The Strongest Wizard Who Makes Full Use of the Strategy Book

Episode One: Reverse Fast Forward Start from Out of War Notice

Me - "The Wizard" Magnus cast a spell.

"Fran y len el......!

Five fiery spheres will be held at the end of the scratched "Ancient Oak Cane".

They fly away like arrows and burst into demons.

But it didn't work.

The monster of a giant tree that rushes through heaven - the bark of Destorrents - couldn't put a single scorching eye on it, and it bounced back.

"No, Eugene! I knew the magic of flames wouldn't work on this guy!

I had to insist on Eugene, the party leader.

But Eugene is a foolish boy who just happens to be chosen by the Divine Spirit Tygon.

"Ugh, you dumb bastard! Don't shelf Temeer's incompetence and make him angry!

I can't hide my bad growing up, dismiss it in dirty language.

Eugene is two years younger than me, sixteen. I'm just a kid.

I told myself that and persuaded myself patiently.

"I don't want to complain. I'm saying we should try other attributes of attack magic."

"So let it go! Flame attacks work best for plant demons, don't they!?

"That's only a matter of reason. When reason and reality are different, it's the reason that's wrong."

"Just follow me, brave man! I'm the leader!

Eugene says, "Let me order you," and he flies and twitches.

I had no choice but to use Fire III in a row.

But no matter how many times I bumped into him, it didn't work for Destorrents.

"I can't use the wizard because this is what I'm talking about! Seriously, the magic you can use doesn't work at all for a boss monster."

Eugene grumbles at the mix of tongues.

Slashed with a sword by Destorrents and beaten back with branches like wild arms.

Hilde, a party member and a monk, uses healing magic on Eugene.

"Sasu, unlike Magnus, you can use Hilde!

"Thank you, brave man. But it's only natural that I support you."


Hilde is an eye-catching girl. With such an angelic smile on her face, Eugene rose, despite the fighting.

Eugene, who is only a dumb kid, can't spot the sexual and selfish essence, hidden beneath Hilde's pretty face.

The only reason Hilde is thierring Eugene is because he's a "brave man".

She believes in the "Spirit of Destiny" Tygon because of her "Monk".

And the Divine Spirit Tygon entrusted Eugene with the fate of sooner or later killing the Demon King Morpheus and saving the world.

For Hilde, supporting his destiny is a sign of faith above all else.

If you want Eugene to climb a tree, you can raise it as much as you want, and you won't quit flirting a woman's weapon.

If tomorrow, the whimsical Tygon says, "I knew I'd make a dove rat a brave man!" If he wanted to be commissioned, Hilde would kick Eugene in and throw him away, then go into the dob himself and start selling the festivities to the rats.

Eugene doesn't even realize that, he's always stretching under his nose.

"If you do, you're not flirting in battle!

The last of the party members - Misha, the woman [the warrior] - said the truth, in a hasty tone.

He bravely waved the "steel axe", which seemed to work for Destorrents, carving large cuts into the bark of the boss monster many times.

In the end, Misha was the most active and able to crusade Destorrents.

My Fire III never worked.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

We returned to Laxtia, the capital of the Kingdom of Laxta.

I have been using it as a base for the past two weeks or so, in a tavern that combines accommodation and expands the loot.

Destorrents, the boss monster, dropped a ton of drop items. Precious nuts are docile and have the effect of increasing various kinds of (stats) just by eating them.

Somewhere a fruit resembling an apple piles up with a mountain on the table and breaks up with everyone at the party.

"First of all, the fruit of power, the fruit of dexterity and the fruit of perception are good for Misha, right?

Both are important to the Warrior's girlfriend.

The opposite voice does not rise from anywhere.

"Then don't hesitate! Mm-hmm. Ummee! This is so delicious!?

Misha takes a bite. No, I'm in a trance.

Apparently, the [status] not only improves, but even tastes good.

I want to eat fast, too.

"Next, the Fruit of Hardness, the Fruit of Rapidity and the Fruit of Life are for me, the leader, okay?

This is also reasonably natural because they are all important "statuses" to survive.

If the Brave Man dies, the world will have to be destroyed by the Demon King.

Eugene, you coward, I don't think so.

"The Fruit of Divine Power and the Fruit of Spirit will be done to Hilde."

"Thank you, Master Brave. It's an honor."

Hilde smiled at me again, and Eugene stretched under her nose with Derek.

Honestly, I wanted the Fruit of the Spirit, which involves the number of magical uses.

I was wondering if Hilde and I could split the mountains.

But Hilde's magic of recovery is no exaggeration when it comes to the lifeline of our party. Judging calmly, I don't think Eugene's thoughts are a mistake, either, and that's why I kept quiet.

