The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle

Prologue (Awakening)


The consciousness that has been in Kasumi for a long time clears up.

Until just now, I didn't move as I wanted. My body moves freely.

Both the elongated arms of white gray and the unfortunate feet, just a little short, which are the hallmarks of the race, move according to their will.

As a result of the war between Demon King Lanne and Demon King Beria, which had been waged until just now, Demon King Lanne, who had been set up as his master, died.

The Lord's death solved the spiritual magic that had bound me forever, and I finally regained control of my body.

Move your body at your will, that's extremely natural.

But I was deprived of my physical freedom by spiritual magic, so I couldn't even take that for granted.

A living corpse who obeys the orders of the Demon King faithfully, that was me.

I've sent such a tragic gargoyle raw. My name is Alberto.

Even though it's gargoyle, it's a human smelling name like some prince, but I want you to tell the person who made the complaint.

Well, the person who built it died a long time ago.

It was me who was under spiritual rule forever, but not from birth.

A demonic man, a creator and named parent who lived in a city, was killed by Runne the Demon King, and treated as a loot, I was forced to do slave magic, a form of spiritual magic.

When enslaved magic is hung, the subject is completely deprived of his free will and becomes the same doll who hears the Lord's command.

Slave magic only works on opponents with immature spirits or low magic resistance values, but I didn't have the means to resist this magic when I was born at the time.

I can't live long, mostly treated as disposable, because I listen to anything that has been subjected to spiritual domination by slave magic.

But I guess I was lucky, that I managed to survive safely until Runne, the demon king, died.

Naturally, there can be no grief over the death of the Demon King, who was forced to take away a man's freedom.

I also remember vividly when I was a slave.

Memories spanning an abominable 1,500 years of captivity driven, wounded and wounded by the struggle.

For once there is a desire to avenge it, but there is nothing you can do because the person who practised slave magic is already dead.

It would be more constructive to think about how to live now than that.

Yes… at last we are free to act with our desires.

It may sound exaggerated when it comes to desire, but it's not exaggerated or anything to me that I couldn't even take for granted from around me, like eating, sleeping, etc.

(Ugh..., how much I've waited for this day...)

Though I'm free, I have no money now, no power, no honor, all that's missing.

But I don't know what that is...

I got the freedom I wanted more than anything else.

Freedom, oh... how wonderful.

I don't care how hard you've had ahead of you.

That's not true if it's for what you want.

Because it freed me from 1500 years of frustration...

(My gargoyle raw that finally starts, I won't let anyone get in the way anymore, I'll live my eyes free!!)