The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 7 Debt

Even though the Daqin dynasty never prohibited ordinary people from carrying swords or even some open competitions, some of the weapons with great lethality, as well as some cultivating instruments and cultivating classics, were all items that were strictly prohibited from trading and circulation.

Many of the things a cultivator can imagine can't be used for trading.

However, these things are hidden in the fish market like the fish under the lotus leaf, and the fish market is just a spontaneously formed market. Many of the businesses in it are naturally not legal.

It's just that such a market is on the edge of Changling. Why do so many big figures survive for so many years?

At this moment, a young man with a thick eyebrow dressed in a foreign country had such doubts in his heart.

He was holding a butter paper umbrella with some broken edges. He was wearing a black gown and robes rarely worn by Changling people, without shoes, and his feet were bare.

The shabby butter paper umbrella in his hand was large, but in order to completely cover the body of the person in front of him, his small body was still exposed and completely wet by the rain.

The man in front of him was a very short young man, dressed as a scholar, with a face of melon seeds, and his face was extremely beautiful, especially his skin was like white jade, and he could not see any flaws.

Looking at the countless overlapping shacks in front of the fish market, the raindrops continually leaped like pearls from high to low, the thick-browed young man frowned, and could not help Shen Sheng asking the younger one half his head before him People, "Son, why does such a market always exist?"

The young man dressed as a scholar smiled coldly, "Only the advice of the two prime ministers can such a bazaar stay here."

The young man with thick eyebrows still puzzled and looked at him in doubt.

"Illegal transactions can often bring higher profits, and higher profits can allow more dead people to continue to bring more things."

The young man dressed as a scholar continued coldly: "Over the years, many exotic treasures have been able to reach Changling, and even many overseas barbarians and practitioners have established connections with Changling, relying not only on the Weihe waterway, but also There is a relationship with this fish market. For those who sit above the temple, they can also get things that were impossible to get from before, so they took an attitude of opening one eye and closing one eye. This is allowed to exist. Of course, all those who do business here naturally know what order those people need, so it is fairer and safer than other large markets in various countries."

"So you have to understand that any activity must bring greater benefits to people in order to be interested in trading with you. And most of the desperate people will not seek out tigers, they will not Those who are far above themselves, can swallow their own object transactions at any time." The young man dressed as a scholar turned to look at the silent young man with a thick eyebrow and said quietly: "Because there are such basic rules, so I have the confidence to talk here."


The roads in the fish market are rugged, muddy, and difficult to walk. With a drop of tens of meters, there are more than ten channels with different heights, which are more like a maze for people who do not come frequently.

However, for most businessmen who do not welcome loiters at the fish market, they do not mind that the road becomes more complicated and more difficult to walk.

Therefore, although the rainy days are very dark, and the roads between the shops covered by countless canopies are darker, only a few businesses have raised lanterns.

Occasionally, the faint lantern light seemed to be alien, shaking in the wind.

There are still many people walking through the fish market. Ding Ning put away his umbrella and leaned like a cane, and reached the low depths of the fish market with ease.

Due to heavy rains, many areas in the bottom of the fish market that are just dry mud ponds have been flooded. The water level is only half a meter away from the bottom of most stilts, but even so, there are still many boats floating in the bottom of the stilts, and the tubs are muddy Floating in the muddy water.

Along a rocking wooden path framed by sampans, Ding Ning walked into a small stilted building.

This is a small ink shop that sells ink pens.

The owner is a widowed old woman who has passed sixty years. Because there is not much overhead in general, and most transactions in the fish market require deeds or handprints, as the only inkpad shop, inkpad sales are not bad, life is down. It can also survive.

Because there was nothing normally, the gray-haired old lady was drinking tea in a rough porcelain cup before seeing Ding Ning. She saw the teenager walking in the shadows not far away. A warm smile suddenly appeared on the wrinkled cheeks, and she turned and took out a plate of dried fruit from a closet by the door and waited.

"Why do you come back after such heavy rain?"

Looking at Ding Ning who walked in front of her, she just got wet with her straw shoes. The old lady was completely relieved, and took a pair of clean old straw shoes to signal Ding Ning to put on.

Ding Ning smiled slightly and did not refuse. He sat directly on the edge of the hanging corner building and washed his feet. Then he put on clean old straw shoes, and then looked around the roof and wall of the hanging corner building.

The roof and walls are seeping a little, but it doesn't look serious.

So Ding Ning also felt relieved and sat down on the bench next to the old lady, saying, "I saw the heavy rain yesterday, so I was worried about your house. I just wanted to come over and see it. It was only a temporary matter, so Come here now."

The old woman laughed, and since seeing Ding Ning's figure, she became very happy.

"What's the problem?" She couldn't help but smile. "You knock on my house every once in a while, and I'm more attentive than those boatmen who make up the boat. I see the rain is a little bit bigger, and the next few days , All the houses here are leaking, I won’t leak them yet."

Looking at her smile, Ding Ning's mood was even better. He grabbed a few dried fruits and chewed while asking, "Is there anything I need to buy recently, I will buy it back for you later?"

"The rice, rice, oil and salt are still full, so you just have to rest." The old woman shook her head and looked at Ding Ning's pale face. She couldn't help but shook her head and asked lovingly: "Lunch eat Has it passed?"

"Eat, pickled fish noodles." Ding Ning smiled.

The old woman was a little unhappy and said in an unquestionable tone, "That dinner will stay with me."

"Okay." Ding Ning nodded in agreement, "I want to eat pancakes."

"I'll make braised fish and wax chicken legs for you." The old lady gave him a blameful look, but more meaning came into her eyes. "Is the pancake so delicious? You were young and just left. It’s normal for me to make a pancake for you here. As a result, you still remember that pancake thing. If you’re doing business, it’s just a pancake, but in the end you have done things for so many years. Great loss."

"Where there is a loss." Ding Ning said with a smile: "Just doing something that is convenient, mostly just talking to you, listening to the story, but eating a lot of free meals."

The old woman shook her head, her eyes filled with complex emotions: "It is the greatest gift for a lonely old man who has no nephew to accompany him to talk and talk, and there are many people who died in Changling before, like There are many people of my age, but few people are as blessed as me."

Ding Ning said nothing for a moment, hanging down like a squirrel and nibbling dried fruit.

One winter a few years ago, he passed by here, and the kind old lady kindly handed him a warm pancake, and then he often came here to see the old lady and do what he could.

But he was very clear in his heart, this is a pancake thing.

This is because he owes her.

He owes a lot of people, he just hopes that he can pay off slowly, or that he can compensate.


After chatting with the old woman as usual, after listening to some of the latest news from the fish market, Ding Ning left temporarily, just like hanging out in peacetime, turning to the lower and deeper part of the fish market.

At this time Song Shenshu should enter the fish market.

Song Shenshu is a treasurer of Jingshiku and an acquaintance of Ding Ning.

However, unlike the old lady who opened the ink shop, Ding Ning does not owe Song Shenshu, but he owes Ding Ning.

In the silent attention of the past few years, Ding Ning knew some of the habits of Song Shenshu and also knew what difficulties he encountered in his practice.

So he is sure that Song Shenshu will come to take the fire turtle gallbladder today, and will definitely appear in front of him.