The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 1 Sword Furnace

In the fall of the 11th year of Yuanwu of the Great Qin Dynasty, a rare rainstorm swept across the Changling Mausoleum. The heavy cloud like lead was accompanied by terrifying thunder, which made the capital of the Great Qin Dynasty seem to fall into the demon world.

At the Weihe port outside the city, countless officials and sergeants in black official uniforms stood densely together, and their bodies were nailed to the ground like iron nails, motionless, despite the storm.

In the turbulent waves, a giant armored ship suddenly approached!

A lightning across the sky hung down at this moment, shining the huge iron armored ship white.

All the officials and sergeants who condensed on the edge of the port were distorted.

The head of this giant armored ship was actually a real dragon head!

Even if the beast head, which is larger than the carriage, has been cut off by the neck, but its red eyes are still flashing a crazy killing intention. The monstrous Weisha is more amazing than the stormy waves.

Before waiting for the giant ship to land, the three officials flew directly across the tens of meters of river surface, such as a three-handle hammer falling on the bow deck.

What made these three officials even more shocking was that the huge ship was filled with terrible gaps and debris everywhere. It seemed that they did not know how many violent battles had been experienced, and they only saw one in their clothes. The old man who looked like a servant stood ghostly at the corner of the ship's side, and could not see the figure of the man they were waiting hard for.

"Master Han, where is Ye Si?"

The three officials greeted each other and asked with a shock.

"You don't have to pay much courtesy, the night chief has already gone to the hidden place of the sword furnace." The old man who looked like a servant slightly turned back to his salute, but he couldn't see the old man's face in the rainstorm between the words, but his eyes Extraordinarily deep and cold, exuding a domineering domineering.

"Yesi has already gone?" The three officials shocked at the same time and couldn't help looking back at the city at the same time.

The entire Changling Mausoleum has been shrouded in heavy rain and twilight, and only the phantoms of the tall turrets are looming.

At the same time, a black umbrella suddenly appeared above a river in the south of Changling City.

The man holding the black umbrella walked on the rough river to a rough alley on the bank of the big river.

Six black officials holding the same black umbrella, of varying heights and under the cover of the black umbrella, could not see their face, and stopped quietly on the shore waiting for the man.

After the man landed on the shore, the six officials did not make any unnecessary movements or make any sound, but followed by the scattered silence.

In the alley, there is an ordinary square courtyard, which gradually became the center of these black umbrellas that began to exhale the killing breath.

The sound of water ticked, mixed with the chewing of food.

A middle-aged man wearing thick black cloth and cuffs was eating his dinner under the rain eaves in the square courtyard.

The man's black clothing was worn out, his hair was randomly tied up with a straw rope, the soles of a pair of cloth shoes were nearly worn, the hands and nails were all dirty, and his face was ordinary, and he didn't look like any ordinary porter nearby the difference.

His dinner is also very ordinary and simple, just a bowl of coarse rice, a plate of greens, a plate of dried beans, but this middle-aged man eats sweet, and each bite must be chewed dozens of times before slowly. Swallow it.

After chewing the last ball of rice, the middle-aged man reached for a wooden scoop under the eaves, scooped a scoop of fresh water from the adjacent water tank, and drank it in one bit. Hiccups.

At the same time as he belched, the front black umbrella stopped right in front of his small courtyard.

A snow-white official boot protruded from beneath one of the black umbrellas.

Behind the official boots, there is a long white dress, blue silk swaying wantonly, thin lips, and light brows like the distant mountains in the rain.

Walking from the raging river to the court, it was actually a beautiful woman who was very bookish and moved her waist and legs.

She walked out from under the black umbrella, let Qiu Yu wet her blue silk, walked lightly into the middle-aged man's square courtyard, and then greeted the middle-aged man with a salute, said softly: "Ye Ce Leng met Mr. Zhao Qi ."

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly, but with this eyebrow raised, his facial corners seemed to suddenly come to life, and his body began to exude an unspeakable charm.

"I have been in Changling for three years, and this is the first time I saw Ye Sishou."

He didn't return the gift, only a slight smile, but his eyes glanced over the woman and plunged into the overlapping streets in the autumn rain in the distance.

"Changling is really boring to watch for a long time, just like the swords and people of your Qin people, going straight and straight, horizontal and vertical, stable and stable, even the street walls are not gray or black, and there is no beauty. Watching night today The demeanor of the head of the company made me shine, but it seemed very different from this Changling."

His words were bluish and clear, just like the casual sighs when chatting with people during tea and food, but when these words were spoken, all the people under the black umbrella outside the courtyard were suddenly cold.

"Bold! Sword furnace remnants, Zhao Zhan! Ye Si's first dearest, you have to catch without a hand, even daring to say this heartfelt words!"

