a second offense? Is everyone the first impression of me? What about "two"?"

A group of people happily queued up and forwarded-

Hello Second Brother!

It's pretty good!

Good two!

Very second!

You really have self-knowledge!

...Li Xiang ran to tears.


In fact, Li wanted to encourage Wu Zewen's roommates to drag Wu Zewen into the water to play online games. In addition to Wu Zewen being his good friend, the more important reason is that he wanted to form a team to play in the arena, but unfortunately there are not enough people.

In this martial arts game, the arena has a very strict point upgrade system. The team game is a 6-to-6 team battle mode. You can randomly match the team yourself, or you can organize the team in advance to play the game.It is natural for people who know to form a fixed team to win more easily. Randomly matched teammates do not know at all, and it is forbidden that there are people who drop in the middle of the way, eat and hang up, and give off their heads...

The most terrible thing is not a god-like opponent, but a pig-like teammate!

Li Xiang has three people in their dormitory, and two in He Xuyang's dormitory. The physics class has a total of five games to play this game. Li Xiangcai intends to drag Wu Zewen into the water, it is best to let Wu Zewen play a nurse to add blood to everyone...

It is a pity that Wu Zewen played with his Tang Men for 50 games, and then went downstairs to eat as if nothing had happened.

Li Xiang really burst into tears!

Attracting Xueba to play games is not only an individual effort, it is also a mental effort!

Wu Zewen bowed his head to eat seriously, and soon ate all the food on the plate.

Looking up and finding Li Xiangzheng tilting his head thoughtfully, Wu Zewen couldn't help but ask: "What's wrong?"

Li wanted to touch his nose and said, "Are you really not interested in playing online games, Ze Wen? This game is not the same as other games. This game has a very formal official professional league. There are many star teams and star players. The popularity is particularly high, and the balance of the game is also very good."

Wu Zewen said decisively: "No interest."

"..." Li Xiang paused and continued to encourage him: "It doesn't matter if you don't like to play in the arena, the scenery in the game is also very beautiful, and there are many fun copies and daily activities. Don’t go to the new district?"

Wu Zewen thought about it and said, "No need."

Li Xiang is helpless!

Xueba has never played online games, and it's normal to be uninterested.Moreover, Wu Zewen is a very opinionated person, and the decisions he makes are generally not changed. This is not exactly what we encountered when we encountered a question during the exam. In the end, choose B or C?Hesitated for a long time biting the pen... Wu Zewen no, he finished the answer, choose B is to choose B, fill in the character that never changes.

At this moment, Li Xiang's cell phone suddenly rang, it was the call from the head teacher.

Li wanted to answer the phone and listened to Teacher Zhang over there, saying gently: "Li Xiang, are you free? Can you come to the school to do a trip?"

Li Xiang busy said: "Okay, Teacher Zhang, I will come over immediately."


When Li Xiang rushed to the office, the two female teachers sitting in the office seemed to be chatting.The head teacher of the university does not need to teach people, and is mainly responsible for various life problems and psychological problems of the students. Most of them are the brothers and sisters who stay in the school, so they are quite young.

Teacher Zhang of their physics department wants to know naturally, but another young female teacher has never met.

Li Xiang knocked on the door politely, and Teacher Zhang looked up and said, "Come in."

Li Xiang walked into the office and smiled and asked, "Teacher, what are you doing with me?"

Teacher Zhang said: "Li think, I have something to ask you, I remember your dormitory has only lived with three people, right?"

"Yes." Li Xiang nodded.

Teacher Zhang said: "Your dormitory is a quadruple room, and there is one bed unoccupied. Is it inconvenient to vacate these days?"

Li Xiang was startled.

Most of the boys in the physics department live on the 4th floor. Because there are three more, Li Xiang and the three of them are assigned to the third floor.In the past few years, the 301 dormitory has only lived with three people. The extra beds are naturally used for luggage, various boxes, clothes, cartons...

The more you sort of luggage, the more inexplicably it gets...

The original empty beds have now piled up into mountains.

However, the teacher suddenly said that he wanted to vacate the vacant bed, and Li Xiang refused directly. He nodded and said, "Teacher, we have been using that bed to store luggage. We have piled a lot of things in the past few years. The dormitory is a bit messy. Take some time. Does anyone want to move in? Is it urgent?"

"It's not anxious, just sort it out within three days." Teacher Zhang paused and said, "I didn't want to trouble you, but the school's dormitory beds are very tight. There are many new students expanding this year. After a while, there are still empty beds in your dormitory. Some classmates are going to live in, there are no beds, so I want you to sort them out and make the empty bed for him."

-That is to say, someone suddenly airborne to find a dormitory?What is the origin of this airborne man?

Li Xiang wondered: "Is it a graduate student brother?"

