The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 10

There are countless invisible businesses in the fish market, there are countless invisible people, and countless noises.

Just before Hanjuka, Ding Ning's Wupeng boat swayed away from the shadowy pier and walked between the countless wooden piles supporting the fish market. The former young man with thick eyebrows outside the fish market was full of doubts. He walked into a pawnshop by the river with his son.

There was nothing in the pawn. Under the guidance of an old rickshaw holding a black bamboo stick, the two foreigners passed through the backyard gate of this pawnshop, passed through a narrow alley, and entered another gate.

The dark and damp narrow alley is very quiet, but entering this gate is another world.

A not-so-large hall with more than a dozen square tables in it, but at least a dozen people crowded around the square tables in each chapter. Agarwood was burned in all corners, but because of the noisy people, it seemed to be sullen.

Seeing the scene in this room instantly, the pupil of the young man with thick eyebrows shrank slightly unconsciously.

Not because of the hostility hidden in the eyes of those around and the unique breath of the practitioners, but because of something that is now on the middle table in the house.

It was a waxy jade the size of an adult thumb.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this may be a piece of ordinary topaz with poor color, but almost all practitioners will know that this is Huang Yadan in the former South Korean dynasty Danzong.

Huang Yadan is medicinal and moist, and it is beneficial to Qi. It is one of the best auxiliary spirits on the way to the Qiyuan Realm.

When Nanyang Danzong was at its heyday, there were only a few hundred Huangyadan that can be refined in a year. At this time, Nanyang Danzong no longer exists, and Huangyadan is naturally rarer.

This kind of panacea was also a banned item in the Great Qin Dynasty. However, the noisy sounds in this room were all repeated bargaining.

So here is naturally an illegal auction place.

The young man with thick eyebrows knew that there were many unimaginable scenes in the fish market, and there were many transactions that were very important to the practitioners. However, when he entered the door, he saw Huang Yadan level things. Like the children in the countryside who entered the city, they had an inexplicable sense of shock. He couldn't help thinking in his heart that the Changling Fish Market really deserved its reputation.

The young and handsome young man dressed by the scholar in front of him also stopped and stared at the scene. The old man with a black bamboo stick leading the way did not urge him, but just waited silently.

At this moment, the fight for this Huang Yadan has reached a point of madness. Earlier, Huang Yadan, worth two thousand and two silver, had shouted two thousand gold, and there are still several parties fighting for it.

After shouting several times, the two sides of the competition ended up with a young swordsman wearing a gray shirt and a middle-aged man with a black face.

The young swordsman's face was already flushed, and a drop of sweat on his forehead kept falling, while the middle-aged man with a black face was unable to sit still, extremely calm and calm. Rules, add one hundred and two grains of silver to the young swordsman's bid.

One thousand three hundred and two gold has passed.

The face of the young swordsman turned from red to white. This yellow bud is extremely important to him. Without this yellow bud, I am afraid that with the disease roots in his body, there is no chance to break from the second realm to the third realm in this life.

So he turned his head and almost glanced at the middle-aged man with a black veil with a request or even a pleading look.

The middle-aged man saw his gaze, but only froze with a cold smile.

The emotion of the young swordsman finally got out of control. He stood up huoran and said sharply: "Two thousand and two gold!"

The room is quiet.

Everyone's eyes gathered on him.

Even if this young swordsman is a child of a clan with amazing financial resources, for any clan, it is still too extravagant to use two thousand and two golds to buy a yellow bud.

If there is no lifting bar for the middle-aged cultivator with a black face, I am afraid that this yellow bud can be started in about two thousand gold.

Hearing the young swordsman shouting the price of two thousand and two gold, the middle-aged practitioner with black face was obviously stagnant, but he still sat calmly, but his voice was slightly cold: "Xiongtai is so bold, some is not as good Is it true that Xiongtai really can get two thousand and two gold?"

The young swordsman suddenly fell into the ice cave, his red face turned extremely white.

There was an uproar.

Just looking at his look, all the people in this room knew that he was not a child of that kind of giant rich clan at all. He had just shouted out the price of two thousand and two golds, just because his emotions were out of control and his mentality was unbalanced.

After ridicule, it was cold.

Shrimp has shrimp roads, crabs have crab roads, there are rules everywhere, and the underpass of the fish market is even stricter.

The thin man who looked like the yellow shirt master who had been standing at the table where Huang Yadan was placed before shook his head, looked at the young swordsman with sympathetic eyes, and sighed: "You should understand here Rules."