A cold, stern drink suddenly sounded from a black umbrella stationed far away.

Obviously, the middle-aged man and the woman in white dress were intentionally seen clearly. The voiced umbrella holder lifted the umbrella. This is a young man with a beautiful face, red lips and white teeth, skin color like jade, and blinking eyes. Such as cold electricity.


A soft click sounded.

The middle-aged man frowned slightly, and his face was relieved: "No wonder it's much weaker than other people's breath... It turns out that you are not one of the six major offerings of the Supervision Department, so you should be supervised by God. Official."

The hands of this handsome young man in black originally shivered imperceptibly. The previous action seemed to consume a lot of courage by himself. At this time, the middle-aged man said he was more breathable than the umbrella holders behind him. Too weak, his eyes suddenly irritated, but his breath could not help but become more rapid.

The middle-aged man's gaze was already off his body and fell on the white skirt woman. He smiled slightly at the white skirt woman and said, "At this age, he has already stepped across the fourth realm in half a step. He is in your dynasty. It should be considered a rare talent."

The woman in the white dress smiled, and two shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks. "Mr. is right."

"He should just admire you and want to make some impressions on you." The middle-aged man looked at the woman in the white dress meaningfully. "Will it be a pity?"

"What do you mean?" The handsome young official's face suddenly turned white, his heavy clothes were soaked in cold sweat, and a bad hunch suddenly appeared in his heart.

The woman in white skirt turned to look at him and smiled slightly, giving the impression that she seemed to have no distaste for the handsome young man, but a drop of rain falling on her side was suddenly still.

Then the raindrop began to accelerate to the point of horror, and naturally elongated into a thin sword during the acceleration process.

A "cheep" sounded softly.

The black umbrella was covered with blood plasma, and the head of the handsome young official was off the neck. He landed with the flying black umbrella, his eyes wide open, and he could not believe it was true.

"Good spirits!"

The middle-aged man gave a high-five and cheered, "Even the people who watched your actions were killed by a sword, Ye Shi was really brave, but it was a rare thing to kill yourself for the sake of disobedience. Practitioner, Ye Sishou seems to have no heart."

The woman in a white dress mocked slightly: "What kind of heart does a woman want, a chest is enough."

The middle-aged man was stunned slightly, he did not expect that a woman in a white dress would say such a sentence.

"It makes sense."

He smiled self-deprecatingly, "People like Ye Sishou, no matter what they do or say, do not need to care too much about the views of others."

The woman in the white dress twitched her eyelashes and opened her lips slightly, but at this moment, she sensed something, her brows frowned, but she no longer spoke.

The smile on the middle-aged man's face converged at this moment. The slight wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were smoothed by some strange fluorescence. The rain silk floating in the middle all turned into white water vapor, and a strong killing breath began to flood the small courtyard.

"Although the majors are different, the world's practitioners are divided into nine realms according to their strength, and each realm is divided into three grades. Your emperor, where is he now?" The white skirt girl who was obviously aloof at first When saluting, he did not return the salute, but at this moment, he was seriously and deeply pressed, and asked aloud.

"I don't have a big heart, so I won't answer your question without any benefit." The woman in the white dress looked at him calmly and said in an indisputable tone, "One question per person."

The middle-aged man groaned slightly and looked up: "Okay."

The woman in the white dress did not discuss the order and asked directly: "The sword furnace disciples repaired all the swords of death, and even their own lives were not in the eyes. But for three years, you will not assassinate my practitioners. Without secretly forming a party camp, and not trying to steal my Buddhist practice books, what exactly do you want to do?"

The middle-aged man looked at her and sighed softly: "Your secret repository Musashi, even if you are strong, can there be anything strong left by that man?"

His rhetorical question was very short, and he didn't even mention the name of "that person". However, these two words seemed to be a taboo. None of the five officials under the black umbrella outside the hospital had the slightest bloody scene before beheading with a sword. The mood fluctuated. At this moment, when hearing this sentence, the black umbrella in their hands shook slightly at the same time, and countless poppies splashed on the umbrella surface.

The white skirt woman was a little displeased. She sneered: "It's been so many years, you still don't give up, and you want to see if there is anything left by that person?"

The middle-aged man didn't say anything, just looked at the depth of her eyes with interest, waiting for her next answer.

The woman in a white dress looked at this middle-aged man who appeared to be more and more attractive. She suddenly felt some sympathy for each other and said softly: "Seven years ago, I went to the top grade in the seven realms. Are you satisfied?"

"Five years ago, I have arrived in the Seven Realms. The five years have been used for broken mirrors. It should be enough. So, it may have reached the Eighth Realm?" A ray of light appeared in the middle-aged man's eyebrows. Deeply disappointed and sad, but in the next moment, they all disappeared, all turned into a sharp sword!

