The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 4 Double Cultivation

Being able to perceive the mystery of the mystery and open the secret of the body is the first realm of mysterious practice, and formally entered the ranks of extraordinary practitioners.

Thinking about Vipassana, penetrating the meridians, the five internal organs cultivate the true qi, and it keeps running, running every day. This is the second realm of Qi practice.

In this second realm, outsiders can use true qi to fight enemies, and internally cut bones to wash their marrow, and they have been able to obtain benefits that ordinary people cannot imagine.

However, for those who have crossed the second realm, unless they have a deep hatred of hatred and death, the rest of the matter is no longer as important as the practice.

Ordinary joy, how can it be compared with solving problems in practice, feeling the growth of the body and the joy of change.

When it can bring the vitality of heaven and earth into the body and merge into the true yuan, this is the third real state of spiritual practice.

There are no two practitioners with the same qualifications in the world. Even twins born at the same time, there will be countless small differences when they are born.Even with the help of the Master during the practice, the Master’s eyes cannot exhaust the subtleties in the disciple’s body, so most of the practice requires self-awareness. For example, a bad swimmer touches a stone across the river in the dark night, always dangerous. , A situation is more difficult than a situation.

To be able to say the true yuan is at least above the three realms. Ding Ning naturally knows what realm her real cultivation practice has reached, and she is very clear about what kind of danger and urgency is contained in her cold and calm sentence, but what he did Everything is still without any fuss and orderly.

After rinsing his body quickly and changing his clothes, he cut the pot of tofu thinly, sprinkled with chopped green onions, and drizzled with sesame oil.

It was after this pot of shallots mixed with tofu that he ate two bowls of unheated leftovers before he entered the bedroom in the backyard.

In fact, as far as his body is concerned, he can not care about eating this meal at all. However, he is very clear that maybe he just bought the sesame oil without such a little negligence, it may be possible for the officials of Jiantiansi to finally discover some hidden facts .

And he is also very clear that according to the habits of Jian Tiansi, after confirming that there are no problems twice, Jian Tiansi’s investigation and backup papers about him will be destroyed. For a long time in the future, Jian Tiansi’s eyes, None will fall on him.

This is also one of the real reasons why he will intentionally appear in the sight of Mo Qing Palace and others today.


There are two beds in the humble bedroom, with a gray curtain in between, which is very normal for ordinary people who do not have extra rooms to share a room with their aunt.

However, after taking the bedroom door, Ding Ning did not walk to his bed, but walked in front of Chang Sun Qingxue's bed, and took off his coat quickly and tidied up the bedding.

Like many nights in the past, when he lay quietly on the back of the wall, the figure of Chang Sun Qianxue went through the darkness to the bed, and the kimono lay beside him.

"let's start."

In addition to the coldness, Chang Sun Qianxue couldn't see any other emotions. In the process of lying down beside Ding Ning, she didn't even look at Ding Ning.

And just as she spit out these three words coldly, her body began to exude a real cold breath.

In the dark, Ding Ning was always staring at her.

Looking at her frosty facial contours, countless complex emotions rose from the bottom of his eyes, a hint of wry smile slowly appeared in the corners of his mouth, but in the next moment, the emotions in his eyes disappeared and became very clear, the face on his face The expression became extremely solemn and dignified.

A unique breath emanated from his body, even the tiny dust in the air was blown away. The space of several meters beside him and Chang Sun Qianxue seemed to be countless. Cleaned with clean water again.

This kind of breath is very similar to those of the five big offerings holding black umbrellas in the alleys, and those of the practitioners who rushed to it later, but it seems a little weak.

But even the weak is enough to prove that he is a practitioner.

Chang Sun Qianxue seemed to fall into a deep sleep quickly, and his breathing became slow and long.

However, her body became colder and colder, and hoarfrost slowly appeared on the mattress.

In the breath she exhaled, even the fine blue smoothie appeared.

Every tiny blue ice sand fell on the hard mattress, and it was a strange puff of light, which turned into a blue vitality that was colder than ordinary ice and snow.

As the rising blue-green vitality surface touches the humid air, snow-white ice and snow are instantly formed.

So on the bedding around her body, it seems that there are countless blue flowers inside and white flowers growing on the surface.

At the same time as she started exhaling these clear blue ice sands, her eyelashes sinking in the darkness twitched slightly, and her brows frowned.It seems that in the unconscious practice, her body also feels the pain intuitively.

Ding Ning closed her eyes worriedly.

A layer of frost has also formed on the surface of his body, but his face has become more and more red, his body is getting hotter and hotter, and the blood vessels hidden under his skin are more and more bulging and then protruding, Even faintly you can see the rapid flow of blood in the blood vessels.

In the quiet bedroom, the sound of the hot air agitating in the stove.

No breath flowed from his body, but his body seemed to become a uniquely attractive container.

Clicking on the bed, the subtle sound of clicks continued to sound, and the blossoms of ice on the bedding began to crack, and the clear blue vitality visible to the naked eye began to slowly penetrate into his body.

The white frost danced outside Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning. In this small space, a wind and snow formed.

Ding Ning's chest and abdomen became brighter in the wind and rain, and his five internal organs all glowed faintly with red light, exuding warmth. However, to the surrounding snow and snow, it was like a faint candlelight that would extinguish at any time.

Practice is a wonderful process.

In Ding Ning's consciousness, he was standing in an empty space.

This space seems to be claustrophobic, but it is very vast, with a colorful dynamism.

This is the spirit of practitioners.

Under his feet, there is a light blue sea, deep in the clean sea, like a crystal clear space, like a palace made of jade.

This is what the practitioners call the Jade Palace.

And above his head, in the middle of the multicolored vitality, there is a particularly bright space, that is Tianqiao.

The three secrets of Qihai, Jade Palace, and Tianqiao can be realized and connected, and the qi of the five internal organs in the body will continue to flow and turn into true qi.

However, at the moment, there is no true qi condensation in the center of his qi sea. A ray of multicolored energy flowing to the center is transformed into a very hot flame after fusion.

The flame was clean and transparent to the extreme, with a terrible high temperature, and it was burning the sky above, and some of it had to burn through the entire Qihai momentum.

However, there are countless azure blue ice sands, but they are constantly falling in the center of Qihai.Each fall is to extinguish a flame, and then a ray of transparent heavy Qi is generated in the middle, falling into the Jade Palace below the Qihai.

Time passes slowly.

The multicolored vitality in the Qihai is getting weaker and weaker, the flame is about to extinguish, and the azure blue ice sand has not stopped, it is still falling.

For Ding Ning, this was naturally a real accident.

Just in a breath, he woke up at a speed that ordinary practitioners couldn't imagine and opened his eyes.

Pieces of ice chips fell from his eyelashes.

He didn't look at his body. In the dark, he saw that the surrounding snow and snow were still floating, and the surface of Chang Sun Qianxue's body had formed a hard ice shell.

Her body hardly has much heat, it seems that the blood is frozen, but a breath in the body is still circulating on its own, and it is constantly blowing out the fine blue ice sand from her body.

Ding Ning's eyes were instantly filled with shock. He reacted to what happened. Without any hesitation, he covered himself like a bedding to Chang Sun Qianxue's body.

The moment of physical contact, the coldness made his face extremely pale, but in the next moment, his consciousness completely entered his own sea of ​​enthusiasm.

He hugged the old Sun Qianxue that had become an ice block tightly, and he hugged the more unconsciously.

His skin became hot and red.

With a click, the hard ice shell on Chang Sun Qianxue broke.

Countless borneols did not sprinkle on the bedding, but they were shaken by a certain force between the two into countless powders finer than flour, which were scattered.