The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 3 Because You Are Too Beautiful

For a city where there was not much rain in the past, the unprepared torrential rain fell on the plantain, crooked the fence, leaked the roof, and the goods that were too wet to be transported were always annoying.

This street of Wutongluo literally means that there are many broken down residential areas planted with a lot of sycamore trees.

In Changling, the settlements are collectively referred to as hawkers, tenants, and tenants who do not have their own fields and even idlers. In such a settlement, the environment is more difficult to feel elegant than ordinary streets.

In addition to the fallen leaves that have been rolled down by the wind and rain, there are some bubbles mixed with vegetable leaves and chicken dung floating in the puddles of the bluestone pavement with uneven streets.

The feet are all soaked, and Ding Ning, who is covered with mud and dust, also seems anxious, but the Qiangong butter cloth umbrella in his hand is much better and heavier than the average umbrella on the market.This has imposed a great burden on him. From time to time, he has to change the hands of the umbrella and the oil bottle, and to prevent the umbrella from being blown to the side by the wind and rain, so he can't get up quickly.

The front street shops are all hidden in the heavy rain and the dark shadows of the plane trees. Only a wordless blue wine flag is helplessly floating in it.

Below the cyan wine flag is a small wine shop. The layout is no different from that of an ordinary self-brewed wine shop. There are a few rough square tables in the hall on the street. The counter is placed with the exception of the wine cans. Peanuts, pickles, etc. are served in the rough porcelain jars. Once inside, it is the place where the restaurant is used for making wine and the house where it lives.

When he walked under the rain eaves of the wine shop, Ding Ning finally breathed a sigh of relief, took the heavy umbrella, shook his already sour arms, and scraped the mud on the sill scraping the soles and uppers. Went in.

The wine shop was empty and there were no alcoholics.

It's not that business is usually cold on weekdays. Just look at the corners of the table corners and chairs that are rounded and shiny by the sleeves, you can know how many times these tables and chairs are usually rubbed by people.

It's just that rich and elegant drinkers may not have the mood to travel in this weather, and those who don't need to be elegant may be busy with their rainy roof in the sudden rainstorm.

"You can't rub off the shoe mud on the stone steps outside, you have to rub on the threshold?" A clearly displeased woman shouted from the inner courtyard, like a cold autumn wind, rolling over the empty tables and chairs.

Ding Ning smiled indifferently, "Anyway, you don't want to do business well, even the original dozen of basic brewing procedures, you will just lose a few of them, and you are afraid of more mud on the threshold?"

The courtyard was silent for a few seconds, then a soft footstep sounded, and the curtain separated from the courtyard was lifted.

"If I had known that there are so many idlers in such a wine shop, I would never listen to your idea." The cold voice of the woman who opened the curtain contained deep anger: "Not to mention Whether there is sludge at the door is related to personal feelings and has nothing to do with business."

Ding Ning thought about it and said seriously: "I can apologize for the part about personal feelings, but the business is too good, too many idlers have nothing to do with me, just because you look too beautiful. Moreover, the wine shop is always better than you. I started to want to stay in Liuxiang, Huajie, to be more sure about the news. When have you heard that a woman with a decent life wants to take the initiative to join the Hualou? Or is it a natural ** Dangwa, but ** Dangwa sells her art but does not sell her body like this Unusual... Are you a fool when you are the Superintendent of Supervision and Superintendent of the Gods?

The woman said nothing more, because she knew that everything Ding Ning said was true.

Including the sentence she looks too beautiful.

The beauty of most women comes from makeup and charm. Most of them have particularly beautiful parts, or have unique temperament. Some women’s facial features are not beautiful to look at separately, but they are extraordinarily good when they are put together. Pleasant feeling.

But the woman standing quietly in the cold wine shop at this moment is nothing but beautiful.

Her facial features and posture are beautiful, whether you look at a certain part alone or all.

Her age is not too young, but the more terrible thing is that it is right between the green and the mature. This is the two charms, even if she is implied in her eyes at the moment, the expression is a little too cold, just wearing The most common plain linen, it feels too beautiful.

The ordinary linen was worn on her, like the most beautiful and precious clothes in the world.

Anyone who sees this woman will believe that there is a colorless face in the city that is described in the book as the country, the city and the city.

She stood there soberly, wearing the most ordinary clothes, but every part of her body seemed to be glowing, and she was able to provoke the mind-boggling strings.

Her face is unusual, and her conversation with Ding Ning is unusual.

Because the Shendujian's spare volume, her name is Changsun Qianxue, and her identity is Ding Ning's aunt, but no aunt will have such an atmosphere of rivalry with his nephew who lives on.

The wine shop was quiet for a while and seemed cold.

Ding Ning's face gradually faded, and he began to recall the offerings of the five Jiantiansi encircled by Zhao Cui's small courtyard, and thought of the small courtyard that instantly became countless fragments. His clear eyes began to permeate a lot of complex meaning.

"Zhao is dead, Ye Celang is back." He said softly.

For a long time of silence, all the beautiful women frowned slightly and asked indifferently: "Ye Ce Leng's hand alone?"

Ding Ning guessed the woman’s thoughts and said seriously: "It is she alone, but the formation of the five enshrined envoys of Jian Tiansi made Zhao Chuang's vitality shed a lot into the sky, and Ye Celen was also injured. ."

"She was injured?" Chang Sun Qianxue frowned slightly.

"I can't see the seriousness of the injury, but it was definitely injured." Ding Ning looked at her eyes and said, "Ye Ce-Leng was born in Tianyi Jiange, majoring in Lishui God's Secret. In such stormy weather, she is more than usual It is much stronger, so although she killed Zhao Zhan alone, since she was injured, it can only show that her cultivation practice is almost the same as Zhao Zhan."

Long Sun Qianxue thought for a while, "That's the seven realms."

The tone of her conversation with Ding Ning was very calm at this time, just like a normal chat, but if the previous officials of the gods and prisons could hear it, it would definitely be shocked to an unimaginable level.

Although there were dozens of practitioners in the ugly lane today, several of them were even spurted with blood by a vent of vitality. They couldn’t stand up and looked very bleak, yet On weekdays, any one of the sword masters can easily wipe out more than ten such streets in the time of Banzhu.

Only people with talents, chances and unique constitutions can step into the ranks of practitioners.

The word "practice" is an unprecedented existence for ordinary people. Practitioners who can practice above the Six Realms are destined to leave a strong stroke in the history books of later generations.

Especially the figures like the gods like Ye Sishou, who were born and practiced, are all mysterious to the extreme. Even the offerings of Jian Tian Si may not be clear, but for these two people, it seems to be nothing secret. !

If the plain-clothed old man and the elegant young man on the corner tower can hear the conversation at this time, their hearts will be more shocked.

They are one of the best-sighted people in this city. However, if they can hear such a conversation, they will find that in their cultivation, these two people can see more thoroughly than they do!

The wind blew into the wine shop, blowing up Changsun Qianxue's long hair.

The woman who had nothing but beauty gathered her scattered hair at random, and said in a serious and commanded tone: "You go to rinse, then go to bed and wait for me, I will close the door."

Even Ding Ning was obviously dumbfounded, and then his face was bitter: "Now... is this too early?"

Long Sun Qianxue glanced at him and turned indifferently: "Maybe the coldness of this heavy rain is a little too heavy, and my true element is a little unstable."

Ding Ning's relaxed expression disappeared and solemnly said: "This is a very important thing."