His entire body began to glow, like a peerless sword hidden in the sheath for many years, suddenly came out of the sheath!

All the dry and growing artemisia grasses on the wall and ridge of the small courtyard were all cut into pieces with a sharp breath and flew out.


The middle-aged man took a deep breath, and the world in his eyes seemed to be the only woman in the white skirt opposite.

"Zhao Chen, the seventh student of Jianlu, teaches Qiu Shui, the head of Ye Si!"

When his voice sounded, the woman in the white dress was silent and seemed to have no response, but the five black officials outside the courtyard all murmured, and the figure walked the five corners outside the courtyard, and the black umbrella in hand was fierce at the same time. Spin up.

On the black umbrella surface like a round shield, with the rapid rotation, instead of sprinkling countless raindrops, it spewed countless strength.


The entire courtyard swelled up like paper paste, exploding into countless burning fragments in an instant.

A humming noise rang continuously under the umbrella. These burning debris contained amazing power, which made the soles of the five officials holding umbrellas and the wet stone road make a harsh friction.

The dense air formed the airtight wall, and there were few burning debris punctured. The hot air and burning Mars were forced to vent toward the sky above, looking from a distance, as if they were standing upright between heaven and earth. A huge furnace was raised.

In the center of Honglu, the middle-aged man Zhao Cui had some red sword in his hand.

This sword is only more than two feet long, but the blazing real fire on the blade and the tip of the sword has formed a fire that is several meters long!

In front of him, the woman in the white dress, which he called the head of Ye Si, has disappeared. Only thousands of fine rain silks, like countless small swords, came to him.


At the moment when five officials holding black umbrellas shot, dozens of sword masters with various swords flooded into this ugly alley.

These sword masters have the same breath as the five umbrella officials. In such a wind and rain, the raindrops falling around their bodies flew away as feared as life, and everyone was isolated from the outside. A transparent air mass appeared, like an independent world.

Such a picture can only show that they, like the five black umbrella officials, are rare practitioners with unimaginable means.

However, at the moment, they heard the roaring in the small courtyard, watching the water droplets in the surrounding puddles that were constantly splashed due to the ground shaking, and they couldn’t even feel the rough fighting inside, but their faces were getting whiter and palms. There is more and more cold sweat.

They had already been clear about what kind of existence Zhao Guo Jian Furnace had before, but today they finally realized that their estimate of the sword furnace was still too low.

The time was actually very short. It was so short that even the people nearby thought it was thunder and did not respond to what it was. On the black umbrella screen surrounding the small courtyard, there was a strange crackle suddenly.

A black umbrella couldn't support it, and flew nearly 100 meters to one side.

The black officials with sheathless iron swords scattered around the courtyard at the same time were distorted at the same time. The four black swordsmen behind the black umbrellas all made a loud scream, pulling their swords to block In front of you.

Dangdang Dangdang's four sounds, the four swords of various colors bent at the same time into a semi-circular shape, the four black swordsmen shocked the soles of their feet, they all wanted to hold on forcibly, but in the next moment, the four black swordsmen all spoke A bloody arrow spurted out, and the decayed birds flew back.

The surging wave from the gap of the black umbrella curtain remained unbroken, passing through a vegetable garden, destroying two fences in succession, and crossing a wide street, flocking to a sesame oil across the street shop.

There was a loud bang.

Several door panels leaning against the entrance of the sesame oil shop first burst into countless small pieces, and then half of the shop was collapsed by a violent shock, the roof tile crashed to the ground, and a large crowd of dust rose.

"Which rainy day does not have long eyes to catch a car in a rainy day? It's so fast! It ruined my shop!"

A piercing scream exploded from the collapsed shop, and a middle-aged woman holding a grease spoon rushed out in despair, striking at the posture, but when you saw the prospect, The oil spoon in the hand of a middle-aged woman landed on the floor, making a more screaming sound.

"Jiantian Division handles the case!"

A black swordsman with a bleeding arrow in his mouth fell down on the blue stone road in front of the shop, listening to the scream of the middle-aged woman, he clenched his teeth and stood with a crescent crooked sword. Then, with a loud bang, the terrible killing intention made the middle-aged woman tremble with a cry.

It was at this time that the black-faced swordsman in black face was shocked by the collapse of half of the sesame oil shop, but he walked out of a young boy carrying an oil bottle, at most 13 or 4 years old. However, on the tender and dusty face, there was no half fear.

He was just curious, looking at the black swordsman clearly, and then his eyes crossed the black swordsman's body and fell behind the two destroyed fences.

In his sight, a graceful woman in a white dress is coming out of the gap of the black umbrella curtain.

"Buried him thick."

The white dress woman's dress was soaked, she seemed tired to the extreme, and she only said these three words softly when several black oil umbrellas gathered to help her block the rain falling above.