The young swordsman's clothes were soaked in sweat.

His right hand fell on the hilt of the long sword hanging diagonally around his waist.

Then he took a deep breath, but his expression was firm, and he slowly extended his left hand.

The eyes of everyone in the house had already gathered on the long sword in his waist. At this moment, when he saw such a move, the mocking look in the eyes of most people in the house began to disappear, and a trace of respect appeared on his face. look.

The young swordsman's sword looks very light, and the hilt is a rare turquoise. This is definitely not ordinary, and the value should be at least two thousand two gold.

According to the rules of the black market in the fish market, since he has already shouted the price, he can at least use this sword to get it in exchange for the yellow bud, but his action at the moment obviously refuses to give up this handle. Sword, but to use finger cutting method to give an explanation.

Sword loss can be found again, but judgment cannot be regenerated.

But the sword is a symbol and a spirit for those who practice sword.

Practitioners with this spirit tend to go further on the path of practice.

So this young swordsman's choice at the moment, let the contempt and ridicule in the hearts of everyone around go away and turn into respect.


Seeing that the young swordsman had already exerted his strength, he was about to cut off his two fingers with a sword according to the rules here, but at this moment, a clear chirp sounded.

"I will give him this yellow bud."

The voice is simple and calm, without any emotion to show off and win favor.

The young swordsman turned his head in amazement.

Born is the young and handsome young man dressed up by the scholar.

While he said this simply and calmly, the young man with thick eyebrows behind him slightly raised his eyebrows and took a black pearl directly from the baggage behind him and placed it on the side of Huang Yadan.

This black pearl is about the size of a pigeon's egg and exudes a faint glare. Anyone with a clear eye will know that this is definitely more than two thousand and two golds.

The young swordsman was sure that he had never seen these two men. Thinking that the young and handsome young man would just take a slow step and his two fingers would have fallen to the ground.

He first felt lucky and pleasantly surprised, then he was ashamed and self-confident, unable to say anything for a while.

The Qingxiu young man dressed up by the scholar didn't say anything, but just glanced at the leading man who was standing beside him and started to move.

The rickety old man didn't talk much, and then led the way to a side door in the house.

The young swordsman began to recover a little, his hands shook uncontrollably, and because of the excitement, his pale face was again covered with a strange blush, "In the next Zhongjiang..."

He obviously wanted to report his name, but he only spit out four words and was interrupted by the young and handsome young man dressed up by the scholar.

"I don't need you to repay anything, so I don't need to tell me your name."

Qingxiu young people did not look back, calmly, and even simply seemed to be impersonal.

Then he followed the old man into the partial door and disappeared into everyone's stunned sight.

The young swordsman stood for a few seconds, and sweat beads rolled from his forehead again.

For some reason, he suddenly understood the meaning of the young Qingxiu.

This is a matter that can be solved easily for young Qingxiu people. However, for his life, he never meets such a person again, and has no chance to come again.

He must never make the terrible mistake that was caused by an out of control.

The lesson and the enlightenment are greater than the grant of Dan.

So this young swordsman from Guanzhong Zhongjiang took Huang Yadan, who was handed over by the auctioneer, to pay a deep salute to the side door where the young and handsome young people disappeared, and made a gesture of offering the sword.

Seeing his actions like this, many practitioners in this room looked even more sober.


Inside the side door is another deep alley.

The eaves and rain canopy above the alley are not complete, and rain lines have sprinkled down.

In many houses on both sides, there are many figures shaking like ghosts, the sound is messy, and I don't know what to do.

The wind and rain are as murky as the ghost.

In such a picture, even if a young and handsome young man who gave away Huang Yadan easily, there is a little more thought in the calm and firm eyes.

However, he woke up immediately, a look of anger appeared on his face.

A scorching breath spread around his body, the wind and rain could not be approached, and the dark breath spread.

The old man who led the way carried a black bamboo stick in his hand.

Not far from the left side, leaning against the wall of the alley, there are also several black bamboo plants.

At this moment, several black bamboos twisted like living snakes, quickly turned into black gas and disappeared.

The scene suddenly changed, and many ghostly shaking figures disappeared, and where the few black bamboos disappeared, a false wooden door appeared.

Inside the wooden door is a dark room.

"I can't think of the business lady, the practice is actually the way of Yin, Shen and Ghosts."

The handsome young man smiled coldly and said indifferently.