If only I could have the remaining Magic Fruit.


"The rest of the Magic Fruit... I'll take it."

"Why would it, Eugene?

That's right. I can't keep quiet either.

"It's obvious. I'm not a lot of people, but I can use magic, right? There's only one person in the world who can use that magic for the Brave!

"You're right, brave man. In fact, Mr. Magnus' magic didn't help you at all today, did it? If you give Mr. Magnus the fruit of magic, it's just rotten."

Hilde said something spicy.

On that face, there's quite a feeling of superiority there.

"Everyone at the College, the Wizard, said with their mouths shut today. Thanks to our own research, magic is also advancing to make people's lives more convenient. Just to be clear, I was wondering if there was much growth. The only thing that's helping people live is the magic of miracles that we church monks use."

For the past twenty years or so, the abandoned church has been abandoned by the people and has lost its former authority.

Conversely, the reputation of the college I grew up in is climbing eels. It's a form of taking away church forces.

That's what Hilde regrets, and all he's doing here is giving me about the Wizard.

"I'm in Eugene's opinion, too. Those who don't work, they don't eat."

All I had to do to get Misha out of there was pull in.

The bad news would be Eugene obsessed with the magic of flames. Try other attributes and I could have been a fighter too.

I didn't say so.

It was as if I was making excuses and insisting on such an embarrassment was unacceptable.

When you're just indulging in feelings,

"When, maybe it was a failure to put Magnus in the party. I graduated from Royal College when I was only fifteen years old. Because of my reputation, I put him in my company."

"Surely, was it the first time in history that you decrypted the holy inscription, which is the word of God? Well, that's blasphemous. So, did it help you? God's will is an abyss, and just because you can decipher his word, doesn't mean you can understand it correctly."

"Well, no matter how great, the Wizard himself might have been a prick in the first place."

"Fighting is more effective with physics, like brave men and Mischa."

"Magnus, you're out of the party already. Instead, she'll be one of them."

Eugene and Hilde's replacement. Said, laughed, and I couldn't listen anymore.

Unexpectedly, stand up.

"Are you okay with that?

Misha turned to me the day after tomorrow and asked me blurry.

"You weren't listening? I just got an off-power alert. At this party, the Brave Man's orders are absolute."

"Hmm. - No guts"

"Say anything"

When I turned my heels back, I left the tavern early.

On the back, with the mockery of Eugene and Hilde.

I regretted it. I didn't regret it.

And vain...... Starting tomorrow, I don't know what to do...

Should I go back to my hometown, the College City?

But when you defeat the Demon King with the brave, I can't face my colleagues who sent me out with great cheer.

As a representative of the Wizard, I lived up to everyone's expectations to save the world and contribute to improving the status of all Wizards.


Me walking the night lane with Tobotobo, sighing.

Then I can speak from behind.

"Lord Wizard! Wait, there's the wizard!

Looking back, a man with a merchant-like width was rushing after him.

When I was at the tavern earlier, it was a man who was eating at a table right around the corner.

I have a career pattern, a widespread habit of looking around and observing. That's why I looked familiar.

"What can I do for you?

"Ha, ha. Knowing that you are a brave man, I was listening to you wondering if it would lead to any money-making stories..."

"So you found me a profitable story?

"That's right! Is the Wizard capable of deciphering the holy inscription?

"Oh yeah..."

"Then why don't you buy this book out? It's nice to get it from a wizard who is having trouble with his life, but he was in trouble because he couldn't sell it completely."

That's what the man showed me was a book as thick as a dictionary.

On the cover, indeed, the text is spelled out in holy engravings.

"Full coverage of all information, from defeating Demon King Morufai!

It's OK!! It's an Attack Book (of Kamitsu) that also goes to God!!!

Honestly, it was a stirring complaint that intrigued me.

If this isn't written in holy engravings, it's eyebrow spit, but only God Himself and His servants, the Divine Spirits, can handle the letters of God (and only me who succeeded in deciphering them).

It doesn't seem like anything that would make me suspicious of delusion.

"Let's buy it. How much?"

"I can't sell it anyway, just the way you feel. Even a piece of gold. Even two."

I spent ten nights in a tavern and lodging room, just about a piece of gold.

I was generous and handed three gold coins.

And when I asked for a new bed for tonight, I took the "Strategy Book" in a private room.

"This is..."

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

Three days later.

I turned to Destorrents and cast a spell.

"Tilt har un der e ren!"

A giant lightning bolt descends from the sky and falls into the demons of giant trees.

Eugene and I butchered the Boss Monster, which was finally defeated by practically three of us.

"Awesome...... This guy is real......!

I couldn't forbid excitement and war while I had the Strategy Book.