Teacher Zhang shook his head and said, “No, it’s a senior student in the history department. This student is in a special situation. Before that, he had been suspended for three years for personal reasons. All of them at the history department graduated, and his bed was also I've been out for a long time. The dormitory on the history department on the 4th floor is also full of people. It is not easy to arrange when he comes back. Upstairs and downstairs, since your dormitory has free beds, it is convenient to let him talk to you Live for one year."

Li Xiang said briskly: "I understand, no problem! I will go back and pack up the dormitory!"

On the way back, Li Xiang couldn't help but wonder.

C University has a maximum period of three years of suspension, which means that no matter what the reason is, after going through the suspension procedures, the school will retain you for up to three years. If you cannot return within three years, you will be treated as a dropout.

The most common reasons for suspension of schooling are two reasons: one is physical reasons, and it is impossible to get sick. You can only temporarily suspend school to treat the disease, and then come back to study when the body recovers.The second is psychological reasons. Some students with high academic pressure have depression. Instead of going to the floor and committing suicide, the school will persuade students to suspend school when they detect a psychological problem and adjust their mentality at home before returning to class.

This student from the history department actually took a three-year break from school, which is too courageous...

Is he having a physical problem?Or is there a psychological problem?


In the office of the school.

Teacher Lin Fang of the Department of History watched Li want to leave, and then turned around and said, "Xiao Zhang, I really trouble you. This student returned home suddenly, and I was also taken aback. His situation is rather special. The dean said hello, let us try to be optimistic about him as much as possible, even if we missed school once... The 20-year-old son and son are so strict that even the computer is confiscated.

Teacher Zhang Yue was ashamed: "The computer was confiscated? Such an exaggeration? What is going on with this classmate?"

Lin Fang coughed and said, "The top expert in the game world."

Zhang Yue said in surprise: "College students play games, is that all right? That Li Li just now, our physics class monitor is also playing online games."

Lin Fang rubbed his temples with a headache: "He is different."

Zhang Yue wondered: "How is it different?"

Lin Fang asked: "Have you heard of the e-sports professional league?"

Zhang Yue nodded.

Lin Fang said: "The game of martial arts opened the official professional league a few years ago. This student led the team to play and won many national championships."

Teacher Zhang:"…………"

Will play online games?This is indeed very common, there are many students around us who can play online games.

But professional leagues are completely different.Professional players in e-sports are playing games as their own profession.This is the same as professional players in basketball and football who regard playing games as their own profession.

E-sports is a brand new term that appeared in the 21st century. From the initial Warcraft, StarCraft, to the later DOTA, League of Legends... In the era of network information, various e-sports projects have sprung up like mushrooms.

The holding of the WCG World E-sports Competition has swept the storm of e-sports around the world. China's e-sports circle has gradually been in line with the world. More and more giant teams and top professional players have emerged. Countless brilliant records have also been achieved.

Up to now, the domestic e-sports circle is becoming more and more formal. There are countless fans of highly popular e-sports players, and wherever they go, they will be treated as bright stars!

Teacher Zhang is really surprised.

Such a cow X character, actually returning to the university campus?


At the same time, the Capital Airport.

The man dragged his suitcase and walked out from the arrival of the international flight, stopped in the hallway, and turned his phone out of his pocket.

He was wearing blue jeans and a pure black vest. The muscles on his exposed arms were sturdy and beautiful. His height of more than 1.58 meters made him very eye-catching in the crowd. He wore a peaked cap on his head and the brim was very low. Look The expression on his face was unclear, and he could only vaguely see the angular profile.

The profile of his side face is very tough, the bridge of his nose is tall, the line of his jaw is clean, his lips are slightly curved, with a hint of smile.

The man is texting, and anyone passing by can clearly see his hands-they are very beautiful hands, with long and strong fingers, even joints, and clean and tidy nails.

At this time, he was holding the phone with his left hand, and the index finger of his right hand was quickly typing on the touch screen.

His hand was extremely fast, and within five seconds, a message was sent from his mobile phone.

"I'm back home. Are you out of Beijing, will you get together tomorrow?"

After texting, he leaned against the window lazily, squinting his eyes and basking in the sun comfortably.

The ringtone of the phone rang quickly, and a familiar name appeared in the SMS reply: night.

The other party's tone seemed a little cold: "Liu Chuan? What are you doing back?"

Liu Chuan said: "Go to school:)"

Night: "............"

Liu Chuan continued: "Say to the captains of several teams, don't miss me too much while Brother is away."

Night reply: "You get away."

Liu Chuan smiled and typed: "Tomorrow 7 o'clock, old place, I invite."

Outside the window, the sun is just right.

The white clouds are like cotton wool, spread in the sky, and the blue sky is as clean and clear as washed by water.From time to time, planes leave the horizon, break through the sky, and gradually disappear into people's vision.

New semester, new season.

For many people, perhaps it is also a new starting point?

Liu Chuan raised his lips slightly, put the phone back in his pocket, and quickly walked out of the airport with the suitcase.